Best 10 Gifts for Son in Dashain Festival of Nepal

Best 10 Gifts for Son in Dashain Festival of Nepal

Dashain gifts for son: – It is the longest and the most propitious celebration in the Bikram Sambat yearly datebook, celebrated by Nepalese individuals, alongside their diaspora all through the globe. It is the longest and most foreseen celebration in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and North Indian slopes. Individuals come back from all parts of the world, and in addition distinctive parts of the nation, to celebrate together.

All administration workplaces, instructive organizations and different workplaces stay shut amid the celebration period. The celebration falls in September or October, beginning from the Shukla Paksha (splendid lunar fortnight) of the long stretch of Ashvin and closure on Purnima, the full moon. Among the fifteen days on which it is commended, essential days are the principal, seventh, eighth, ninth and the tenth.

Ghaṭasthāpanā (घटस्थापना “sowing Jamara”) is the starting day of Dashain and the tenth day of the celebration is called ‘Dashami’. On this day, a blend of rice, yogurt, and vermilion is set up by the ladies. This planning is known as “Tika”. Older folks put this Tika and Jamara which is sown in the Ghatasthapana on the brow of more youthful relatives to favor them with plenitude in the up and coming years. The red additionally symbolizes the blood that ties the family together. Senior citizens give “Dakshina”.

Best 10 Gifts for Son in Dashain Festival of Nepal

1. Shoes

There are various brands of shoes that can give a gift for son.There is various factory that produces shoes in the national and international market.Current Nepalese market is taken off with numerous Nepali shoe brands like caliber, Shikhar and Goldstar shoes and International marked shoes like Adidas, Nike, and Timberland. Bansbari Shoe industrial facility was the first shoe industry in Nepal. It flourished in the administration of Nepal Government.

A current overview demonstrated that approx. 35% of footwear showcase has been secured by neighborhood made shoes of Nepal. Shikhar Shoes is one of the significant provider of cowhide shoes in Nepal.Excellent shoes with various plans are accessible at an affordable cost in Nepalese shoe showcase. This is the significant motivation behind why Chinese shoes are gradually being replaced by Nepalese shoes. Despite the fact that these shoes are bit costly than Chinese shoes, they last more. The vast majority of the shoes in Nepal accompanies guarantee.A portion of the shoes in Nepal is very nice. There are some international brands of shoes such as:

i) Adidas shoes     

The world-renowned sportswear-Adidas is famous among youthful Nepalese. Cost of Adidas shoes in Nepal is in the middle of NRs 1500 to NRs 7000. Because of the solid brand control, Adidas shoes are likewise utilized as casuals.

adidas shoe


ii) Reebok shoes.  

 Reebok Shoes are agreeable for climbing and traveling. It is light to wear. In this way, Reebok shoe is mainstream everywhere throughout the world. Reebok shoes cost in Nepal begins from NRs 7000.

reebok shoe

iii) Nike shoes 

 Nike has been overwhelming the shoe business of the world since many years. You can purchase the world well-known Nike shoes in Nepal as well. There is numerous Nike shoe showroom in Kathmandu. the price of Nike shoes in Nepal begins from NRs 2000. Airmax shoes from Nike is starting at now making a buzz. You can buy Nike Airmax shoes in Nepal at around NRs 11000.     

New Adidas Shoes  

 So we can gift various type of shoes for son in Dashain.We can find various shoes price in the different rate.The rate you can afford that you can gift to your son on upcoming Dashain.

2. New Clothes

There are various types of clothes from various brands you can gift clothes to your son.The time is passing each second in which new innovations, plans, technology, and design are advancing.The advancement of form began amid the Stone Age where individuals used to influence garments to out of leaves to cover themselves up. Following a large number of years, garments have developed to what we wear now and form changes from time to time.

Small Nepali boy saying Namaste Hello in a dhaka topi
Small Nepali boy saying Namaste (Hello) in a dhaka topi

There are many factories that produce cloth nationally and internationally.Dhaka Topis, Gunyo Cholos, Daura Suruwal, and saris were before today’s fashion, while tee-shirts and jeans took to control them. Presently in the cutting-edge time, modern people wear half-pants, pants, dresses, ponchos, high foot sole areas and boots which are in today’s fashion.Truth to be told, the continuous cool form patterns are something so basic that you can see each Tom, Dick, and Harry wearing comparative same sorts of garments. No person/young lady would need to wear something that nearly everyone is wearing.

i) T-shirt

black superman t shirt


Today’s generation people love t-shirt more than any other thing. T-shirts like printed one maybe a one with a singer pic printed in it, maybe a favorite music band. comic superheroes, or anything that matters to your loved one, in your case your son. The other thing that matter while choosing the t-shirt is the color combination over the right choice. Do you know which is the favorite color of your son, and you know that may not matter while gifting him the t-shirt cause the thing that matters here is the fashion trends, the outfit and the thing that makes him feel comfortable as well as bold at the same time.

ii) Pants

pants for son

Pants are the other cool thing that can be gifted to your son this festive season. The pants you are gonna gift can be cotton pants, jeans pant or any other type. Jeans have lots of advantages over any other pants. They are easy to wear, fashionable and they don’t need to be ironed at the same time.

iii) Socks


Socks are great things to gift to anybody. This Dashain you can gift a collection of socks to your son. Buy / Choose the socks wisely as socks comes in different shape, size, color, quality , etc. The main thing here is which color or what sort of socks do your son like to wear in his outfit. With that thing keeping in mind you  can have a better result and make your son happy.

3. Watch

Watch is another gift that you can give to your son.In Nepal, there are many people who can afford high price watch but there is also some person who cannot afford high-cost watch so they can also buy the watch with low cost and can gift their son.There are various brands of the watch with various affordable price rate.In Nepal, there is the various showroom of the watch.The capacity of the watch has been changed. It is never again utilized as a timepiece. It is the announcement of fashion and talks a great deal about the identity of the general population.In light of brands, watch cost in Nepal ranges from cheap to generally costly. 

Truth to be told, there are many marked watch stores in Kathmandu.The brand esteem and worldwide acknowledgment are the key factors that draw in individuals’ consideration. Tissot and Rado’s watches are observed to be famous among young people while administrators lean toward Rolex watches.There is one watch company in Nepal which is kobold Himalaya.Kobold Himalaya is the Nepali watch that uses the dials worked out of stone from the summit of Mount Everest. Its cost is around NRs 13, 00,000.There is a much international company that produces watch some of them are as follows:

i) Titan Watch

Titan watch

 Cost of Titan watch begins from NRs 3500. You can find numerous Titan watch showroom in Kathmandu. You can likewise purchase Titan on the internet. It is prominent among the two men and ladies.

ii) Rado watch

Rado watch

   Rado is the mid-estimated luxury watch. For the individuals who are searching for reasonable Rado watch, you can take Rado Replica watch whose cost is NRs10, 000. You can purchase online Rado in Kathmandu.

iii) Timex watch

Timex watch was acquired Nepal by Him Electronics. It comes in the various arrangement. Timex watch cost is in the middle of NRs 1800 to NRs 30,000 in Nepal.

Timex watch

So, nowadays there is the mold of smartwatch and over there are various watch brand and their price you can gift the watch to your son by your budget.

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