Dashain Dresses for Female (Children, Baby, Teenage, Girls, Ladies, Women)


Dashain Dresses for Female (Children, Baby, Teenage, Girls, Ladies, Women)

Dashain Dresses for Female : – In short, Dashain is the longest and most felicitous national festival of Nepal. This festival is the most enjoyable, full of excitement and celebrated with full devotion.

It is a fifteen day long opportune festival in the BikramSambat (Nepali Calendar) annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese people of all caste and creed along with their exodus throughout the world.

During Dashain festival, all the government offices, educational institutions, and other offices remain closed. Usually fall in September or October, starting from the bright lunar fortnight (ShuklaPaksha) of the month of Ashvin and ending on the full moon (Purnima).Due to the fair and mild weather, the time of Dashain is very fine to celebrate.

Family gathering and fiesta is the primary purpose. All the busy people in their daily schedule life get bored and this festival came to the relief of that aloneness and tiredness. They forget their differences and all those misunderstandings between them and visit their relatives to have fun and build better relations.

As you all know most of the youths are working on abroad to earn money for their families, so in this time they also return home. People wear new clothes; eat seals (Nepali Bread), chocolates and delicious foods. For the poor people, this will be their only time to taste some good foods and wear some nice, tidy and new clothes.

Furthermore, talking about the clothes and dresses, the clothes that you choose to wear and your style match and affect your mood, health and overall your confidence. Well, to be honest, fashion is something that we deal with every day. We are steadily being assault with modern fashion ideas from books, videos, television.

What may be the reason behind dressing well? Why is it so important? Firstly, In my point of view, dressing well build you feel comfortable and highlight your confidence levels. Nowadays, people in the society are more distressed about what people dress rather than their character.


Obviously, dressing attracts people and induces an interest in approaching you. In other way dressing well and looking attractive express that you respect yourself and take care of yourself. Restoring the respect from the people and care.

Dashain Dresses for Male (Children, Teenage, Boys, Men & Adults)

Secondly, from other people consideration, when we go for shopping we buy the products which are visually more attractive. So the presentation does matters.

As the Dashain is near, you must be thinking of buying new clothes so, here in this article I’m going to talk about the clothes for the ladies respective of their age.

Table of contents

Dashain Dresses for Baby Girl

Dashain Dresses for baby Age group (0-2)

Varieties of clothes are available in the market for this age group baby girl.  Generally, girl clothes are decorated with the things like “princess”, “cute”, “stay happy” and “gorgeous”. Skin of the babies of this age group are very sensitive so here I’m going to discuss the clothes for small babies which do not harm their sensitive skin and comfortable for them.

You have to choose clothes which will make her easy to play freely for them and able to move without restrictions.  Go for White Nappy stacker of cotton which will suit perfectly and additionally the cotton will take moister away and let the skin breathe and keep cool.

The advantage of buying cotton clothes is that it will not harm the skin of children as the children’s skins are very sensitive.

Clothes like Pyjama set, Stripped T-Shirt, kid’s bodysuit, patsy dress will be perfect for them. Before buying these clothes I recommend to examine the clothes very closely whether it is made of pure cotton or not.

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For the shoes also the shoes fitted with cotton will provide relax to those tiny little toes. Leggings will also be the good choice for the cold seasons as it will make the legs look skinny and give glamorous looks.

Despite the glamorous looks, it will also be comfortable for the babies to play. So this Dashain search for some comfortable clothes and cotton clothes for your little princess.

Many mothers wonder how much clothes a child should have. Of course, a definite answer does not exist. After all, it all depends on your lifestyle with your baby – whether you go to kindergarten, or always at home.

Clothing for a baby girl should meet 3 main requirements – naturalness, comfort and a pleasant appearance.  The experience of so many mothers confirms that the most important and irreplaceable things for any child are underwear and cotton blouses.

They need to be changed most often, so their number can be as large as possible. Each girl should have a beautiful, elegant dress for the cold and warm season. It should be borne in mind that, together with all its solemnity, the outfit should be practical.

That is, you should not choose for a baby a dress with a million rhinestones, which can only be worn once at the carnival. Such a dress should not be too long, the girl should be comfortable running and jumping in it.

Here is the list of some dresses for babies that are comfortable for them.

Dashain Dresses for Baby Girl

  1. Sweatshirt:

Increasingly, children when choosing clothes for the winter, autumn gives preference to sweatshirts. They have significant advantages over traditional sweaters. In addition, designers offer incredibly interesting, original designs that attract young people to this wardrobe item.


They are available in various configurations, with zippers, hoods, without them, etc. This allows you to make the most optimal choice for your babies. The sweatshirt is an all-weather wardrobe item.

sweatshirt baby girl dress

Its distinguishing feature is its dense material and long sleeves. A sweatshirt can act as the clothes you put on under a jacket in winter. Also, a sweatshirt can come in handy in the summer, when it becomes cool in the evenings and does not want to freeze.

