Reasons Why to Wish Happy Dashain

The National festival of Nepal is Dashain which is the longest and the most propitious. This festival is celebrated by all the Nepalese. The celebration occurs for fifteen days. This festival falls during the bright lunar fortnight ending on “Purnima” the day of the full moon.

Doing some research I found that the practice of greeting is originated from the Chinese. They exchanged the messages of goodwill and celebrate the special occasions.Talking about greetings, once you’ve been introduced to a person, the next time you meet that person, it is very essential to greet them. The greeting is the process of beginning the conversation or the way of communication in which people intentionally make their presence known to other.Generally used to show attention and to suggest a type of relationship. And sometimes greeting is used just as a conversation starter or to greet in passing.

You all have seen the people greeting each other during the special occasions like birthdays and festivals.what may be the possible logic behind greeting people during festivals? So there are no specified reasons for a particular time so I’m going to talk about the logic behind the greeting.  Well, the main logic behind greeting people during festivities is to cherish social relations and cultures.

Obviously, festivals are the opportunities to plan a family gets together; it can be Dashain, Diwali, Christmas, Holi etc. In Nepal, Dashain is the opportunity for the people to meet their family and spend some quality time.  Besides, reuniting the families the people can have rest from their daily busy life. They enjoy these fifteen days by worshipping Gods, putting tika on Forehead from an elder, getting blessings and enjoying delicious meals.

Just imagine, in your yearlong emptiness and busy schedule, these are the times when you cut yourself some leisurely and enjoy being in the company of your loved ones. If not family then you meet friends and neighbor whom you haven’t crossed paths with in a long time. In the case of both Urban and rural settings, this reason seems to work.

Rural Family flourish in merging with others than compared to urban correlative anyway and this period helps strengthen the bonding further. The rural family spends time with each other; greet each other during festivals, passing by and in any other special occasion.  Whereas the urban families are busy on their own schedule. Let’s take an example if you have marriage in rural areas almost all the family of other houses comes and in urban they don’t even know when the neighbor get married.  So as you can see the very important role of greeting or wishing. No matter if you are just passing by or you meet people in festive time greeting plays a very vital role in strengthening the bonding. And it also helps add more acquaintances to their circle. The celebratory period, which honestly would seem dull without a crowd, livens up with them.

In the urban residence, people are more mechanized and nose-deep into technology. If they even got a free time the sped with their smartphones sitting in the house mostly the youth these days. They are deep down into the virtual world. So these festivals aid in bringing sociable self to the forward, make new friends, meet new people, talk as opposed to chat, be human for a few days/hours as anti to being robots.


To be honest, I also belong to the urban residence, I’m a student and I am busy with my daily scheduled life. I got very little leisure time which I use in playing video games sitting in my bedroom. So these festivals come as an opportunity to keep in touch and forget all the stress about the exams and other stuff.

So you’ve seen the importance of the festivals. And when the festivals come near we wish other and greet them. Before the 2-3 days, you’ll see the post of wishing Happy Dashain to their social friend in social sites. People reunite and arrange programs, good meals etc. Well, logic is to exchange softness. Sweet and sour alike which works well especially when celebrating festivals.

Well, every greeting is in a positive way, they wish others for their good life, life with full of joy and happiness, peace and prosper life. People with one another to build a good relationship with each other. Some to approach.  As you know Nepali people are humble and kind to their guests. Though they are of different caste and creeds they know how to respect others religion too. They took to participate in other regions festival too and the Dashain is the festival for all the Nepalese people. If you are a Muslim then during the EID you say, EID Mubarak. If you belong to Christian you say Happy Christmas. So as like that in Nepal they say Happy Dashain and greet people during Dashain.

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The first thing that I found important is that we live in an optimistic world. First, we are born we struggle to stay alive and unfortunately die in large degree because of the environment and natural process. Well, we all are generally good and the self-destruction is not in our nature. As a kind of species, we want to defeat all the destructive elements of the environment and somehow we succeed to do so.  The greatness of all happiness, next to divine happiness, is to be at peace with one’s immediate relations, means for those with whom we spend time with every day in the year. Most of our Happiness lies in the simple things which are sometimes very hard for somebody to.

If you want to be cared and loved by people, start loving others who need your love. Sympathize with other to get sympathized. If you want to be respected by the people. You must learn to respect, it all about gives and takes. Whatever you want others to be, first be that yourself. Likewise, if you wanted to build a good relationship with others, start being good, humble. So as a factor greeting is essential to develop and build good relations. So because of these reasons people wish other in festivals or any other special occasion and so as like in Dashan.

Happy Dashain to all the viewers.

