How & Why Do We Celebrate Dashain in Nepal with Importance & History

All about Dashain Nepal: – How Nepalese celebrate Dashain? Why do we celebrate the Dashain festival in Nepal? Why do we celebrate Dashain festival among Hindu religion people? What is the meaning of Dashain? What is Dashain? We are going to describe them in this post.

How and 11 Reason Why Do We Celebrate Dashain in Nepal with Importance & History

Nepal is a  multi-cultural multi-ethnic, and multi-religious country. Yes, Nepal is a multi-religious and multicultural country. There live more than 125 nationalities. They have their own religion, culture and celebrate different festivals.

There are people following different religions and festivals. The people from various religions, ethnic groups and identities live here with harmony. The various cultures, traditions, rites, and rituals are our heritage. We should regard them as our equal. All the religions are equal.

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They lead us to the path of virtues and good habits. The people speaking different languages from different castes and creeds live in our society. This does not create a gap between us. Rather, this is our wealth and identity.

We observe Christmas, Dashain as well as ID and Chhath which show that we have religious tolerance. So we should behave equally with everyone without discriminating in respect of sex, gender, caste, creed, etc.

This diversity is our unique identity. This has equally helped us in the development of the tourism industry.

Dashain Nepal
Putting Tika on Forehead

Nepal is also known as a country of unity in diversity. We live in a society sharing our joys and sorrows with the people from other religions and castes. We observe Christmas, Baishakh Purnima, Dashain and Tihar with respect. The government also provides holidays on these days.

Nepal is known as a secular country where all religions and festivals are given equal importance. Here, we will discuss some of the facts about Dashain festival in Hindu religions in brief.

Today, we are going to discuss Dashain, also known as Bada Dashain or Vijaya Dashami. It is the biggest festival of the Hindus all over the world. It symbolizes the victory over evil. It usually falls in the month of Aswin or Kartik (late September/early October).

Dashain is celebrated for 15 days. Goddess Durga the Goddess of power, is worshipped for nine days, and on the tenth day, Bijay Dashami or the victory over evil is observed with joy by putting on Tika and Jamara.

People clean, paint and decorate their houses at Vijaydashami. Dashain and Tihar are the major festivals of the Hindus. Dashain is celebrated for days and the Tihar for five days.

When Dashain fall #Dashain Nepal

Dashai or Dussehra festival is the most auspicious and the longest festival of Nepalese Hindus. It is celebrated every year for ten to fifteen days. It falls during the autumn season. Dashain in other words also known as Navaratri.

During the occasion, the nine forms of Goddess Durga is worshiped to give us the blessings of hers. However, most of us may not know that the Navaratri or Dashain is celebrated four times every year. They fall at different times of the year.

Jamara wheat Greengrass dashain festival Nepal

The four Navaratri is called Sharad Navaratri, Chaitra Navaratri, Magha Gupta Navaratri and Ashadh Gupta Navaratri. According to our Vedas and Shastras, the most sacred one is the Dashain we celebrate on Chaitra which is also called Chaite Dashain.


Because the Chaitra Navaratri was celebrated on Satya Yuga. In Treta Yuga Ashadh Gupta Dashain was celebrated. In Dwapar Yuga Magh Gupta Dashain was celebrated. In our yuga that is Kali Yuga Sharad Navaratri is celebrated. Since the three of the Vijaydashami was celebrated in different Yugas doesn’t mean that they are now not celebrated.

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They are celebrated still by Great Rishi Munis. Especially the Gupta Navaratri is worshiped by the Tantriks to make their mantras sacred and more strong and effective.

That’s why two of the Navaratri are called Gupta meaning secret. Commonly in Nepal, we celebrate two Dashain. The Sharad and the Chaitra Dashain. When they fall depends on the lunar tithi calculated by our great astrologers and Jyotish Scholars.

First, let’s talk about the Kali Yuga Dashain. The tithi on which they fall is constant. The date on which they fall varies.

1) Sharad Navaratri:

Sharad means neither winter nor summer. It falls on seventh lunar month Ashwin. The first day of the Dashain starts from Pratipada(first day) of Ashwin Shukla Paksha. The ninth day ends on Nawami of Ashwin Shukla Paksha. Usually, it falls on September or October of the solar year.

Hindu Goddess Maa Durga Mata Navratri Dussehra Dashain Festival HD Wallpapers Pictures
Goddess Durga Photos

2) Magh Gupta Navaratri:

This Navaratri falls on tenth lunar month Magh. The first day of the Dashain begins from Pratipada of Magh Shukla Paksha. The ninth and the last day falls on Nawami of Magh Shukla Paksha. By solar month it may fall on January or February.

