999 Heart Touching Merry Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019


101. Mother, You taught me to care about people. To realize their feelings, and to understand their problems. From everything you taught me, These must be the most important things. And these are the qualities that I like best about you. And I just hope people see the same in me … So, Mother, in your day, I want to tell you. How much you value to me, And not only because you are my mother. But also because you are a person I admire and love very much.

102. Forgive me every time I made you cry. And she cried with certainty for loving me.

Christmas Wishes For Mother in English Language

103. My mother was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. All that I am, if I owe it to my mother. I attribute all my successes in this life to the moral, intellectual, and physical teaching I have received from her.

104. In life, there are two people who deserve our full gratitude. God and our mother. To God for having chosen us to obtain new achievements and the mother for offering to each one of us the teachings of life.

105. We can never fear when we have a powerful and loving mother who watches over us.

106. Do not be ashamed of your mother. Do not be ashamed to introduce her to your friends. Do not be ashamed of her musical taste, or of the dull joke, she makes all the time. Do not be ashamed to say how much you love her or stop holding her hand when you go out together. Because you do not know until the most important person in your life will be on your side, so do not waste time for nonsense.


107. No influence on a child is as powerful as that of the mother.

108. No one in the world can take your mother’s place. Right or wrong, from her point of view you’re always right. She can rebuke him in small things, but never in big ones.

109. The moment a child comes to this world, the mother is also born. It has never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

Christmas Wishes For Mother in English Language

110. Mother’s love is peace. It does not have to be acquired, it does not have to be deserved.

111. Mother’s love for her child is unlike anything present in the world. She obeys no law or pity. She dares all things and exterminates without remorse whatever stand in her way.

112. A mother’s heart is a deep abyss in whose depth you always find forgiveness.

113. The bond that unites mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength never to be violated.

114. A man’s work is from the sun to sun. But a mother’s work never ends.

115. The arms of a mother are made of tenderness, affection and protection. And the children sleep deep in them.

116. For the ears of a child, the mother is magic in any language.

117. When your mother gives you advice. Accept gracefully because mothers know all things.

118. When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts or at any moment. A mother always has to think twice. One for her and another for her son.

Christmas Wishes For Mother in English Language

119. Do you want an example of true love. Without limits, without middle ground and without an expiration date? Look at your mother.

120. Being a mother is finding out that your life has less value after the baby arrives. You want to sacrifice your life to save your child. But at the same time, you want to live more – not to fulfill your dreams, but to see the child perform hers.

121. To be a mother is not only to carry in the womb, for a few months, a fertilized ovum. To be a mother is not only to go through the horrible pain of bringing a child into the world. Being a mother is not simply giving food, dressing and taking care of the physical and studies. To be a mother is not to embrace a child. Being a mother is much more than that!

122. Being a mother is to share what you have, always prioritizing your children. Being a mother is caring, loving, loving and loving. To be a mother depends on the grace of God day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. To be a mother is to be totally dependent on the Wonderful God who never fails, who always protects us. To be a mother is to feel blessed to have received from the Lord the privilege of taking care of a small being. To be a mother is to see her love imperfect compared to the perfect love of the great God. To be a mother is to grow old smiling. Even in the solitude of the empty nest. Because she knows that she has done her part. And what is lacking, the heavenly Father will complete. For from him comes the promise: “Fear not, for I am with you at all times.” To be a mother is to be happy just because you are a mother.

123. Everything is uncertain in this hideous world. But not the love of a mother.

124. A father may neglect his son. Brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies. Husbands can give up their wives, and wives their husbands. But a mother’s love resists everything.

125. You will always be a child as long as you have a mother to turn to.

126. With you, I learn with each passing day. With you, I learned everything I know TODAY. Thank you for everything, my mother. You are and always will be the best mother in the whole universe.

Heart Touching Happy Christmas Wishes For Mother

127. I want to pay homage to you dear mother. Not because she was with me in the most difficult moments when I had no one. Not at night, of course, she went only to sleep. I want to pay homage to her dear mother. Not because you defended me from everything and everyone when I felt weakness. When the world seemed to want to collapse. I want to pay homage to her. Not by the promises she made at the foot of his bed, longing for my happiness. Not because I was sad just because I had not won a kiss of mine. I want to honor you, my mother. Because it was you who made the difference in my life. Because I love you, and you’re a wonderful mother.

128. Thank you is very little, the gift is not everything. But, recognition, this. Yes, it’s for real. My sincere thanks for this moment.

129. The years pass, and the longing of her lap is only increasing. Mother, I became an adult, if I have perfect feelings within my being, it is precisely because I had a wonderful being next to me. Mother, do not mourn for maturity, it is synonymous with knowledge, trust. If I know well what love is, the synonym of it is a being called a mother.

130. Thank you for all the moments, thank you for the most sincere advice. Thank you for the scolding, thanks for the treats, thank you for being the best mother in the world.

