500 Heart Touching Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019

201. I have in my mother a heart of priceless diamond, in her smile the best memory, in her arms my happiness.

202. You were my initial and the utmost connection to the world, and forever will be the most important.


203. I do anything to see a smile on your face, mother, for you always did everything for my happiness.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

204. It is in my mother’s loving heart that I find comfort and security at all times.

205. All that I am, or pretend to be in this world I owe to an angel, my mother.

206. One day for you is little. You deserve every day of the year just for holding me day and night, Mom.

207. Mom, my love, my queen, my life, my soul, my heart, my dream, my everything.

208. Mother’s lap: the best medicine for all ages.

209. Mother is poetry, tones, pauses, letters. Owner of a love that is recycled and never wasted.

210. Mother, because not all heroines wear capes, nor does every queen have a crown and not all angels have wings.

211. No language can express the strength, beauty, and wisdom of a mother.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

212. Mother, the one who is always on duty for us.

213. I love and admire you not only because you are my mother. But because I recognize you the best qualities.

214. Without you, everything would be dark and cloudy, for you are the main light and sun of my life.

215. May the ground disappear or the clouds fall on me. That forever your name will continue in my heart, mother.

216. If it were not for you today I would not be here and, more importantly, I would not be who I am. I love you forever, Mother.

217. Mama, you are my best friend, because no one will ever love me like you or will love me so much.

218. I am proud of you, Mother, and every day I try to be a better person as proof of love and honor to you.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

219. Mother is that person tireless and with a generous heart the size of the entire Galaxy.

220. Nor would eternity be enough to repay her for everything she has done for me. I love you, mommy.

221. With you, I learned almost everything, but above all, that mother loves unconditionally and truthfully.

222. May each dawn of every day be for you an invitation to dream, a call to live and an opportunity to love and adore.

223. The best gift I received was to grow with your example of life. You are my heroine, Mommy!

224. Your lap is my protection, your life my inspiration and your love my guidance. I love you, mommy!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

225. Your lap is sublime comfort, your heart source of unconditional love. The best mother in the world is mine.

226. Best friend and warrior mother, I pray that today the love of her children will be renewed.

227. My mother, my love, today and always your name will be honored.

228. It is the hope of finding you one day that lessens the pain of longing I feel, my mother.

229. My mother is so incredible that to this day I have no idea how she bears me as a child.

230. Longing is growing every day, but also the happiness of having known her as my mother.

231. I may not know all of them, but my mother I’ve known since I was born. So I know she’s the best in the world.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

232. My mother is my queen, not only because she brings and introduce me in the world. But because she taught me not to be afraid of it.

233. Mother, you are the woman of my life. For the love we felt, we have and we possess began even before I was born.

234. My mother, you are my heroine and everything that I would like to be.

235. The pride I feel as your daughter can only be compared to the love I have for you, Mother.

236. My mother is a warrior, fighter and the woman I admire most in my heart and my life.

237. My mother, my treasure, to be your daughter will always be the greatest blessing that God has given me.

238. In my mother’s arms, I will always be a child because her pure love makes me the most innocent of creatures.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

239. Believe me, my mother. All I need to be happy is to see you smiling from ear to ear.

240. In your arms, I feel the deepest and most true love that exists, my mother.

241. With you, I learned to be a woman, daughter and mother and could not have had a better example. I love you, my mom!

242. You are the best, the most dedicated and the strongest and I feel great pride that is my mother.

243. Nothing or anyone will dethrone this love that binds me as a daughter to you, my mother.

244. She is my first memory of the world and my best friend of all time.

245. My mother, I’m sure I love you even before I’m born.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

246. Whoever does not understand the reason for my happiness does not know the mother who created me. I adore you, Mom.

247. It was the love of my mother that lifted me up when life threw me down.

248. You gave me the world and I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to reciprocate.

Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 For Mother

249. She’s my best friend, my safe harbor and the best hull honor. She’s my mother and deserves to have the best day.

250. My greatest happiness is to have a mother who is a real friend with whom I live unforgettable moments.

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