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I do not consider myself pretty. I am what I am.

No one can lock me up because I have the wings to fly high.


I will not allow anyone to walk with their dirty feet  through my mind.

I am the girl you will never be.

I am me now tell me who you are

An image is never an image.

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Do not fall in love. You will never be able to stand on your feet again.

Nothing feels better than watching you burn.

I just cannot stop being awesome.

Life never gives me the opportunity to be sad.

I will be the most complicated course in which you wanted to graduate.

I’m not rude. I just have to maintain an attitude proportional to my good looks.

Being honest is the best you can offer the world.

In the midst of 7 billion people, I am the only one.

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It is better that you use an “Oops” than a “what if”.

If you ask me this question: do I run? My answer will be, I run out of time, money and patients.

Simply say yes, go out and take risks consciously. Live life as you please.

Life is a very long process, a process of fatigue.

I never feel that I’m sexy. If people call me cute, I’m happier.

It is not the amount we have, but what we enjoy, what happiness does.

To enjoy your life is the most important thing, so be happy, it is all that matters.

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Life is a reality to experience not a problem to solve.

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from anguish and grow brave through reflection.

For a long time it had come to my attention that people of achievement rarely sat down and let things happen to them. They went out and things happened.

In the sense of being benevolent and generous love can be disinterested, without being disinterested.

When I feel a little depressed, I put on my favorite heels and dance.

We get the best results in life when we smile so it is the mirror.

Life is better when you are smiling.

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Who says I never smile in my selfie?

I’m using the smile you gave me.

Keep the smile on

Smile confuses people                                                 

Smile at the world, and she will smile back.

Some memories of the past bring you a smile. And this is surely one of them.

The smallest change can make the biggest difference.

Be the best version of you

Grow through what you spend

Be yourself there’s no one better.

Time for change

I feel the beginning of something new.

Dream without fear love without limits.

I’m like quantum physics.

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Sun mixed with a small hurricane.

I have beauty, I have the class.

I am fond of children, except children.

I’m great but summer made me hot!

Be an admired and rare diamond, not a stone which is found everywhere.

These days it is not difficult to pretend with class, but being elegant is something that is lacking in the majority of people who do it.

I am very proud to be myself, not to imitate anyone; I’m very much in love with who I am.

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Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a Writer of 12 Nepali Books, Director of Maithili films, Founder of Radio Stations, Designer of Websites and Editor of Some Nepali Blogs.

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