Sweatshirt protects from cold, wind, snow. This is especially true for models with a hood. If you don’t have an umbrella or a jacket with a hood on hand, a sweatshirt will allow you to get to your home, school, work without getting wet.

Thanks to the materials used, the sweatshirt gives a pleasant feeling of comfort, coziness.

Preference should be given to the colors such as Blue, Green, Turquoise, Red, The black, Gray, Pink, Lilac and Violet. Due to the effectiveness of materials, sweatshirts can act as independent clothes, reliably replacing a child’s demi-season, and sometimes winter jacket. It all depends on the weather.

  1. Turtleneck:

Children’s turtlenecks are a fairly popular product because it is a very convenient and practical thing. They can be tucked under a jacket, cardigan, vest, or worn as an independent item of clothing.

Children’s turtlenecks can be bought, both plain and with a pattern, multi-colored. White turtlenecks are great for any occasion and for school uniforms. Colored turtlenecks and a pattern can be worn every day. In addition, they are great for both boys and girls.

turtleneck baby girl dress

As a rule, a turtleneck fits the body well, keeping the body warm. At the same time, it perfectly passes excess moisture and air, preventing the skin from overheating. And this is important for the baby’s body in cool weather.

Overheating and hypothermia of the body can lead to illness. It is best to buy turtlenecks made from natural fabrics. They allow the body to breathe and do not constrain movements.

Synthetic clothing, of course, looks more elegant, it stretches better, but if it comes to a small child, it is best to opt for knitwear. Children usually like clothes with images of their favorite cartoon characters.

Monophonic models are good in that they can be combined with colorful things. There are beautiful styles of festive light turtleneck for girls with lace elements. Also, a translucent turtleneck decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, sparkles will be a good elegant option.

Such turtlenecks look stylish in combination with sundresses, cardigans, tunics. Turtlenecks for children have fairly affordable prices. That is, when choosing a children’s turtleneck, pay attention to the composition of the fabric, the height of the neck, the model and check the internal seams.

  1. Sundress:

A sundress is an elegant type of clothing for girls that can decorate any little beauty. Its versatility is great. The model on the straps will allow your beloved daughter to look very pretty on the playground.

In addition, the sundress is not hot. Rainy autumn weather makes you think about warm things. Cotton sundress and turtleneck will protect the baby from the common cold.

sundress baby girl dress

Many styles of sundresses resemble adult fashion. Femininity must be emphasized in childhood. The sundress can be casual and smart. Moms should decide on an event where such an amazing outfit will be prepared. Practical models with jeans pockets are suitable for kindergarten.

Practical denim will save mom from unnecessary washing. Cotton, linen will not cause an allergy in the child. Silk, chiffon, satin – festive fabrics make magnificent elegant models.

Sundress knitted jersey is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Machine knitting creates a lightweight canvas that lends itself well to draping while creating unmatched things. For the summer, a sundress on straps is suitable. Nice, smart and not hot.

Bright colors and prints of selected fabrics will allow girls to stay on a positive wave. Warm sundress made of wool is famous for its properties of thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity.

But when washing, the material sits, so it is better to choose a sundress with a margin. A simple sundress should be chosen for everyday wear when holiday clothes and too conspicuous decoration are not required. The laconic cut will allow mom to send her daughter one for a walk.


  1. Skirts:

Children’s wardrobe must necessarily be convenient and practical. Small female representatives are very active, which is why the skirt should not hamper movement and give a feeling of discomfort.

Unlike adult skirts models, children’s skirts have bright colors, are made from natural materials that are easy to wash, do not wrinkle or are easy to iron. Each girl’s summer wardrobe requires at least one skirt.

baby dress

As a rule, summer skirts are made of light natural materials. Such tissue will not stick to the body but will allow it to breathe.

There is no lining in summer skirts because it impairs air permeability. Ideal for summer is cotton or linen. These fabrics are considered the most practical and hygienic; they absorb moisture well and dry quickly.

The color of the skirt for a girl can greatly affect her mood. In addition, the color should be taken into account when forming a specific image. The black color is one of the main classic colors. A pink skirt is the dream of any girl. Of course, pink is an exclusive summer option.

A pink skirt can be made of any material. To create a romantic and delicate look, pink skirts of tulle, organza or lace are suitable. Under each skirt model, you can easily pick up a suitable pair of tights. A variety of colors and textures allows you to roam.

  1. Overall:

Overalls for newborns are a popular and necessary thing. Today it is one of the most important elements of a child’s wardrobe, providing complete protection against the cold. To choose the best option for clothing, you should know what functions and features each of them has.

Children’s jumpsuit is considered to be pleasant to use and convenient thing, which is both panties and jacket. For parents, using fewer items of clothing is much more convenient.

bodysuits baby girl dress

One-piece clothing – the jumpsuit is more reliable, covers the back of the baby, and in closed models, the feet of the newborn is protected. Products for the smallest are also on the market – in such samples, the sleeves have anti-scratch turn-aways so that the baby does not hurt himself during the game or sleep.

