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Dashain Dresses for Adult Women

Well, women are those who have a great role in preserving the traditional dresses. Yes we are influenced by western culture and it’s not bad things to try the modern outfits but we have to preserve our traditional and national dress too.  Our eldest member still loves to wear dresses.

Elders like grandmother wear gunyouCholo. We can see the young girlswaeringGunyoCholo in only traditional programs. Keeping them aside from the Dashain Dress for women are; KurtiPlazo is nowadays a trending outfit especially for Mom these are very comfortable for them to wear.

Being modernized they also try lehenga choli which gives fascinating looks to them. Talking about Sari, these days’ women and also young girls started to wear saree. They spend more than half an hour wearing saree. The several yards of lightweight cloth draped which made the saree looks very attractive.

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Come-on which man doesn’t like women wearing saree? Sari is like evergreen fashion, though the colors, quality, designs may change the specialty of Sare is forever.

Nepali actress Priyanka Karki in saree dress
Nepali actress Priyanka Karki in saree dress

So in this Dashain, you can choose these above mention Outfits as your age and choices.  Though you should never judge a person’s character by their clothes, impression is the most important thing.


So as like the first impression is the last impression, you try to wear good clothes. Some dress well themselves to look attractive, some to grab attention, some as per the social demands. No matter for what purpose you dress well it’s necessary to wear a good cloth.  There are varieties of clothes available in the market, pick whichever you like and have fun.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa
Nepali actress Rekha Thapa

So in this Dashain choose the clothes wisely and look good and the most important are just be happy what you do in your life. Forget all the tiredness, pending works, stop being greedy, visit relatives, play games with families, have a good meal and stay safe.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder, keep a smile on your face and always keep your chin up and look straight when you are walking.

Wishing all the viewers of our page a very Happy Dashain 2076.

Dashain Dresses for Adult Women / Ladies

No matter how comfortable it is to wear jeans in everyday life, but girls still prefer feminine clothes that emphasize their merits. As they say, fashion always goes in a circle, and gradually expressiveness, tenderness, individuality, and femininity become trendy.

Dresses embody the feminine, therefore, for harmony with yourself and with your partner, we recommend wearing them more often.

  1. Midi dress:

This dress model is an outfit of medium length (usually to the knee), highlighting the figure. A similar style managed to win not only the world podiums but also the hearts of millions of fans. This is the perfect option for a romantic meeting, party or social event.

A variety of styles and shades allows you to choose a perfect sitting dress.  The secret of this dress is that its length is considered ideal. If the hem is a little higher, then the image may seem vulgar, if lower, in this case, it will be difficult to show your forms in all its glory.

mididress ladies

The dresses of this style are to the face and the student, and the teacher, and the bride, and the graduate. There is an incredible number of styles of these dresses, although at first glance it seems that the design of the outfit is simple.

The types of midi dresses that can be distinguished are Everyday midi. An evening tight midi dress. Bright colors and pastel colors. To the knee and below the knee. With around and V-neck. Sleeveless, with flashlight sleeves, straps. Woolen, knitted, synthetic.

The most relevant colors are a red, orange, pink, burgundy, black, blue, white dress. Expressively and beautifully look models with a floral print. Satin and silk fabrics are rarely used to create tight midi dresses because they do not cover the figure so well.

  1. Wrap dress:

The wrap dresses are among the few that can be seen equally well in adolescents, adults or older adults. They are so flattering and tend to look so good that the age of those who wear them is really a bit irrelevant since they will always achieve a fresh and very feminine result.

On the other hand,  the wrap dresses are very flattering for practically all body types, this is due to the way they wrap and delicately define the waist area. Thus creating a V neckline and an A-line skirt which instantly balances the figure.

wrap dress ladies
wrap dress

Precisely the fact that the wrap dresses with wide skirts delicately define the waist and make it stand out. It is its most beneficial feature in favor of enhancing the beauty in every woman. The waist area is usually a conflict zone for many, and such a dress attracts positive attention.

And therefore also diverts it to other areas of the body, such as the face. The characteristic that stands out in the previous point of how these dresses delicately wrap the waist. It is the one that at the same time confers that femininity and comfort.

Since one can adjust it to your taste and leave it attached to the body or looser, as you prefer. They are a real wonder for those days when we have an inflamed stomach and we don’t want to wear very carved clothes.

