26 Cool Things to Buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for Your Kids

Things to buy in Kathmandu Nepal for your kids :- Nepal is a small but very beautiful country around the world, and it is one of the leading destinations of tourists as well. Every year you can see thousands and thousands of crowd to visit Nepal used to come here.

There are various reasons to visit Nepal like an evergreen forest, surrounded by tallest mountains and hilly ranges, mixed beautiful culture and heritage, and other many more. You can find various attractive and old scenes in Nepal which will surely worth visiting.

Travellers also name it as a paradise of mountains because the world’s top 10 tallest mountains can be found in Nepal. Whole Nepal represents the diversity of people, caste, culture, and certain groups. One of the unique country and full of natural beauty makes Nepal more beautiful than ever.

You can find various places like Pokhara, Kathmandu, mustang, and others to visit in Nepal. These places have unique feathers, and people from inside the country also enjoy it a lot.

As an adult, we can travel anywhere we like and enjoy the beauty of everything, but it will be a little difficult for children. You may find it out sometimes that it will be difficult to take children for trekking in hilly and mountain regions.

Especially whenever you are visiting with family and children than you must know the better places for a kid. Many parents choose a vacation for a beautiful and straightforward city but should have many places for children to visit.

Yes, as we are talking about Nepal and its beauty, then there are many cities where you can take your children. People also search for family and friendly environment while visiting with family and some knowledgeable things. So, with the view, their children also learn something new from that place. 

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is very famous for its internal and unique beauty all around the world. Lots of international and local tourists used to come to this place for fun and to learn various new things. This city is also famous for children because there are lots of stuff and places to visit in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is only the ground which gives the services of all demanded goods and services according to the customer needs and interest. Customer is also more connected with the services for Kathmandu with any products that they buy.

There are many cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids. It does not determine that the cool things are only bought for the kids may be for the adults or younger too.

But the subjects deals with kids only refers also the many cool things that can be taken in the weather of summer. Especially, the cool thing is better for the summer season to maintain the body temperature.

Prices are affordable for every item, and the average standard family can buy many beautiful things for their children. Parents from all parts of the country used to bring their children to Kathmandu many times. 

They learn the old heritage and our culture as well so, and children love to visit here. You can find small and big shops where various kinds of dolls and toys are available.

Children will surely enjoy each item and places, and they also got chances to learn. You can find these dolls represent the culture of old newar caste and others too.

Teaching children through their favourite items and fun things will help them to learn fast and easy. So, there are many things in Kathmandu valley for children to enjoy and some of them are down below:

People now become conscious about their body and physical fitness not only aware about their body only but about their kids also. Kids are also their future because the parents are the roots and the son and daughter are their branches.

Both are dependent upon each other.

things to buy for kids
things to buy for kids

If the person who visits Kathmandu want cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids have to contact the right places for the right transaction of money and products. Kathmandu is not only popular with the goods and services only but also for guts and loots. 

As the largest platform of the business deal, people become sometimes nervous and confuse to get and adopt the product of their needs and interest. While visiting Kathmandu, many people want to buy the something as the gift of Kathmandu. It depends upon their choice to make and take whatever you like the most.

Kathmandu has open their door of marketing. it’s you who make the transaction in your own concern. Cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids means that you have to make and arrive with the boundary of the transaction of dealing and buying the cool things for your kids.

Kids are mostly in the crude age and they don’t have knowledge about the external world. They have their own world and they do not have any information about the products benefit and nonbenefits. They only know to eat it or grab it.

Kids are also the lovelier to their parents who make them more happy and angry also sometimes but also the love and affection never get ends and deduct due to their permanent connection. Cool things consist many contents inside it but for kids, it may be very special to make him or her cool along with satisfied.

Many kids are of the angry and rudely  in nature and they keep their choice constant on their favorite things. cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids is not the great things to deserve it but it’s  the somehow difficult to buy the specific and qualitative for your lovelier kids.

Kids are the very closure to their parents and parents are also very loving and they love their kids like the flower with smashing it. Many cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids are may be the following of your choice and your kids favorite because it is seen that most of the kids are habituated with all the following things:

Cool Things to Buy in Kathmandu Nepal for Your Kids

1. Jewelry and small earrings for kid

Well, they were talking about the jewellery which is made by cultural design and with organic materials for a kid. There are significant collections of these beautiful earrings for children inside the Kathmandu valley.


