500 Heart Touching Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019

251. You gave me the world and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to repay. I love you!

252. Mother is to find out that your life has less value after the baby comes. What if you want to sacrifice life to save the son, but even wishes to live more – not to realize their dreams, but to see the child carry out of her.


253. It was my mother’s love that got up to me when life threw me on the ground.

254. My greatest happiness is to have a mother who is a real friend with whom I live unforgettable moments.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

255. Of little miracle to the great love of my life. I love you, my son!

256. A stronger love that everything else, more obstinate that everything. The more durable that everything is, is only the mother’s love. You are all for me, Mother!

257. Mother’s love can be translated into a word: donation. Speaking of this feeling is to understand that she is the most complete form of love.

258. Mother, you are the star of my life that makes me shine my days brighter. That makes my heart warm in the cold. You are the purity of love.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

259. Mother, you do not bend before the difficulties, but watch us. Your love for me delights, your strength prides me and I am really privileged for having it in my life.

260. Mother, are six letters only. The sky also has three letters and in them fit the infinity.

261. Mother’s love is the fuel that empowers a common human being to do the impossible. Thank you Mom!

262. Love to the little to grow. To the sick, until he cure. To the absent, until it comes back. Only the mother can love that.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

263. A stronger love than everything, as more despite everything, the more durable than everything is only the mother’s love.

264. Of all the rights of a woman, the biggest being a mother.

265. In addition to me, only my mother knows my story. You were with me in defeat continued with me in the victory.

266. Only who is mother knows how to love unconditionally. Nothing compares to hear the baby’s heart, the dream of their first steps and imagine what he will be when growing.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

267. Mother: The most beautiful love that exists. A happy Christmas day for all of you who do that love the most beautiful of everyone.

268. Time passes, life passes. Only the mother’s love persists at the challenges imposed by time.

269. Being a mother is to feel the whole power of the universe inside the belly. And as a great architect, she saves, builds and builds the most precious good, life!

270. Mother, the beauty of flowers, honey sweetness, star glow, wrap you today. And that you continue to irradiate this love and this joy you’ve always offered us.

271. Being a mother is to help the child drop the pacifier and the bottle. It is to take you to school and hold your hands at the time of the vaccine.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

272. It is well known that the word “Mom” is the panacea of all the evils. The perfect solution for each problem, the sweeter caress that always comes to the smile.

273. The only person who did, would do, and will do everything for you. The only word hearing the heart just to pronounce it. Thank you mom, I love you!

274. I just tell you two words of my queen. The first one that comes to me and that I feel in the heart: thank you mom.

275. You gave me love, so much love. So much so that I could donate to others in this quantity. I worship you mom.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

276. A big smile like your heart, a hug Felt like your love. Thank you mom.

277. Mom, you are like the sun and the moon at night. You just shine and light our way with your sweet light.

278. Mom, a word full of meaning, love, hope, and certainty of having always a light on the guide of our life path.

279. Mom, a sweet word and redundant as the first thrown of a newly born baby.

280. Mom, you are the light that always illuminates me, my point, my stop. My certainty, you are the sweetest mom who exists in the world!

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

281. Mom, for me you are as the sun. With your rays full of love, you can also illuminate the darkest parts of my heart.

282. Mom, just one thing I can tell you, thank you all. Thanks for giving me life, thank you for teaching me to be strong, thank you because, for anything, I can always count on your help. I could continue infinite because it would not even be the universe to explain the good I want.

283. I have doubts about a thousand things but of one thing I’m sure, you, mom. You are the only woman who for me is worth going to bring this name.

284. You put me in the world, you bred me. You supported me in difficult times, you joy with me in the most beautiful moments.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

285. Mom is like a star, the serenity of a hug and the warmth of a kiss.

286. Mommy Five letters full of tender gentleness but also of so much wise awareness. Thanks to exist. You are the lighthouse, always on, of my life.

287. At the most wonderful mom who I am devoted to my life.

288. Mother Love is the wing foil that God gave to the soul so that she flies to heaven.

289. God grants us the mother for the proof our ability to love the other, more than ourselves.

290. A mom makes the strongest love, the shorter days, the longest nights. The smaller bank account, the happiest house, the wider clothing (or tighter), the forgotten past and the worthy’s way of being lived.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

291. Being a mother is to take on the God the gift of creation, donation and unconditional love. Being a mother is incarnate the divinity on earth.

292. The only sincere, pure, true, and hard love for life is the mother’s love.

293. There is no more available, delivered, careful and dedicated love than mother’s love.

294. Today I have the infinite certainty that there is nothing bigger, better and most true than the love of a mother for the child.

295. Mother’s love wins prejudice, sucks the limits and face all challenges and help you win.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

296. A mother is able to give everything without getting anything. To love with all her heart without waiting for nothing in exchange. To invest everything in a project without measuring the profitability that will bring you back. A mother follows confidence in her children even when everyone else has lost it.

297. Infinite your kindness and care does not know the fatigue. The mother’s soul is not clearly unprecedented and old age. Let them go to the cross of the year and are sinks of twisters stubbornly. Be well, you, mom, always, be happy, sweet mom.

298. I saw the world through your eyes. I lived emotions through your heart. I learned to love walking.

299. At the most important woman in my life, with certainty that no one else can ever take her place. With immense love.

Happy Christmas Wishes For My Mother

300. I’m so proud of you, mom. You are the best and one day I hope to become like you. Many greeting.

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