5 Malshree Dhun on Flute You Must Listen On This Dashain 2078


Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal which is celebrated for 15 days. This is that time of the year when every Nepalese are in a festive mood. Everyone gets holidays for 15 days which they celebrate with their families, friends, and relatives.

The festival gives time to every Nepalese to spend time together with their family which makes a warm bonding between the members and makes the relationship more strong which is the best part of Dashain.


This festive season has got many special occasions/ days and besides that there are many activities we do during the festival like flying kites, playing cards, playing swing and many more. But, Dashain Dhun is something that makes us that the festival is here.

Dashain Dhun is melodious music played throughout this festive season. This beautifully noted music is also known as Malshree Dhun. This Dhun is played during the autumn season and during this season we get plenty of food and fruits for which the name is given, as Mal is things in Nepali and shree means wealth and agricultural country like Nepal, being blessed in agriculture is wealth which defines the name, Malshree.


The malshree Dhun is originally belonged to the Newari culture from the Kathmandu valley, or let’s just say it’s the folk music of Newari culture which later on got amalgamated with the large Nepali culture and has become traditional music of the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain.


Nepalese have been hearing this Dhun from childhood during Dashain. The radio and TVs will be regularly playing this melodious music throughout the festival. In fact, some even start to play this beautiful music just before Dashain as well.

The Dashain Dhun has got a beautiful melody that cheers everyone up and drives them into a festive mood. We have been regularly hearing this music during Dashain. It does not want anymore, it has become a need in this festival, it is more like a tradition to play this music during the festival. Dashain without Dashain Dhun will hard to digest.


Dashain will be incomplete without the Dhun because the taste of Dashain starts with the Dashain Dhun as it has been one of the important parts of this biggest festival. This Dhun tells us that Dashain is here, it actually makes us feel the Dashain.

This melodious Dashain Dhun is played using different musical instruments but the key instruments are sarangi and bansuri. These two instruments are beautifully combined with the notations that have given birth to this melodious music.


Nowadays we can find people using different instruments to play this music, like guitars, sitars just to name a few. You can simply google the notations if you want to play.

The music is so freshening and joyful that takes everyone into a mood of celebration which is the beautiful part of this melodious Dhun. Therefore, Dashain Dhun in malshree Dhun is beautiful music that is very much important for the most happening and awaited festival of Nepal, Dashain.


Here is Malshree Dhun on Flute for happy Dashain 2021 or Dashain 2078. This type of Dhun is played during the Dashain festival of Nepal. We as all that Dashain festival is the major and most popular festival of Nepal. It is celebrated for long 15 days.

 The New Malshree Dhun

You can watch the original Dhun here. Click here

Bonus For you…

Dashain Wishes Collection from facebook status

I’m wishing you a “happy Vijayadashami.” I’m hoping you continually fly high like the colorful kites that dot the sky.

As a beautiful and brilliant party, permit your days to be sprinkled with pleasure and happiness! May the festival of Dashain carry you new hopes and awareness. We want your right good fortune, Vijayadashami!

The pageant of Dashain has added a feeling of love, concord. Let’s have fun together and flourish in happiness everywhere. May additionally goddess Durga bless you with increased benefits. Glad Vijayadashami!!


10 Powerful Facts About Dashain Tika Mantra दशै टिका मन्त्र

Like the flame of candles, ur’s existence can constantly be glad, because of u mountain shifts without timidity, as the solar creates morning glory, the fragrance fills with years like flory, all the darkness is away because the light is on the manner.

May my warm and heartfelt needs be with you, celebrating this holy festival. May the beauty of Dashain fill your life with goodwill, the glint of courage and knowledge. Have a superb Dashain and days in advance.

Glad Dashain. Appearance out of doors. This is so first-rate! Sun in the sky is smiling at you. Trees are dancing for you, birds whispering for you. Due to the fact I requested all people to want you satisfied Dashain

Dashain is a festival with a genuine spirit, peaceful soul, lovely heart, extra care, relaxing the mind, you could have them every day. May additionally the blessing of God fill you with all these items. Wishing you all, satisfied Vijayadashami!!!