131. I want you to know that I try my best to be the best daughter in the world because times are passing. And I see how much you need to be loved.

132. The hand that moves to the cradle is the hand that commands the world.

133. And when they ask me if I have an idol. I can not imagine the image of a band or an artist, I remember my mother. Because she is an example to me, a warrior woman, strong and beautiful. And if one day I can be half the person she is today, I would have been fulfilled.

Heart Touching Happy Christmas Wishes For Mother

134. Thank you for being such a beautiful mother. I know that sometimes I say what I should not say. I do things I should not do, but know that I do the opposite too. And I know you know it. Thank God that he put me in your womb.

135. Children, we carry 9 months in the belly, 3 years in the lap, and for all our life, in the heart.

136. Mother must be loved. Must be respected and never hurt. For the love of a mother is the purest and true love that exists in this life.

137. Mother is that person who loves, cares, teaches, guides, laughs, cries and divides life with us. For all that I have learned from you, for all the love you give me. Today I can only say: – You are a mother to me!

138. Mother, I love you with all the love that I have in my heart. And I will always love you for all my life.

139. Mother reads thought, has a premonition, strange dreams. She knows the face of crying, of flu, of fear. She enters without hitting, calls at night, asks a boring favor, palpitates and implies with friends, boyfriends, choices. Mother gives the body clothes, time, money, advice, care, protection.

Heart Touching Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

140. Mother finds a way, gives a knot, gives a fight, gives strength. Mother cures cramp, piss, sadness, night panic, fears. She amazes monsters, nightmares, mosquitoes, dangers. Mother has intuition and is messianic. Mother saves. Mother keeps treasures, tells stories and has memories. Mother is file! Mother exaggerates, exhausts, extrapolates. Mother overflows, floods, transcends.

141. Mother has a special energy that surrounds, protects and consoles. Able to drive and encourage.

142. Mom! Gift of God for my life.

143. Mother, I’m sorry for every bullshit I’ve told you about and hurt you. I’m sorry I disobeyed any of your orders. I’m sorry I did not follow your advice in school and get sick. I’m sorry for the times we do not talk. I’m sorry I still keep hurting for old things. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done and what I’m going to do wrong. You are my queen, my heroine, my life, my greatest love, the most beautiful person in my life. You are the person that I will always love, that I will always care, give affection, in life and death.

144. Mother, of love without dimension, of each moment, of the acts of each chapter of my life not rehearsed, but lived in every emotion.

Heart Touching Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

145. Mother, thank you for being you, thank you for being my mother. Thank you for the dengos, thank you for getting around you. Thank you for fighting when I’m wrong, because of all this, that today I’m a girl to give pride.

146. Mother, that the beauty of flowers, the sweetness of honey, the brightness of the stars wrapped you today. And that you continue to radiate this love and this joy you’ve always offered us.

147. Mother, I want you to know, that every day you pass. I’m sure sure you’re the best mother in the world. And on this day, I want to try to express them so much love I feel for you. I want to demonstrate how much you do for me and I mean how much you are essential in my life.

148. Mother, you make me feel life, the beauty of colors, harmony, charm, and sweetness.

149. Mother, your kindness and tenderness tell me about God-love.

150. Mother, you are the greatest good I have in this world.

151. Mother. You are young, energetic, full of love, the most beautiful thing in the world and I do not live without you. That’s why I’m using the internet to say with all the love in the world. Happy Christmas day.

152. Mother: The most beautiful and precious word pronounced by the human.

Heart Touching Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

153. Thank God You’re here Today. I honestly do not know what would be of me without you. You are the most important person in my life, you’re my inspiration and make me every day seek to be a better person. All I’m so I did it for you and it’s because of you. I want to be to my children What you were to me. A super mother.

154. Mother … Every day I thank you for the life you gave me. But on Xmas day I want to thank you for the example you are. With all the gratitude and love I learned from you, Merry Christmas.

155. Mothers are like the fairy. They are angels full of love. So warriors on day to day. And delicate as a flower.

156. The foundation of life begins with the love of a mother, who builds, gives us strength and renews us in every gesture of affection.

157. A mother’s heart is her son’s classroom.

158. Children are to mothers the anchors of their life.

159. Know that I, and my brothers, are very satisfied with the mother we have. And that with each passing day, you only make us more sure yet. May God continue to bless you at every moment, that your dreams be fulfilled in the right moments, and that I be present in all of them.

Heart Touching Happy Christmas Wishes For Mom

160. To be a mother is to live the divine paradise being on earth. Because we place in the lap Angels that we can care for, kiss, embrace and affectionately call them children.

161. Love you mom. Millions of words sum up, but this one says what I feel for you.

162. Your arms always open and extended when I need a hug. Your heart knows when I need a friend. Your sensitive eyes harden like a rock when I need a lesson. Your strength and your love guided me through life and gave me the wings I needed to fly.

