What are the top major cultural differences between Indian Hindus and Nepalese Hindus?

Nepal is mostly treated as the  Hindu country because a majority of the Nepalese are Hindu and celebrate the festival according to themselves. Nepal is located between two country that is India and China, that we know better.  But the Nepalese culture mostly matched with the Hindu and India. The Chinese culture totally differences from the Nepalese. Nepal has many cultures and religion but the Nepalese territory has mostly adopted the culture of Hindu.

We know that Nepal and Nepalese are influenced by the Indian and Indian culture. And the many Indian have also imported to Nepal.  Nepal celebrates the festival mostly the same to Indian culture and festival. But also there is some difference in celebration skills and systems. The Indian are more devoted to their festival and god. Nepalese are not as like as devoted to their god as the Indian does and looks. The method of celebrating festival is not the same, it has slightly different and some of the festivals is even not celebrated by Nepalese, that is celebrated by the Indian.

Similarly the same, some of the festival is celebrated with great joy in Nepal but it is not celebrated in India the culture and their beliefs are totally different from the Nepalese. In some context, both of the native people views got extracted and somewhere it got distracted.  The women of Nepal are mostly celebrating and loving to husband types but it does not fully seem in Indian women Nepal are mostly following the modern Hindu cultures and celebrating in their own ways. But the Indian have their own rules and regulation to be followed, that makes them pleased.

Nepal is the country of three Crore people but the Indian is the country of 130 Crore people. That also emphasizes the quality and quantity in celebration of the festival it is said that there is a change of language in every ten kilometers and cultures and every fifty kilometers in India. The south Indian celebrates the same festival in another way that the festival is celebrated by the north Indian it’s totally the tough diversification to elaborate the real and the correct functions and method of celebrating and worshipping. But the epics and myths said the god lies in the person’s heart if their heart is pure and sinless. The god has no and figures and it cannot be seen can be only belief.

A person is more interested in following their celebration styles according to their own thought and beliefs. The changing of the day, there is going the modernization in every sector and every religion. There are many superstitious and many wrong sayings and discriminating values, etc are slowly getting vanished and detected as the knowledge spreads the light ion every mind and thought. But to do that it takes times to make the environment as our today though.

Nepalese are mostly interested in their own festival and it is also a difference between the people of hilly, mountainous and Terai in the context of the celebration of festival some of the festivals are celebrated with the rapture of unlimited  happiness by the Terai but , the same festival is not celebrated by the hilly and mountainous people. The mountainous people celebrate their own festival might be the same festival is celebrated by the people of Terai. So let’s look the pure difference between the Indian and Nepalese  cultural differences in aggregate:

So let’s look the pure difference between the Indian and Nepalese  cultural differences in aggregate:


Cultural differences between Indian Hindus and Nepalese Hindus

A celebration of Maghe Sankranti:

This is the festival celebrated by all Hindu as the compulsory. But it cannot be treated as the festival fully. This festival is the festival of sweets and Laddu.  It is celebrated with the great joy and happiness that cannot be measured by the tools and techniques. It’s also one of the festivals of brothers and sisters. This festival is celebrated with differently in India as the Nepalese have their own celebration track. In India, it is celebrated and belief that, the person should be called from outside and they should get the dinner and Bhoj with delicious Kichadi and vegetables.

This festival is mostly celebrated to serve and the others by feeding food. The food should b fed to men of all class mostly the poor and disabled people. But this types of system is not looks in Nepal, Nepalese are busy in eating own selves rather make eat to others. The festival is not only celebrated do eat only but also for happiness and pleasure sharing that makes the person more excited and make the track to connect with one to another., as we known today, busy life, no one is near and no one takes an interest of anyone. It’s due to the race of earning money.

maghe sankranti laddoo picture
Maghe Sankranti laddoo

This festival is celebrated by not all the Nepalese but by the people of Terai only.  This festival is celebrated almost all the Indian with lots of joy. This festival also denotes the people of intention and thought. If the man who serves the food on that day to the beggars and disabled people means to value as the human otherwise the demon. Many rich and millionaire are busy in feeding the delicious food in this occasion with the delicious wishes to everyone. Many political parties announce the Bhoj to the people and gather all the people for the common dinner. It also makes the relationship more strong and cemented.

NEPAL IS SMALL COUNTRY BUT ALSO HERE LIVE MANY MILLIONAIRE BUT THEY ARE NOTY FORWARD TO FEED THE FOOD TO THE DISABLE ANS ALSO NOT LOOKED IN SOCIAL WORKS.  Nepalese have the system of celebrating the Maghe Sankranti by making the food and different sweets of Bitten rice and Til for the sweetness and better performance of the festival celebration. It is the festival to makes eth family and outside relations good and co-operating the people for more output and development of human and society. The great festival of Hindu is also some of this festival celebrated by the other religions and cultures because this is the festival of making sweets and Laddu of Bitten rice and Til. So they also support by joining hands and intensity.

 A celebration of Dashain:

It has also the major difference between the celebration of Indiana and Nepalese.  This festival is treated as the national festival of Nepal and the government announces the holidays for continue three days and education sector announced the holidays for ten days continue. But we have known one thing that is festival is only celebrated by half of the Nepalese mostly by the hilly and Himalayan community and people not by the Terai people. Terai people only support their festival but it is not the festival of people of Terai.   Relating to Indian celebration, this festival is not also widely and joyfully celebrated in India too. It is the festival of celebrating the Nava Durga on the tenth day of Dashain. But we can see their difference in celebration scheme.

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Happy Vijaya Dashami Greeting Card design

Much Nepalese celebrated from the starting day of falling and some starts from the seventh day of fall. But in India, it is looked that the Indian is prepared for the celebration of a great fair of Nava Durga from many days ago. The great fair and great celebration are scheduled by the Indian people for making the Durga Bhawani pleased. So there is the difference in culture between the people of Indian and Nepal in the context of celebrating the Dashain too.

 A celebration of Holi:

Holi is a great festival which is celebrated by almost all the Hindu and people of India and Nepal both but with different terrain. Many people of Indian celebrate this festival as a great festival because this festival holds a great story for the celebration of it. The great demon was killed by the Vishnu and later on, this festival goes on the celebration for reminiscence of the god and their creation. The man is born with the baby but due to works and activities, they become the man and valued as the  God. This festival is the festival of mostly the youth and it has a difference in celebration made by the young, children, adults and old age.


The festival is also not treated as the festival but this festival has many reasons to celebrate even with lazy mind and body. This festival is a festival of fully elastic and fully fantastic. The many varieties of nonvegetarian items are cooked to have it and celebrate it. It is the festival of colors and the different color is adding the wonderful smell in the celebration and environment also got painted with the different colors. The person who is looked to throw the color on the ladies most. This is the festival that has much difference between the celebration of  Indian and Nepalese. Nepalese mostly celebrate this festival by eating and throwing and sharing the colors in one’s another chick and head with normally. But Indian dies not to celebrate this festival normally, they go wild and celebrate with fully bold gathering with friends and sharing the hard wins.


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