They have various colours and sizes and affordable prices because of their organic materials. You will also find small mala beads which are made as a necklace for everyone, and they are from different colours.

Rudraksha seeds as a mala are so beautiful for children because it will also help to make your body balance. They are very famous around the city, and you can buy them anywhere with perfect size.

These mala are made with string and seeds, which is also used as a meditation by many people. Children will love them to wear and found in a monkey temple which is Pashupatinath.

Shopkeepers around the city will tell you the importance and significance of this organic jewellery. They are friendly, and you can teach your children many things from them. These earrings were specially made from hey and feathers and plastic too by adding various mixed colours.

Let your children be curious about these old cultures so; you can adequately answer them with this old stuff.

2. Bagh Chaal game

It is one of the very famous games in Nepal which is originally come from our old generation. At that time, it is tough to find the game like ludo so, the old age creates the unique nature of the game.

Well, children will like it after they learn it to play, and it will also boost their brainpower. There will be 24 pieces from that 20 were goat, and 4 are tigers which you need to play inside the square wooden grid board.

You need to surround 4 tigers by using 2o goats as fast as possible and if you let the tiger go than they will eat a goat. It is an entertaining and learning game for children to play so, you can find this game in various places inside the valley.

This game is specially made from a wooden board, but these days you can also found it on steels. It is so popular around the Kathmandu and people for time pass, and it is not that much expensive as well. People can also see this gameplay while making near the streets and curving wooden boards.

The Government also tries to save it for future generations because this is originated from Nepal. It’s very interesting to watch people playing bhag Chaal these days and having fun with each other. Parents usually buy this game for their children and teach them to play.

We also have some responsibility to preserve it, and if you are a foreigner, then you can ask the Shopkeeper. They will teach you how to place the game and teach you about bhag Chaal.

Until you throw them out, they will still in use for the game, and bhag Chaal is long-lasting. The game made of brass is also available, but that may be a little bit expensive for you to buy.

3. Felt handicraft toy

You can find various types of felt handicrafts all over the Kathmandu valley, and they are especially for kids. There are finger puppets which are famous around the world with different colours and size.

Some of the felt handicrafts for children that can be found in Kathmandu are baby mobile, small colourful animal toy, and other tons of them. Your kids can choose whatever they want, and they have a low-level price tag.

You can carry them easily even you need to travel a long distance from Kathmandu to back to your home. Handicrafts toys are made from hand and household materials so, children also carry them with ease. These handicraft tools and toys need lots of creativity to make, which will have a positive effect on your children too.  

You can teach them how to be creative to make different handicrafts stuffs on their own. It is one of the best options for your kids to be happy at affordable prices.

Well, many people who visit Kathmandu are an international tourist, and they have a small space to carry any items. Handicrafts toy are lightweight, which take less place and space to be fit.  

4. Slippers with bent feathers

Well, talking about these types of unique slippers may be amazing to you, and they are awesome to wear. These are just ordinary slippers in Nepal because you can see lots of people use them.

They are made especially for children to fit their fit without more difficulty perfectly. These slippers are so comfortable and easy to wear for kids that they can walk more than regular distances.

You can find it in many places inside the Kathmandu like ratnapark and thamel side. Various accessories can be found for children which looks cool and useable in their daily life. 

Whenever you travel to various places inside the valley, then you will see many fabric stores and they will provide these slippers. They are not new to the people who live inside the country but maybe for an outsider.

These slippers have lots of qualities, and many of them are waterproof as well so, you can use them in rainy season too. Kids will love these slippers because of its softness and bend feathers. You don’t need to worry about the price tag because you can find almost 5$ per pair. 

5. Singing bowls

Nobody ever thinks about the singing bowls as children play and having fun with them. But many people have an experience that after they look singing bowl to their home than their kids start to play it. It may take some time to learn them, but they will begin to play with its magic and enjoy it a lot.

You can find a singing bowl near to the temple and Buddha gumba, which is so popular around the world. The sound comes from a singing bowl that is so smooth and relaxing that people fall to sleep so quickly.

