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Pretty and balanced is who I am.


I’m so pretty; I’m lucky.

My style is unique and priceless.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures monday

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My life is a trip and I have the key.

I do not live a perfect life, but I live a happy life.

My good heart makes my beauty shine more than the sun.

Candy skin, chocolate eyes; I love myself.

Golden hair, sea eyes; I love myself.

I may be the most amazing person you’ll ever see.

My beauty is not my face but the light in my heart.

Look beyond this and think.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures models

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Brightness so bright, sometimes I do not need light.

IM real; I am genuine

I’m great!

The game changed when I thought about who I want to be.

It’s me and I do not pretend to be someone else.

I’m not afraid of being so flying.

Born free! Now I’m expensive.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures miss

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Creative captions for facebook profile pictures

Twinkle Twinkle I’m a star

The pose with class is my instinctive pose.

Some call it arrogant, I call it trust.

With this smile, I can go out with everything.

Weapons of massive distraction.

Being happy makes people crazy again.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures mind

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No work is complete until the selfie is published.

If you have eyes, look at me now!

I’m so cute, I should carry a warning.

Dress as if you were going to face your worst enemy.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I had no luck, I deserved it.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures men

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Where God divides by zero are black holes.

I would like to help you. Where did you come from?

An eye for an eye, ultimately, will leave the entire world blind.

let your success be your noise so work hard in silence.

Do small things in a great way if you cannot do great things in life.

Everything looks nice when my touch arrives.

Honesty is the best policy. But madness is a better defense.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures melody

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your life is the result of your choices. If you do not like your life, it’s time to make better decisions.

Focused on being a better version of myself.

I’m sun; I give heat

I aspire to inspire before it expires.

Best caption for facebook profile pictures

This is my period of beautiful transformation.

My goal is to live my life to the fullest.

The game changed when I remembered who I was.

Facebook Captions For Profile Pictures me

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You can find me where the wild and beautiful things are.

My life is a dance and I intend to act well.

This is a smile for my enemies.

I do not hate, so I do not lose.

This image is not an image; It is a work of art.

You are allowed to fall in love when you see this picture.

There is no time to be sad because life does not give me the opportunity.