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Dashain Dresses for Matured Women

Life can not be turned back, and looking back at past years, many pretty ladies over 50 years are very complex due to age-related changes. It’s time to think about what dress for women of Matured years old can be to face, decorate, and not cause laughter behind.

Understanding such an important issue, it is necessary to clarify one thought: a woman is beautiful at any age: at 20, at 45, and at 55. The main thing is the skill that you need to master in life – do not grow old in the heart.

At this age, many women seem to experience a second youth and begin to live anew. A new stage in life begins the time of experimentation and reincarnation. Choosing the best outfit for a woman of mature age is not so simple.

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It is not enough to know one’s own color type of appearance and to be able to combine things correctly. It is necessary to understand that the styles of dresses for women above 50 years old will fundamentally differ from dresses for young girls. In this case, the task of clothing is to visually improve the proportions and, if possible, hide age.

This can be achieved through a correctly selected palette, a successful cut, and laconic decor. Here are some dresses that can be suitable for women of Matured age.

  1. Sweater Dress:

The sweater dress is beautiful both as an independent unit and as a component of a multilayer set. The danger of a voluminous sweater dress lurks in its vague dimensions.

The maximum, exaggerated volume is a modern axiom for fashion trends. It is important to understand that the oversize knitted dress steals the beauty of posture. On the one hand, a voluminous veil is an advantage for women of wise age (everything is supposedly hidden).

sweater dress woman

sweater dress

On the other hand, it represents the body as shapeless. And if at 20-30 dimensionless shoulders turn a woman into a fragile creature, then at 50+ they can become a beautiful becoming.

Therefore, when choosing a sweater dress, pay attention to the model of the sweater dress. And stop at the dress in which the shoulder line echoes the physiological one. A sweater dress is an attribute of a women’s wardrobe of the cold seasons.

The utility of a sweater dress and its stylistic potential attract women of different stylish eras. The silhouette of the dress changes with every fashionable turn, and the stylish foundation remains the same: a long sweater plays the role of a dress.

If the neckline diameter of the sweater dress allows the collar of the lower layer of the set to talk about itself. You can supplement the sweater dress with a blouse with a bow, a shirt in a men’s style.

A narrow scarf can imitate the presence of the lower layer, which can be tied in the form of a tie tucked into a dress or a feminine bow.

  1. Shirtdress:

A shirt dress is a must-have item for women of all ages. The simplicity of a shirt dress is imaginary and charged with a special elegant chic. Dress-shirt in every fashion season is presented on the catwalks and claims to be a stylish trend.

Women of wise age can experiment with multi-layer images, in which a dress-shirt acts as the top link of the set, and in between. Take a look at the stylish sets with the simplest components: a shirt-dress worn over cropped trousers and jeans.

shirt dress matured woman

shirt dress

Cover the dress with your favorite jumper or voluminous sweater. Let the sweater end in the physiological waistline, or close to it, maintaining beautiful proportions and creating the illusion of infinitely long legs.

Dress-shirt as the middle layer of a set with a jumper and trousers (trousers can be both classic and made of denim). Dress-shirt complete with tight trousers. Pants covered with a dress is a trend that has not been losing ground for several seasons.

A white shirt dress is definitely a basic piece of women’s wardrobe. Cotton and linen are the most typical materials for such a dress, which give a certain spirit of freedom to the dress, and the image, respectively. Flax is the most effective for achieving a free, relaxed effect.

And at the same time, because of the difficulty in maintaining shape, it risks turning the image into an untidy one. Therefore, choosing a dress shirt from linen, orient it only in a daily format.

  1. Dressing gown:

A dressing gown is a bright fashion trend and an effective way to conceal complexes, and with the extra pounds, posture flaws, and mood vagaries. Try to wear a dressing gown wide open: long horizons stretch the silhouette, make the hips slimmer, and the hostess more confident.

Cover sets of trousers (narrow and shortened), culottes with a deliberately open dress. Bold fashionistas can create an image in which the length of the culottes will be equal to the length of the dress-gown. Skirts (straight, smooth skirts, for example, a pencil skirt), tops and thin knitwear.

dressing gown matured woman

dressing gown

The widened robe can be picked up with a belt, thereby accentuating the waist and drawing the proportion of the body. A dressing gown will allow you to adjust the silhouette with color.

So, having chosen a dressing gown of a dark color and having completed a multilayer set with it a bright, or printed top, the woman as if erases her sides. The listed methods of creating images with a dress-gown are also applicable to a dress-shirt.

The dressing gown implies a kind of home implication, and at the same time, unlike other objects in the linen style, it shines with a variety of stylistic potential.

Kimono, oriental-themed silk robe, epaulette robe, a robe that looks like a summer trench coat – a modest, basic list of ideas that every woman can use, all depending on the number of years, kilograms and occupation. A dressing gown is a magical wardrobe element that not only collects the image but also makes the image original.

But also gives the woman the opportunity to feel beautiful and protected always. All depending on weather conditions, a red day of the calendar and three extra cakes eaten the day before, a dressing gown, like perfect fashionable armor, covers all imperfections, puffiness, roundness.

And, thanks to the verticals of the sides, erases all the minuses, raising, and inspiring. And with all this, a dressing gown guarantees a maximum sense of comfort, both in baking and on a cool windy day.

  1. Wraparound dress:

A wraparound dress has the right to exist in a woman’s wardrobe for 50. A wraparound dress always gratefully speaks of female physiology, making a lot of compliments of the waistline and hips.