3) Ashadh Gupta Navaratri:

Again this is also a secretive Navaratri worshipped mainly by Sadhus. The Navaratri falls on third lunar month Ashadh. The first day begins with Pratipada of Ashadh Shukla Paksha and ends in Nawami of Ashadh Shukla Paksha. It may fall on July or August of the solar year.

4) Chaitra Navaratri:

This falls on the twelfth lunar month Chaitra. The Navaratri begins from Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla Paksha and ends in Nawami of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. It may fall on April or May. This Dashain is celebrated commonly both in India and Nepal.

No matter when they fall or which type of Dussehra we celebrate. The festival always teaches us that no evil can survive. Goodwill always wins over the bad no matter on which Yuga it is.

How and when does Dashain start #Dashain Nepal

Dashain (likewise generally known as Vijaya Dashami) is the longest and the most favorable Hindu celebration in Nepal, celebrated all through the nation.

Fifteen days in length, it falls on the splendid portion of the lunar month of Ashoj (September/October) and closures on the full moon day. In the initial nine long periods of Vijaydashami, the Goddess Durga is revered in numerous indications amid the sub-celebration called Navaratri.

A Woman Cutting Jamara For Vijayadashami Tika Dashain
A Woman is Cutting Jamara Plant For Vijayadashami Tika

On the tenth day of the celebration, terrific parades of symbols of divine beings and goddesses are taken out in each town and town by admirers cheering in the triumph of well-finished malice.

Whatever remains of the five days check the festival of this triumph with favors from the goddess. The Dashain celebration incorporates various pujas (supplication customs), the abundant offering of products of the soil exceptional nourishment, numerous creature penances, endowments of relatives, and particular sorts of cheer.

Vijaydashami is praised to remember the Hindu goddess of intensity, Goddess Durga’s triumph over the demi water wild ox devil Mahishasurawho, as per the epic Ramayan had been threatening earth on his main goal to demolish all the Devas(gods).

Dashain symbolized the triumph of well-finished evil. The initial nine long stretches of Vijaydashami symbolizes the savage fight between the diverse signs of Durga and Mahishasur(demi water wild ox demon).

The initial 9 days, otherwise called Navaratri, individuals purge their homes and plant “Jamara”(a sacrosanct yellow grass )on an earthen pot called Kalash, the Kalash is loaded up with saturated. sand and corn and grain seeds are planted far from coordinate daylight inside a couple of days the seeds grow short yellow grass, the Amara.

There are likewise marches performed by the Nepalese armed force in Hanuman dhoka and Tundikhel. And also, creature forfeit performed in sanctuaries. On a ninth day, the Taleju sanctuary is opened for adore. The Taleju sanctuary is just opened once per year on this event.

All machines, vehicles, family things, similar to autos, pound are additionally worshiped on this day. The tenth day known as Vijaya Dashami is particularly imperative as it’s the day Durga at last vanquished the devil.O n this day ladies set up a blend of rice, yogurt and a vermilion powder called “Tika”.

The entire family including removed relatives assemble and the senior citizens put tika and jamara(sacrosanct yellow grass) on the temple of more youthful relatives to favor them and furthermore give “Dakshina” money.

These proceeds for five days till the full moon sufficiently giving time for the family to visit each relative and trade blessing welcome and well wishes. Every day of the Dashain has its own significance, and a few devices are utilized with the end goal of festivity. So, Nepalis market gets full sometime before the Dashain begin.

Since Nepal’s multi-month long rainstorm at last finishes around Vijaydashami and the sky is clear and constantly breezy kids additionally fly kites and many kite fights happen.

Images Of Dashain Ping Swing, Nepal
Images Of Dashain Ping Swing, Nepal

All through the nation bamboo swings are built in every network stop utilizing just with ropes bamboo, grass and sticks, these swings can be played by anybody yet it for the most part famous among more youthful kids. Individuals together raise the reserve for building a swing.

Individuals compose mela and gathering with the end goal of excitement. What’s more, the snapshot of these minute begins well before the Dashain begin. These are exceptional Dashain swings that are disassembled quickly after Dashain closes.

The climate amid Dasain season is the best, after the storm at long last closures, it’s not very hot nor excessively cool. You can feel laid back happy environment all through the nation making it a perfect time to visit Nepal.