You don’t need to worry about the price because it’s lower than other tools and you can choose according to your space. There are small size bowls to larger size bowls so; you can take as per your bag pack.

There are two types of a singing bowl found in Kathmandu, and one is expensive, but another is a little low. Well, if you want artificial, then it will cost a little lower price, but handmade singing bowls are special ones at a higher price. 

6. Comic and other books

Well, if you are planning to visit Kathmandu with your children, then you can buy lots of exciting books. There are dozens of stores to sell books, especially comics as well which is popular among kids. Those comics contain stories of superheroes withdrawing inside them so, kids love that.

There are some bookstores like pilgrims book houses which is popular among everyone. You can find books in both languages English and Nepali, and you can choose for your kid a special one. Books withdrawing inside them are excellent for children to learn fast and be creative.

So, whenever you are visiting with kids inside Kathmandu valley than try to grabs some local storybooks from the store. It will not cost you so much because the price of the book is slightly lower in Nepal than in other countries.

Anyone can afford these beautiful but straightforward books in the market of Kathmandu valley. People will indeed find something memorable in these child stories and poems inside these books.

Just a small space is needed to fit these pocketbooks in your bag so; you can even take it anywhere you like. Some books are even pocket size, and lightweight and others are middle, large but heavy ones.

7. Cultural and modern dress

There are various colourful dresses you can buy in Kathmandu valley at an affordable price. Kathmandu city is a diverse land in other word; you can find different people with a different culture. They used to promote and sell their dresses and other musical instruments as well.

Here, people live in harmony and help each other by respecting other’s art and culture too. So, your children will learn everything about various cultures while visiting Kathmandu city.

You can found beautiful hats just in 5$ and some dress upset in 30$ for both boys and girls. Bhaktapur’s side is also very popular among everyone because of its unique and old culture. You can find many options to choose the best cloth and other related products all around the shop.

Many clothes are mixed like mixed culture and modern styles, which become even more beautiful. the Shopkeeper will tell you everything about their dress and culture whenever you want to buy them. Kids also get a chance to learn these things which are not in any books these days.

So, Kathmandu valley is an attractive place for it and buys accessories for kids. All those dresses and other stuff are usually made by hand, which keeps their true beauty.

8. Marionettes

Well, marionettes represent the toys and daily life stuff which is useful every day and made from clay, wood, and other materials. These marionettes are famous in Nepal among kids and teens. They also made small statues and puppets of God and goddesses from wood and clay.

Some god like shiva, Ganesh and Krishna is famous in Asia, and you can see their cute small statue as marionettes. Nepal is a Hindu country, and that is also the reason you will see a lot god of Hindus here in Kathmandu.

Children will love to see God in a cute small statue, and they will keep those forever with them. Not only that if you visit Kathmandu then at the ratnapark you will see have many people had a small shop near to the street.

They all are selling those items at a minimum price, and even an average person can buy some of them. They are small ones and occupy less space on your bag so; it’s easy to carry them.

So, you can make your children happier at fewer prices, and even it will help you to buy other items. Well, if you are from outside the country, then they will even more like it. 

9. Lapsi, Titaura

I added this eatable food like lapsi and titaura because it is one of the most popular foods around the Kathmandu for children. They are so much sour and spicy, which has perfect flavour for kids to taste at least a few times.

Some love to enjoy the new taste, even more, when they are famous food of that place. Not only kids but even a young one like it and used to eat the most. They are sour but have a certain amount of sweet in it, which gives extra flavour to it.

Foreign usually enjoy these types of spicy food like titaura and even take with them many times. 

Lapsi is only found in Nepal that is also the main reason to love it by other country people. They are sour, and some sweet and they have an average size tree so, it is famous in Nepal. You can find them in a new road market which is one of the most famous places for lapsi.

There are already pack as pickles and serve other people, and it doesn’t cost that much to you. You can also buy it for your kid from bhatbhateni store in Kathmandu and other places.

10. Churpi

It is one of the best food for young and kids in Kathmandu valley, and they love to chew it all the time. It is specially made from milk of yak and sheep which will later make churpi by some process.

