List of 10 Countries Which Have a Good Diplomatic Relation With Nepal


Countries Which Have a Good Diplomatic Relation With Nepal: – Any country’s foreign policy and internal policy and ambition have an interrelated relationship. It also has more importance to Nepal due to strategic and complicated geopolitical situation. It has also got a great deal of cooperation in long-term national interest.

Due to long-term conflict inside the country and the implementation of the newly founded constitutional has to improve its relationship with the international world. It is also a big challenge from the traditional point of view. We must be free from the tendency to focus on admiration, opacity and instantaneous benefits.

The 21st century has shown changes in the world’s playground. The world and regional power imbalance are taking place. This sequence continues and our territory has also in the focal point. Both India and China are emerging to be established as the powerful nations in the world.

The already established superpower nations like the United States and Russia are conflicting and competing with each other. Japan is also showing it’s military and tactical capabilities.

Where the world is conflicting and competing, Nepal which is landlocked, small and is trying to establish it’s own identity, which has very limited resources should maintain the good relationship with all the foreign countries as much as possible. For the political stability and sustainable development of Nepal, they should try to get assistance from all angles.

Basically, Nepal and Nepalese are liked by almost all the nations in the world. But Nepal has the best relationship with the following ten countries.

Top ten countries which have a good relationship with Nepal

1. India Relation With Nepal:

India tops the list. The relationship between the two nations has gone through many ups and downs. India calls itself the big brother of Nepal. Thus it expects from his small brother Nepal to do all the things as it has said. Else the result is the blockage of 2015. The border conflict is also present in the Terai region of Nepal where India is embezzling the Nepalese land claiming their own.


During the 2072 B.S. earthquake, as a relief to the victims in Nepal, they send the food and supplies which had already crossed the expiration date. We being the Bir Nepalese, of course, has returned the so-called relief back to its source. Also constructing fake Lumbini claiming Lord Budhha was born in India is another big issue. Our current Prime Minister K.P. Oli has, in recent BIMSTEK summit has welcomed all the national representative to Nepal as the country of Gautam Budhha.

However, the conflict is between the two nations and the two political representatives of the nations. The citizens have maintained the relationship of brotherhood amongst themselves. Many Nepalese have had the employment in India and many Indians are residing in Nepal with Nepalese Citizenship.

The religious, cultural, and the language similarities have played an important role in maintaining the relationship between India and Nepal. I think there is a countable number of Nepalese present who don’t know the Hindi language. Most of the Nepalese in the remote villages may not know their own mother tongue -the Nepali language but they will understand Hindi. Our leaders of Terai prefer to speak in the Hindi language than their own mother tongue and prefer to wear the Indian attire whether be in the parliament or outside the country.

No matter how much we resent the Indian government interference in the political situation and decisions of Nepal, we have to depend on India for almost every day to day necessities. Like rice, groceries, health products, medicines, machinery etc and the list goes on. So Nepal has to maintain and has the good relation with India.

2. China Relation With Nepal:

The historical relationship has been increasing between Nepal and China and has been rapidly growing and improving. Due to the unprecedented economic development, the high potential and growth of the empowerment of all states, the growth, and bonding of relations seem natural. Recently, during the visit of China, the Foreign Minister has expressed the desire of traffic and energy connectivity, infrastructure, and industry cooperation. It is necessary to emphasize it.

The road and sea connectivity of Nepal and China is a must so that even if Nepal has had the border blockade in the future again, it may have less it no effect at all. The idea and practice ofToo much dependence and trade with only one nation should be minimized. Nepal should focus on enhancing the relationship with China more. The help China and Chinese people have provided during an earthquake is commendable.

3. Bangladesh Relation With Nepal:

There is a good bilateral relationship of Nepal with Bangladesh. Nepal sees the opportunity to use the Bangladesh sea as a great access to develop the potential transit and business facilities. This relation can make Nepal less dependant on India and China. They both seek cooperation in the fields of power generation and development of water resources. Bangladesh had insisted on the distribution of Ganga river to Nepal in 1986. Nepal has also made a deal of selling ten thousand megawatt electricity to Bangladesh. Recent BIMSTEK summit has also contributed to improving the relationship between the two nations.

4. Bhutan Relation With Nepal:

Bhutan is a small landlocked country like Nepal. The two nations are separated by the Sikkim but they share the similarities geographically and culturally too. Bhutanese.people and their culture resemble the Buddhists group of Nepal. The relation, however, was deteriorated due to the Bhutanese refugee crisis.

5. United Arab Emirates Relation With Nepal:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country considered to be a good destination for foreign employment. There has been a way to employment for Nepalese workers, after having a relationship between Nepal and the UAE in 1977. The number of Nepalese people started to rise after the development began to accelerate in the UAE. It has reached the height of UAE growth over the course of 30 years. However, exploitation of Nepalese women and Nepalese worker in UAE are now becoming the frequent and common news.


