1500 Creative Captions For Facebook Profile Pictures – FB Photo Captions Of Me

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My new profile picture after so long …

It grows through what you spend.


Take the risk or lose the opportunity.

My attitude is somewhat wild but my heart is golden.

Impossible is for those who do not want.

Not everyone like me, but not everyone matters.

Focus on the good

Big dream Pray bigger

Let’s be who we are

It’s not my attitude, it’s my style.

Caption for pictures of me

So many changes in a year

You can if you think you can.

I love selfies

I love what makes you smile.

I feel very lonely without you.

Dieting with friends: p

Let life surprise you

Life is full of surprises!

Life is better when you are laughing.

You do not know me

All good things are wild and free

I’m not lazy, just relaxed

Caption for pictures of me

If you have eyes, look at me now.

Hate does not make you beautiful.

Stay close to what keeps you alive.

I can show you the world.

It is so beautiful when a child smiles.

Take a walk in my energy.

I graduated from Selfies University

Before judging me, make sure you’re perfect

My excuse is that I’m young

There are so many beautiful reasons to bring a big smile in face.

My time is now.

Short caption for profile picture

I was silent, but I was not visionless.

Only live, love and Eat; Repeat

Be silent and let your success scream.

Caption for pictures of me

Smiling always does not mean I do not cry; Tears of joy with luck.

I am not ordinary repeat after me.

Hello, please stop and look.

Not everyone likes me, but I know that everyone will like this picture.

I have a good heart and that’s why I shine more.

I love myself; It is true.

All I have is who I am.

I do what makes me happy; I do not regret

Live laugh and love

I’m sorry if you’re not impressed; I live for me

Life is a great adventure; I’m excited for more

You say I’m crazy but this is pretty normal.

Happy memories are what make life worthwhile.

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Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a Writer of 12 Nepali Books, Director of Maithili films, Founder of Radio Stations, Designer of Websites and Editor of Some Nepali Blogs.

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