163. Every mother’s mother has a reflections of God.

164. Everyone always says that mother is one. What no one reminds of saying is that mother is not just mother. She’s a mother, is a woman, his friend. She’s a companion, she’s my teacher. For me, mother, you’re all.

165. A mother is a person who seeing that only they get four pieces of chocolate pie having five people. She’s the first to say that I never liked the chocolate.

166. A mother is not a person in which he can support himself. But a person who does not need to support oneself in anyone.

Merry Christmas 2019 Wishes For Mother

167. I Certificate and declare this date all my love and affection for the most important woman in my life. No more doubt about my feelings for you, mom.

168. Mother, in this date so special I would like to enjoy and thank you for all you’ve made me and do it until today. You are essential in my life.

169. Being a mother is: Smiling, cry, suffer, laugh. Being a son is: Thank all the day the opportunity to have a mother like you.

170. Mom, I know I can always count on you, with your love, your wisdom. And the Christmas day is the perfect time to say thank you for all you’ve done.

171. Often there are people very close to us who love each other a lot. But we never tell you how much we love. You’re one of those people.

172. Mom, I’m glad to God every day for being your daughter. Why do you think for me an example. What wonderful thing is to be able to count on you and be beside you on the sad days and also in the happiest of my life.

173. Mother, thank you for being present at all times of my life.

Merry Christmas 2019 Wishes For Mother

174. Mother even asking you for money as if you were a bank. Even if you get the car borrowed, even if you have to get me to yourself, even if I were guilty to your white hair. I want to tell you, that you are a big mother, whom I admire.

175. My ETERNAL GUIDE, an example of kindness willing to help the one who needs it. My beloved MOTHER with the gift of consolation teaches me to love and forgive. GREAT WOMAN makes us forever a child, gives us affection and hope. With child’s love, I write this message so that you know how much I admire you.

176. Happiness is a word of nine letters. Mine is summed up in six: you. This day will be perfect by your side.

177. Mother dear … that happiness tells you this day I want to see you always very happy. Tell her that this day I hope the sorrows do not make present and any pain or anguish is away from her noble heart. Mother, I think the greatest gift that a child should offer is a soul full of thanks, a soul full of love and tenderness.

178. Mother, I ask for every day to God that lights you the ways and lengthen the life days, with harmony, peace, and health.

Merry Christmas 2019 Wishes For Mother

179. I thank you mother, hugging, laughs, joys, and special moments every day. For all the ways you’ve demonstrated how much you loved and cared for me. For your patience and your mood. For all, you’ve ever done. I’m very proud and I’m very happy to have a mother like you.

180. To this woman friend, so brave of her home and her fruits, our great and eternal love.

181. Thank you mother for life. For the coverage that warms me by the ceiling that hit me for your mere presence. Thank you mother for existence and take care of me.

182. Thank you mother by guiding my way, made of struggles and uncertainties but also of many hopes and dreams.

183. You are able to color the blue sky of all the rainbow colors because you are a winner.

184. You my mother, my great friend who taught me to forgive my enemies. I came to say and thank you because it would not be what I’m without having you.

185. Thank you, mommy, I took my sleep. I did you smile and ready. Yes, so you told stories to sleep. Sometimes close, sometimes far, but always worried.

186. Sometimes the poorest woman leaves her children the richer heritage.

Merry Christmas 2019 Wishes For Mother

187. It is in the education of the children who are the virtues of the parents.

188. Do not become all need so important when the childhood of a person who needs to be protected by a mother.

189. Our thanks for your warm and friendly presence in all the days of our lives.

190. Yesterday you changed my diapers. Today I send flowers to you on this special day.

191. Our parents love and adore us because we are their children, it is an unalterable fact. In times of success, this may seem irrelevant and unrelated, but in times of failure. They offer comfort, protection and security that are not found anywhere else.

192. Mom, Thank you for sharing the best moments of your life with me.

193. Mom, The more I think, the more I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. As much as I want to, I’ll never be able to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

194. Mother, on this special date I would like to take advantage and thank you for everything you have done to this day. You are essential in my life.

195. Mother: the certainty of an eternal friend.

196. Mommy, we promise you sometimes what we do not do. But the love, affection and adoration we have for you will always be present and sincere.

Merry Christmas 2019 Wishes For Mother

197. When I was born my mother was a being who sometimes appeared to applaud my last profits. As I grew older, she was a figure who taught me the difference between evil and good. During my adolescence, hers was the authority that placed limits on my desires. Now that I am an adult, you are the best counselor and friend I have.

198. You are a special person. You can make of your history, the most beautiful biography ever written, a plot of victories, joys, failure and achievements.

199. A mother has the wisdom of a master and the sincerity of a friend.

200. I lived a life full of problems, but they are nothing compared to the problems that had been faced by my mother to get my life started.

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