999 Heart Touching Merry Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019


The Christmas miracle will bring happiness to our family. May the blessings of Jesus showers upon you at Christmas, mom.

On the first Christmas, love flowed from a manger. May that same precious love overflow our hearts, blessing all we know. Thank you for sharing God’s love with me, mother.

Let’s celebrate the Savior who relieves our sorrows and surrounds us with love. May this Christmas fill you with joy as you reflect on God’s blessings.

May the light of a star remind us that God still loves us. May your Christmas be beautiful and blessed, Mother.

Mom, you made me believe that there are happiness and enjoyment in my surroundings. May your Christmas be full of delight.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

When I think of all the toys you rode the nights before Christmas, I realize how dedicated you were and what you still are. Thank you for making Christmas mornings beautiful.


When I saw dad kissing Santa, I was worried. All these years later, I feel relieved to discover that it was you! Merry Christmas, Mom!

Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of a nap after all that joy! I’m looking forward to our nap after Christmas dinner this year, Mom.

We all know that the person with all the toys is not Santa. It’s you, Mom! Thank you for keeping all the secrets in the bag.

Mom, you’re cooler than Frosty the Snowman! Have an amazing Christmas!

Mom, I miss the way you used to tickle my cheek as a child. It made me imagine how it would feel to be kissed by Santa. Thanks for the loving memories.

Mom, your jokes always take me on a “killer” ride! I’m looking forward to some new ones coming this Christmas!

Mother, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me when I was growing up. I will treasure the Christmas memories of my childhood forever. You are unique and I love you. I wish you a happy Christmas.

This special Christmas, I am sending you heartfelt wishes thinking of you. Then, naturally, they are the warmest and most affectionate type. Merry Christmas, Mom!

Christmas is a time of joy, family fun, and union. You told us it was never about gifts, you filled us with gifts anyway. But the best gift you taught us was to love and treasure the moments of today and every day of our lives. Merry Christmas, Mom, and thanks for giving us the best gift of all: a wonderful family.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

You have turned our house into a Christmas wonderland every year. Thank you for the wonderful memories, Mom. I wish you the happiest Christmas.

You raised us on Christmas full of wonder. You made the season incredibly magical and joyful every year. You made every day special. All the goodness that you are is remembered with love every day of every year. Merry Christmas, Mom.

No one else has the biggest heart in this world. Thank you for keeping me in that heart during these years. Happy Christmas, my love.

Mom, believe it or not, I never feel alone, because I know you’re always with me. I am grateful and love you very much. Merry Christmas, mom.

I was not always the easiest to handle, but somehow you always made me feel loved! Merry Christmas, mom.

Mom, I want to tell you that, you mean a lot to me and every year I crown you with the “Best Mother of the Year” award. No one can get even closer to your winning ways. Merry Christmas to my great mom.

Merry Christmas, mamma. You’ve been my inspiration all my life by teaching us how to play different roles in life and be so great too. I love you so much.

Mom, all I want is for me to grow like you in the future. I wish you Merry Christmas and it is all your guide for which I have become the person I am now.

Mom, you’re the strength that always helps me fight all the odds of my life. I love you very much.

Christmas Messages For Mother

If motherhood had to be explained to someone without setting an example, it would be a useless definition. Merry Christmas, Mom.

I always knew I am the luckiest child in the world. I wouldn’t change my life for anything. It will always be you and me, Mom. Merry Christmas.

You showed us, with your examples, that Christmas is about love, family and compassion for the less fortunate. Thank you for teaching us about the celebration and meaning of Christmas. We love you, Mom and Merry Christmas.

You were my hero then. You are my hero now. You will always be a hero in my heart. Greetings for a very merry Christmas. Thank you for the love and joy you gave so bigheartedly and kindly.

Our memories of our favorite Christmas are full of laughter and awe because you made them that way. Thank you for our family Merry Christmas Mom.

Dear Mom, I wish you a very happy and merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest and I ask the Lord Jesus to always keep you both happy.

Christmas is incomplete with your blessings Mom! Please, bless me! Merry Christmas!

Christmas was always more fun because I have fun with my Mom! Those gigantic smiles that you flashed always made my heart light up! Merry Christmas!

No matter what we are doing together, sharing a giggle or praying, we always do it with love. You taught us and we appreciate you. Merry Christmas, Mom!

When I hug you, mom, I feel that I am safe from all difficulties. When I knock your feet Mom, I feel like I knocked on heaven’s door! I’m lucky to have you. Much love, Merry Christmas!

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

You are so special for me, mom and I wish a Christmas full of love laughs and much happiness.

I only have one Christmas prayer: that my mother is healthy, strong and confidence so that we can spend more days fishing together. Merry Christmas, Mommy.

