How Much Will it Cost for Annapurna Circuit Trek

How Much Will it Cost for Annapurna Circuit Trek? Trekking in Nepal

The expedition towards the Annapurna is the tough works but not for their committed man who has the dream to trek on the Annapurna. The cost does not matter if the man or women have trekking strong wish and desire. But also keeping the income and expenditure in mind it cost up to $10000 +, it depends on your intensity and ratio of expenditure on the products and services that you want to get up. Annapurna is the first mountain that has got the permission for the trek in Nepal in 1929. The Nepalese have opened the door of welcome for the world to trek in the Annapurna. It’s the second highest mountains of Nepal having the major and shining features for the mountain range. The height is 8586 meter that sys its attitude to trek on it with your internal desire and full efforts. The result can be only better if the input better means the fruits can be only better if the root is better. No root no fruit.  The man law also follows on this cycle, many people have a dream to achieve the stars but even they don’t want to leave the land.

They think that the stars will fall near him at only his or her desire. The destination is to the thirsty people who is in the search of water. It’s the same curriculum of a thirsty man, the dreamer should be like the thirsty man who has the thirst of dream and busy in searching the way to reach there. The person who shows the dream of touching stars should be made themselves stronger that stars. The problems should not become powerful that your solution.  Problems are not the stop signs, but it is the guidelines.

Annapurna circuit trek pictures
Annapurna circuit trek

So,  this is also one of the good habits of the dedicated man who have seen the apple in the crowd and destination on the mountains. Some have their own thought and the thought does not have any rule and that  got matches with one another. A person has the largest walking distance and trophy they can win but it is also not possible to every man. The possibility can be only the true like the ant climbs the mountains without losing their hope and dream. Some see their destiny in water, some see their destiny in land and some see their destiny in mountains the famous destination of world trekkers that have kissed it’s land in Nepal is Annapurna. It’s not only the land of mountains and destination of trekking but also the feeling and pleasure of heaven as the white gold like snow falls and the mountains shines like the diamond shining in the mirror with reflection. The reflection f the Annapurna will make your heart in their own cage of attraction. The attraction makes you lunatic and the game off and the step moving toward the upward of Annapurna teaches you the history and c also help you to create the story.

If we consider the matter of trekking for Nepalese, then the expenditure might get some relief and it goes down in the level or comparison of foreigners. But the above expenditure schedule is the foreigners. The cost and expenditures that occur for the Nepalese visitor are very few up to one Lakhs to five Lakhs. The Annapurna is one of the first mountains who has got the legal permit for visit for trekking. It is one of the international class mountains that got the tourist from the world and also forecast the beauty in the mountains with the different wings and swings. The3 mountains the pride of Nepal and Nepalese that have to shine the identity of Nepal and made the Nepalese proudful. Nepal is the major country rich in mountains and sources of natural pockets and formation.

The great Everest is our pride and Nepalese pride which has made the Nepal and Nepalese recognized in the world. Otherwise, there also the country name Nepal lies in the earth will be the saying by the people of the rest country. The pride should be kept safely without any compromise with any leaders and party. It’s our national property and Nepalese identity. If the identity of Nepal got omitted that the identity of Nepalese will be also erased. The identity is like the person front signs that determine and states the quality and nature of the man. If the quality is wrong and un-qualitative then the man will be treated as the damages and less valued man. It’s so the reason make the country bright and long sight to make their own footprints and stamps on the mind of the world to have the better dealing and feeling of the people for the forward steps and movement.


Annapurna Map
Annapurna Trek Map

The momentum is only possible if the right action and right formation will be contributed by both sides and aspect with the intention of non-selfish.  The action is done with the mood of selfish, the help is done with the motto of returning again back more than your will have no any value and not any better feedback. So the action or the help that you examines or form should not contain any selfish and greediness. The feedback and appreciation will only be the high class if the person has the thought of lone term relationship and establishment forever. Similarly, the help made by the Nepalese while traveling to a foreigner.

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