But since it is celebration season numerous yet not all shops and business including the administration business are shut down as individuals center completely around getting a charge out of the organization of loved ones. A once bustling street of Kathmandu will be relatively vacant.

It is accounted for that around 1. 5 million travelers were recorded to have left Kathmandu Valley out in the open transport while around 500,000 were recorded to have ventured out to the places where they grew up outside the Valley in their private vehicles.

Around 1,000 vehicles set out from the New Bus Park every day amid Dashain against around 300 on other customary days. Also, sometime before the Dashain begin, individuals, book their ticket to move away.

Amid the happy period all administration workplaces, instructive organizations and different workplaces stay shut. Individuals return to their family individuals get together to cook and appreciate heavenly devours with family and companions, all shops offer merry rebates and individuals search for new apparel for themselves and as blessings.

Sometime before Dasain begins, Nepali ladies begin their arrangements for the anticipated celebration. Town ladies stroll for a considerable length of time to discover Sal leaves so they can weave duna and tapari (little and huge dishes) and rikapi (platters) to be utilized amid puja.

Hindus are exceptionally watchful about the immaculateness of utensils utilized amid the puja, which is the reason they utilize the newly made duna, tapari, and rikapi.

These are likewise utilized for serving sustenance to the visitors and relatives-duna are littler in the estimate and are utilized for appropriating Prashad (favoring from the goddess as desserts, natural products and so forth).

Tapari is somewhat greater and is utilized to serve vegetables, leafy foods. Rikapi is utilized to serve bhat (rice), puri (chapati), sel roti (sweet doughnut-like bread) and so on. Amid this celebration, everything utilized for puja must be new, crisp and homemade. Be that as it may, in the advanced setting, certain things have changed by the solace and way of life of the general population.

Happy Dashain GIFs Animated Greeting Cards Images
Happy Dashain GIF Images

Sometime before Dashain begin, Nepali market gets its shading. In spite of the fact that the religious parts of the celebration are most conspicuous, there are different types of festivities too. Dasain is related to purchasing new garments, eating great sustenance, utilization of liquor and unwinding following a furious year.

All through the country, each Hindu family deals with this as indicated by their ways of life. New garments are thought about particularly fundamental, and for the vast majority living in towns, new garments come just with Dashain. Goat, the wild ox is in a deal with the end goal of celebration and each home of Nepalese individuals get them and have them as deviprashad.

Among grown-up individuals, Dashain accompanies Gambling. Betting amid Dashain is additionally viewed as crucial. It is just around celebration time that betting is allowed openly puts.

Relatives are welcome to each other’s home for betting and these recreations (card amusements are the most well-known) carry on for a considerable length of time and evenings.

Dashain Sketch Painting Images
Dashain Digital Sketch Painting Image

In former days Kauda, an amusement including hurling little cowry shells, used to be well known among the affluent classes, including the decision Ranas and Shahs. A colossal measure of money was included and individuals lost and won a lakh of rupees at any given moment.

Close to this Dashain accompanies a ton of bliss among youngsters. The skies are loaded up with kites being flown from fields and housetops previously and amid this celebration. Kite flying is accepted to send a suggestion to god not to send any more rain. Youths make kites from lokta paper and are energized flying the kites as well as attempting to cut every others’ kite strings.

In many towns and towns swings, usually known as ping, are set up particularly for Dasain (and stay up through the following celebration, Tihar) on the tallest bamboo shafts conceivable. Youngsters, particularly young ladies, and ladies assemble to watch an alternate flying into the sky.

A standout amongst the most vital parts of Dashain is the enormous business that joins the celebration. There is a gigantic stream of offers and buys of creatures, grains, and vegetables, liquor, foods grown from the ground (desserts) around this time.

New garments are purchased and old ones disposed of. Old houses are cleaned, revamped and painted, while the new ones are enlivened and decorated.

Each part of the economy encounters a lift. Many individuals travel inside the nation, coming back to their homes. This is the main time in a year when individuals jump at the chance to and can bear to be luxurious and carry on with a richer life.

It is the time when the whole nation looks more wonderful and energetic likewise as a result of the climate conditions-it quits pouring, the temperature remains generally lower than the first months, however, it is as yet not very chilly. The sun sparkles, trees look greener and excellent blossoms are in full sprout. We can feel the freshness and the bubbly vibe of Dashain pervasively.