Wherever I go and in whatever, I will always be grateful. You are the best example of what a mother should be. I wish you the best Christmas this year and for many more years.

We look forward to Christmas every year to have the opportunity to recreate all the lessons of sharing and love that we learned from you. That is the most special gift you have given us. Thanks, Mom. Merry Christmas.

Mom, caring, and sharing is something very natural for you. Christmas is the perfect festival to thank you for all the ways you are a blessing to me.

If it weren’t for your love and consideration, Christmas would not be the same. Thank you for all the ways you make Christmas happy and bright. I love you, mama!

A mother’s love is the sweetest gift I could wish for at Christmas and throughout the year. Thanks for always giving it to me. I love you too, mom!

The best Christmas gifts are not found under the tree. They are in the heart of a mother who constantly shows love to her family. Thanks, Mom.

Merry Christmas! I love you, mom. At Christmas and throughout the year, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Mom, you taught me the lesson of life.

I have a lot of love and happiness because you are my mother. I am very happy to have you by my side. Have a great celebration today. Merry Christmas.

Today is the day I promise not to cause any of the problems I caused the rest of the year. Enjoy the beautiful Christmas season since you never know what you could do tomorrow. It’s a joke. You are amazing! I will be good, I promise.

Mom, you spent your time, energy, care and love for me. I am now older. I have found valuable wealth like family, friendship, honor, love, and respect. I am very grateful to them.

I can’t express to you how amazing you are a mother. All my happiness has been possible only for you, mom. Merry Christmas, mom.

I want to wish you the blue skies, the sun, the rainbow and the birds singing this morning and every morning. Love you, mamma.

Merry Christmas, mom. When I remember my favorite memories, something stands out so clearly: the warmth of your smile and the love you show. You have always made my world a very happy place and you still do it.

Mom, you are my best friend and my biggest confidant. I couldn’t be happier to have you like my mother! Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

A mother’s love adds even more joy to Christmas. You do a lot to make everyone feel good: you listen, console, cheer up, give. Somehow you manage to make Christmas even more wonderful with your loving touch. You are a true gift for our family, someone who simply could not be loved anymore.

Mom, I’ve learned a lot from you that happiness is found in the little things. That force doesn’t always look like we expect. That believing in someone is the best gift you can give, especially at Christmas. I owe you so much, Mom. And I love you so much.

Mom, keep in mind that I love you so much. I wish you a beautiful and colorful Christmas.

Thanks for never giving up on me, when everyone else thought it was bad news. You had faith in me. You loved Me. Now I am a better and happier person. You are my champion, mom! Merry Christmas.

On this special day, I want to wish the most amazing woman and my best friend. Merry Christmas. Enjoy to the fullest, mom.

Mom, you have the most attractive eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world. Have a wonderful celebration of Christmas.

Having you as a Mom is one of my greatest blessings. Mom, in everything you do, God’s love shines. Your life is an example of care, patience, and understanding. You are a blessing to our family, and especially to me. That is why, at Christmas, I ask God to keep you and protect you always. Merry Christmas.

Mom, it’s Christmas. I wish all the best things belong to you because you are one of the best people in the world and deserve the best. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas Messages For Mother

Mom, there is no other person who can take your place in my heart. I’m so lucky to have found the best mother in the whole world. You will always be the number one mother for me, no matter how far I am away from you.

May your eyes always be free of tears, is what I want when Christmas approaches. I love you mom and wish you Merry Christmas.

There could not be two people with hearts more generous than yours. Thank you for all your love and support for being there when necessary and for being the kind of Mom you are. Merry Christmas, mommy.

Christmas trees can shine brightly and ornaments can shine, but the true beauty of the home comes from the warmth of the mother.

Mom, you’ve always taught that Christmas is more than gifts and decorations. It’s about letting others know that they are loved and appreciated and that you are more than you’ll ever know. I love you so much and Merry Christmas, mom.

Every morning when I wake up, I always thank you. Your perfect supervision, your heart, your love, and your warmth have given me a lot. You are the one who loves me unconditionally. You’re always my lovely mother, wishing you Merry Christmas.

All my life, you have guided me by the examples you have given. You have taught me valuable lessons that only you could teach that belief in myself, do the right thing, and that family is everything. In many ways to tell, you have influenced my life and made me a better person. I will always be grateful for the gift of Mom like you. Merry Christmas.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

As we celebrate the birth of the Savior, I am very grateful that you have presented me to your love. As we celebrate the coming of Jesus in the earth, I want to thank you, Mom, for teaching me the meaning of his birth and I am always grateful to you. Merry Christmas, mom!

As Maria loved her precious Child and took care of him every day, I am grateful for the love of the mother you have shown throughout life. Merry Christmas, mom!

The lightness and brightness you put in our spirits. The joy you put in our hearts. The magic and joy you put into our season, and you always have it, from the beginning.

