20 Best Dashain Pictures Collection Of Vijaya Dashami Putting Tika on The Forehead


Here are some Best 20 photos collected of Dashain Tika at the Dashain festival of Nepal. On the 10th day of the Dashain festival, people visit their elders to get auspicious TikaJamara on their forehead, and best wishes from them. Tika and Jamara is such thing that makes me feel like Dashain.

Without the Tika and Jamara, Dashain does not feel like Dashain at all. This red Tika and yellow-green Jamara splashes of color are an integral part of the festival. Receiving and Giving Tika and Jamara is for Respecting elders.

Dashain Tika 2021 (2078):  Pictures of Dashain Tika on Forehead

Dashain is the longest and the most important festival in Nepal. Generally, Dashain falls in Ashwin to Kartik (according to Nepali Calendar) or late September to mid-October, right after the monsoon season in Nepal.

Dashain gets many different nicknames as Dasara, Bada Dashain, Vijaya Dashain, Durga Puja. Dashain is a festival of Victory over Demons.

Dashain Tika begins from the oldest person in your family giving Tika to the youngest than the second youngest in the family and so on. Faith, hope, inspiration and blessings, all come alive in Dashain.

dashain Photo Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Photos
Keki Adhikari Dashain Tika 2068 14

All these photos or pictures or wallpapers are related to Dashain, festivals of Nepal, Tika, Jamara, or say Dashain, Tika, and Jamara. This Dashain Tika Photo of Dashain feels unique festival in Nepal.

Here are some unique pictures of Dashain red Tika during Dashain festivals of Nepal. These photos are collected from various places and websites. Thanks to them.


Vijaya dashami dashain Photos Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Photos

During the Dashain festival, the Taleju temple is opened. Taleju temple is the shrine in which the Taleju Devi is placed during the major festival of Dasain.

This Taleju temple of Kathmandu is richly decorated with gilded doors, windows, and a tympanum. Flanking the doors of this temple there are two life-size images of Ganga and Jamuna.

Vijaya dashami dashain Photos Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Photos

After Dashain, the Tihar festival will be celebrated by the Nepalese. Like the Dashain, there are also putting Tika on Dashain. But on Tihar, Tika is received by the brother and sister.

And in the Dashain, tike is received by the elders one. Dashain is followed, in October or November, by the five days of Diwali, the festival of lights, when honor is done to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Vijaya dashami dashain Photos Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Tika Photos
shuvam puja

Only on these five days are the people allowed by law to indulge in their great passion for gambling, and on the fifth day, which is called Deuse, the children go from house to house, like oriental carol-singers, wishing riches on the household and hoping for a few coppers in exchange.

Around the temple during the Dashain festival, the daily mingling with the constant stream of Hindu worshippers is very typical of the Nepalese way of life. You may be fortunate enough to witness a family gathering or local festival taking place in the Dashain festival.

Dashain Rato Tika Forehead image kids
Red Tika on Forehead of Little Boy on Dashain

Especially the last five days of Dashain, for receiving Dashain Tika, such family gathering or local people gathering is taking place in every household of Nepal.

Vijaya dashami dashain Photos Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Tika Photos

Nepal is one of the most diverse international small countries in the world in phrases of geography, faith, subculture, and culture. Although small in location, this country is home to the people of various ethnic organizations who’ve their identification, lifestyle, and traditions.

Masses of festivals are celebrated in Nepal that represents the uniqueness of every faith and subculture. One among such stunning festivals which are celebrated using almost every Nepali humans with utmost appreciation and enthusiasm is the Dashain festival.

dashain tika mother son
A mother is putting Tika on her little son

For September or October, the Nepali people indulge themselves in the largest celebration; Dashain celebration. This is one festival that is widely known for 15 days making it one of the maximum auspicious as well as the longest festival of Nepal.

One of the maximum auspicious and proud aspects of this celebration is that its miles celebrated by using all Nepalese no matter creed and caste throughout us. A lot so that, all faculties and authorities establishments continue to be closed at some stage in this ceremony to rejoice to the fullest.

Dashain Vijayadashami Photos Family
Dashain Family Photos

Dashain represents the victory of the gods over the demons. One in all such victory stories is instructed in the Ramayana. It’s far believed that lord ram, after lots of tries ultimately has become successful in slaughtering the Ravana, the king of demons most effective after he evoked goddess Durga.

The primary celebration of Dashain venerates the win of precise evil over terrible and is likewise symbolized via Durga, the goddess who slew the demon Mahisasur who had terrorized the entire earth.

Dashain Tika Forehead Vijayadashami Image
Dashain Tika Image

The primary 9 days of this festival is called Navaratri and the tenth day is called Dashami. Every day has its distinctiveness and the approach of a celebration is different.