A wrap dress is a very good investment in that it is a dress that will not go out of style. And therefore may continue to wear until its useful. Especially since being able to adjust as needed, it is not affected by small changes in size.

  1. Shirtdress:

Dress shirt is a unique item of women’s wardrobe, which created the legendary Coco Chanel. It first appeared on the market in the last century but still does not lose relevance. Traditionally, a shirt dress is a product that is distinguished by fairly simple tailoring.

In fact, this dress is a men’s shirt, elongated and converted into a female figure. In addition, to add a feminine product, use various design fantasies. Only the collar remains the same. The model successfully debuted in several of the most expensive collections.

Dress Black White Shirt ladies
Dress Black White Shirt

Dress-shirt can have both a straight line and fitted fit. At the same time, there are no clear lines in the waist area. The length of the sleeves can be up to the hands. Some summer models do not have this part at all.

The collar is always made in the form of a stand but has a softer structure than on a men’s shirt. The classic length of such a dress reaches the middle of the thigh.

There are other options – shorter and longer. Products are mainly made from natural fabrics – cotton, satin, silk, viscose. Winter patterns are sewn from thicker and warmer fabrics – wool, velveteen, linen, denim. You can buy a dress with patch pockets, different buttons, embroidery. Some models suggest a cut-off waistline.

This outfit is the most practical. Dress-shirt can be supplemented with straps of different thickness. Leggings and tight-fitting trousers will suit any girl. From shoes, you can choose pumps, sneakers or elegant heels. Due to its versatility, the model can be combined with almost all things.

  1. Maxi dress:

the Maxi dress is a unique outfit in which you can feel a whole kaleidoscope of emotions. You can feel fragile, domineering, feminine, graceful, mysterious, sexy and irresistible.

In summer, a long dress gains double relevance.  Summer dresses, sundresses, and maxi skirts have long become an integral part of the wardrobe of girls.  Only in the warmer months can we afford the maximum length and stop hiding under outerwear.

maxi dress ladies
maxi dress

On a hot day, you can always do without a raincoat or sweater, taking with you only a scarf or stole in case the evening is cool. Designers have long ceased to dictate specific rules, offering many models for every taste.  Therefore, the same dress on the floor is easily found for every girl.

The increased interest of designers precisely in long dresses and summer sundresses, which has not waned for several seasons in a row, does not allow them to go out of fashion.

The stereotypical belief that a short dress is sexy and a long one is boring and monastic is no longer relevant.  In maxi, you can look stylish just like in mini. A long dress can become a worthy decoration for a girl of any height and physique.

Long dresses are suitable for any type of figure, so there is hardly a girl who refuses to buy a beautiful and feminine dress on the floor.  The main thing is to correctly emphasize.

Long skirts and dresses look great on tall and slender girls, but this does not mean that for the rest the maxi is a taboo.  For each type of figure, you can choose your own long dress, sundress or skirt.

  1. Tube skirt:

With a simple design that completely fits the body, dresses that have a tube cut are made from silhouettes that highlight any part of the figure.  Thanks to their design, they do not hide any detail but enhance and provide volume, especially in specific areas such as the chest, abdomen or hips.

Despite some informal designs, most dresses with this type of cuts are the most used informal events. The tube skirt is a tight skirt with a high waist and a straight cut. It is different from the classic skirt of the jacket suit, both for its length and for the material with which it is made.

tubeskirt ladies

Stitched in a fluid fabric, this skirt perfectly enhances the shapes and curves of the woman’s body. The length of the tube skirt stops perfectly below the knee. The tube skirt can be worn in several ways.

For an elegant, chic and glamorous look, it should be combined with a fitted shirt that goes inside the skirt. The trend of modern dress currently imposes combining classic pieces with more casual clothes.

So today you can see a tube skirt combined with a loose shirt, a vest, or a men’s shirt. In any case, what is essential is to enhance your high waist, to fine-tune the silhouette.

  1. Sheath dress:

First of all, we want to mention that the style of the dress fits any shape and height. You just need to choose the right style and length of the product. By style, we mean the design features of the bodice of the dress: after all, the whole-cut and cut-off along the waistline of the dress on the different figures look completely different.