Dashain Wishes in Nepali

भाग्य चम्कोस नेपालीको,
नेपालीको होस् सुख सम्रिद्धी,
सुख शान्तीको बास होस् नेपालभरि
दुर्गा माताको आशिर्वाद रहिरहोस् सधैभरि
बिजया दशमी 2074 को येही छ शुभकामना

Dashain SMS in Nepali

Chhangaa chet ramaailo vet
taja Khasee ko tato tato masuko plate
Juwaako khaal chiuraako thaal
74 saal Dasain hos tapaiko babbal
Happy Dashain 2017

Dashain Greeting/Wishing Cards in Nepali

Happy Dashain Dasain Vijaya Dashami Greeting Wishing Ecards Wishes Quotes SMS Messages Nepali Festival Hindus Pictures Photos HD Wallpapers Pics Images Parva
Happy Dashain Greeting Cards Design

Vijayadashami Quotes in Nepali

सम्पूर्ण नेपाली दाजुभाई तथा आफन्तलाई यसपालीको दशै
बि बिजयको प्रतिक बनेर आओस
जहाँ गए पनि कष्ट नहोस्
या यात्रा गर्दा दुःख झेल्न परोस
दशै पर्वको
शुभकामना दिदैछु
मी मित्र गण सबैलाई

Dashain Quotes in English

A creative mind,

An energetic soul,

A peaceful spirit,

A sounds health,

Having blessing of Goddess,

May All of U have all these things Every day.

Happy Dashain 2017!

Dashain Wishes in English

Long live the culture of Nepal,
as the generations have passed by,
Nepalese culture is getting stronger and better
let’s keep it up.
Best Wishes for Vijayadashami.

Dashain SMS in English

Wishing all Nepalese, Hindus and all those people who observe Dashain festival or Bijaya Dashami— a very happy Dashain 2074.
May this Vijayadashami festive come with the power for a better and

May Goddess Durga bless them power, peace, and sounds healthy.

Dashain messages in Nepali

Ghyaampo-varee rakashi hos
needhara ma rato tikaa hos
satheevai haru ko asthma ramaailo hos
haathmaa ekkaa ko trail hos.

HAPPY Dussehra 2077

Dashain wishes in Nepali Font

ठुला बडाको आशिर्वाद,
साना साना भाइबहिनीको प्रेम,
अनि यो दशै पर्वको रमाइलो रमझम
सधैं यसरी नै रही रहोस्।
Happy Dussehra 2074

Dashain mantra

Dashain mantra is chanting while receiving the Dashain tika from the elders. Elders person chant this Dashain mantra.

Forms of Dashain Celebration: Kite Flying, Playing Cards, and Swings

As this festival approaches, we can see lots of kites flying in the sky. It has been an important part of Dashain celebration throughout the country. During this festival, people of all ages fly kites from the roofs of their houses. With lots of colorful kites flying in the sky, the entire festival becomes even more colorful. It is believed that flying kite is a way of reminding God to stop rain for healthy crops.

Yet another way of celebrating Dashain is by playing cards. While children are busy with playing cards, adults engage themselves in playing cards with each other and have lots of fun.

Playing swings is one of the most traditional ways of celebrating Dashain. As the festival approaches, we can find bamboo swings in many parts of the country. Swings (also called Ping in Nepali) are constructed using traditional method which uses ropes, grass, bamboo, and wood. These swings are made before the day 1 of Dashain and are dismantled only after Tihar festival. Till then, kids, as well as adults, have fun playing swings.

Buying new clothes is yet another important part of Dashain. During this festival, people buy new clothes and wear it on Dashami. This has been one of the rituals in Nepal. People make their shops attractive and give lots of discounts and concessions to the customers during the festival.

Animal Sacrifice and controversy

Dashain is the festival when the animals are sacrificed in the name of offering to the Goddess Durga. This is the most criticized aspect of the festival. Driven by the intense belief that offering of the fresh blood of the poor animals will please goddess Durga and give blessings, animals like buffalo, goat, hen and even birds are slaughtered on Dashain, especially on 8th and 9th day. Many animal rights activists are against this tradition and gather together on the protest of the mass animal slaughtering activity.

Today, with modernization, people are forgetting to recite the Sanskrit slokas or mantras and are distant with the concept of these slokas as well. However, this is a wrong practice and can lead to the extinguishing of such beautiful language in the future. So, to preserve the language of Sanskrit as well to preserve our tradition and culture of Dashain celebration, we should all know about such little things that play a huge role information of our culture and customs. It is all about keeping up with the social movement while also keeping the age-old beliefs and ideas intact. Learning Sanskrit and reciting these verses as they are should be encouraged to students from a very young age. And all should be made proud of our inheritance and the beauty of our customs and culture.


Dashain is one of the holiest and most exciting festivals that is celebrated for 15 days making it one of the most auspicious as well as the longest festival of Nepal. One of the most auspicious and proud thing about this festival is that it is celebrated by all Nepalese regardless of creed and caste throughout the country. So much so that, all schools, colleges and government institutions remain closed during this ceremony to celebrate to the fullest. Dashain represents the victory of the gods over the demons. One of such victory stories is told in the Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Ram, after lots of attempts finally became successful in slaughtering the Ravana, the king of Demons only after he evoked Goddess Durga. The main celebration of Dashain venerates the win of good evil over bad and is also symbolized by Durga, the Goddess who slew the demon Mahisasur who had terrorized the entire earth. Every Nepali person celebrates this festival with lots of pride and respect and I hope this continues for the time eternity as it represents our culture, society, and country as a whole.

Lastly, I wish everyone a very Happy Dashain! Celebrate it to the fullest with lots of pride and respect.

Writer: Rijan Maharjan, Asmita Sharma, Rima Shreshtha, Pawan Maskey, Ramhari Poudel

Vijayadashami Festival in Nepal

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