It’s really hard to chew, and it will also take a long time to be able to eat it entirely. Its origin is from mountain regions, but churpi market is so large in Kathmandu.

Travellers love to eat it as well as their children too, and international tourists take lots of churpi with them. Old age people get difficulty to chew it because of their weak teeth so, only children and young people enjoy it the most. 

Churpi is made of pure milk without any other chemical, so it is right for your health too. Parents should provide churpi instead of other junk food to their children while travelling a long distance.

Kathmandu has a large market of churpi supply inside the country as well as outside the country. Kids are very energetic by their nature, and they love to chew all the time something in their mouth.

It’s so hard at the beginning, and slowly it becomes softer, which will be fantastic for kids. You can afford the price because it’s not that expensive. You can get the best product of Kathmandu at an exact price for your children and family to taste new.

You can buy this product in a packet from a different place of Kathmandu and even from the department as well.

11. Jeans and shirt

Talking about the cloth, jeans are very famous cloth inside the valley, and you may not know, but Kathmandu is also famous for cheap cloth. You can find various places inside the valley where within just a cheap price, you can get the right amount of cloth. It is also an excellent place to buy your children some cloth at less price. Many people get shocked after hearing the price of jeans and shirts here because of its price tag. You can find competition among the Shopkeeper to sell cloth at a lower price. So, there is a lot of chance that you got a good quality of cloth-like jeans for your kids.

Kathmandu is little large city compare other in Nepal so, there are various places where you can go and purchase cloth with discount. You can buy summer and winter both cloth for your children, and they even got a lot more discounts in the evening or midnight.

Some famous places to buy cloth are gaushala, ratnapark, bhrikutimandap and other places where you can get quality as well as a low price rate. This will surely satisfy your children’s needs and desire to wear cloth form the capital city of Nepal.  

12. Arts

Well, art is very famous in Kathmandu even more if they represent something historical event. You can find different types of arts in an art gallery that reflect the history of Nepal, and through them, you can teach your children.

Arts are an excellent source of knowledge and showing your creativity to others. People genuinely appreciate the arts for its importance, and as parents, you must teach children about many events of the country. It will not cost too much as we are talking about the local arts in Kathmandu and you can enjoy it also.

Art is not just only painting or drawing of something meaningful but also the things which are made by someone. Skills which can be seen near the street of Kathmandu while travelling are cheap but have lots to teach. There are various types of art you can find, like the art of clay and mud, just like statues and dolls.

13. Kites

Kites are usually awesome to fly even more when you find the perfect shape and size kites. You can find lots of kites and its unique design inside the Kathmandu valley, and they made of paper as well as plastic.

There are different kinds of kites you can find in Kathmandu like flag shape, triangle shape, and other many more. They’re so cheap and can be purchase at a low rate for everyone. Your children will surely love it because of its colour and the joy it will provide while flying.

It would be best if you had a long string and the kite to fly in the open sky from the ground when wind flows a little more. You can also see that there are kites flying competition in Kathmandu and it is one of the cultures as well. Kites don’t cost you too much, and it needs little space to take wherever you want.

Children will love and enjoy it a lot, and it’s a fun game for every age of people. There are lots of places inside the valley where you can buy it and in case if you don’t know the history of kite flying in Kathmandu. Then you can even ask this thing to a local or Shopkeeper who will explain to you correctly.

14. VR tools

VR usually refers to virtual reality, and there are lots of games you can purchase in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a little bit advanced city than others in Nepal, so; you can find these new gaming tools as well.

We all know that children love video games most than any other thing, and there is virtual reality. It is a 21st-century video game where you can feel the game and feel like you are really inside it: their city centre and standard gaming centres where you can purchase these gaming tools.

People from other parts of the country will love this model and their children too. But it’s a little more expensive than other things so, you must have a higher budget to buy it for your children. These tools have the whole set, and you need to attach it in your television or pc to start and play.

Such a versatile game in this era, and kids want to play with it these days. As parents, you can buy it if you have enough budgets and it will not take too much space. VR is common in other countries so, international tourists may ignore it, but the traveller inside Nepal can purchase.  