The ways you love us and show that you are proud of us. The generous things you do. This Christmas, the goodness you put into our lives is sent with our love back to you. Merry Christmas mom.

Mom, Christmas reminds us that love and family are the most important. It feels so good to come from a home where love has always been a way of life. You are the heart of a very special family, a family that loves you admires you and is very grateful for you. Merry Christmas.

Mother, Christmas means home, family and love. No gift under the tree could mean as much as all the things you have done over the years. You have given yourself confidence, strong values and love with wonderful gifts for a lifetime. It is impossible to pay you or tell you how much you mean, but Christmas seems to be the perfect time to remind him that you are loved.

Sending Christmas greetings to the most incredible Mom. Enjoy a fun-filled Christmas full of smiles and happiness. Merry Christmas to you !!!

You have guided us in difficult times, you have made Christmas much happier for us, you have added smiles to our faces. Merry Christmas to our mom.

Dear Mom, I wish you a beautiful holiday season. I wish you happy moments and unforgettable moments of joy together. I wish you Merry Christmas.

No Christmas is complete without you. Your love and blessings make every Christmas happy. My best wishes at Christmas, mom.

We may not have the opportunity to spend Christmas together, but I know your blessings are always there with me. Merry Christmas to my loving Mom.

On the occasion of Christmas, I pray for your happiness and health, your smiles and good luck. Wishing a very happy Christmas to the most amazing Mom in the world.

Christmas has always been more special for your love baked in cakes, your love wrapped in gifts. Merry Christmas to the most incredible Mom.

Mom, I wish you a fantastic Christmas holiday. May you pack in your abode all you want to make your life as beautiful as the Garden of Eden!

May the Christmas spirit touch your life and make it as magnificent as the sun. Happiest celebration for you, my amazing Mom!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

I wish you the best of the best Christmas celebrations! Let it be the beginning of a fantastic and prosperous year ahead!

May this Christmas find you in a good mood and good health. While I cannot join you this year singing Christmas carols around the Christmas tree, know that I am there with you in heart and spirit. Have a wonderful Christmas, Mom.

Thinking of you brings memories of joy and love. I also remember that I have been very fortunate that you are my mother. Merry Christmas from a grateful son.

Everything is always better when we do it together. I have many special memories of the times we spent chasing snowflakes, making snow angels and drinking hot chocolate. There is so much for which I am grateful for you. Merry Christmas, Mom.

A mother is someone who loves, cares and lends a hand, which too often is the last to be grateful, but always deserves a special place in our hearts. Merry Christmas to you.

I hope you know how much you are being considered and appreciated during the holidays. Not only because of the ways you have made Christmas shine, but because of how you touch yourself every day with your love. Merry Christmas.

You always thought of the most wonderful things to do during the season. You made it so fun for our family and friends that you became our Mrs. Christmas. Thanks, Mom for inventing Christmas. Have fun on your vacation.

Have a wonderful holiday season and may this sacred season bring happiness and good health in our life. May the magic of Christmas accompany you all year.

Christmas Messages For Mother

I wish you all the great things that bring happiness to Christmas gifts while you spend appreciating your family and friends. Love you, mom.

This is the season of goodwill, peace, and mercy! I wish that the birth of Christ will fill your heart with happiness and peace!

Mom, when Christmas comes, thoughts of thanks come to mind. You give from the heart, generously and carefully. You live with hopeful, optimistic and compassionate faith. And you love in the best possible way, unconditionally. What a blessing you are to me, mom, at Christmas and always.

I wish your holidays are full of all the warmth, happiness and love of this world!

Christmas warms our hearts with memories and love. Mom, even though I am older now and I have my own home, I will always remember the Christmas of my childhood. You made them magical in an unforgettable way.

No matter how many years go by, I will always feel fortunate to have a mother as special as you, and I will always love you as much as before.

If I could go back in time, I would choose any Christmas of my childhood. You always made sure that our Christmas was spectacular and joyful. Merry Christmas, mom.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

Mom, may this Christmas fill your heart with a double portion of everything that brings serenity and satisfaction! I wish you unforgettable happiness!

Thank you, Mom, for all the ways you show your love with hugs and help, smiles and support, the countless things you do to make our lives easier or happier. They may seem small things to you, but they make us a big difference. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Mom. If I could give you something for Christmas, it would be all the happiness you have given me just for being my mother. I hope you know how much I admire you and love you.

Mom, you make Christmas a feast for the heart. For a long time, you have done everything with a hint of love for this, a patient whit of that and the extra sugar that only a Mom can add to the holidays.

Love, happy memories and Christmas just go together. You made our family Christmas magical and happy: the tree, the traditions, the food, the fun, all shining in memory with the light of your care and love.

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