999 Heart Touching Merry Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019


Christmas is a time to appreciate those who bring so many blessings to our lives. May your heart feel that love this Christmas and throughout the next year.

It is easy to get lost in great activity during the holiday season. Have time to enjoy the beauty and true meaning of the season and have a Merry Christmas!

A mother brings happiness to the hearts of all who love her. With thanks for all the things, you have done with love for being such a wonderful mother and with the most sincere wishes of a merry Christmas.

For being my protector, source of my inspiration, I wish the Lord bless you with good health and longer life. Merry Christmas, Mom

I am very grateful and fortunate to have Mom like you. Your support and love make me what I am today. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

Holidays are the way in life to make us take some time to remember what is important, such as how wonderful it is to have you as a mother and how wonderful it is for you to have such a caring person to love. Here is a wish that you two have the opportunity to relax, relive your favorite memories, create new ones and simply enjoy each moment with each other.


Christmas is more than opening and receiving gifts. Be there for each other, thanks for making my life and my Christmas beautiful. Merry Christmas to my Mom!

Christmas is about loving, sharing and giving. It’s Christmas and it’s time to give. Merry Christmas to my Mom. I love you

Many thanks to my Mom for this beautiful Christmas gift! Thank you for making it very special to come just to celebrate the day with me. Merry Christmas!

The snow is white so that we realize that all we need is a simple life, not to complicate things. Merry Christmas wishes Mom!

Wishing you the joys of a good old-fashioned Christmas, full of the simple joys of being with your loved ones. Merry Christmas, my mom.

I hope your gifts are many, and your tensions are few. You’re one in a million, mom, that’s why I love you!

Merry Christmas to a very special mom. Hoping your vacation is full of all the wonderful things you deserve. With much love and hugs.

While we take out the decorations and prepare for the next vacation, I can’t help thinking about you and the happy memories and joyful traditions that make our Christmas celebrations so special. I wish you all the happiness and blessings of the season.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

This comes with love, hugs and a warm hug. May Santa bring you everything you want and all the peace, joy and happiness you can have!

This Christmas I wish you, all your dreams will soon come true. May your season be filled with love and laughter, and this feeling lasts the following year. Love you always.

To the best mom! Christmas wishes and kisses are also wrapped in a big hug and sent from ME to YOU!

Thank you for always being so affectionate and loving, I am so happy to have you! This comes with love and hugs and the warmest wishes, may all your Christmas moments be filled with joy, happiness, peace, and blessings!

May your holidays sound like Perfection and may you purr with joy throughout this Christmas season! “Much love and kisses”

Mom, you are always in my thoughts and my heart, and especially during the holiday season. I am so happy and grateful to have a mother as wonderful as you, you are the greatest gift and blessing of all! This comes with love, hugs, and wishes for a Christmas full of warmth, laughter, magical moments and surprises. May all your Christmas moments be precious!

I am rich because of how much you have invested in me i.e. your time, unconditional love, encouragement, your daily example and the sacrifices you have made over the years for my benefit. This wealth is not measured in dollar signs, but in the happiness and bond, we share. This is part of your legacy for me. I am so grateful that you are not only my mother but also my friend! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In this special time of the year full of so many things to celebrate, I always remember how thankful I am to have a mother as special as you. Merry Christmas!

You have such a special place in my heart. You are a blessing and a gift. May this holiday season bring you nothing but happiness, joy, and peace that lasts all year long!

Wishing my special mom a Christmas full of love, joy and happiness, and all the bright and beautiful things. Thank you for all your love, care and support, I am so happy to have you!

Whoever opens the heart does not need to open gifts to receive the best gift. Happy Christmas, mom.

This is the right time to reflect and wait for more wonderful days! Merry Christmas to the best mom!

The things we feel most deeply are the hardest things to say but dear mom, you must know how much I love you anyway and now that it is Christmas, I hope you also know how much I wish happiness with all my heart to you. Merry Christmas, mom.

I wish you the spirit of the season, which is peace, the joy of the season, which is hope, and the heart of the season, which is love. May your Christmas be unforgettable!

May the blessings of Christmas be with you. May Christ illuminate your path. May the holy angels of God guide you and keep you safe every day. Wishing my wonderful mom love, peace and joy at Christmas!

Warm thoughts and best wishes are sent to you for a wonderful holiday and Christmas. Christmas is always brighter knowing you’re there and showing how you care. Make it as beautiful and amazing as you. I love you! MERRY CHRISTMAS, mom

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

You have a very special place in my heart, and Christmas is a good time to tell you how much you are loved and appreciated. Meeting you is a gift and a blessing! May peace, love, and joy be your gifts at Christmas and your blessings throughout the year!

Purple awakens our imagination, provides our spirit with a sense of tranquility and calms our hearts. Purple has a special place, almost sacred and our family Mom, you are the purple in our lives

Bless the season. Blessed me too. For having you as my Mother every year!

Christmas is a moment of magic and wonder. It is a time of joy and laughter, and peace and love. It is the perfect time to let you know how much you mean to me.

This special Christmas wish That comes with love brings you warm and sincere thanks for all the things you do. Let me know you what more each day means to everyone that our life has touched in such a loving way because of you. Merry Christmas, mom

May you have the joy of Christmas that is hope, the spirit of Christmas that is peace, the heart of Christmas that is love. Merry Christmas, mom.

I think about you a lot at Christmas. Sending much love and best wishes for a merry Christmas and many good wishes to you.

You are always in my thoughts and my heart, and especially during the holiday season which brings so many happy memories of the moments we spent together. I am very grateful for everything. Merry Christmas, mom.