Remembering that, the act of Sora Shraddha has been passed down starting with one age then onto the next with its significance as yet staying flawless. As a rule, the oldest child plays out the puja while alternate children take an interest in it. It is led with the conviction that this will guarantee their predecessors’ spirits will rest in peace in heaven.

In Nepalese society its critical to recollect our former age before the celebration begin. According to Hindu folklore, each person who needs to play out this custom ought to do it on the same tithi that one of their progenitors kicked the bucket on.

Amid this period, the senior male individual from the family gives tarpan (water) to the three going before ages each day relying on the passing commemoration based on Hindu conventional timetable called patro.

How and when does the Dashain end? #Dashain Nepal

During the period of Ashwin/Kartik (late September and early October), the Nepalese individuals enjoy the greatest celebration of the year, Dasain. Dashain is the longest and the most favorable celebration in the Nepalese yearly logbook, celebrated by Nepalese of all rank and statement of faith all through the nation.

The fifteen long stretches of festivity happen during the splendid lunar fortnight finishing upon the arrival of the full moon. Intensive out the kingdom of Nepal the goddess Durga in the entirety of her signs are worshiped with incalculable pujas, bounteous contributions and a large number of creature penances making the image of surrendering negative behavior patterns and evil presences inside us.

Kite Flying Dashain Festival Images
Kite Flying

In anticipation of Dashain each house is purified and perfectly enriched, painted as a solicitation to the mother goddess, so she may visit and favor the house with favorable luck. During this time the gathering of removed and adjacent relatives happens in each family unit.

The market is loaded up with customers looking for new garments, endowments, extravagances and colossal supplies of sanctuary offering for the divine beings, and also foodstuffs for the family devouring.

A large number of sheep, goats, ducks, chicken and water wild ox are set up for the considerable butcher. A wide range of associations are shut for ten to fifteen days. Workers are relatively difficult to discover; from the poor to the rich, all appreciate the bubbly temperament. Anyplace you go the fragrance of ‘Vijaya Dashami’ is found.

The initial nine long stretches of Dashain are called Navaratri when tantric customs are directed. In Nepal the existence compel is typified in the celestial vitality and intensity of the female, portrayed as goddess Durga in her numerous structures. All goddess who radiated from goddess Durga are known as devis, each with various angles and powers.

During these nine days individuals pay their respect to the goddess. On the off chance that she is appropriately worshiped and satisfied favorable circumstances are en route and if rankled through disregard then mishaps are around the bend. Mother goddess is the wellspring of life and everything.

What makes this merry month extraordinary and distinctive is that we can see that undoubtly cheerful response and grins on the substance of the general population when the month is drawing closer and it causes every one of us free ourself from the issue of life and enjoy a reprieve from whatever it is that we’re upto and entertain ourself into multi month of enjoyious delight and upbeat circumstances and anticipate the following one.

A 15-day Dashain celebration has reached an end as individuals check the Kojagrat Purnima. he celebration that began on Ghatasthapana finishes up upon the arrival of Purnima with the love of Maha Laxmi at night.

Hindu heavenly books say that the Goddess of flourishing and riches, Mahalaxmi, meanders round the earth the evening of ‘Kojagrat Purnima’ to see individuals who remain wakeful to adore her that day.

There is a conviction that the night-long love of the Goddess conveys more riches to the fans. One more month-long celebration of lighting a light called “Akash Deep” and offering puja to the “Tulsimath” as respect to Lord Bishnu will begin on Friday all through the nation.

Buddhists likewise offer petitions to the Swayambu Chaitya for the duration of the night on this Purnima with a conviction that the “Swayambu Jyoti” developed on this day. It is trusted that when the moon sparkles that night, Goddess Laxmi visits the homes of individuals asking, “Ko JagekoChha?”, signifying “who is alert?” She at that point favors the individuals who are up and are occupied with betting.

From the simple words, “ko jagekochha”, the full-moon night got its name, “Kojagrat Purnima.” The day is viewed as useful for betting. A few people likewise watch Kojagrat Purnima by fasting the entire day and venerating the goddess during the evening.

There is another conviction that on this full moon day, additionally known by the name of Sharad Purnima, the moon showers “amrit” or mixture on the earth through its bars and nourishment and plants kept in the open evening glow ingest this remedy.

The profound import of keeping wakeful during that time is to stay cautious throughout everyday life. The message of Kojagrat is: “Remain ever alert! Continuously stay careful! Watch out! Be alarm constantly.”

