Dashain Dresses for Male (Children, Teenage, Boys, Men & Adults)

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Dashain Dresses for Male (Boys, Men, and Children & Adults)

Dashain Dress: – Dashain is the most propitious and longest festival of Nepalese people. This festival is especially celebrated by Hinduism followers and also the all kind of religious all the way through the country. The celebration last for 15 days starts during the lunar fortnight and end at fool moon day. The celebration started when the Goddess Durga got victory over evil Mahisasur who use to terrified every living creature of earth and It is also believed that Dashain reflects the victory of good over evil.

Actually festival begins the day called Ghatasthapana when people of every house plant “Jamara” at evening and establishment of the statue of goddess Durga inside the houses in the hope that Durga Mata will visit their house and bless them. After this, another important day is Fulpati also means the 7th day. 8th day is called MahaAsthami when people forfeit animals to Durga Mata and Kali and so on the 9th day is called Nawami. Eventually, the 10th day is called Vijayadashami which officially ends on the day of full moon.

On this longest festival, we can also observe the reunion of nearby and distant relatives in every house during this celebration period as well as we can observe swing made for children in every house especially throughout the country in Terai region especially. Before the celebration days, Nepalese visit marker for shopping because Nepalese people are very keen to buy new clothes, gifts, and luxury on this occasion. We can also observe different people wearing different kinds of clothes. They buy a different kind of fashionable and culture related clothes in this day according to their will and personality.


Talking about fashion there had been the massive change on fashion scenario in Nepal. Children don’t want to dress up like their 70’s 80’s father in any sort of occasion or beside the occasion. They prefer to move on fashion trend and want to try new clothes that recently came in market. Especially it is conceded and worn in cities areas. Although Nepalese have accepted the western dressing sense, tradition dress like “DauraSurwal” and “GunyoCholo” also getting their popularity back at the same time. We can also see the different people wearing the verities of both western as well as traditional dress any of the festivals and occasions and especially at the time of Dashain.

On this occasion, different age’s people wear different clothes. So, on this topic, we are going give you some of the advice about dressing style for different ages people like children (male), boy and men.

Dashain Dress for children

There is much dress fitted for children age between (0-12) years.

Dashain dresses For children age (0-4) years


We can find the many dresses for children (age 0-4) in the market. On the occasion of the Dashain cotton check shirt, skinny jeans and soft cotton fitted shoes will be best for children (age 0-4). Check shirt and skinny jeans will suit perfectly and also have an advantage for all the children of this age group because cotton clothing will take moister away from children and let the skin breathe and keep cool.

Since children skins are very sensitive such clothes will not do any harm to children of this age group. It also works as an insulator so that it keep children cool and comfortable which is very important for children age of this group and we will also like to recommend exam the clothe closely whether it is made of pure cotton or not. Now talking about skinny jeans, skinny jeans can make legs slimmer and give glamorous looks. It is so comfortable for children that it will not create any obstruct for children while walking here and there and it also gives great looks to children.

Lastly, white shoes fitted with cotton will give relax to children leg. We can also imagine how it will look to children. So in our view, for children aged between 0-4 years check shirt, skinny jeans and white shoes with cotton fitted will be a great match and also it will grab the other attention towards our children and will get a very good compliment. Be sure that, children of this age group are very sensitive to the environment. So, choose the clothes which provide them comfort. Beside this, half thin elastic jeans and colorful printed-shirt also look better on them and also comfortable.

Dashain Dresses For children age (5-8) years

For the children of this age group, waist-coat blazer and a plaid shirt with Chelsea boots will be a great choice for an occasion like Dashain. It will be fitted for festivals and any wedding ceremony. It will give heroic looks for children. Be sure to choose perfect matching shirt and trousers or pants for children because there are different kinds of blazer available in the market.  And, talking about Chelsea boot, it fashionable boot which is also available for children. It will give classic looks to children and also fitted with any sort of dressing sense

Dashain dresses waist-coat blazer and plain shirt For children age (5-8) years
Dashain dresses waist-coat blazer and plain shirt For children age (5-8) years

Dashain Dresses For children age (9-12)

For the age of these group children, we can find much more verities of dresses which will suit for them. However, this is the festive occasion so, in our opinion sherwani will bet the best outfit for children of the age group. We can find various type of sherwani in the market. We can either choose sparkling sherwani or classic sherwani which will be best for children. Its designs are tremendously flimsy and distinctive and also attractive. It will give great and charming looks to children of this age group.

dashain dresses sherwani for For children age (9-12)
dashain dresses sherwani for For children age (9-12)

So, these are some tips for children outfits for Dashain according to their age.

Dashain Dress for boys

There are numerous fashionable dresses available for boys in the market. It is quite difficult to say what will be best for fashion shopping. Some of the suitable dresses are Check shirt, t-shirt, blue or black jeans with awesome match able sports shoes, kurtha, grunge pants, gold star shoes, plain pants, fitting pants, elastic pants etc.

Since there are different ages boys so there will be different outfits according to their ages.

Dashain dresses For teenage between (13-16) years.

This is the age when boys start to show their interest in fashionable dresses. They want to try some new outfits but they get confused what to buy and what will perfect suit for them. Well, for the boy’s group of these ages, check shirt, t-shirt and fitting pants will be perfect them as well as perfect matching sports shoes. We can find many of this stuff in the market of different qualities.

Simple printed or plain t-shirt will be best for these ages group because wearing full printed t-shirt will look weird on check shirt. Moving towards the shoes, sports shoes of companies like, Nike, Adidas, and Pumaetc.which match the color with pant they wear will suit for them. People may wonder why these companies shoes?   As we know these companies are a top retailer of the world and they provide very good qualities of shoes and they last for long. Overall, dark blue check shirt, white plain t-shirt, dark blue fitting jeans with white Adidas will be perfect for them.

Dashain Dresses For the age between (17-21) years.

As we know this age for boys is very sensitive age for fashion sense. They often get confused what to buy what to wear at the special occasion like Dashain. This is the main issue of almost all boys of this age group. Well, here are some tips of fashionable dress up sense for boys of this age group.

 1:- varsity looks dress up

This can be pulled off wearing a normal printed white or black t-shirt inside and a varsity black and white jacket outside with a snapback also a watch will be a perfect match for it.

varsity looks dress up
varsity looks dress up
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