6. United Kingdom Relation With Nepal:

The relations between Britain and Nepal have historically been favorable and there always the close ties between the Royal families. The United Kingdom is highly respected in Nepal as a result of historical relations, development support and long-term support in Nepal’s struggle for democratic peace. Nepal fought the East India Company backed by the then British Empire in 1814.

We partially lost and then signed the Treaty of Sugauli where we had to give about one-third of our total area. Nepali Gurkha recruitment in the British Army also started from that period and continues to this day. Many Nepalese still live in the United Kingdom. Nepal has also helped Britain during its various wars. Then Nepali PM Jang Bahadur Rana supported the British against the Indian Rebellion in 1857.

The Rana Government sent more than 200,000 Nepalese for the allies in World War where fifty thousand Nepalese have lost their lives. Right now, UK has provided development support to Nepal along with other assistance. Gurkha recruitment continues till today. So we can say that Nepal and the United Kingdom have a very unique relationship.

The most remarkable gesture of United Kingdom was demonstrated when Prince Harry visited Nepal after the earthquake. He visited the remote villages of Nepal without any security and guards. He helped in building schools and homes. He became Hari the son of Nepal then. Many students go to the UK for the higher education. Nepalese cinema has also been shooted in London. The relationship is remarkable between Nepal and the United Kingdom.

7. United States of America Relation With Nepal:

The United States of America is one of the first countries to provide the development aid to Nepal. The development cooperation came in 1951 when the USA gave support to Nepal with its four-point programmes. USAID is the Development Assistance Branch of the U.S. mission to Nepal. USAID has provided its support on various sectors of Nepal like transport, communication, public health, family planning, malaria elimination, Agriculture, forestry, energy etc. The US is one of the important trading partners of Nepal. The USA has been the major source of foreign currency by exporting garments and carpets as well as from tourist income.

8. Japan Relation With Nepal:

The relation between Nepal and Japan are marked by mutual trust, goodwill, and understanding between the two countries. Nepal and Japan have been linked in various ways, including political, cultural and natural. Japan and Nepal have diplomatic and intimate relations. Japan’s assistance to Nepal during its devastating earthquake has made it more robust. In Japan, the number of Nepalese is growing day by day. In Japan, Nepalese are active in various business, study, and research jobs. Currently, some locations in Japan seem to be mini Nepal.

9. Srilanka Relation With Nepal:

Nepal and Sri Lanka have long been linked through religion, art, culture. From the Late King Mahendra visit and the exchange of visits of the leaders of both countries has helped in strengthening the bond. With regard to Nepal being the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, the relationship between the two countries has been since the time of Buddha. Srilanka has always been interested in the development of Kapilabastu and Lumbini.

The Sri Lanka government has been providing free arrangements to Nepalese students to study Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Similarly, more than hundreds of Sri Lankan students are studying MBBS in Nepal. They don’t require any visas to study here since 2007 A.D. deal. Similarly, Sri Lanka has provided nearly US $ 25 million in the rebuilding of Anandkuti Mahavihar and the construction of the temple of Red Machhindranath, which was damaged by disastrous earthquakes in the year 2072 B.S.

In 1993 President Premadasa was assassinated in the bomb attack. To pay tribute Nepal had given public leave for a day and bend the national flag. Recent BIMSTEK summit has proved once again the cultural association between Nepal and Srilanka and have assisted in strengthening the bond even more.


10. Israel Relation With Nepal:

The relationship between Nepal and Israel has become very old. Although the Indian prime minister recently arrived in Israel for the first time, Nepal’s prime ministerViseshwar Prasad Koirala had reached Israel 58 years ago. Thousands of Nepalese people including women have reached to Israel for the employment.

The Israeli government thus has prepared to employ the Nepalese through GtoG system that is government to government system not giving any chance to the private sector to exploit the Nepalese people. This step will be more beneficial and comfortable for the Nepalese people. In Israel, most of the Nepalese women work as a caregiver.

Nepal’s relationship with Israel was always good and is also trying to strengthen it more. But the recent events of exploitation of the Nepalese women and Nepali men have also come to light. Especially Nepalese.women have to ho through sexual exploitation in Israel. Nepal government have to forward some. major steps in order to stop all these exploitations.

Nepal has a friendly relationship with all the other countries like Canada, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Argentina, Germany etc. Nepal and Nepalese are always considered as laborious and honest people to work with. They are thus liked and loved all over the world. Nepal has always been known as the Neutral nation in the world not interfering in any nations’ internal politics and decisions. Nepal has never believed to support one and ignore the other nation.

But it is also true that most of the Nepalese people. are residing in the foreign illegally. This type of act can defame the nation internationally.

There could be ups and down in the relationship between the nations. But the nations have to work out the differences and focus more on global peace and security, indicating the cast difference that exists between the developed nations and developing nations.

Nepal wants to thank all the nations who stood truly with us during the devastating earthquake, pray for Nepal and assisted in rebuilding the nation. Thanks to the tourists who visited Nepal after the earthquake, thanks to Prince Harry who became the son of Nepal.

Nepal is a beautiful country and the Nepalese people are beautiful in their hearts. That’s how we are known in the world and want to be known always.

Author: Ankur Pradhan


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