15. Woollen topi

Well, woollen topi is popular among the people in Nepal because it is mostly handmade and so perfect. A right item and it is useful for you while visiting Kathmandu and comfortable as well.

Kathmandu valley is a cold place, and you need winter cloth most of the time, so, woollen topi will be perfect for you. Children also love it because it is smooth and handmade, which makes them feel so comfortable.

Woollen topi can be found inside the valley which usually sells by street people. This topi is made in a unique style where at the top, you can see a round object of woollen. You can wash them after using multiple times and again use it for many years.

Price is average according to the Nepali money, but it certainly has good quality for the winter season. Children health come the first when we travel or visit long distance that is also the reason for woollen topi is necessary to your kids.

They are like your cloth so easy to put inside your bag pack and take anywhere you like. Cost is almost 5 to 7$, which is not that much compare to children’s health. You can choose from different colours as your kids want and also various sizes.

16. Hand band name

Well, it is one of the unique things you can buy for your kids because it is only found in Kathmandu. It is a small square shape box where letters are written individually, and they will put in a wide string.

They are called hand band names because you can ask the Shopkeeper to write the name of anyone in that band. They have prefixed letters and shopkeepers will just arrange them according to your given name by putting inside that wide string.

They have different colours letter which is undoubtedly attractive for children, and they love to wear it. 

You can find these hand bands near the temple of soyambhu and Pashupatinath, which are very famous all over Nepal. They are a very cheap one so; you don’t need to worry about the price. They are mostly in white with other colours cover from the top.

People from outside the country may find it even more unique and love to purchase from Kathmandu valley. There are lots of temples around the valley, and you can take your children any one of them to buy this hand band. It is pure handmade bands by those shopkeepers, and you can increase or decrease the size of these bands. 

17. Mini size items

You are talking about the mini-sized items you can purchase in Kathmandu valley than there are lots in your list. Small and middle-size statues and other dolls are famous inside the valley. These mini-sized toys and items are made from glass which looks so beautiful and amazing.

They will just look like a birthday gift, and most of them are transparent so, your kids will feel the love with them. They are made for a gift to children and young age people to keep in their room. It will increase the beauty of that palace where you kept it, and that is also the reason for its importance. 

These mini-sized items can be found near to Ratnapark Street and gift shop or many other places where there is a bunch of toys and dolls. They are cheap compare to a large one and also take less space to fit in your bag. You can carry them anywhere you like but must be careful because they can crake with simple little effort.

Children also like these glass mini size toy because if you closely see them, then they have colourful small paper inside them. There is also the jelly water which will make them up and down inside the glass.

These feathers will make it more unique and beautiful than other gift and toys in a shop for kids. It will be worthwhile for you to buy one of them for your kids to play with them in your free time.

18. Fun and historical photos

Now, another most important and enjoyable items for children which are found inside the Kathmandu valley are photos. These are not stock photos like you have click from mobile, but they are historical ones.

Pictures in this photo are the old ones even before we are born, and they represent our country in various places. You can find the whole collection of these photos in Kathmandu Fun Park and other places like a temple. You can choose whichever you or your kids like the most, and it is fun to watch those photos.

Photo liked old dharara, an ancient temple which is destroyed now and old Kathmandu with different places. These all are found in those photos so, you may feel excited, and even your kids also get a chance to learn about them.

These photos have a lower price tag, and you will surely take some of them with you, and you can take them in your pocket too. Let your children choose them because there are photos like a tiger from Chitwan national park, elephants, mountain range, hilly area, rivers, and many more.

Your children also get a chance to learn from them, and by watching, you can see a smile on their faces. These photos can be more special to international people because they have never seen historical things in Nepal. It will also be an excellent point to attract tourists in Nepal and Kathmandu from these sources. 

19. Pustakari

This one is so famous in Kathmandu because pustakari is tasty and strong to bite at the same time. It almost like churpi as we are talking about its hard part but it will manufacture is different. It is dark black, and Kathmandu is a popular spot for pustakari.

It is manufacture by using milk, sugar, and little dark colour and other taste which give it extra flavour. It is found in various places inside the valley and especially like bus stand because people usually come more in that place. 

We all know that kids love chocolate and sweet items so; pustakari will surely make them happy. It just costs half a dollar of 3 packets, and that will be enough for you as well to eat.

