Dashain Dresses for Female (Children, Baby, Teenage, Girls, Ladies, Women)


Dashain Dresses for Baby Age group (2-12)

Little frock dress, summer sleeveless, princess and fairy type dresses or a plain t-shirt with leggings and boots will be perfect for this age group girl.  The princess and wedding type’s dresses give vibes of Dashain festival.

The perfect matching shirt and leggings or pant is necessary. This age group girls have little knowledge about the fashion so make sure to fulfill their desire according to their choices too.

Well as the usual search for the non- harmful and comfortable clothes. I recommend you to go for easily washable clothes because during Dashain they eat different meals and make their clothes dirty which may be a challenge after, so choose some easily washable clothes for your little girl.

Overall the dress with the princes’ looks or classic looks both will be suitable for this age group girl.

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For this age group girls, there are varieties of dresses available in the market. Since in this age they grew up and started knowing about some fashion sense, little choosy according to their choices.

They left their princess looks, toys aside and start to care about their looks. Generally, you do not have to choose clothes for this age group girls they know their choices. However, I’m going to talk about some dresses.  Jeans jacket with a cotton T-shirt and Skirt or frock will be a good choice.

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While the T-shirt and skirt give attractive looks and jeans jacket will be little rocky so this combination will look good for this age group girl. Or you can exclude the jeans jacket and add side purse.

Strap pleated tall waist skirts dress for girls

Strap pleated tall waist skirts dress for girls

Strap pleated tall waist skirts or Small size off-shoulder T-shirt with Jeans pant will give attractive looks. Also, the combination of crop T-shirt with Korean Skirt (high waisted) is a good choice.  These outfits will give comfort and these are very easy to wear.

Since Dashain falls on the mid weather little warm clothes like Korean shirt high waisted or striped top and skirt kawali stripes will be a good choice.

Fashion for children’s clothing is as diverse and volatile as it is for outfits for adults. It is in childhood that the child receives the first style lessons, so careful parents should try to instill good taste in their babies from an early age.

Little girls are usually very mobile, so you need to make sure that clothes do not hamper their movements. Life consists not only of everyday life. For holidays and special occasions, elegant dresses are needed. Models of the evening and cocktail dresses for girls are very diverse.

In many ways, children’s fashion imitates an adult, however, when choosing styles, you need to consider the age of the child. Following dresses can be age-appropriate for your little princess.

  1. Tunica:

Dress in the form of a tunic – comfortable clothes for free time. The outfit is suitable for girls of any age. The summer version of the tunic is worn with leggings or breeches and sandals. Winter warm tunics are combined with tight leggings and boots.

A tunic is one of the most versatile items of both women’s and children’s wardrobe. When buying a tunic for a girl, focus on the basic principles of choice. A tunic is a mixture of dress and blouse.

tunic dress girls


They are presented in a wide range of styles, which allows you to choose from. Tunics are never tucked into pants or under the belt. The main advantage of the tunic is its versatility since it is combined with almost the entire wardrobe of a little lady.

Choose high-quality tunics made of natural fabrics with a small addition of synthetics (no more than 5 percent).  Synthetics will allow you to keep your tunic in shape and withstand multiple washing cycles.

Focus on how the girl will wear a tunic – as independent-clothing like a dress, or combine with jeans, pants or other clothes. It all depends on the characteristics of the figure, the preferences of the girl and the events that she is going to attend in her new tunic.

The tunic is a very useful wardrobe item.  Therefore, it is worth buying at least two models – one every day and one more solemn type. Although girls are small women, their tastes in clothes are very different.

For girls, youth fashion is preferable, more free, original, bright and sometimes insane.  Therefore, the girls are ready to make very bold decisions in order to express themselves, show from the most unusual side and be in the spotlight.

Even a gray tunic with leggings can look stylish and attractive.  A decorative or real belt, combined with the bottom, as well as a pair of accessories will complement the image and make it surprisingly beautiful.

Bright pink tunic interspersed with white can be the perfect beach look for a teenage girl.  A minimum of superfluous and only beauty combined with an amazing sense of style.

  1. Sweater dress:

For a cold season, a knitted sweater dress will be an excellent option. The model can be made in the form of a sundress or sleeve. In the first case, the dress is worn with a turtleneck.

Since the sweater dress is relatively short, then dense tights or leggings are sure to be selected for it. Cooler time will enjoy this type of dress. This is a very popular two-piece thing and dress and sweater. So the product is called a sweater dress.

sweater dress girls

sweater dress

The sleeve can be short and in this case, the dress should be supplemented with a plain and not very warm turtleneck. A turtleneck is not needed for a long sleeve. Such a dress is often very short and it is better to take thicker tights, and in winter, tight leggings.

