Dashain 2076 (2019) Malshree Dhun on Flute

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Dashain 2076 (2019) Malshree Dhun on Flute

Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepal which is celebrated for 15 days. This is that time of the year when every Nepalese are in the festive mood. Everyone gets holidays for 15 days which they celebrate with their families, friends, and relatives. The festival gives a time to every Nepalese to spend the time together with their family which makes a warm bonding in between the members and makes the relationship more strong which is the best part of Dashain.

This festive season has got many special occasions/ days and besides that there are many activities we do during the festival like flying kites, playing cards, playing swing and many more. But, Dashain dhun is something that makes us that the festival is here.

Dashain dhun is a melodious music played throughout this festive season. This beautifully noted music is also known as Malshree dhun. This dhun is played during the autumn season and during this season we get plenty of food and fruits for which the name is given, as Mal is things in Nepali and shree means wealth and agricultural country like Nepal, being blessed in agriculture is wealth which defines the name, Malshree.


The malshree dhun is originally belonged to the Newari culture from the Kathmandu valley, or let’s just say it’s a  folk music of Newari culture which later on got amalgamated with the large Nepali culture and has become a traditional music of the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain. Nepalese have been hearing this dhun from childhood during Dashain. The radio and TVs will be regularly playing this melodious music throughout the festival. In fact, some even start to play this beautiful music just before Dashain as well.

The Dashain dhun has got a beautiful melody that it cheers everyone up and drives them into the festive mood. We have been regularly hearing this music during Dashain. It is not a want anymore, it has become a need in this festival, it is more like a tradition to play this music during the festival. Dashain without Dashain dhun will hard to digest. Dashain will be incomplete without the dhun because the taste of Dashain starts with the Dashain dhun as it has been one of the important parts of this biggest festival. This dhun tells us that Dashain is here, it actually makes us feel the Dashain.

This melodious Dashain dhun is played using different musical instruments but the key instruments are sarangi and bansuri. These two instruments are beautifully combined with the notations that have given birth to this melodious music. Nowadays we can find people using different instruments to play this music, like guitars, sitars just to name a few. You can simply google the notations if you want to play. The music is so freshening and joyful that takes everyone into a mood of celebration which is the beautiful part of this melodious dhun. Therefore, Dashain dhun in malshree dhun is a beautiful music that is very much important for the most happening and awaited festival of Nepal, Dashain.

Here is Malshree Dhun on Flute for happy Dashain 2019 or Dashain 2076. This type of dhun is played during the Dashain festival of Nepal. We as all that Dashain festival is major and most popular festival of Nepal. It is celebrated for long 15 days. 
 The New Malshree Dhun By Dev Lama (Flute)


You can watch original dhun here. Click here

Dashain 2076 (2019) Malshree Dashain Dhun on Flute

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