999 Heart Touching Merry Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019


For my wonderful Mom, merry Christmas. I hope every part of your vacation is as special as you!

Having you as my mother is one of the truest blessings of my life. May God bless you and keep you healthy and safe always. Merry Christmas, 2019.

Mom, you acted like Santa Claus to make me happy. You fought to avoid my fight. I’m lucky to have you like my Mom. Merry Christmas!

You are such a wonderful mother who guided me and showed me the way I will never fail and make you proud. Merry Christmas!

You understood my unsaid words, you taught me to speak, but even today I lack words to express how much I love. I hope you understand my unsaid words today too! Merry Christmas Mom!

Merry Christmas to my amazing Mom. Your love, your care, and your warm hearts have made my life very special. May your vacation be filled with everything you deserve!


You were my guide, or maybe I was going under. Your love and patience is my strength. May the Lord bless you with happiness this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages For Mother

Christmas helps us appreciate the simple things that bring the greatest joy, warmth, sharing, and family. Although the way we celebrate Christmas has changed over the years, the good family feel we have made together will be ours for life. Merry Christmas.

Mom, you shouldn’t have to wait for a special season to know how much you want to say. Your love does not expect special occasions. It is there all the time, strong and constant. But especially at Christmas, you surely deserve to know how much they love and appreciate you. Merry Christmas and thanks for everything you do.

Increasingly, as time goes by, we appreciate the wonderful ways in which your love touches our lives. There is no better time than now to tell you what we hope you always know. We love you, mom, today and every day. Merry Christmas.

Christmas is a time for gifts, and Mom, you give your best. I love the way you always stay with me. Laughs, listen, good advice, your help, your heart, your time. For me, these things are precious as they can be. They are not the type that comes from stores or appear with ties. They are blessings that can only come from you. So thanks, Mom, for everything you give and for everything you care about. I love you and I am also deeply grateful.

For all the things you said and did that made me such a lucky child, hard work, caring, for being strong and being there. For all your love, the gifts you give, the woman you are, the life you live, for all these things and much more, you are the mother for whom I am grateful. Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas Mom. During this season of joy, I want to tell you how much I admire you. It’s the pride you show for your family, it’s the courage you show, it’s the advice you share and your endless love. I know what a good mother does because I have you. I love you

Every hug you have given, every memory you have made, every vacation moment we have shared has added to a life of love. Thank you and Merry Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I think of home, family and you. Thank you for all the ways you filled my life and my love vacation.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

Mom, I’m very grateful to be your daughter. You have a place in so many happy Christmas memories, in countless life lessons taught by loving example, and in all the warm and grateful feelings that Christmas brings. I hope you feel all the love and appreciation that is here for you this Christmas and always.

As winter settles smoothly and Christmas arrives, we warmly thank you for how you bless our lives. The little talks and smiles we share, the favors you do, the kind and affectionate gestures that reflect your heart. They make a happy difference for which we are both so grateful, for Mother, you are a blessing, and we could not love you more. Merry Christmas.

What a gift it is to have a mother like you. It’s hard to describe how much you mean every day, but especially at Christmas, I hope you feel more loved and appreciated because you are. Merry Christmas.

My mom, a wonderful gift in my life. The gifts that mean the most are those that nobody but you could give: the time you spent with me, the traditions you shared, the lessons you taught. Having you as a mother is a wonderful gift in my life, I will always treasure. Merry Christmas.

Mom, this Christmas wish is only for you. A desire for all the happiness that a well-lived life can bring. A desire for friendships that nourish you. A desire for good health and good memories, new goals to fight for, new ways of expressing everything you are and new joys to rejoice your heart.

May this Christmas give you time to take care of yourself as you take care of so many others, and may you take the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are important to your family. Merry Christmas.

You have been like a friend to me. There were times when I needed someone, and you were there with love and support, ready to listen and share your point of view. Having you in my life has meant the world to me, and I can’t thank you enough. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

No matter how adult I may be or how independent I feel, no matter the distance between us or the time between visits. Whatever happens, there is one thing you can always be sure of: how much I love you. Merry Christmas.

Mom, I love you all year. But Christmas is a good time to remember the gifts I have thanks to you. Like the love that doesn’t give up. Kindness and generosity I feel so strong. And an example that I try to follow every day. My love for you only grows more with each passing year. Merry Christmas mom.

Dear mom, I love Christmas as much as I love you. Thank you for all your gifts and cakes. Thank you for always putting my demands before your wishes. I wish you a very merry Christmas. I hope you liked my gift!

My Christmas memories are incomplete without you. You make every day, season and festival special just for being there. I love you Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, mother. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love and I wish you to continue cooking such delicious food. You are all I want for Christmas. You are my greatest gift. I love you. Merry Christmas.

I may not say much but I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for the delicious cake as always, mom. I love it when you cook it especially for me. Merry Christmas.

This Christmas, I wish you reach great heights and may God fulfill all your desires as you fulfill mine. Merry Christmas.

