Don’t Forget Your Health on Dashain Festival


Dashain health issues include drinking, overeating meat, playing cards, and respiratory exposure to smoke. Vijyadashami, is one of the biggest festival for Nepal and Nepalese people. On this greatest festival, don’t forget your health. You should not lose your good health.

Don’t Forget Your Health on Dashain Festival

Dashain is the biggest festival of the Nepalese society. We have a huge respect towards our society to maintain this tradition. The workers get leave for days and the school remains close for a month. People migrate from one place to another and get to their respective home town. Dashain is all about uniting with the family members who have been busy throughout the year due to their works and studies. A festive of joy and victory, dashain holds a history that Lord Ram had a victory over Ramayan. It is all about traditions , puja and rituals.

The problem about dashain is food they take. In the tika day , people stay up to mid day to even their first meal. Only after tika, they start eating food. The festive is celebrating with the family members and the close friends , thus it is incomplete without good food. In such cases, it is difficult to avoid the foods that made with high usage of oil . It becomes necessary to take care of the health in time before it gets too late. The problem of diet might spoil the mood of the people.  This is more important to those who suffer from ailments like diabetes, gastritis , uric acid and kidney problems.

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“Nothing will happen because we eat like a monster once in year.” This statement is quite often and heard every time when we tell people not to go over the top with foods that might cause problem. The most common problem that people face during Dashain is indigestion and of course , national disease – gastritis. People remain empty stomach till the puja and God knows when will the puja end. It might even take whole afternoon. Why disgrace health during such periods?  The people skip two important meals and compensate later by eating a huge feast. They consume too much calories at once and that does not burn immediately. These foods mainly content less water and more fats which might cause imbalances in the body.

healthy life man-eating drinking beer
drinking beer and eating meat

Now with the customs we follow from generations – storing of food. People cannot be assumed lazy but they do cook a lot at once and store for later use. One must be very careful of food poisoning caused by the left over foods. The food poisoning can really spoil the festiveness within us. Feeling sick and not being able to enjoy with everybody , hoping to make it through the weekends so that you can play cards with the family. The trend is to cook the entire feast at once and with problems like power failure people should be very focused on storing food. The meat being decomposable food must be taken care of first.


It is suggested that it would be better for people to store meat in small packages rather than in bulk. With the continuous taking in and out of the meat causes contamination with changes in temperature. Also people face indigestion and diarrhea due to the spicy and oily food. And no matter you try to avoid these foods , you will have to face it. And lets not forget about constipation, the contrary one. Green salads and vegetables are missed in the Dashain diet. Along with no appropriate intake of water and lesser exercises causes constipation. People can also support their culture by daily going for a walk in the morning to near by temples. There must be high intake of vegetables and green salads to balance the body.

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And lets not forget alcohol. The intake of alcohol might give you temporary fun but it will effect your liver in the long run. Not only it will ruin your health but also stresses the people that id related to you. Alcohol intake effect other already available disease in your body. So the trading of alcohol should be limited by the government themselves.


Mainly the people who are already suffering from diseases should be more focused. The diabetic patients should take their food on time without waiting for the puja to end . You can not ruin your health for a festival. It might sound rude but truth is a truth. People die just a day before their dialysis simply because they choose to eat food which they weren’t supposed to in the name of merriment. Dashain should not be taken as an excuse to eat or drink anything you want . It won’t matter if you eat just for a day , it will show it consequences later in the future.

But there are ways to minimize the risks and celebrate the festive with your whole heart. Things to include in your to do list:

  • Eat green vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as you can.
  • Say no to diary products as they might cause acidity.
  • A big YES to lots of water intake.
  • Exercise !!!!
  • No storing of food.
  • Don’t sit in one place all day
  • Meat that gives proteins NOT fat.

Life does not end at a festive season . You have to go beyond that and for that you need to stay healthy and fit. This can be done if you think about the future and then celebrate the festivals because there will make many festivals to come year after year.

Have a safe and healthy Dashain.

Happy Dashain from ‘ family’ .

This healthy tips is emailed by Writer: Susaan Basel

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