500 Heart Touching Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019

401. Now that the years have passed and I am the one who has to educate my own children. I realize how hard it is and how hard I put it to you to Mom. What infinite patience you had with me. And how much did you love me? I only hope to educate my little ones half as well as you did with me.

402. Now that my children are growing up, I understand how much work and love you needed to care for and keep the family together. The example of your strength, dedication, and patience today is more alive than ever.


Happy Christmas Message For Parents

403. Now that I am a mother, I can see and understand everything you did for me. All the love and protection you gave me made me the person I am today.

404. There in heaven where you are, I hope that all the love I have for you continues to reach your heart. I will love you always, mom. Where you are, I hope you receive everything until my end.

405. Even if you are not by my side, every day dear mom. I continue to celebrate that I have had the best.

Happy Christmas Message For Parents

406. Although I no longer have my mother by my side, I celebrate this day by remembering it more strongly if possible. I know that now she is an angel that takes care of me.

407. Blessed the Mothers of the world, who with their integrity knew how to look beautifully of the offspring of their belly.

408. Each one carries within himself an image of the woman, taken from her own mother. That is why he is determined to respect women in general, or to despise them or to be totally indifferent to them.

Happy Christmas Message For Parents

409. Every time I count the blessings I received in this life, I name you twice. Thank you for all the support and love you have given me, for understanding me and for helping me to be better.

410. Every time when you look and see at your mother, enjoy the present and think that. Although she will always be in your heart, she will not always be with you in this life journey. So always love her and do not cause her sadness.

411. With love, I tell you and with much incredible love I give you a gift. Have a happy day and be for a long time by my side.

Happy Christmas Quotes For Mom

412. Becoming a mother makes your way of seeing and visualizing the world differently. Enjoy this beautiful experience.

413. Raising a child is the greatest act of generosity that any human being can face. Thanks for your generosity mom. Raising a child is the greatest act.

Happy Christmas Quotes For Mom

414. When I was little my mother told me: If you become a soldier, you will become a general. If you become a priest, you will be Papa. I wanted to be a painter and I got Picasso.

415. When I think about the years we have shared and all the love I have received, I can not help but feel happy and grateful. I love you so much mom.

416. From my mother, I learned that it’s never too late, that you can always start over. Right now you can say enough to the habits that destroy you, the things that chained you. The news that poison you from the morning. To those who want to direct your life on the lost road.

Happy Christmas Quotes For Mom

417. There should be more than one day to celebrate the cute women who raised us. And that’s why I celebrate you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day.

418. Breakfast in bed, massage in the morning, snack at noon, an evening of nap and night of cinema … Hmm … I think I’m forgetting something mom … I know! Give you the biggest kiss and hug in the world.

419. Since you had me inside your belly you have always given me a lot of love. When you brought me to the world you have given me all your care and now an adult you always give me your best tips. I ask you for forgiveness if I have ever failed you as a child. And I thank you for me to keep all with my defects and virtues. I love you beautiful mamma.

Happy Christmas Quotes For Mom

420. The heart of a mother is the most beautiful place for a son. And the only one who can not lose even when he takes and to baskets. In all the space of the universe, there is only one heart like this.

421. On this day so special, I want to thank you with all sincerity for the enormous effort you have made till this day. That God is rewarding with growing, all the teachings that I have received.

422. At the time of difficulty, I look for shelter in your arms. The happy moments are more when I share them with you. Now I think about it, you’ve always been close to deliver your love and your care. I love you, mom, I hope you have a beautiful day.

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423. You’re the only person in the world that is always present for me in an unconditional way. If I reject you, you welcome me. If I’m wrong, you correct me. If the others shut me out, you open me a door. If I’m happy, you celebrate with me. If I’m sad, you do not smile until you make me laugh. You are my unconditional friend. Thank you.

424. Generosity, goodness, joy and unconditional love is something that grows in women when they are mothers. And today Mom I thank you for being my example in life.

Christmas SMS For Mother

425. Thank you mom to you and the sky that let me live in your breast. And then be born and filled me to wisdom to become what I am today. My admiration, my respect and my love for you.

