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One of the popular sayings is that difficult times never last, but difficult people do. Be tough!

The right key to success at all angles is action.


Have you ever tried? You have failed? Do not let that discourage you, keep trying, keep failing. And, it may even fail better.

The pleasure of doing what people thought you could not do is incomparable.

A perfect plan tomorrow does not count, what counts is a good plan today.

An active apprentice, dreamer and oriented to individual objectives.

Caption for pictures of me

I am neither especially intelligent nor especially gifted. I’m just very, very curious.

I do not talk to everyone because I’m not all, I’m single.

I know he was not as handsome as other guys, but he was fine with that.

I will never be perfect, you just have to accept the fact that I am who I am.

I like being single, I’m always there when I need to be.

I was not born on this earth to please anyone so I don’t care what people think or say about me.

Do not wait until you have the perfect condition, do what you can do, use what you have and where you are.

Caption for pictures of me

If you do not like the path you are taking, start creating another one.

I do not think I’ve failed at anything, I just found ways that do not work.

Your speed to reach your goals does not matter, as long as it does not stop completely.

I’m just feeling my vibration at this moment. I’m feeling.

I am me. That is the only thing within my power.

Do you know, in an innocent face there is always a wild side.

Warning: You could fall in love with my face.

I always choose to be the best version of myself.

I keep calm and I notice those idiots who react haha ​​to my photos.

I will be the endless adventure of your life.

Short caption for profile picture

My operating system is called “be strong”.

Looking for love? There is only one kind of love, but many different copies out there.

I make my circle very small because I’m talking about quality and not quantity.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, it is much better than when you falsify perfection.

Tell me! If it’s not me, who exactly? If not now when?

Knowing that life is really short, I do things that bring joy to my life, I do things that make me happy.

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Nothing is more beautiful than a girl with a golden heart.

You cannot erase me The pens do not come with an eraser like pencils.

Denying your flaws does not make you powerful. Accepting them does it.

You’re lucky not to charge for seeing my photos.

Know the face because I am the next revolution.

I am a living testimony of something pure and beautiful.

I believe in perfect creativity because I am a testimony to this.

I am beautiful and amazing as I am.

I’m a weirdo and I love it!

I am a winner because I do not quit.

Just love me like I am!

Your body listens attentively to everything your mind says,  so stay positive!

I find the joy of life in simplicity.

Short caption for profile picture

The end can also be beautiful and sunsets are proof.

My boldness will always be based on how you behave with me.

If you like me, raise your hands. If not, then raise your level.

If I scare them first then they cannot scare me

When there are traces on the moon, do not let people tell you that the sky is limit.

Caption for pictures of me

I do not take selfies all the time. I only do it every now and then every day.

Before judging me, make sure you are perfect.

Best. Selfie Forever.

Be original … be you!

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Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a Writer of 12 Nepali Books, Director of Maithili films, Founder of Radio Stations, Designer of Websites and Editor of Some Nepali Blogs.

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