999 Heart Touching Merry Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019


301. Momma, you are an angel who was donated by the sky. I could not imagine a life without you, without your protection. Thank you for every caress and for each word you have given me in all these wonderful years. So many greeting to your holiday.

302. I hate commercial parties, they remove value to things. It is true that this party is an opportunity to express my affection and my gratitude for what you do every day. Greetings mummy.

Happy Christmas Wishes For My Mother

303. I do not mind how you are, high or low, lean or fat, rich or poor, sad or cheerful. What matters for me, dear mom is that you are my mom.

304. I want to dedicate this day to the lighthouse of our lives, to a woman who, like a skilled leader, with abnegation and sacrifice, has grown up with me to the finish line of maturity. Greetings mom.

305. Mom, you’re the only one who knows, really understand, forgive, give me everything I need. I would like to give you the most beautiful things that are in the world … I love you till death.

306. When I was sad she was always those who consoled me. When I was afraid there was always she who protected me. I’ve never been just because there was always someone next to me. Thank you mummy.


307. Greetings, mother Greetings to you. You’ve been sick but always beside me. You love me more than your life. In the morning you get up and go to work not to miss me anything. You always smile even if you sometimes would be crying. You make family come together to become a strong one and to never be afraid of nothing.

308. Greeting mama, I can not describe with the words all the immense love I try for you. The only thing I can tell you is that I want you a world of good.

Happy Christmas Wishes For My Mother

309. Thank you mom for what you are. For what you gave me. I have you mom I am not afraid. With you mom, I feel strong. With you mom, I will go proud. With you Mom, I feel good.

310. It’s wonderful to have someone like you. Someone on which I can always count. Someone like you to be unconditionally loved. So many wishes my wonderful mom.

311. Mom is an important person in our lives. She taught us to make so many things, laugh, joke, play, but above all, she taught us to love. As she loved us because having a mother like you is the most beautiful thing in the world.

312. Greeting mamma. Thank you for the force that you give me every day, for tenderness and serenity that also send me a smile. For the ability to express your infinite affection with a look and a hooked tender.

313. The beauty of being a son is about a mom like you.

314. Take again by my hand. No matter if you can no longer drive me as when I was a babe. You will always be the one who will know me in the best way.

315. I hope to grow with your strength and determination. A great kiss for your party.

Happy Christmas Wishes For Parents

316. You are my guide, the figure that helped me grow. You’ve been and you will be a reference point for me. Today is your party and I want to make you understand how much I want to you. You are a special person, thank you for everything you did for me … always.

317. If I’m here to express my love and to manifest it daily. You have to be proud of my mom. You made a good job.

318. No one is richer than me to own a mom like you.

319. A wish for you Mom on the day of your party. On this special day, I would like you could receive all the love you’ve always given to us.

320. To be the mom who knows to do, with all her imperfections, a world of joy and serenity. Many greeting.

321. I could hardly understand you when you scolded me as a boy and we talked a lot about the role of the mother and that of the son. Today, as a mother, I realize that I am the mother of all the worries that one has when one has to help a child to grow up. I respect you very much. Best wishes.

Happy Christmas Wishes For Parents

322. To the dearest, most patient, most reassuring mother in the world, hoping never to disappoint her.

323. You taught me to fight, to believe and to love. You have made me the person I am, you have made me strong and independent. But I have not yet learned to live without you.

324. I do not know if I will succeed, dear mom to be for my son what you have been and are for me. I hope so with all my heart, because the examples you gave me have always been of great value. Best wishes.

325. Dear Mom, there is not a pretty good and important gift that can match the love and esteem we have for you. Sincere wishes.

326. Dear Mamma, we wanted to wish you for your party. You really are a special mom and this party was invented because they knew that one day it would have been you! We love you.

327. You are the dearest mom but also my greatest friend. You have taught me so many things, yet it seems to me that I still have much to learn from you! I love you. Best wishes.

328. Congratulations mom. If you were not there, we would invent you. Even if dad said it would make some slight changes! With much love, your loved ones.

329. I’m so proud of you, mom. You’re the best and one day I hope to become like you.

Happy Christmas Wishes For Parents

330. Mom, there are no words to express the good that I want you. This is why I prefer to express it with a hug. When you have finished reading these two lines, I will embrace you with all the strength of my love.

331. Dear mom, you gave me so much security, strength and dignity. You taught me honesty, forgiveness and humility. I hope I will never disappoint you. Enjoy your party. I love you.

332. To my wonderful mom. Simply being yourself showed me the best way to be. Believing in my dreams you made me proud of myself.