Your love keeps me alive and even on the most difficult days. You are my favorite Santa. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas mom. You and I have shared a lot. We laughed and cried. You were always there for me and enjoyed the happiest moments. And this holiday season, we have many reasons to celebrate. We have a story full of memories that keep us together and happy. You are such an important part of me that Christmas shines, even more, when I celebrate it with you. Love you very much

The best Christmas is what happened to you. You have been my biggest confidant since childhood. Thanks for putting up with me. Merry Christmas mom. I love you!

Sometimes I can be a difficult child, but I want you to know that I love you immensely. No festival is special without you being there. Merry Christmas.

If I could ask Santa for something, I would ask him to fulfill all your wishes. I love you, mamma. Merry Christmas.

I haven’t seen a superhero, but I’ve seen a superwoman since my childhood and that’s you. Merry Christmas, my superwoman.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

You are wonderful Mom, you always give our family something extra, be it time, help or encouragement. That’s why your Christmas should bring all the little extra joys that make this time of year so sweet and beautiful.

I know what a good mother does. It is the pride she shows in her family, the strength she has when times get tough, the wisdom she shares in the stories she tells. You are the best mom. And wish you, Merry Christmas.

It’s the immense and pure love that you give to those who are lucky. I know what a good mother does. thanks to you. And I’m so blessed and proud that you’re mine. Merry Christmas.

There is something about Christmas that makes us want to express our love and gratitude in words, words like thank you and love you and you always will. In many ways, you have been like a companion to me, and it has meant more to me than I could say.

We grew up very funny and full of love especially at this time of year. I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me and all the good memories I have. I will never forget those days, and I will always love you for giving them to me. Merry Christmas, mom.

Remember how you used to hide gifts in my stockings and pretend to be my Santa. I want you to know that things have not changed yet and you are still my favorite Santa. Merry Christmas, mom. What are you hiding this year?

My friends were always jealous of me for the cakes you baked. I’m still proudly boasting because my mother bakes the best cakes in town. Merry Christmas, mom.

All my life, I’ve never been without love, care or without knowing that someone cares. From the beginning, you have been there for me with love, guidance, and support whatever happens. And the more I see the world, the more I realize how weird it can be.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

You are a wonderful mother, and I just want to say how glad I am that you are mine. For all that you have given me all my life, I love you. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Mom, some of my happiest Christmas memories are the moments we have spent together. I may not say it so often, but I tell you now. I have always felt fortunate and grateful to have you as a Mom. I hope you feel loved and appreciated this Christmas and always because you are.

The real joy of Christmas is being part of a family like ours. You have given me so much and surrounded me with love all my life. Thank you, mom, as you are the best gift I could receive, and I will always appreciate it. Merry Christmas.

It has always been a blessing to know that you are there, no matter what. You have touched my life in more ways than you will ever know. I love you, and I always will. Merry Christmas.

You are such an important part of all that means most in life: family, good memories, traditions to cling to. That is why you deserve so much gratitude at Christmas for all the ways you rejoice our lives with your love.

There are many precious gifts in the world, but my favorite is your smile. Merry Christmas, mom.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

Christmas is nothing to me if you are not part of it. For me, the festival is important because you are by my side to celebrate. Merry Christmas, my mom. The time I spent with my mother is the best thing about Christmas.

There are so many beautiful things at Christmas. But what I love most is your smile. Christmas will come and go, but my love for you is for life. Merry Christmas, mamma.

Some moms are loved because they are kind and thoughtful day by day, while others are loved because they have a comprehensive way. So, some deserve special thanks for all the things they have done, but moms like you are very few, they are all in one. Merry Christmas.

Words will fall less if I ever try to confess my deepest feelings for you. Merry Christmas, my mom. My Christmas could not be better without your presence.

I love you ‘is not enough to portray the amount of love I have for you in my heart. Merry Christmas, mom.

On this day I want to thank you for always enduring my pranks and worries. I still wonder how you did it. Merry Christmas, my mom.

Christmas will stay for a day. But my love for you will stay forever. I cannot thank God enough for blessing you. You are the greatest treasure I love you. Merry Christmas.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

I feel the luckiest child on the planet because I have the best mother like you. Merry Christmas to my mom.

People can come and go, but you will always be “my best person.” Merry Christmas, mom. I love you! Thank you for tolerating my evil and ignoring my sins.

The best thing about you is that you can act like any other relationship in the world. But no relationship could act like you. Merry Christmas mom, you’re the best in the world. Thank you for the purest love you have given me.

Cooking and cleaning but always having time to spend with us, how you do it surprises me. During this festival, we hope you have time to spend only on yourself.

Your love feels for everything you do. My mom, you are special and I hope you know that I care. I thank you and I appreciate you having a Mother like you. And, at this Christmas, may God bless you.

Mom, you make our Christmas so special for everything you do. We want you to know how much we love her.