Pustakari is not new in Kathmandu because from a very early time; it has been popular in Nepal. Even you can find them near the temples with other sweet things and everywhere inside the Kathmandu valley.

20. Rice paper for kids

Well, talking about these types of paper for kids, dairy made from rice paper will be best for them. These papers were originated from Nepal and have solid quality in it that is also the reason for its little costly than regular paper.

These are also known as lokta paper and use for government notice, hotel menu, and other dairies. You can purchase the dairy made from rice paper for your children so that they can draw and paint very well. Kathmandu is famous for rice paper and used to a manufactured lot every year.

You can see the old painting and drawing where these rice papers were used, and you will know its quality just by touching at once. Children can draw and do whatever they can, but it will not tear up that easily. They can have beautiful dairy of rice paper to write about the long-distance journey and keep safe forever.

You can find them in various shapes like the large, middle, and small ones so, their price will be determined through it. You can buy small size dairy and can place in a small bag as well, and due to its quality, many foreign tourists purchase it for children and themselves. This is one of the best quality papers you can ever have in your life. 

21. Holy product

Everyone knows that Kathmandu is one of the holy sites of Hinduism and Buddhist as well. So, every year many pilgrims and other people inside the country used to visit the valley and sacred sites. You can find various products and items for your children to buy here.

People bring their whole family once in a year to make them visit temples and gumba inside Kathmandu. You can also see that many tourists like Chinese and Indians come to visit the temples and again buy the product near the temples. You can also find many useful things for your kids and its a lot cheaper than you imagine as well. 

Well, Kathmandu is not only the fun city or tourist destination, but moreover, it is a holy site, and people worship God in a different form. There are small size God statues or flute, which is popular in Kathmandu sacred site.

Flutes are the most admire product by everyone, and especially children love it. They take out different sounds from it and in case you don’t know the way to play it then ask a shopkeeper. You can also found people playing the flute near the temple to collect money from other people.

The flute will be the best thing you can buy for your kids while visiting temples like Pashupatinath and ram mandir in the valley. Flute also has its significance which shows Lord Krishna one of the important gods in Hinduism.

They don’t cost that much, and you can buy some of them easily. You should have a small space for them to keep in your bag and they are made from bamboo.           

22. Chocolate:

It does not mean that the small chocolate, that is mall but the kids are also very clever and know everything if you want to cheat him or her. He wants and show his or her finger toward the large chocolate.

Chocolate is like their friends and foods which are attached to him or her and their teeth also look like the chocolaty due to sharpen and paste.  It is also one of the cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids to make them happy and always playing. They want to become happy all the time and also want to play with their friends and present the chocolate.

If any other friends bring the chocolate of their choice make him jealousy and greedy that may create the crisis among their friends.  So, if you are in the lands of Kathmandu means you are in the right places to purchase the chocolate. There are many types of chocolate in various size.

It depends upon your choice and interest to buy and purchase according to the interest of your kids. Chocolate is also the tools of making the children always in glad mode. It embraces and accelerates their happiness through it’s flavor and aspects.

There are many cools things to buy in Kathmandu but it does not be suitable for the children or kids. And you have to know very better that, the  gifts Chocolat the gifts of presenting someone in any special mode for making him or her impressing , especially  for the girls.

Talking the aspects to kids,  they are one of the variable which want the chocolate to deactivate their weeping and crying. Chocolate have the extreme power to change the person moods and intension because the contains the taste of pleasure.

Anyone who are in angry mode can be converted in relax mode by entering it in their motion.  Kids are very  naughty in nature and wants to play every times and not interested in their study. So, it’s the techniques to make them connected with the books by giving the chocolate.

Mainly, the person who come or arrive in Kathmandu for their special works have their own target to achieve first, later on while returning from Kathmandu, if their family included any children in counting list then it is very better to buy the chocolate.

And we  have to know cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids  will surely become your right decision to pass with it. Cool things means the cool s particulars that have the cooling ability and it is one  the chocolate that cast the cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids is  great support t and gift for  your kids if you want to looks them every time happy and in smile mode.