333. Mummy, you and I are so different and so same, so big that we are losing ourselves in conflict instead of in love. We scream with one another instead of talking. Mom near and sometimes so far from me, I know you love me and I want you. One day we will be able to demonstrate this by looking at each other.

334. Dear mum, I know that we are not rich but I am happy to have you as a great treasure. You are my wealth that will be enough for my whole life.

335. You’re not just any Mom, you’re my Mom. A special mom. Sometimes you scold me and get angry at my pranks but then forgive me and pretend not to remember.

Happy Christmas Wishes For Parents

336. You are always a tense hand, two strong arms, a safe guide, a word of comfort, a rebuke at the right time. You are a wonderful mother.

337. I saw the world through your eyes, I lived emotions through your heart, I learned to love walking.

338. I’m so proud of you, mom. You are the best and one day I hope to become like you. Many greeting.

339. Mummy, you are an angel who was donated by the sky. I could not imagine a life without you, without your protection. Thank you for every caress and for each word you have given me in all these wonderful years. So many greeting to your holiday.

340. In all these years I grew up surrounded by the effect of your sweet hugs. We will surely never get to the love you gave me, but one thing is certain. My good for you is immense just like your heart! Thank you mom!

341. Dear Mom, are sure that you do not need gifts, letters or poems to express the good I want. With a simple hug, I will make you understand how much I love you!

342. Only two words: thank you mom. Thank you for everything you did and you will still do for me. And sorry if I sometimes do so, but remember … SEE SPECIAL!

Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

343. In the garden of life, the most beautiful flower is definitely the love of mom. A flower for us all. We bite and we hear the delicate and wonderful scent. Greetings Mom!

344. You are the beautiful mom who everyone would like and I had the luck to have. I want you so good! Greeting Mom!

345. Mom, you are the most beautiful thing that is there. The only person in the world who succeeds to listen to me and give me very right and sincere tips. Mamma thanks for everything.

346. Today, on the day of your party, I was feeling reminding how much you are important to me. Mummy: Five Letters, but only one meaning: life!

347. Mom, thank you for me to be born, grow and teach me so many things. You are my point, my lighthouse always turned into the darkest moments. Thank you because you are!

348. Mom, you have given me life, you’ve made me know love. You know your love to be unmatched. You, and you always and only you in my heart … I love you, mom.

349. Mom: The most beautiful word in the world, means everything. Love, understanding, hope, sacrifices. I love you mom. Greetings!

Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

350. Mom is a special person, you’re near when I am sad. You make me laugh when I am angry. It’s always with you in the most difficult times. Mom is like your best friend, never leave you alone at the time of need. Greetings Mom, you’re unique!

351. Dear Mom, your love has made me grow in real values of life. I do not pass days without thanking the Lord to give me you as a mom, because you are an extraordinary woman!

352. The most beautiful eyes are those who know cry. The lips are sweetest those who know how to kiss. The hands more kind are those which know how to caress. The strongest arms are those who know how to hug. The feet that don’t know how to stop are those who know how to accompany. My mother who did all these things is the best in the universe.

353. You have given me life, you taught me to love and appreciate. You always beside me in the difficult and beautiful moments. Greetings Mom!

Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

354. It’s hard to find a perfect mom, but I assure you that you are the one that approaches more. Many greeting mams.

355. Mom you are the sun that makes the peaks after a storm. You are a lighthouse in the dark night. You are the brighter star that always shines. You’re the light that never goes down the night. You’re a rose that lost the thorns, you’re unique.

356. Greeting to a really special woman who with her sweetness has heated her heart. With her strength she protected me. With her patience faced my crisis and with the love that only a mom has in my heart grew up.

357. A mother is the lighthouse in the night. She is the shelter on the mountain. She is the island in the middle of the sea. A mother does not asks anything, neither she saves anything for herself. Given greeting.

358. Mom, you are the person who in the sad moments of the life has taught me how to live.

359. Still a girl, you’ve become a woman. Strong and fair, you’re now Mom. You have fed with the import affected the fruit of your love. You gave your jewel to your light: your sweet creature, the joy of your eyes.

360. Mom, only you can color my love my love. Greetings! I love you!

361. The patience of moms is infinite. Thank you, for having had so much with me, Mom. I inherited this gift and today is my strength. I love you. Greetings.

362. You have been for me a specimen mom. I will always follow your example. Your footsteps will never erase from the path of my life.

Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

363. If today I’m what I’m. I have to thank you, Mom. Thank you. Many greeting to your holiday.

364. It is thanks to your love I learned to love. Many greeting mams.

365. Moms gives us two important gifts: life and their unique and indescribable love. Thank you mom.

366. Moms are special because they love you even when they should not do it. And I love you mom.

367. Greetings Mom, greetings for the time you’ve been there. For those times that you do not have to think but you have thought. Greeting for that indescribable love you have donated me. For that love that will always keep in me. I want to mum, because you are my mom.