I desire every one of you a very satisfied and prosperous Dashain. May this yr carry you lots of happiness in lifestyles and realize all your dreams.

Let’s rejoice dasain collectively and remember all the unforgettable memories. Let’s unite and make the Dashain greater exciting. Might also this Dasain festival flourish the feeling of brotherhood among people. Have a grand celebration.

I am hoping that Dashain brings in the right fortune & abounding happiness for you! A heat preference of Dashain for every happiness.

May additionally the keys of this holy festival, warmth, and brilliance, fill your lifestyles with happiness and shining happiness and bring extra joy and prosperity at some stage in the year.

A cup of a warm good day, a plate of crunchy desires, a spoonful of sweet smiles, and an extremely good fulfillment component especially for you.

I desire you very happy Dashami Vijaya. May also goddess Durga bless you.

Awaiting lightning within the night, even if the flame is seen in the thirsty nighttime, it’s going to now not trade the manner of the journey, however, the path of fulfillment will no longer trade. The journey of the continuous walks of the horns, even if it is going off beam, continues the stress on the paintings. It is my spirit, Vijay Dashami heartfelt congratulations! Right success!! Desirable success!!!

Congratulations!! Suitable luck!!! Dirgha, Shanti, and shukh, and each pleasure would be with you, I wish this for you in this auspicious occasion of Dasain, the family individuals constantly have peace inside the human beings forever.

Everywhere the family of family members collectively, nutsy, nausea and love forever. Lonely love is lonely loneliness in existence this is existence. The man’s own family has by no means felt unhappy about ever. Peace! Peace be upon you, this is my want for more than one decade.

2. Malshree Dhun for dashain festival

This is an embedded video from youtube. We don’t own this video. You can watch this video on youtube originally. Youtube link here.

Dashain may also come and cross, however, dasha would not be on your existence. However, we placed the Tika, which could wipe over, but by no means let your faith with god. We may also place on Jamara, which may also later come to be dry and dull, however, in no way allow your existence stupid and fade. We play swing at the occasion which may suspect to interrupt and be apart but in no way permit our relation to be aside satisfied Dashain.

I want you with pink holy Tika to your brow, with yellow Jamara overhead, with happiness and pleasure with a circle of relatives, and that I wish there would be peace and prosperity anywhere you go. All your sorrow and enemy could get completed, I want to specific my gratitude and first-class desires for this Dashain.

Whenever all of the dirt and debris of land get to wash and dry, together with there may be leisure thy. Goddess Bhawani is being praised anywhere, humans say it’s Dashain again. And the appeal and the clean air might make your experience energetic for getting all of the downs which have been all 12 months with us. Satisfied Vijaya Dashain.

On this pageant of Tika and Jamara, may additionally your happiness be extended, and might your sorrow be divided. Might also this holy pageant carry you properly fitness, wealth and accurate fortune. Happy Vijayadashami!!

Look outside. He is so cute! Sun smiles for you. Dancing trees for you. Birds making a song for you. Because I requested everybody to want you. Dashain glad

I desire all of us a very happy Dashain. I want you all a very good time within the coming days and I desire better fitness, prosperity, and success.

Even as watching for lightning in the joyful, lightning on a night, even if the flames are scattered inside the thirst, the course of courage needs to no longer be modified. The continuous wave of continuous humility, even supposing it is going off target, is likewise a by no means ending. It’s miles my feelings. My emotions are authentic, and it’s my wish for you on the occasion of Dashain.

3. Malshree Dhun for dashain festival

Another Malshree Dhun on flute. You can watch this video originally on youtube.

If you miss me, do not prevent seeing your eyes, do not worry even if you do no longer meet, we ought to always need to be collected, but do not stop the door of friendship. Be sure to get rid of all of the enemies of the arena, inside the tissue holes, in full ears, in a happy family, and the nonviolent us of an of peace, within the shanty. Vijay Dashami heartfelt greeting greetings!!!

