Dashain Dresses for Female (Children, Baby, Teenage, Girls, Ladies, Women)


Dashain Dresses for Teenage girls

Generally, this age group can choose their own clothes according to their personality. They have good fashion sense. So they are the girls who mostly choose clothes for their family during special occasion like Dashain.

During Dashain, this age group girls normally perform the traditional acts like doing puja. So they like to dress a little traditional or simple and for them comfort matters a little more than previous age group.

loose Butterfly single breasted theatrical Short -sleeved dress with white shoes

loose Butterfly single breasted theatrical Short -sleeved dress with white shoes

For parents, buying a dress for a child can be a real problem. In adolescence, girls are very finicky, especially when it comes to choosing clothes.

And it is at this age that girls are interested in fashion and try to follow it. And in most cases, their tastes do not match those of their parents. The most important rule when choosing a young girl’s clothes is to cultivate her taste from a very young age.

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So that by the age of 12-19 she could dress stylishly and beautifully and have her own preferences in clothes. It is very important to show her this by personal example.

According to the degree of growing up, her own tastes will form in her and new desires will appear to look attractive and impressive. Here is the list of some dresses that will be suitable for any festive season and occasion for celebrations.

  1. Jumpsuit dress:

Modern trends dictate originality and authenticity to girls. Dress-jumpsuit will help as much as possible. This dress is a  stylish thing that looks elegant, sometimes even bold.

Overalls are not so popular in comparison with casual things, such as a skirt or jeans, but at the same time, is gaining frenzied demand among young girls. The history of jumpsuit begins its turn with the working class. It was noticed by fashion houses, deconstructed and turned into a non-trivial thing of the fashion trend.

jumpsuit teenage girls dress


Currently, almost all fashion houses have such a thing as jumpsuits in their collection. With the advent of the jumpsuit, there is no need to think about how to combine the top and bottom of the bow. Now you are the owner of a ready-made set of clothes. It remains to choose only accessories.

Such clothes in the wardrobe will greatly facilitate life if you need to pack up quickly and at the same time look decent. Suitable for every day, and as an evening bow. The thing is absolutely universal.

This dress is distinguished by the fact that they fit perfectly into the concept of any required dress code. Choose the right style and model, and you are completely irresistible. The thing is good in that it fits any type of figure, hides flaws, emphasizes advantages. Having picked up material and length, the product can be worn in any weather.

  1. Tulip Skirt Dress:

Short dress with wide handles and a round neckline, waist size, and two hollow boards on the sides. The short tulip-shaped skirt opens at the height of the hips to narrow.

The rest of the look can be completed with footwear, always consistent with the hue of the dress, dancers or a small heel sandal of about 2 or 3 cm. They are ideal and more if they match with a small hand wallet.

tulip skirt dress teenage girls

tulip skirt dress

A fifteen-year-old, simple cocktail dress, simple cut that can be very elegant and suitable for large day or early afternoon celebrations. The skirt of this dress is very unusual: at the waist, it is quite narrow, at the hips it expands, and closer to the hem it narrows again. Visually, it very much resembles an inverted tulip bud, from where the name came from.

Despite the fact that the style of the dress, or rather it’s a skirt, was invented by the French more than 50 years ago, it is still popular and this is due precisely to the specifics of the cut. With its appearance, the tulip dress personifies the purity of spring, so it is advised to wear it exclusively for young girls.

As for the features of the figure, it will suit almost everyone. If the girl has wide enough shoulders, the skirt will add volume to the hips and make the silhouette proportional. Girls with the pear type of figure will be able to bring their silhouette closer to the hourglass.

If they choose a model with voluminous sleeves or ruffles in the neckline. Too thin girls will turn a small flaw into a big advantage if you choose a model of a dress with a V-neck.

  1. Long princess dress:

Neckline in the shape of a heart, waist, cut skirt to the floor and a can that shows the flight of the skirt. An elegant princess cut dress and suitable for the big occasions that are celebrated at night, weddings, big events, fifteen years, etc.

