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You may have noticed the change in my opinion, but you will not notice the fact that I am not wrong, I am right.

It is one thing to live, another thing is to be alive. To add them up, living does not really mean that you are alive.


Whatever you love, live it.

Dream of acquiring things that are great and that you do not get scared for failing. The failure only tells you that you are making progress.

The heartbeat of the soul is hope.

A day that comes without sunlight is like night.

Stop being sad, just cheer up, the worst has not happened yet.

I am beautiful on the inside and from the outside, I am so beautiful.

I’m smiling … that should only scare you.

Caption for Facebook profile picture

I will always be a daring girl and I am happy with that.

The childhood is over. But acting like a child is not.

Smile. Destroy those who want to destroy you.

Until you wear a smile on your face, you are never completely dressed.

Dear, do not forget to fall in love with yourself first.

I feel like, I am the king of the world.

I would like to live like a poor man, only with a lot of money.

I do not believe in luck. I am a strong man and I believe in cause and effect.

The work of fiction is the face of woman and the autobiography is the face of a man.

I will never try to fit. I was born to POWER OUT.

Why do men like smart women? Because the opposites attract.

Yes, I am crazy. The normal thing is boring for me.

I did not grow up feeling that I am very handsome. I learn, I worked and now I am.

Caption for Facebook profile picture

Being silly with the girls.

Start by changing your thoughts; It ends up changing your life.

As, Wise men have something to say so they speak. The fools speaks because they have to say something.

The best memories to contemplate are made of foolish ideas tested with my best friends.

You know what? Among other platforms, Facebook is only place where it is normal to talk to a wall.

To go anywhere, you have to push. Pushing takes you anywhere, the only place you will not be taken is through a door marked “throw.”

You know about tits, right? This is how friends are. Some are large in appearance, some are small in appearance, some are real in the way they relate to people, some are false.

I want to tell you something, do you want to listen? When I die, there will be a similar button on my gravestone. Is not that good news?

Moments like these … For this we live, that is why we exist.

The moment you realize that everything is perfect.

Live the moments that you cannot put into words.

Surround yourself with your dear and near ones who make you happy.

Being happy never goes out of style

Be Happy; drives people crazy.

Caption for pictures of me

Yes, I’m single. But … I’m not available.

I am intelligent, I am charming, I am strong and I am enough.

No, she is not the hottest. But his personality is.

When I’m inside, I’m never without.

I love keeping my attitudes and high heels.

I am the perfect version of me.

It’s a good idea to enjoy the benefits of the power of smiles and to be smiling more often.

Because of their competence, confidence and success, successful or powerful people smile more often than average people.

The smile contributes to your work and success, as well as to your health and happiness.

I am fighting every day, every moment of my life to make my life worthy.

For all those who told me NO, I am so grateful. I’m doing it myself and it’s because of them.

I am what I am. A fighter.

But since I was a kid, I was always the winner.

Look at me, now look at you! Now tell me who is jealous of whom?

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Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a Writer of 12 Nepali Books, Director of Maithili films, Founder of Radio Stations, Designer of Websites and Editor of Some Nepali Blogs.

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