Kojagrata Purnima is a day ago of the celebration, and falls on the full moon. All around, the Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of riches, is worshiped. She is accepted to drop to earth and shower whoever is conscious throughout the night with riches and thriving.

Upon the arrival of Purnima with the love of Maha Laxmi at night. Hindu blessed books say that the Goddess of thriving and riches, Mahalaxmi, wanders round the earth the evening of ‘Kojagrat Purnima’ to see individuals who remain alert to adore her that day.

There is a conviction that the night-long love of the Goddess conveys more riches to the lovers. Generally, lovers commend the day holding a nightlong vigil with homes illuminated for the goddess to visit them.

Around the same time, at a young hour early in the day, lovers arrange stays of the contributions made to the goddess and furthermore the remaining parts of the plants sown on the main day of Dashain, in the closest waterway finishing the celebration.

In the interim, Buddhists from the Newar people group clean their chaityas and stupas and perform Buddha Puja with the conviction that Swoyambhunath will show up on the full moon day.

It is trusted that When the goddess touches base at a house, she is thought to absolute the words, “Ko jagekochha?,” signifying “Who is alert?” From this expression came the “kojagrat” segment of this current occasion’s name. Maha Laxmi is particularly satisfied in the event that she discovers lovers up occupied with betting and it appears to be some card shark made this custom for their own benefits.

Some likewise quick throughout the day on Kojagrat Purnima, and many endeavor to remain up all through the whole night. On the last day, Kojagrat Purnima, the kalash’s substance are expelled from the house and tossed into a blessed stream close-by. This demonstration is emblematic of the Dashain celebration arriving at an end.

Additionally, on Kojagrat Purnima, another celebration of lighting lights and giving exceptional contributions to the Hindu god Bishnu starts. A great part of the action for Kojagrat Purnima is profoundly religious and to some degree private in nature.

In any case, there are numerous perfectly embellished sanctuaries all through Nepal for sightseers to see, and Purnima is an exceptionally fitting time to visit them.

As the Dashain celebration closes, an immense number of travelers have begun returning back to the Capital. Transport partners guarantee, beginning from Tuesday, the quantity of inbound travelers expanded and will keep on massing till one week from now, averaging around 80,000 travelers every day.

As per activity police information, around 8,500 little vehicles entered Kathmandu with more than 100,000 inbound travelers over the most recent two days according to the record of a year ago.

On Thursday alone, 6,305 vehicles entered through four distinct checkpoints conveying 52,804 travelers. Movement authorities assert the stream will increment in the following couple of days after tika.

Also, following a fast week break there comes tihar which is a piece of dashain more like a second 50% of it. It is all the more famously observed as the merry seven day stretch of brilliant and shining evenings with loving of goddess laxmi and finishing up with bhai tika which is the likeness of adoration amongst siblings and sisters.

Here the better time part is playing deusi and bhailo and consuming sparklers and wherever you go you locate one’s home splendid in lights in their own particular manner. Its relatively following fourteen day of kojagrat Purnima, so individuals get another fervor not long after Dashain end.

After all, Tihar is another delightful and stunning celebration for the Hindus which is the second most noteworthy celebration for Nepalese, after Dashain. It is said to be the celebration of the lights.

The urban areas and the environment look spotless and magnificent with the scent and nearness of the marigold blossoms During the celebration.

It is otherwise called Yamapanchak and yes, it is the celebration of lights, all lit up to draw in Laxmi, the goddess of riches into your home. Laxmi goes around evening time, alone on her owl, and an owl can find oblivious.

So, it bodes well to appeal to Laxmi after sun-down. Aside from loving the goddess of riches, tihar is likewise an opportunity to thank everybody who had any kind of effect in your life During the year including the creatures.

Tihar accordingly speaks to the perfect connection amongst people and different creatures. This celebration month has its own character, there is neither excessively cool, and neither excessively hot.

The cool fall breeze proclaims the landing of the happy Christmas season in the nation, the time when past complaints are overlooked (if not excused) and individuals invest significant time to connect with family and companions. Cleaning the house and giving it a new layer of paint is a convention in many homes in Nepal and the same is valid in our family unit.

After Dashain everybody settles back to typical. In the wake of getting the gift of goddess Durga, individuals are prepared to work and gain temperance, influence and riches.

Dasain in this manner isn’t just the longest celebration yet additionally the most foreseen one among every one of the celebrations of Nepal. What’s more, it’s the identity of Nepalis culture that, celebration and jatras never end. So, individuals here have incredible confidence on their way of life, alleged personality of Nepalese individuals.

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