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Smile, cover up fear and sadness.


Smile, it will kill the people who hate you.

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Smile … something like a rumor … But the difference is that nobody cares if you spread it!

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Do not get mad because if you get angry it will bring wrinkles on your face, so why do not you smile and get dimples in your face …

When you smile at someone and do not smile back, do not get mad at them, feel sorry for them because they are not happy people.

Smile is the beautiful thing that makes people wonder what you are doing.

So many languages in the world, and a smile speaks to all of them.

The more wrinkles you have, the happier your life will have been.

Smile when you die, you will be received as Gods / Goddesses in heaven

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A smile makes long distance seem short, and bad times seem good.

Friends and laughter are the cause of a smile.

A winning smile makes us all winners.

The peace begins with a smile.

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Wrinkles should only indicate where there have been smiles.

The curve that rectifies everything is just a smile.

If you smile while there is no one around you, seriously.

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You’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook, if you are not using your smile.

Be yourself and smile, never be too afraid to show your soft side … Who knows, it can be when you smile, in that same moment, you can create a beautiful heart with love and joy.

Remember, just like a smile, the best Things in life are priceless.

A smile does not always mean happy, just like tears does not always mean sad.

I do not think you realize how easy it is to make me smile.

A smile confuses a frown that is approaching.

Sweeter than honey.

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I can do selfies better than you and this is the proof.

When your mother gives you lessons on how you need to lose weight for an hour and it seems like “shit, I do not care, I have a thin mirror to make me look good”.

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A friend will always make you smile, especially when you do not want to …

If you never let life go, you will not know how high you can climb so life is like a balloon.

Sometimes, life can surprise us with a happy and joyful coincidence.

You cannot pay for my Swag Bitch! #selfie

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This is for the Echoes of our laughter. The looks we share The endless gossip. and the incredible sudden escapades. This is for our past and this is for our future. This is for our friendship that will never fade.

Life is not perfect … But my hair does! #selfie addict

Self-confidence is the best dress, take it and take it.

Dress as you want to be addressed.

The most attractive accessory that a girl can have is CONFIDENCE.

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The most beautiful thing a woman can use is trust.

If you are sure, you are beautiful.

Some call it arrogant, I call it trusting.

Someone who gets up when he cannot is actually a champion.

Practice as if you had never won, play as if you had never lost!

You just want to be in outside of your comfort zone.

Success always follows hard work.

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Best caption for facebook profile pictures

It always seems impossible until it is done.

To be what you could have been, it’s never too late.

Do not stop when you’re tired. STOP when it is DONE!

It becomes a habit, once you learn to quit smoking.

Some people are too tired to give you a sweet smile, so give him one of yours best smile, since no one needs a smile as much as the one who does not have more to give.

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A language that even a baby understands is a smile.

Smile. because every 60 seconds of your life that you do not do is a minute of wasted happiness of your life.

Wise words of wisdom there.

let your personality be your autograph by keeping a smile on your face.

I would be holding the night sky in my hand if I had a star for every time you made me smile.