Tell others that today you are robust in assessment to the day gone by. The desirable success you could get all the happiness and electricity. Satisfied Dashain.

Goddess Durga has given maximum power to face each instability in your life. Satisfied Dussehra

To meet the coolest days for your existence, goddess Durga may also fulfill all of the needs of her pals, family, and loved ones. Congratulations

The victory of faith at the unrighteous victory of fact on a lie, the victory of truth over evil, victory of virtue, victory of forgiveness, mercy on forgiveness understanding of wisdom on ignorance symbolizes the victory of Shriram on Ravana parna Vaibhav of Vijaya Dashami happy wishes.

You never lose your happiness, do not you have any thorns on your neck, every time there may be a hassle, your mother Durga is with you.

Top 45 Greeting Cards of Shubha Dashain : Happy Dashain 2021

Excellent victory over evil!! Dasahara brings a wish. Like ours, the quit of our internal’s Ravan. Is it a new starting with a brand new morning? * Happy Dussehra *?

I desire your life might be a glad, fair, never-finishing affair, your happiness, your region of relaxation, is that you look happy.

I want this Dasain, may additionally god shower all his blessings upon you. May additionally you get inspired by using the victory of properly over evil. May additionally you’ve got a grand festival celebration. Wishing you all a happy Vijayadashami.

Dashain method everlasting fact. Sorrow can be damaged by way of truth, humanity will fall in the direction of truth. Keep walking without stopping. Happy Vijayadashami.

As lord ram kills Ravana and returns to the humans you adore as goddess Durga kills Mahishasura and prepares to return 2 your heavenly dwelling house what are those excellent-over-evil testimonies inhale your victories.

Be satisfied with your lifestyles and that I desire sorrow could by no means come. Always be satisfied in your own home with your own family, many many high-quality desires to you this auspicious Dashain.

May Lord Rama usually be with you. That lord Rama maintain to wash with your benefits that ur’s life is wealthy and peaceful and all issues can be launched all the time.

4. Malshree Dhun for dashain festival

This is an embedded video from youtube. We don’t own this video. You can watch this video on youtube originally. Youtube link here.

Like Lord Rama received the Lanka, as nicely win the arena also get this blessed you with all of the international’s top. Satisfied Dashain

Dawn every day to provide us a message that darkness goes usually be hit via mild. Let’s follow the unique reality rule and enjoy the pageant of true defeats. Glad Dashain.

Glad you kissed the steps of happiness in no way be unhappy money comes simplest within the courtyard of your own home, on the auspicious event of Dussehra this is our needs. Happy Dashain

Triumph of religion on unrighteousness, the victory of truth on false, the victory of truth over evil, this festival is the triumph of sin on sin, the triumph of atrocities, mercy on anger, the victory of forgiveness, triumph of understanding on lack of expertise lord ram’s victory over Ravana which an image of the sacred pageant is. Wishing you all a satisfied Vijaya Dashami.

Because of the flame of the candles, your lifestyles can always be glad, as the excessive mountain you move without shyness, as the sun creates the honor of the morning the perfume fills the years like flory, all darkness is some distance because the light is on the manner. I desire you all a very satisfied Vijaya Dashami!

Dashain is the festival of Tika and Jamara, swing, delicious ingredients, colorful kites in the sky. Might also you get all of the blessings from elders, may also you always get to eat scrumptious meals, may also you fly like a kite to fulfillment. Wishing you a glad Vijayadashami!!!

These days become this beautiful victory over worse, nowadays might also erase the whole thing. Hurdles of your lifestyles and begin. The new era of nicely-being happy Dussehra 2021.

I want your troubles might be as mild as air, our love as deep as the sea, our friendship as sturdy as diamonds, and success is as bright as gold. Those are the needs for you and your circle of relatives in Dashain.

Burn Ravan, set fireplace to evil accept goodness, drink plenty, consume lots, and sleep at night happy Vijayadashami!!!

5. Malshree Dhun for dashain festival

You can watch and listen to this music and video on the original version on YouTube.com