Slenderness, accessible to all. This motto can easily be attributed to the above dress. The fitted fit will noticeably highlight the girls with the wasp waist and hide the extra pounds of ladies with a non-standard figure. The dress should emphasize female charms.

sheath dress ladies
sheath dress

Slender beauties can afford any style of dress. And, here, stylists recommend completing girls a choice in favor of a one-piece product. Excess seams will only emphasize what is desirable to hide.

Very often, girls with curvaceous forms can not pick up clothes that in one instant would mask their excess fullness. Sheath dress will correct this defect. After all, magnificent forms are not a reason to hide in hoodies. The length of the dress can be very different.

The knee-length model is suitable for all types of figures. Growth also does not matter. The dress above the knee is recommended to slim girls. Beautiful legs should be opened with a mini dress. Young girls as a business attire can have a short sheath dress.

The length to the middle of the calf visually stretches the figure. Chubby girls look quite slender in a dress below the knee.

  1. A-line dress:

This style is very beneficial for women with the imperfect figure! If you want to distract attention from problem areas but emphasize femininity, an A-line dress fits perfectly.

A feature of the classic A-line dress is considered a profitable cut. If from above it favorably delineates the chest, then it expands from the belt and does not restrict the step at all. There is another version of the style: slightly fitted. It combines all the advantages of tight dresses and hoodies. Firstly, the fitted cut favorably outlines the figure.

line dress for ladies
A line dress

Secondly, the flared bottom gives freedom and conceals the flaws of the figure. Historically, this style was created for girls with a boyish figure. This figure is when the shoulders and hips are the same widths, and the waist is not pronounced.

However, now there are styles for feminine figures, and for magnificent women. A-line dresses for full women look very harmonious. If the trapezoid gives proportional addition to thin girls, then for the full it hides excess weight. Those girls who have no complaints about their figure will find a mini-trapeze.

However, for broad-shouldered ladies, a short dress is not at all suitable. The length of this style has always been very variable. The classic model could only be up to the knee. However, modern fashion designers are widely suited to the issue.

Different variations of the same style present their mistress in a completely different light. Therefore, it is so important to find your own version, which will certainly adorn you.

  1. Jumpsuit:

This is a product of the connection type, including the upper and lower parts. Initially, such garments were used exclusively as elements of work clothes, but over time they improved and turned into an exquisite and integral attribute of a women’s wardrobe.

Today, these original products can be seen on many girls, including famous models and pop stars. The main feature of the model is the absence of the need for a daily selection of top and bottom of clothes, which should be in harmony.

jumpsuit ladies

Indeed, thanks to the well-chosen jumpsuit, the image becomes practical, elegant and stylish. The cut of the products can be any, products are offered in different variations – with a skirt, shorts, trousers and even jeans.

The selection of a laconic model is not an easy task, but having correctly made a choice, you can get a unique product, designed to serve faithfully for many years.

You can wear it anywhere – to a party, a walk, to a restaurant and even to work: everywhere it will look appropriate and original. The product has been popular for many years and is suitable for both young women and women of advanced age.

  1. Tulip dress:

A loose tulip dress at the hips will distract attention from the excess volume at the bottom and draw it to the top. In the summer it is especially comfortable to walk in such an unobstructed movement and stylish outfit. A deep neckline will make the dress in the form of a balloon evening.

A plain material from a smooth texture of the fabric is selected for you. Modern fashion trends dictate the emphasized elegance and femininity, so tulip dresses are still at the peak of popularity.

tulip dress ladies
tulip dress

A dress with a tulip skirt of a very unusual cut, especially the skirt: a narrow waistline, wide at the hips and tapering gently to the hem. The incredible popularity of the style invented more than 50 years ago is explained precisely by the specific characteristics of the cut and silhouette.

  1. Dress-suit and combined:

A dress visually resembles a suit if it consists of two parts, divided so that the upper one looks like a jacket, and the lower one looks like a skirt to it. This effect is achieved using a dark or black skirt and a colored top of the dress. You can decorate the top both above and below the waistline.

dress suit ladies
dress suit

This variety is called a dress with a yoke. Women’s suits can be called universal and practical clothing. The advantage is that the suit is able to embody any style – business, evening, casual and even sports.

Such clothes are able to adjust the figure, hiding the flaws and emphasizing the advantages. It is very important for women that a suit is a ready-made set of clothes, which means that there is no need to create ensembles on your own.

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