Day 1: Ghatasthapana

The first day of Dashin is Ghatasthapan which marks the start of this holy festival. In a literal sense, Ghatasthapan means setting a pot of Kalash that symbolized setting goddess Durga in the domestic.

On this day, a pot (Kalash) is filled with water and later cowl with cow dung and sewn with barley seeds. This Kalash is then put in a sand block. The priest starts the holy ritual whilst he asks Durga for a blessing. Goddess Durga is thought to be within the pot of Kalash during complete Navaratri.

Dashain Tika Vijayadashami Images family
Family Photo on Dashain After Tika

The Kalash is worshipped by the male member of the family twice a day, in the morning and nighttime. And it’s miles believed that women are not allowed to enter the puja room.

However, these days, girls are similarly answerable for worshipping and looking after Kalash. This Kalash is commonly saved far away from sunlight and water is obtainable to it each day so that by way of the tenth day can have grown to nearly six inches lengthy yellow grass which is also called Jamara.


This process continues until the 7th day.

Dashain Tika Vijayadashami Photos family
Dashain Family Images

Day 7: Fulpati

The seventh day of the 15-day long celebration is referred to as Fulpati. On this day, the Kalash that is filled with holy water, Jamara, sugar cane, and banana stalks are tied with a pink cloth and are carried using a decorated umbrella.

On this day, 100s of government officials gather in Tundikhel ground informal to get dressed to witness the appropriate occasion. At some stage in the regime of the king, the fulpati was then taken to the Hanumandhoka royal palace on the quit of the occasion with a parade.

Dashain Rato Tika Forehead Selfie
A little Kid is taking a selfie on Dashain

However, since 2008 after the overthrow of the royal circle of relatives, the fulpati is taken to the house of the president. Fulpati is one of the maximum essential days of the Dashain festival.

Day eight: Mahaashtami

The eighth day of Dashain is called Mahaasthami. These days are a day of the manifestation of goddess Durga via the sacrifice of animals like goats, hens, geese, or buffaloes within the temple.

Vijaya dashami dashain Photos Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Tika Photos

On this day, the maximum of the orthodox households of Nepal sacrifice the animal and the blood of the animal is offered to the goddess as it’s far referred to as the image of fertility.

Even as the puja is performed inside the temples with the sacrifice of the animals, extraordinary feasts are held at the domestic of commonplace human beings in which a big quantity of goat meat ate up by every meat fanatics.

Dashain Rato Tika Forehead boy Image
A Boy’s Dashain Tika Photo

Day nine: Mahanavami

The ninth day of the 15 days long Dashain festival is called Navami. On this day, temples around the country, mother goddess Durga are filled with human beings from early morning till nightfall.


On this day as properly, animals like black buffaloes and goats are slaughtered to honor goddess Durga on her manifestation as additionally for purchasing the blessings from her.

Dashain Rato Tika Forehead baby
A Baby’s Dashain Photo

One of the maximum thrilling elements at the moment is that military bands play war tunes at the same time as officials with adorned medals in uniform stand there to have fun at the celebration.

In this day, apart from the goddess Durga, the god Vishwa Karma, the god of creativity is also worshiped. All factories, any machinery gadgets, vehicles, and anything that we use to make our living are worshipped.

Vijaya dashami dashain Photos Pictures images while putting Tika on forehead
Vijayadashami Tika Photos

People also worship all shifting machinery like airplanes, trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. To get the blessing from the goddess for protection towards accidents all through the 12 months. The entire day is spent with lots of fun and enthusiasm.

Day 10: Vijayadashami

The 10th day also the most essential day of the 15-day lengthy celebration is ‘Dashami’. On this auspicious day, Tika and Jamara are presented through the seniors to the younger of the family and provide blessings for the best health, fortune, and good fortune for the year.

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

Tika is typically prepared by way of the girls of the circle of relatives using blending rice, vermilion, and yogurt. Elders placed Tika and Jamara (this is sown inside the Ghatasthapana) on the forehead of younger relatives and give “Dakshina” (small amount of cash) to youngers at the moment together with their advantages.

This process of receiving the Tika and Jamara is continued to be found for the next five days until the overall moon. This method or ritual of receiving Tika from all of the elder loved ones facilitates the regeneration of the community ties substantially. It is one purpose why the festival of Dashami or Dashain is celebrated with a lot of robustness and eagerness.

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

The 10th day of Dashain is the maximum important day while people visit their elders inside the circle of relatives to take their benefits from them for wellness and healthy lifestyles.

At the same time as receiving this Tika, there are few Mantras/Slokas that stated to bless the individual receiving the Tika and Jamara. These mantras or likes have beautiful meanings that it’s far ideal for us to recite the ones at the same time as we put Tika.