  1. Dress with high waist:

This version of the dress looks cute on both little girls and older girls. The big advantage of this model is its free cut. In summer, dresses of this style are sewn from chintz or fine knitwear, in winter – from wool.

The dress looks great with ballet shoes and boots. For decor use lace braid, ribbons, embroidery. The main feature of this dress is a harmonious combination of expressiveness and solemnity with touching tenderness.

high waist dress girls

high waist dress

In it, the girl will look in a special way, because such a new thing will unobtrusively emphasize the charm of youth. Children’s products often resemble their adult counterparts, but they are created according to other patterns.

Thanks to this, these high waist dresses are not only attractive but also comfortable and practical. To make it comfortable for the girl to do the usual things, things have a carefully thought out, slightly loose cut.

They are sewn from high-quality, breathable fabrics that are not able to cause allergies. When buying this type of wardrobe item, parents need to consider the personal preferences of the child, as well as the features of her appearance.

In addition to visual characteristics, pay attention to the convenience of this dress. It should not rub, squeeze the skin or restrain movement – ideally, the girl should try on a new thing. Do not select instances of exceptionally dark color.

Bright, cheerful colors or now fashionable pastel colors will please the young lady much more. If possible, consider the color type of the child. Outfits in white and black – win-win options for all occasions!

  1. Dress in the form of a trapeze:

A one-piece dress in the shape of a trapeze is a great option for little girls. It has a free cut, so it is convenient to play outdoor games in it. Dresses of this silhouette can be sewn from both light and dense fabrics.

Models with an extended line of cut dresses going from top to bottom are called trapeze. Fashion trends are not formed on their own, but as they say in the spirit of the times. Trends in clothing – its adaptation to the dynamics of social processes in society.

trapeze dress girls

trapeze dress

An analysis of these changes, including on an intuitively emotional level, helps designers to shape modern fashion trends. A vivid example is a trapeze dress. The simplicity of the trapezoid dress is offset by textures with a variety of prints, decorative inserts, trim, pockets.

For trapezoidal clothes of the cool period of the year, knitted fabrics with a pattern, expressive volumetric texture, and viscous are used. Plain woolen fabrics complement the inserts, pockets, openwork elements. Touching softness will give the bow a collar that is tied with a bow.

A deep V-shaped, U-shaped neckline emphasizes the shape of the chest. The strictness of a dress of a trapeze will give a rack, a small modest turn-down collar. To focus on details (gates, pockets), they are made of materials of a different color, texture. Additionally decorated with sequins, beads, embroidery, lace, etc.

  1. Sundress:

This is one of the most popular types of clothing for the summer for all women, regardless of age. A sundress for a girl can have wide or narrow straps, be short or reach the middle of the lower leg.

Summer sundresses are sewn from bright and light fabrics, for decoration use ruffles, shuttlecocks, braid. But there is also a winter version of a sundress, for sewing such a dress, dense fabrics based on wool are suitable. Such a sundress is worn over a turtleneck or blouse.

sundress girls


It can have a trapezoidal or fitted silhouette. It gives complete freedom to the body, does not constrain movement. For the summer, it is better to look at bright prints and floral applications.

But the sundress can be winter. These are more dense fabrics, perhaps even denim. But such models are best complemented with turtlenecks.

  1. Dress shirt:

Considering the styles of children’s summer dresses, one can not help but mention this style of dress. Its difference from a sundress is a straight silhouette, these patterns are sewn from thin knitwear.

shirt dress girls

shirt dress girls

Models are very convenient for everyday wear, homework and outdoor games. A decent model is very simple and suitable for summer walks and outdoor games. The difference is a straight silhouette as if it’s just an elongated T-shirt. For work, thin knitwear and lighter fabrics are more often used.

  1. Empire style dress:

A popular option for children’s elegant dresses is an empire style outfit. Its distinction is a high waistline and a flying loose skirt. The dress can be on wide straps or have sleeves-lanterns. For sewing, these models use light fabrics of pastel colors.

empire style dress girls

empire style dress

For decoration, bows, ribbons, artificial flowers are used. It is the dress of a dream of any girl. The pastel colors, embroidery and flowing are not too magnificent flounces. The model has a high waist. The child seems older in this outfit, here is the subtlety and sense of taste and all that characterizes a good model for the holiday.

  1. A shaped dress:

Models in the shape of a trapezoid can be cut-off along the waistline or one-piece. These dresses have a concise cut, so it is recommended to sew them from beautiful textured fabrics. For example, from guipure, jacquard, velvet, brocade.

A shape dress girls

A shape dress

You can also use large decorative details, for example, beautiful brooches in the form of flowers. The dress has a very fitted top and wide bottom. At the same time, it is very free. All decor elements are concentrated at the top of the product but tried not to overload the bottom, except perhaps a small strip of lace along the bottom of the hem.

