Tradition of Kites Flying in Dashain Festival of Nepal With 10 Photos

The tradition of Kites Flying in Dashain Festival of Nepal With 10 Photos

The multi-cultural country like Nepal can never be less rich in cultural traditions and festivals than any other country in the world.  To add to that having a larger population of people following Hindu religion which is full of variety in cultural tradition and festivals, Nepal celebrates the enormous amount of festivals and holidays.

Dashain is considered to be the biggest festival celebrated by Nepalese people because almost all Nepalese across the country energetically celebrate this festival. During the month of late September and early October, the Nepalese people treat themselves in the biggest festival of the year, Dashain.


Dashain is the longest and the most favorable celebration in the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese brothers and sisters throughout the country. Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepalese society.

Kites Image

It is the time period where people get rest from their every day works and they are free from the mental pressures.Dashain is mainly the celebration of Goddess Durga for her victory against Demon Mahisur.

In Dashain, nine goddesses are worshipped to keep them happy and thank them for their blessing which is called the Navaratri. We all know that Goddess Durga is a goddess of power.  She is known for her power, courage, and determination.

Kite Flying On Dashain Festival Images
Kite Flying On Dashain Festival Images

Dashain is a celebration of win of right against the wrong, the victory of god against the demons. Dashain is celebrated to symbolize the truth, honesty and hard work will always prevail against the lies and dishonesty.

Dashain falls in the month of Asoj or October. In Nepal, this time of the year shows a beautiful change in the weather. The monsoon after the summer has just ended and the climate is soothing with slight breeze sunny days and clear blue sky.

The winter is yet to come and silent yet moving wind sweeps off the clouds.  It is neither too hot nor too cold, there is no sign of rain, and the overall weather is very suitable for any activities outdoor or inside the house. Flying kites one of such hugely appreciated activity enjoyed by small kids to youths to senior members of the society.

kites Dashain festival Nepal-children
Flying Kites During Dashain Festival in Nepal

The Nepali kites are typically made of lokta paper, which is hand-made. Because the kites do not come with a tail, people add the tail themselves. The kite flying equipment consists of the kite, the wooden roll with two spools on each side which you have to hold in your hands to control the kite as it is flying.

Miles and miles of the string are rolled onto the reel. The string is often equipped with home-based manja, a mixture of compressed glass and thick gum. The strength of the string depends on the excellence of the mixture.

It is said that the weather leaves the sky clear and blue and since it is our festival it is our duty to make it colorful and cheery and beautiful kites of different colors are thus, flown all over the sky to make it look more like a celebration and a festival.

Kite Flying On Dashain Festival Image
Kite Flying Image

The soothing weather also does not give people outside sunburn or any other kind of problems and hence this time is considered idle to fly kites.

Dashain is the majorly celebrated for two great mythological reason, the first is the end of Maishasur the villain demon by Goddess Durga and the second reason is the end of Ravan the Lankan Demon by Lord Ram an avatar of Lord Bishnu.

Lord Ram at the time of performing this deed of ending Ravan’s cruelty is serving banishment to the forest far far away from his throne and to remark and disseminate the information about this great deed of Lord Ram the kites were flown with messages on them and colorful kites to show the world about the great celebration.

Kites Image
Kites Flying

The terror of Demon kingdom is over and now people can live in peace and kite was one of the earlier ways of the showing of this celebration and spreading the historic and brave battle won by Lord Ram.

And today the symbolic victory is celebrated by the same way even after such a long time. Despite the reason for the celebration might be forgotten or remained unknown to people and youngsters the enthusiastic feeling is lived every year with the arrival of Dashain.

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Two Kids with Kites

Dashain is festival suitable for all kinds of people from small kids to great and senior people. Kids especially enjoy kite flying. It is one of the most awaited things about Dashain for kids, they talk about flying kites with friends months before the arrival of Dashain, they save money to buy kites and strings for kites the controller made of wood called Lattai.

Everything about kite flying gets children excited. It is even seen that kite flying starts almost before a month for Dashain. This clearly shows the excitement about flying kites in the kids. And to add to the fun, parents are quite liberal to let their children fly kites stay outdoor and enjoy times with friends at the time of Dashain.