23. Cake :

Cake is the things which make the person come out saliva from their mouth by listening it’s name. it’s one of the very tasty and very good in nature of sweets and sweets items prepared  for the celebration of birthday occasion. But it is not the festival and rule that it can be only made and prepared in birthday bash. 

Cake is also the favorite of kids to adult due its o  wonderful taste and flavor. One thing to know is that , it can be prepared in various flavor  of your choice of your kids.

Kids are also very much interested and are favor of it to grab it. Cake is the enlightenment to make and percept the kids as  you are their own and  care taker. It’s not the great deal that make you and your kids dominating and make them feel like he has no one.

Cake is the most likely thing of children that is one of the desireful things for the growth of your kids. It  is also the cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your children.  Cake is the prepared with ingredients  of milk cream and many other fruits flavor that produce the smell of pleasure in  greedy mode.

Kids are your favorite and cake is also the favorite of the kids. So  the combination have good matching to deserve it. Kids are very much  theoretical in nature and they wants to tackle with all the obstacle in their way  because you are their   mentor. 

The tongue of everyone goes on different things to taste once but it does not make the realistic in happens.  Kids are very innocent   with doing the activities of any motions and activities that will crush you and your identity.

Cake is such the factors to make him or her busy in their own game. By knowing the benefits of cake, you have to allowed him to take it as it have the healthy containment.

In Kathmandu , cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids, means that you are taking the right decision because   here are the uncountable shops which offers you the cake of  various flavors in  different price. If you have make the plan to buy the cake confirm then, it is your best mentality to make your kids happy and lovely.  

According to the  structure and  behavior of the kids, cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids is the great matter to deal with it’s glorification and popularity of consuming cake in the platform of Kathmandu.

24. Cashew and nuts:

It is one the heavy energetic and  vitamin containing fruits having the cost also high but it have the great benefit and largest health remedies. It have the great benefit to rebuild and reconstruct the body dead cells and body metamorphic to make the result m more  standard and  prizable.  

This cashew and nut  are treated as the  body building fruits to make the kids mind and body active and work them in regularity and right mode to ousted him or her in perfect  shape with unique capability.

It is also the cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids if you are more assertive toward your children. It is imperative for the mental and physical growth of the kids to regenerate the body filament in lighted and active mode.

As it have the feature of deactivating the wastes and dead  cell, will also encourage the kids to fight with their aimed goals and create their own fortune of  shining stars only. Cool things to buy in  Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids specify it. Cashew and nut have great power and great vitamin that make your kids one of the best and unique flower of the entire garden.

So, the cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids concentrates it for your betterment for your kids.

25. Fruits juice or candy bars:

It is also one the cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids to keep them in happiest mode. Kids are more connected with the candy and juice. Candy reefed by them most because it is in small forms and it makes them more pleasure.

Candy and fruits juice are two variable having the difference character and features and it is very beautiful or very protein to the kids. Kids are very much influenced by it if your buy in Kathmandu, especially for your kids. Kids are the child and they only know to eat and take the taste of different candy.

Kathmandu is also known for the candy store because there are many stores and shop which does the business of candy of national to international brands. If you brought the candy in the crispy and creamy model then, I think it will be his or her more demandable and best.

Kids want to enjoy in their own life because they are very far from the real world and life responsibility.   With great mentality and concentration of health of their children, juice bottle of various fruits can be also buy in Kathmandu.

Thus,  cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids offers you a lot of drink and beverages that can be served with various another bowl of needed items to pour it and make their kids in the refresh mode and energetic.

26. Winter clothes:

If you  are in Kathmandu, and you forget to buy the woolen clothes, means you are cheating yourself or you are calling the trouble around yourself. Kathmandu is famous places to buy the winter clothes, woolen clothes of all ages under one roof.

So, if you have the desire to make yourself happy and also you want to take something for kids, then woolen clothes, sweater or else will be better and it will prevent you from the winter attack. Kids are more in danger zone from the assault of winter storm and coldness due to drastically decrease in temperature and change in whether.

Firstly, you have to clarify your thing to buy in the present which is most and which will be best.  You know very clearly that cool things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for your kids confuse you to buy anyone of goods due to creation and existence of many options.


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