When sewing the product, the top layer is made of tulle, and the skirt is wavy and made of assemblies. But the main secret of such a dress is that the top layer is made of shiny material. This will create a truly elegant look.

If you decide to dress your child in a magnificent flying dress, then accessories are not needed here. In this style, a long dress for a girl of 12 years old will look very good. With a magnificent dress of A-silhouette, you can create the image of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty.

To somehow diversify the snow-white outfit, you need to tie a bright belt on your waist. Moreover, on the back, it should be made in the form of a bow. As for accessories, then long gloves are perfect here. A simple hairstyle and neat curls will complement the image of the princess.

  1. Dress of cut princess:

This is perhaps the most popular style of elegant dresses for girls. These are models with a fitted bodice and fluffy skirts. The skirt can be layered or have a tulle or organza petticoat. The bodice of such a dress can be very simple or decorated with embroidery or sequins.

But the skirts should be surely magnificent and flying. Wide belts with bows are often used for decoration. A princess dress is an outfit inspired from a series of ball gowns or dresses with a train.

princess cut dress girls

princess cut dress

It is not necessary to pick up something that is close to a fabulous option, because fluffy dresses themselves are already very elegant. The main thing is that lace is present here, countless ruffles or flounces.

Add to this magnificence a cloak or an elegant stole and your girl will turn into a real princess. It can be multi-layered tulle and something else flying, soaring and impossibly lush.

The bodice itself is decorated with embroidery and rhinestones and all kinds of bright ornaments. Everything shines, and as if a fairy-tale princess descended from the pages of a fairy tale.

  1. Cocktail dress:

Choosing a cocktail dress for a girl is not an easy task, because before buying it you need to take into account a lot of nuances. You need to take into account the peculiarities of the figure and style of your daughter, her age, eye and hair color.

The most important thing is that you need to take into account her opinion so that she wears her new outfit with pleasure! The styles of cocktail dresses for girls are somewhere between festive and every day. They also look spectacular and stylish, but not as chic as a ball gown.

cocktail dress girls

cocktail dress

In most cases, cocktail dresses copy adult outfits. The upper part of the cocktail dress is usually open, without sleeves and collars. Popular models with an American armhole and a boat neckline. The skirt can be lush, tiered or even, a little fitted, but often short and with minimal decor.

Usually, cocktail dresses are sewn from satin, silk, guipure, taffeta, and can be decorated with lace, ribbons, and rhinestones. There are a lot of styles and models of children’s cocktail dresses, so the outfit is selected depending on the importance of the celebration, the time of year and the girl’s temperament.

You need to give preference to the model that corresponds to the age of your daughter and of course, it should be as comfortable as possible and not too open. The baby still has time to walk in dresses that expose different parts of the body.

Making your daughter happy is so easy. Dress, shoes and some beautiful accessories. Is it difficult to give the child joy. What feelings overwhelm parents when they see the sincere joy of a child. Fashionable dresses are very comfortable and simply not able to overshadow the celebration.

Dashain Dresses for Teenage Girls

When a baby girl grew up to a girl she started to know the fashion sense, the importance of wearing good clothes. Well, of course, being well-dressed impact other people to see you as decent, proficient and smart as well as helping you feel more confident about yourself.

There are some factors to shop for the right clothes and to make you look good. Like buying the right sizes, buying fun colors, buying trendy pieces, putting together an outfit, finding the right accessories, doing hair and makeup etc. these things will make you look attractive but despite these things, the most necessary thing a woman can have is confidence.

Well, I’m going to describe the outfits according to their age group.

Dashain Dresses for teenage girls Age group (13-16) years.

As I said earlier, this is the age when girls really start showing their curiosity on fashionable dresses. They started being concern about their looks and personality. And due to the overgrowing fashion business, a variety of dresses are available in the market. And they get confused because of various options.

In my point of view if you are skinny you should buy one piece with a wristband or ornaments along with the stripper heels. You can also try plus-size loose-fitting cotton linen midi dress which gives simple and sweet looks. Also, the Korean- style thin section loose denim dress Sleeve with black shades will look very attractive.

korean style thin section loose denim dress sleeve

korean style thin section loose denim dress sleeve

If you like something in loose and comfortable then you must try loose Butterfly single breasted theatrical Short –sleeved dress with white shoes. For the choice of the shoes choose the color as per your dresses. Well some of the shoes like Lok FU shoes Korean style, wild canvas, flat soft sandals will give you casual looks.

High Thick with straps gel toes small barreled will look cool with the one piece dresses.  Flat shoe bow shoes will be a good choice in terms of comfort. Additionally, Hook slimming effect pointed sandals shoes is also attractive.