For sewing children’s overalls, gentle, safe and soft materials are used: velsoft, bike, cooler, terry, interlock, footer, velor.

The most tender and soft are warm velor overalls that protect the child and give comfort. The product, made of environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch fabric, will provide the necessary care and protection.

It is good to use the model in the demi-season, as well as in winter. Children are offered various overalls, in the form of incomprehensible animals, with ears and even ponytails.

Especially popular are samples with zippers, which provide comfort during operation. Additional heat and protection to the head will be provided by styles with a hood.

  1. Pajamas:

Not only mood but also the state of health of your child depends on quiet sound sleep. To ensure proper comfort during sleep, you need to choose comfortable and soft pajamas. It is an integral part of the children’s wardrobe.

The modern design of the suit for sleeping is quite diverse. When choosing pajamas, often dads and mothers do not pay attention to quality and pay special attention to fashion trends. Pajamas alone are special. These clothes are associated with warmth and comfort.

pajamas baby girl dress

A clean suit, a comfortable bed, and water procedures before bedtime is the key to health and hygiene. Pajamas with the image of the child’s favorite cartoons will favor her with positive emotions and facilitate her preparation for bedtime.

When choosing pajamas, the first thing you should pay attention to the material. The fabric should be natural. Ideally, this is cotton. Satin and silk may also be suitable.

Pajamas should be cut free. It is better if it is a little large so as not to hamper the movement during sleep. Pajamas for children and adults from various materials.

Not only the appearance of the product depends on the quality of the fabric, but also the sensations that the baby will receive when worn. The child should not feel uncomfortable. Pajamas should be free and not restrict movement.

  1. Body:

Body is popular clothing for a small child, without which no modern mother can do. The body gently sits down over the body, does not slip during any activity, does not press anywhere and does not limit the movement of the child.

The assortment of bodysuit for newborn girls and boys allows you to choose the perfect option for a child for any season and age. Models with long and short sleeves, buttons or zippers, plain and colored, and many others.

bodysuits baby girl dress

The main and most important advantages of the body over other clothes for newborns are a reliable fixation on the body and the convenience of dressing and undressing the child. Buttons or ties securely hold the body on the body and are located in such a way that they do not rub the baby’s skin during the most active movements.

Thanks to the unfastened bottom, front or shoulders, the thing is easy to put on and take off, without causing the baby any inconvenience or discomfort. Changing the diaper when the child is wearing a body can be done in seconds – just unfasten the fasteners without removing the product completely.

  1. T-shirt:

Today it is quite simple to purchase T-shirts, and tops for young fashionistas, as they are sold almost everywhere. As a rule, children prefer to wear T-shirts as casual wear, which are characterized by freestyle, bright colors, dignity, and comfort.

And the parents themselves do not mind that their children are dressed in this way. Because t-shirts are sewn from not soiled fabrics, which are also very washable, dry quickly and ironed. It doesn’t matter who wears them – a boy or a girl, since the styles of t-shirts are perfectly adapted to the gender.

t-shirt bt-shirt baby girl dressaby girl dress

And at first glance, it is clear who this or that t-shirt is sewn on. It should be made of natural fabrics, but at the same time interspersed with synthetic threads. This allows you to make the fabric itself more durable, not subject to strong crushing, which is important when the child is very active, mobile.

Firstly, it is not hot in it, since the composition of the tissue allows the baby’s body to breathe. Secondly, hypoallergenic materials are used in the manufacture of fabrics, which, when entering into compounds, remain neutral to the skin and do not emit hazardous substances.

  1. Tunics:

Tunic is a universal type of clothing that can be worn not only by girls but also by babies. It can be worn instead of a dress with leggings, jeans, while the child will not look vulgar or ridiculous.

This option is suitable even for very complete girls if you choose the right style. In a long spacious jacket, it is very convenient to walk at home, as well as walk in the yard. It is much easier to tie a tunic than a sweater, blouse or pullover.


Long clothes perfectly keep the back warm, and this is very important for the health of your baby girl.

  1. Shorts:

Shorts for girls are an irreplaceable thing, which is suitable not only for entertaining, entertainment events and games. But also for visits to kindergartens, schools, and other institutions.

shorts baby girl dress

Undershorts, it is customary to mean one of the varieties of shortened clothing intended for legs. Shorts can be part of a sports wardrobe, intended for games and leisure, as well as perform the function of a uniform. The child feels at ease in shorts, freely and comfortably.

These are the basic qualities that this element of clothing for children should possess. It has a large number of styles that make it possible to purchase shorts for the girl for any occasion. At this time, there are a huge number of styles and models of shorts.

After all, little fashionistas also want to look stylish, fashionable and attractive.  Moreover, all this can be combined in shorts, considering their practicality and convenience.

To be continued…


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