426. Thanks for having enough value to tell me “no” when it was not convenient to like my whims. Thanks for being wise enough to tell me “if” when you understood that what I asked was for my own good.

427. There’s a story after all things. Where did you make a photo. How did you make a scar. Sometimes the stories are simple and normal, sometimes they are complicated and break the heart. But after each story, it is always the history of your mother, because in it is your beginning. I love her forever.

Christmas SMS For Mother

428. The mother is our Providence, our God on earth in the first years of life. Our strongest support and protection in the following years of childhood. And our most tender and loyal friend in the stormy years of youth.

429. Today I have to say that I want you because the calendar sends, the rest of the year demonstrates. Because you are the best mom anyone can ever have in the world.

430. Maternity is the most noble vocation of the earth. It is the most beautiful and creative of all the arts. It is the largest of all the professions. It is guaranteed of successes in life, responsible for the moral, intellectual and physical training of the children.

Christmas SMS For Mother

431. Most of the beautiful things in life reach pairs or by threesomes, by tens or hundreds. There are many roses, stars, chances, rainbow, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, but there is only one mother in the whole world.

432. Mother of my soul … I’ll never forget the brightness of your eyes looking at me. The tenderness of your hands when they wangled my hair. Let’s leave your voice saying my name. I will never forget what you were and you will always be. The best woman I will love until the end of my life. My mamma from the sky Give me your blessing.

433. The best memories of my life go from my mother’s hand. That’s why in a day as today I remember you.

Christmas SMS For Mother

434. Mother: It’s comforting to know that this family has a person like you, about which only breathe love.

435. Mother have shown me your love when everyone left me only. You have sought me every time when I was distantly away from you. You understood even when I misunderstood your love and concern. Now I understand that a love of a mother is incomparable and, sometimes, incomprehensible to others in the world.

436. Mother, who never be separated from me, that hand of you who gives me the blessing. I need your eyes to look at me although the whole world removes his gaze from me.

437. Mother, there’s nothing but you. That you are so much love and patience that have dried my tears. With so much love and patience, you have taught me the way. You are present in my heart. Mother There’s nothing more than one and that is just you.

438. Mother, look towards the night sky. I have asked each star blessings for you and do not forget the flashes. Because you will get all my love.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

439. Mother: What can I tell you? Only words of love, but I have been an ungrateful son. I would like to be hiding under the heat of your pigeon wings.

440. Mother, I love you for everything you’ve done for me. I kiss you and hug you. Because you love me, you feed me and cared. You taught me to smile. You taught me to live.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

441. Mother for Motherhood, the gift of any woman and the salvation of any child. For the love of a mother, unsurpassed. For Duty, that she feels, and that she puts ahead of her own happiness. And for the Dedication to her children.

442. Mom For being the Queen of your family, although we will not show it to you. Because you are Special. For her love, for her dedication and for the way she tries to keep her whole family together.

443. My dearest mother, I do not know how to thank you for the restlessness, the worries I made you go through. Either because I was sick or because I had gone to a party. You are the person I love and care most in the world.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

444. My dearest mother, I will never have enough words to finish thanking you for all the love I have always received from you. Since I have use of my faculties, I always remember you as a loving Mother dedicated to her children. Thanks for your love without limits.

445. Mamma, I want you to know that you are much more than a good mother. You are an excellent friend. A super entertaining partner and a person I can trust completely.

446. Mom, although I give you a rose there will be no one who can match the beauty of your heart. Thanks for being the best, I love you mom, though I only gave you a rose.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

447. Mom, you were my biggest teacher, a teacher who taught me compassion, love and the bass. If love is as sweet as a flower, then you, Mother are the sweet flower of love.

448. Mom, today I have not done the bed, I have not picked up my room. I have not scourged the dishes, I have not even walked the dog mom. But, do you know why …? Because today I want to be all the time with you, Mom.

449. Mom, you have educated me, you have scolded me. You have given me a roof, you have fed me. But above all, you have loved me! How to thank you for everything you have done for me.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

450. No masterpiece by any artist can equal the creation of a child made by a mother.

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