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A Kid With Kite

However, it will be wrong to speak out only for kids when it comes to flying kites in Dashain. It is the sport that youth and senior generation also enjoy to celebrate. Parents and grandparents sit outside on a sunny day enjoying their children flying kites, guiding them and sometimes even participating in the sport.

There also are small and big tournaments here and there on flying kite called the flying kite competition. A few years back it took place in Nagarkot where people participated to fly the kite in rounds.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada Changa Kites Images
Shrinkhala Khatiwada is flying kites

The competitors had to cut the line of each other kites using their own line and controlling the movement of a kite. The competition is actively participated by a huge number of enthusiastic competitors and celebrated win or loss with the equally sense of wonder and joy.

This was believed to promote tourism and establish a unique image of the cultural and traditional value of Nepal. This competition of line cutting also occurs in the rooftops of every house where kids and youth are flying kites and looking to win over the sky and competing against other kite fliers.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada Changa Kites Images
Shrinkhala Khatiwada is flying kites

Once the line is cut it is almost a universal slogan to shout out “ Changga chet”.Many times, children stare at the fight of kites and wait for something more priceless. Whenever a kite is cut loose, it falls to the land. Children run towards the falling kite.

When any child is a clear winner of the bruised and battered kite, he/she spends hours trying to resurrect it and let it fly one more time in the hopes that it might be able to challenge other kites in the sky.  And when it does, the kite becomes a symbol of inspiration and a hope to restore the lost glory.

Changa Kites dashain Nepal Images

Although enjoyable the kite flying sport has also caused huge loss in life and has become the reason of many injuries especially in the kids. This is because of Nepalese houses, especially in urban areas, are tall and kids play unsafely on the rooftops and looking in the sky without paying attention to the grounds, the children tend to fall off the ledges.

There are accidents with serious injuries and even deaths from such unfortunate events. Also, electrocution from the electric pole and electric lines, road accidents due to children blindly following the line-cut kites to the main road to claim as their own.

Changa Kites dashain Nepal Images
A man watching Kite in The Sky

It should be in parents and elders deep concern that kids are enjoying such festivals in the safe and sound environment.Parents and grandparents sit outside on a sunny day enjoying their children flying kites, guiding them and sometimes even participating in the sport.

Kite flying in Kathmandu is something that cannot be put into words by our interest in running away or its attraction with stories. Flying kites was the only way how children and even adults used to pass their time when Dashain was in the around.

Somewhere along the line, people forgot the myths and experience that surrounded kite flying and the practice itself became more significant.

Due to modern technology and tall skyscraping buildings and parents being too cautious about the fatal outcomes of the kites, the tradition has clearly been ignored and uncelebrated as a part of the festival.

The integral part of the childhood of memories of kite flying is getting even rarer and rarer. It is a deep regret to anyone who has seen the blue sky filled with colorful kites that such beautiful tradition is slowly getting away from practice.

It is our duty to preserve such a beautiful tradition.Parents and grandparents sit outside on a sunny day enjoying their children flying kites, guiding them and sometimes even participating in the sport which is a way of bonding.

Yes, there are a risk and unfortunate events, but this must encourage people to enjoy the traditional sport more responsibly rather than abandoning it. Flying kite is as unique as any other tradition globally, especially with a festive value and religious background. Thus, we must encourage and promote our beautiful tradition of flying kite.

Here is top 10 Dashain Kites Photos of Flying Kites in Dashain Festival by the Children. These Dashain kites photos are collected from various sources of the web portal. Thanks for image providers.

Dashain is the festival of Hindu religion. Dashain is the festival of uniting relation in family members. Dashain is the festival of honoring Hindu Goddess Durga. Dashain is the festival of respecting elders people.

Here we have collected top 10 photos of Dashain kites. Dashain kites are flying during Dashain season. Children are flying the Dashain kites. Flying kites in Dashain festival of Nepal are seen in the Nepali sky. Flying kites in Dashain are looking very colorful in the sky. Nepali sky is full of flying kites in Dashain.

Let’s see the top 10 Dashain kites photos taken in the festival.

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2077. Happy Vijaya dashain 2020.

Tradition of Kites Flying in Dashain Festival of Nepal With 10 Photos

Kite Flying Dashain Festival Images
Kite Flying
Top 10 Dashain Kites Photos of Flying Kites in Dashain Festival Nepal

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