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

The chant this is said at the same time as giving benefits to the men of the own family is as underneath

आयुर्द्रोणसुते श्रियो दशरथे शत्रुक्षयं राघवे ।

ऐश्वर्य नहुषे गतिश्च पवने मानञ्च दुर्योधने ॥

शौर्य शान्तनवे बलं हलधरे सत्यञ्च कुन्तीसुते ॥

बिज्ञाने बिदुरे भवति भवताम किर्तिस्च नारायणे

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

Similarly, the chant that is used even as giving advantages to the females of the family is as below:

जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।

दुर्गा शिवा क्षमा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु ते ॥२॥

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

Those mantras are specific for males and females, but, each has been recited since the prehistoric generation as these were inscribed in our scriptures. All the persons of these mantras are from the Hindu scriptures of Mahabharat and Ramayana.

Consistent with the Hindu ideals, all Hindus are expected to accumulate the qualities of the gods and goddesses that we so admire. These Mantras/Slokas are narrated via Brahmin and Kshatriyas.

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

However, these mantras can be stated through human beings of any caste or social institution. People who rejoice Dashain and placed Tika can say those mantras.

Kinds of Dashain celebration: kite flying, gambling playing cards, and swings

As this celebration processes, we can see lots of kites flying inside the sky. It’s been a crucial part of Dashain’s celebration all through the country.  In the course of this celebration, humans of all ages fly kites from the roofs in their houses.

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

With lots of colorful kites flying in the sky, the whole celebration will become even greater colorful. It’s miles believed that flying kite is a way of reminding God to forestall rain for healthful crops.

But some other manner of celebrating Dashain is by playing cards. At the same time as children are busy with gambling playing cards, adults have interaction themselves in playing cards with each other and feature plenty of amusing.

Dashain Tika Vijaydashami Pictures
Dashain Tika Pictures (image source Facebook)

Gambling swings are one of the maximum conventional approaches to celebrating Dashain. As the celebration processes, we will locate bamboo swings in lots of components of the country.

Swings (also known as ping in Nepali) are built using a conventional approach that makes use of ropes, grass, bamboo, and wood. Those swings are made earlier than day 1 of Dashain and are dismantled handiest after the Tihar celebration. Till then, kids, as well as adults, have fun playing swings.

Dashain Tika Vijaydashami Pictures
Dashain Tika Pictures

Buying new clothes is yet another essential part of Dashain. For the duration of this festival, people buy new garments and wear them on Dashami. This has been one of the rituals in Nepal. Humans make their shops attractive and provide lots of discounts and concessions for clients during the celebration.

Animal sacrifice and controversy

Dashain is the celebration whilst the animals are sacrificed in the call of providing to the goddess Durga. That is the maximum criticized element of the celebration.

Dashain Tika Vijaydashami Pictures
Dashain Tika Pictures (image source Facebook)

Pushed by using the extreme perception that presenting the sparkling blood of the poor animals will please goddess Durga and deliver advantages, animals like buffalo, goat, chook, and even birds are slaughtered on Dashain, mainly on the eighth and ninth day.

Many animal proper activists are towards this tradition and gather collectively at the protest of the mass animal slaughtering pastime.

Today, with modernization, human beings are forgetting to recite the Sanskrit Slokas or Mantras and are remote with the idea of these Slokas as nicely. However, this is an incorrect exercise and can result in the extinguishing of such stunning language in destiny.

So, to preserve the language of Sanskrit as properly to hold our culture and tradition of Dashain birthday party, we should all know approximately such little things that play a huge position in the formation of our culture and customs.

It’s miles all about retaining up with the social motion at the same time as additionally retaining the age-vintage ideals and ideas intact. Studying Sanskrit and reciting those verses as they may behave to be encouraged to college students from a younger age. And all should be made pleased with our inheritance and the splendor of our customs and culture.


Dashain is one of the holiest and most interesting festivals that is celebrated for 15 days making it one of the maximum auspicious as well as the longest celebration of Nepal.

One of the most auspicious and proud aspects approximately this celebration is that it’s far celebrated using all Nepalese irrespective of creed and caste at some stage in the country.

So much so that, all schools, faculties, and authorities establishments remain closed for the duration of this ceremony to have a good time to the fullest. Dashain represents the victory of the gods over the demons. One among such victory memories is advised within the Ramayana.

It’s deep believed that Lord Rama, after plenty of tries subsequently became successful in slaughtering the Ravana, the king of demons handiest after he evoked goddess Durga.

The main party of Dashain venerates the win of desirable evil over terrible and is likewise symbolized by using Durga, the goddess who slew the demon Mahisasur who had terrorized the whole earth.

Every Nepali person celebrates this celebration with masses of pride and respect and I wish this continues for the time eternity because it represents our way of life, society, and us. As an entire.

Finally, I wish anybody a very glad Dashain! Have a good time to the fullest with plenty of satisfaction and respect.

Note: all these pictures are snapped in the year 2021 or Dashain pictures 2078. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy this post.

Note: All these pictures are snapped the previous year.

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