While the dress model is so classic that casts an archaic shadow on the wardrobe set, which is unfavorable for the image of a wise woman. Therefore, choosing a dress with a smell level the dusty baseness of this item with the originality of accessories, eclecticism and competent layering.

wraparound dress matured woman

wraparound dress

The texture of a wrap dress is an interesting criterion to play with. Soft knitwear is most often used for sewing dresses. It is important to remember that there are many other textures that are relevant to the season and trends that make a dress more extraordinary than classic.

For example, a dress with a scent of tweed, a dress with a scent of sequins (a tribute to the fashionable 90s ). A long dress with a smell of flowing silk (lovers of the Boho style will like the printed version ), leather, suede, lace on a dense case.

The combination of a dress with a smell is of great importance. Of course, the iconic accessories of the season will emphasize the involvement of the wrap dress in the modern fashion stage.

Choker, mules, lace-up shoes, waist bag, kitten heel low-heeled shoes, square-heeled shoes are accessories that set the tone this season and work great with a wraparound dress.

A wrap dress can be worn under a wrap dress (in this case, a wrap dress can play the role of a summer trench coat), a t-shirt in a linen style, thin golf or a basic t-shirt.

  1. White jeans (boot-cut or straight-leg):

In warmer weather, wear with wedge sandals and tunic tops or a crisp navy jacket and white tank. When the weather gets cooler, pair with brown or black boots and a sweater or jacket, and a pretty scarf.

Be sure to wear underwear that matches your skin color with any white pant. Choose jeans made of thick material. And even in this case, it is best to choose underwear, not white, but flesh-colored so that it definitely does not shine through.

white jeans matured woman

white jeans

In order not to look like a sausage in polyethylene, avoid too tight models. What looks good in black and navy blue does not always look advantageous in white. Skinny jeans really visually make you slimmer, but it is better to choose those that fit the figure, rather than tight.

Models of a straight cut or flared are likely to look more flattering. Low located back pockets visually reduce the buttocks and make them flatter. Their high location, on the contrary, raises the buttocks and adds volume. The farther the pockets are, the wider the hips seem.

If you wear elongated tops, then it is best to choose models without pockets at all (and, if possible, without belt loops).

  1. Black pencil skirt:

Black pencil skirt is the versatile, stylish and surprisingly flattering dress, no matter what your size. Wear it to the knee (or slightly shorter if worn with black tights), and make sure it has a little stretch and some draping but is not tight.

You can pair this dress with black tights and booties, or patent-leather pumps for night. Don’t wear a flat shoe, but a mid-heel or high-heel pump, wedge shoe or boots are appropriate with this dress.

black pencil skirt matured woman

black pencil skirt

A black jacket on top could look severe with this skirt so balance the look with a long tank and a cropped multicolored jacket.

  1. Sundress:

With the help of a sundress, you can create a stunning fashionable image. For women over 50 years old they are comfortable. Designers create models from soft fabrics. In summer, it is better not to purchase a sundress with thin straps. Choose warm outfits to your taste.

sundress matured woman


In winter, sundresses from woolen or tweed materials with a wide armhole will be a good option. The following styles will become relevant in 2020:all models of medium length with an oversized waist and a straight silhouette.

Amodel of a trapezoidal cut with wide straps, which are decorated with contrasting buttons or stitches. Sundresses from dense fabrics of a classic cut; a slightly fitted cut with a vertical zipper that visually stretches your figure.

  1. Trousers:

An element such as trousers is always included in the list of stylish things in fashion for women over 50 years. They are incredibly versatile and comfortable. The classic type of product is suitable for walking to work. Jeans are a great option for relaxing and walking.

Sports pants can be worn for fitness classes or a trip to the countryside. In winter, it is worth choosing woolen patterns in a barely noticeable cage, and in the hot season models from cotton, linen or silk materials will be relevant.

trousers matured woman


The best colors for trousers are black which is the most versatile color, it will suit any look and style. Gray, Dark Brown, Blue, Just choose not bright flashy colors, but deep saturated dark blue. Milk, coffee with milk. These colors are good for the summer.

Much less often, in an informal setting, khaki, burgundy, blue, anthracite, dusty pink, dark green are appropriate. The brighter the appearance, the more saturated colors you can afford. But you don’t need to get too carried away: flashy, neon colors on a mature lady will look out of place.

  1. Boho Dress:

Although dresses for older women should not be overloaded with decor, this does not apply to boho wardrobe items. Such products are distinguished by bright colors, an abundance of prints, the presence of fringe or brushes, interesting texture of materials and multi-layered cut.

Summer dresses for seniors in the boho style are unusually original. They do not require additions in the form of bright accessories or expressive shoes.

boho dress matured woman

boho dress

On the contrary, such toilets always become the main emphasis in the image, so they can not be combined in one ensemble with other bright elements. Boho stylistics will certainly come to the taste of all women who love fashion and also love to create images with a twist.

This trend in clothing is so original that it is difficult to confuse it with other styles. But still, we decided to remind readers about the key features of boho. As a rule, dresses in the style of boho are characterized by a loose cut, so they are great for full ones.

  1. Dress suit:

Summer dresses for full elderly fashionistas are very often complemented by a shortened jacket or bolero, which are designed to hide the excessive fullness of the hands. In this case, the upper part can be made in the same style as the dress itself.

Or contrast with it in color or texture of the material. Meanwhile, women with a slim and fit figure can wear similar products. A dress-suit is an excellent choice for going out or a solemn event, however, some models have a daily purpose.

dress suit matured woman

dress suit

If you have extra pounds, choosing a beautiful outfit that emphasizes the dignity of the figure can be very difficult. In order not to be disappointed, the dress must be selected taking into account the existing features of the figure and the individual preferences of the fashionista.

In addition, at this age, it is worth putting on underwear that can mask the problem areas and make the silhouette much more attractive and seductive.

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