Dashain Jamara and Tika: Best 10 Photos of Jamara and Tika of Dashain Festival of Nepal

Here are some Best 10 photos collected of Tika, jamara on Dashain festival of Nepal. On the 10th day of Dashain festival, people visit their elders to get auspicious tikajamara on the their forehead and best wishes from them.

Tika and Jamara is such thing that makes feel like Dashain. Without the tika and jamara, Dashain does not feel like Dashain at all. These red tika and yellow-green jamara splashes of color are an integral part of the festival. Receiving and Giving Tika and Jamara is for Respecting to elders.


Photo of Jamara and Tika during Dashain

Dashain is the longest and the most important festival of Nepal. Generally Dashain falls in Ashwin to Kartik (according Nepali Calendar) or late September to mid October, right after the monsoon season in Nepal.

Dashain gets many different nick names as Dasara, Bada Dashain, Vijaya Dashain, Durga Puja. Dashain is a festival of Victory over Demons. Huge amount of animal sacrifices take place during the festival in temples and in home to please the Goddess Durga.

The 10th day of the Dashain festival is known as `Tika’, a day on which the elder ones give `Tika’ to the younger ones and to other relatives who come for their blessings. Getting a tika from an older person in your family or from relatives or from anyone is a blessing.

Dashain tika begins from the oldest person in your family giving tika to the youngest then the second youngest in the family and so on. Faith, hope, inspiration and blessings, all come alive in Dashain.

Here are some unique pictures of Jamara, Tika on Dashain. These photos are collected from various places and website. Thanks to them. These Jamara and Tika Photo of Dashain feels unique festival in Nepal.

Dashain Jamara and Tika: Best 10 Photos of Jamara and Tika of Dashain Festival of Nepalid 2884

Jamara Rato Tika & Flowers For Dashain
Jamara Rato Tika & Flowers For Dashain
A Woman Cutting Jamara For Vijayadashami Tika Dashain
A Woman is Cutting Jamara Plant For Vijayadashami Tika

All these photo or pictures or wallpapers are related to Dashain, festivals of Nepal, tika, jamara, or say dashain, tika and jamara.



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