Mom, you filled our childhood with the magic of Christmas every year. In this Christmas season, may the magic and blessings of Christmas be yours? I love you

Mommy, do you see my smile? I am so happy because your love is special and you are so good to me! That’s why I ask Santa to bring good things your way. That way you’ll be as happy as you make me every day! Merry Christmas.

Thank you for the gift you sent me, it was nice. May the Christmas spirit fill the house, Merry Christmas mom!

While celebrating this Christmas, I want you to know that I love you very much. Merry Christmas mom.

For a special woman who has never let me down, she has supported me in every way. Thank you; You are simply the best of all. Merry Christmas mom, I love you so much!

Don’t be afraid to unpack Christmas presents, they’re all yours, mom. I hope Christmas brings a lot of joy to your life. Merry Christmas, mother!

My dear mom, I want to wish you the best holidays this Christmas. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Merry Christmas!

Thanks for your love mom, I miss you. I wish you were here with me this Christmas season to hug me. I love you very much. I wish you a happy Christmas!

You taught us to be responsible children, and we will always do it for the rest of our lives. Merry Christmas, Mom!

No matter where I am, no matter what I do, the lessons and life skills you taught me as always within me. I appreciate everything you taught me. Merry Christmas, Mom!

Mom, I am grateful that there is a time like Christmas when we can be together, share some laughs and make some more memories. It means a lot to have a mother like you, someone I not only admire but also have fun. Simply put, I am grateful to have you in my life.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

You have been the best Mom for me. I can never wish for other Mom. Merry Christmas!

Having Christmas with you has always been very colorful. May you always make it beautiful. Be blessed Merry Christmas, Mom!

Merry Christmas, Mom! May you receive many warm gifts and greetings from those who are dear to you.

Dear Mom, it is another beautiful day that God has given us, may your day be wonderful than any other day. Merry Christmas, Mom.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

Mom, you are the most influential person in my life, I am who I am today thanks to you. Thanks, Mom, Merry Christmas to you!

I may not be close to you, but everything you have taught me will remain in my mind forever. Merry Christmas, Mom

I am proud to be your son. I promise that I will always make you proud. Merry Christmas to my Mommy!

It may not be so perfect, but I will always be your princess. I wish you a happy Christmas Mom!

May the magic of Christmas rejoice your heart with the joys of the season. May the promise of Christmas bring you and your infinite blessings. Merry Christmas, and may this Christmas bring you joy and laughter.

Being happy is the greatest desire in life. I wait for Christmas every year. It is time to reach those of us who have been lost throughout the year.

May this message find you in good health and a good mood. May the spirit of the season bring you closer to those you appreciate so much. May this be a year of celebrations for all, Merry Christmas for all.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

Good cheer, great hope and the best that the holiday season has to offer you and our family while celebrating this moment of union. Merry Christmas!

This festival is much more than parties and gifts. May your Christmas be filled with the beautiful and unforgettable times and memories.

Dear mom, Your determination, kindness and constant devotion with your big heart and your warm smile have transformed my life. For keeping the Christmas spirit alive in so many ways, all year long, thank you.

May the blessings of Christmas be with you, may Christ illuminate your path, may the love of God envelop you and keep you safe every day. You are always in my thoughts and my heart, especially at this time of the year. I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

The best Christmas gifts will always be the tender moments, the hugs and the conversations we share. Missing you mom and wishing you Merry Christmas.

Thinking of you two at Christmas brings such a deep feeling of warmth and gratitude: that you have met, that you are very happy and that we are family. Merry Christmas.

I wanted to take the time to send you my most sincere Christmas wishes. I hope you have a beautiful vacation. It’s about creating happy memories with your loved ones. Merry Christmas.

There are so many gifts that I want to give you this Christmas. Peace, love, joy, happiness are all gifts that I send you. May our home be filled with the joy of the holiday season. We wish you a merry Christmas, mom!

This Christmas, may Santa Claus bring you lots and lots of presents. May all those gifts be the ones you always wanted. May all your wishes, dreams and wishes come true this Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas.

Mom, may the joy you give others be the joy that comes back to you. Have a truly Merry CHRISTMAS!

May the baby Jesus make all your dreams, aspirations and desires come true. May love and friendship be with you to be with you forever. I wish you have a perfect celebration this season. Merry Christmas, mom!

May the charming spirit of Christmas bring you much peace, joy, and happiness. I live with you throughout the Christmas season. I wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

May joy and happiness cover you with snow, may the bells ring for you and may Santa Claus be very good to you! Merry Christmas! Sending the spirit of love, joy, and surrender. Unwrap it on Christmas Eve. I wish you a merry Christmas and happy holiday.

May this Christmas be better than you expected. Merry Christmas to you. Get out and spread the joy! May this year be more promising than the previous year! Spread the happiness around you! It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas, mom.

You are a beautiful soul with a good heart, and vacations are much better when shared with you. No wonder you mean so much to people who know you and love you. Merry Christmas.

Sending all my love and the best blessings of heaven this Christmas. Have a bright Christmas season. Merry Christmas to my mom!

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