Here the accessories are not necessary, the only dress is the protagonist. In plain tones, embroidered in rhinestones or even in romantic prints, they will give the dress that touch of elegance. A princess dress is an outfit inspired from a series of ball gowns or dresses with a train.

princess dress teenage girls

princess dress

It is not necessary to pick up something that is close to a fabulous option, because fluffy dresses themselves are already very elegant. The main thing is that lace is present here, countless ruffles or flounces. Add to this magnificence a cloak or an elegant stole and your girl will turn into a real princess.

  1. Balloon dress:

For the first time, a dress of such a cut was presented at a fashion show over 50 years ago, but so far it remains relevant and is in great demand. It is characterized by a tight-fitting top and a gracefully underline silhouette and a lush bottom with the edges of the skirt bent inward.

Often, a dress of this model has an average length. This style will be good if your daughter has too bulky hips, the outfit skillfully disguises them. On sale, you can find both casual and more solemn versions of the balloon dress.

baloon dress teenage girls

baloon dress

The balloon dress model is characterized by having a booped and baggy finish at the bottom. In its design, you can put a broken elastic, but it should have double fabric. In the case that it carries double cloth, for the termination, it is better to do the gathering with thread.

Since it is sewn from the right (it means that the fabric is sewn from the same side that is going to be seen). On top of this dress model, it is always corseted and this termination can be straight or following the shape of the bust: always strapless.

  1. Baby Doll Dress:

A dress of this style has short sleeves and a high waistline and is usually richly decorated with ruffles and lace, which creates a mood of romance and childish naivety. Its length is usually average, and the skirt is slightly flared.

This dress is successfully combined with a denim jacket, ankle boots or ballet shoes and is a good option for young ladies. You can find both every day and more solemn variations of the baby doll dress. You can counteract the short hemline of this dress by combining the dress with your favorite pair of black trousers.

baby doll dress teenage girls

baby doll dress

As an accessory, you can add a polished loafer or brogue that gives a masculine anchor. Keep the slick hairstyle, as curls can look too cutesy. The appropriate length of the dress should be a few inches above the knee. You have to keep in mind that this dress is flowy and will show off on a windy day. If you are is small stature, color only dresses will look nicer for you.

  1. Polo dress:

If you are a fan of casual style, then you should pay increased attention to a polo dress. This is a very original and stylish outfit, with the help of which simple, but incredibly attractive images are created.

Having tried to put on a polo dress, it will become an indispensable attribute of your wardrobe. It is good for all occasions: from going to school to going to the movies and summer walks with friends. This outfit is distinguished by a simple cut, a strict collar, and buttons on the chest.

polo dress teenage girls

polo dress

This dress is extremely comfortable to wear and practical. Fits perfectly in different styles with the right selection of accessories. Also suitable for any type of figure.

For greater elegance, it can be supplemented with a neat belt. For owners of a full figure, a polo dress is suitable for the simple reason that it does not have the decor in the hips or waist, and the outfit is characterized by a straight cut.

The combination of these factors together with the use of dense tissues allows you to mask overly full hips, legs or buttocks. Full beauties take advantage of the fact that the short sleeve and seductive notches align the proportions. And create the right accents on the attractiveness of the neckline.

  1. Sheath Dress:

This style is more related to business style and will be a good option for the school. This dress has a simple fitted fit and medium length. The top cutout can have a different shape: round, oval, square, V-shaped. This dress very favorably emphasizes the silhouette and makes it more feminine.

And therefore, only suitable for a young lady with more or less the correct proportions of the figure. It can come up to the pysanka, but again, if the body is quite proportional.

sheath Dress teenage girls

sheath Dress

Now you can find a sheath dress made in a variety of materials and colors for every taste. And with the help of correctly selected accessories, you can create a truly magnificent and stylish image for both everyday lives and for special occasions.

The cut of the classic sheath dress repeats the silhouette of the lines of the body, emphasizing its beauty and grace. The shape is similar in shape to an hourglass and as close as possible to ideal proportions. It does not need extra elements: sleeves, collar and additional seams, with the exception of tucks in the chest area.