368. The meaning of the word love have been taught by the moms. With that unconditional love that they only know they can give. For this reason, thank you mom. For this infinite love. Greetings.

369. Mom is a Word of love and magic, heat and security. Many greeting.

370. The care you have had for us children has been exemplary. You’ve always been dedicated to us with love and so sacrifice. Thank you, mom, for what you did. Many wishes for your party.

371. Mom, although the calendar tells me that today is the day to tell you how good I want you. You must know that I want every day more than my words can express. Greetings!

Happy Christmas SMS For Mom

372. On this special day, all kisses and hugs I have put for you. Many greeting mams.

373. To my mom who knows to live, with all her imperfections in a world of joy and serenity. Merry Christmas Mom with all the love and affection.

374. “Mom”: the most beautiful word in the world. It means everything: life, love understanding, hope, sacrifices. What would you do without her? I want you so well.

375. The Xmas Day for me is always when you’re close to me. Today is an overstock. I want to represent with these flowers that disappear in front of your beauty. I love you mom!

376. You taught me so many things and for this right in the day of your party. I want to tell you thanks for everything you did, continue to do and you will do it for me. I hope to become a mom like you, in everything and everything! I love you my sweet mom.

377. Mom, my first memories of you are the sweet sound of your voice. That sang me the lullaby and the mild touch of your hands on my baby’s hands. When you wipe my first steps. But my favorite memories of you, mom, are those that you continue to build day by day. Your continuous support, your silent concern, the wonderful example of disinterested love that you can give me.

Happy Christmas SMS For Mom

378. Mothers like you, nowadays, are out of production and unfortunately, the mold has been thrown away but I am very proud to be in possession of the last model.

379. Mom, you gave me life. I can never know thank you enough. Best wishes.

380. Dear Mom, today is your party and beyond the little gift taken from my lean piggy bank. I want to tell you a joke. I will never make you angry again. Greetings Mom.

381. Mom: a word that has no synonym but so many meanings. Mom: a word that expresses all around a world. Many greeting.

382. You’ve always been a wonderful mom, an extremely generous person. On which I could have been able to count, both for your wisdom and for your great love. Many greeting mams.

383. Thank you Mom for everything you’ve given me and for what you still do for me. A big debt that I can never repay. Greetings.

384. Mom, today is your party, although the truth for everything you did. And continue to Merida a long holiday a year. Many greeting.

Happy Christmas SMS For Mom

385. Sweet Mom, thank you for making me know a beautiful world. Thank you for me, but above all thank you to exist. Greetings Mom.

386. Mom, you are my life, you’re like a sunrise in the morning that wake me up with happiness. You are the sweet light of a star that in the evening accompanies my sleep. Many greeting.

387. You brought me into the world, you raised me , nurture me with your culture. You supported me in difficult moments, you rejoiced with me in the most beautiful moments. Thank you so much and best wishes mum.

388. You are the light of my path, my lighthouse, my advisor, my friend and my guardian angel. How lucky to have you with me.

389. With affection and sympathy, joy, love and energy, my best wishes my mom.

390. The only person who did, would do, and will do everything for you. The only word that warms the heart only to pronounce it.

391. We must love our mothers, take care of them and, above all, respect them. It was they who put us on the path of life. And, although it is from the sky, they will always be the ones that will guide us until the end of our journey.

Happy Christmas SMS For Mom

392. Even though sometimes I did not behave well, your love for me never changed. You were just talking to me so it would not be like that. I want to reward you so much, dear love mom. And I want this day to be the best happy day mom.

393. In spite of all our pranks and failures, you always loved us unconditionally and we are very grateful to be able to call you “Mom”.

394. I owe who I am because I have had the best mirror to look at. I love you mom.

395. To you my invincible warrior, to you tireless fighter, to you my constant friend of all hours, I love you with all my soul, my mother.

396. Every mother has plenty of reasons to fight for her son. Every mother has plenty of love to love him no matter how old his faults are.

397. Sometimes I remember when I stayed at home without going out to play. I remember how upset I was, but I know that everything has its cause. And that was that you wanted me to learn the lesson. Thanks to your love and your teachings I am who I am now.

398. Sometimes you feel that the whole world has abandoned and left you. But there is always a person who remains standing trusting you and is your mother.

399. I open my heart and I feel to your mom. That your bloom of hope the future of my life.

Happy Christmas SMS For Mom

400. Always admire your mother for her courage, strength, power, and bravery. Maybe tomorrow your children will admire you like that.

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