The classic version of this dress involves knee-length. The absence of a seam on the waistline makes the outfit of this length universal, as it does not reduce the woman’s height.

  1. Denim pants:

Another universal and successful model, which was included in the top of this season, which must be in the wardrobe of a fashionable girl. These pants can be used in everyday life and combined with any top. If this option is necessary for the party, wearing a heel and the appropriate upper, the girl will quickly pour into this atmosphere.

The color scheme is surprisingly pleased. This year, boyfriend jeans, both classic and bright colors, will be fashionable regardless of the weather. Boyfriend pants are straight-cut denim pants that look like men. However, they do not have to look sloppy and baggy.

denim pants teenage girls

denim pants

Boyfriends should sit well on the belt, but not tightly fit the hips and lower legs. Jeans, although they create in a masculine style, but sewn under a female figure. They have a slightly low waist and inguinal stitch. Like all types of jeans, boyfriends fit in almost any style.

There are models resembling classic trousers, military-style pants or even sportswear.

  1. Sundress:

It is the best option for socks in the warm season.  This outfit is distinguished by its free cut, the presence of straps and lightweight, breathable materials, which makes it an ideal summer outfit.

The length can be different, which makes it possible to choose it according to the figure.  By the way, this model is suitable for absolutely everyone without exception.

sundress teenage girls


You can combine a sundress with a wide variety of accessories, creating your own unique both every day and more elegant images. Light sarafan for girls should be no lower than the knee.

For the original fashionistas, you can choose an asymmetric style that will make the sundress unusual and interesting. If we are talking about the cold season, then the dress-sundress is still relevant. Buy those under which you can wear a sweater or shirt. This will provide both warmth and a beautiful appearance.

  1. Free Churidar Salwar:

Widely liked by the teenagers in this collection, the design is the free salwar churidar costume design. Salwar keeps a little lost from the hips section, while it is given proper grip on the ankle side.

The churidars are tight-fitting narrow, long pants formed by folds below (at the level of the knees and ankles). The top is made with a short length to reveal the lost piece of salwar.

chiridar salwar teenage girls

churidar salwar

It is a traditional 3 piece oriental costume, especially popular among young people. In recent years, thanks to its practicality and vibrant oriental style, this dress has firmly become fashionable among young people. So you can already see these clothes on the streets of our cities, of course in the warm season.

A teenage girl can complement the dress with the help of jewelry, now in the trend are quite massive jewelry. Sunglasses in the warm season will be not only stylish but also a practical addition to the outfit.

A hat will add some special zest to the bow. You should not pick up a bag that is too massive; the small and neat one will be the most.

11. Wedding type Dress:-

In other normal days, they are in casual looks. But in these type of festival and the special occasion, they were something that other can only see her in those outfits during special occasions.

Wedding type Dress for teenage girls

Wedding type Dress

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Lehenga choli is a dress which is trending almost from 2-3 years. In this outfit, one doesn’t have to form pleats like sari it can be simply tucked and drape. This type of outfit gives a beautiful look one simply can’t ignore.

12. Salwar kameez

Normally, women, these days like to wear salwar kameez as it is very comfortable and easy to work wearing this. And girls of this age group like to wear this outfit only in special occasion.

Salwar kameez for teenagers girls

Salwar kameez

These suit with handwork looks simple, cute and beautiful on any girls. They look a traditional type and typical Nepali lady.  So some girls prefer to wear this dress for a special occasion.

13. MasakaIi Anarkali Dress

These dresses are usually decorated with handwork and expensive. This outfit is generally worn in special occasion.

MasakaIi Anarkali Dress for teenagers girls

MasakaIi Dress

Girls wearing MAsakali or Anarkali will surely attract the attention of the people around. Well, these types of Dresses are little hard to handle but who cares you look beautiful right?

The above-mentioned dresses are an example of outfit for girls of the age group of 17-21 years. Well, the price can be different according to their quality and brand.