Having you as my mom is the best gift and blessing of all! This comes with love, hugs and warm wishes for a Christmas full of warmth, laughs, magical moments and surprises.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

Today, may God bless you and tomorrow, may he bless you with the grace that means more to you and always, may he bless you with peace and joy. Merry Christmas, mom.

Although I hope you already know, My love for you grows and grows! Merry Christmas to the best mom!

Mom, you are especially dear, it is a pleasure to think about the whole year. At this time of the year, as always, it is true: there is much love in all your thoughts! Merry Christmas!

Thank you for being so affectionate and loving, I am so happy to have you! This comes with love and hugs and best wishes, may your Christmas moments be happy, joyful and very precious!

Christmas time reminds me of you: all the traditions and memories you created for us. All decorations, cookies, and music. Feel cozy by the fire and play in the snow. Christmas has a special place in my heart. Merry Christmas, mom.

This comes with love, hugs and the warmest wishes for a heavenly Christmas full of magical moments, joy and blessings. You are the best mother in the whole world and I am very happy that you are mine! I love you, mama!

May each falling snowflake bring you the wonder of love and hope, the gift of peace, the blessing of joy at Christmas and all year long!

Every ornament we hang on the tree brings a happy memory that makes us smile. Merry Christmas, mom, and thanks for making vacations always so special for me.

Dear mom, you are always in my heart and my thoughts, not only during the holiday season. Thank you for everything you have done and keep doing for me! This comes with lots of love and hugs and warm wishes for a Christmas full of love and joy. I love you, mom, you are a gift and a blessing.

Mom, especially at Christmas, I want you to know how special you are to me and how much we love you every day! And I want to wish you the happiest vacation full of all the little things that make you smile!

A wish at Christmas. May your home be filled with love and may your heart be filled with joy and may your life be filled with laughter. Merry Christmas.

May the spirit of this holy season envelop you in your peace and next year be filled with your blessings! I love you so much, mom. Merry Christmas!

Mom, I always find it amazing to do something for you, even an impossible task. I love you, mama. Merry Christmas.

The best son in the world wishes the best mother in the world. My heartfelt and warm wishes for you, mom. Merry Christmas.

Hi Mom! Thank you for giving me the best Christmas celebration over the years. Let’s do something special for you. Whatever, and I will prepare it for dinner.

Your limit of love and care is very high. No one can ever get close to that. You may have some flaws, but for me, you are the most perfect woman in the world. Merry Christmas, Mom.

Mom, you make me feel like I’ve always had someone in my corner. Thank you and Wishing you, Merry Christmas.

Mom, I’m very honored to be your daughter. It is more than a blessing for me to have you as my lovely mother. Merry Christmas.

The memories of my childhood are still fresh in my mind because they are so special. You have made them so colorful. Thank you for all the memories we share throughout our lives. My best wishes to you in this Christmas festival.

Mom, I want to thank you for all the support you have given me. Now is my chance to support you. Merry Christmas.

I wish that this wonderful day becomes the best day of your life. Have fun. My heartfelt wishes for you in this Christmas season.

I can’t think of a better woman in my life. You are my lovely mother and I am so lucky. Merry Christmas, my love.

Forget the movies, mom, you’re my real-life hero. Without you, the value of my life would have been zero. Best wishes to you this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

Mother, you’ve always been there: watching, waiting, guiding, teaching, caring, helping and, above all, loving! May your holidays be filled with the warmth of love, the joy of sweet memories and the happiness you find with family and friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In this special time of the year full of such joy and celebration, I always remember how grateful I am to have a wonderful Mother like you. Seasonal greetings and all happiness for the coming year.

Everything beautiful, everything that makes sense, everything that brings you happiness. Let it be yours, mom, at these parties! Merry Christmas, mom.

The gift of love, the gift of peace, the gift of joy. May all this be yours at Christmas and always. I wish you a blessed Christmas!

You are the best Christmas present Santa gave me! I want you to know how much you are loved, embraced and appreciated! Thank you for all your love, patience, guidance, for always being there for me. May your Christmas be as wonderful as you, I love you, mom!

Having a wonderful mom like you is like spending a little Christmas EVERY DAY! I hope your holidays bring you all the love, joy and laughter that you deserve so much! Merry Christmas mom.

Christmas brings joy to our hearts. It is a special time of the year. A significant moment to share with a mom that I appreciate so much. I wish you peace and love and as we celebrate hand in hand, I wish you joy in these great Christmas celebrations.

You are there in all the happy moments and also in the sad ones, you are there with comfort and support when dreams do not come true. For every kindness, big and small, no one else can compare with the special understanding and love you always share. Merry Christmas

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

Dear mom, when it comes to the holidays and the memories we share, you should know that I have them so dear. Then, with the warmest wishes of my heart, may your holidays be magical from the beginning. With many blessings, laughter and love in abundance, to fill your vacation and heart forever. I love you, honey! Merry Christmas.

Mom, your simple smile is enough to find great inspirations. I love you and wish you Merry Christmas.

Although I was less stupid, your love didn’t stop raining for that. I’m so lucky to find the most amazing woman in the world like my mother. Merry Christmas.

You are best like a diamond, beautiful as a goddess and pure as an angel. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. Merry Christmas to you, dear mom.

I wish there was a way to pay for all the things you’ve done for me, but there’s nothing big enough to pay for the best mother of all.

Mom, I want to thank you for giving me all the care and love throughout my life. Have a nice celebration of Christmas.

Dear mom, always and forever you’ll be the first woman I’ve loved so much. Merry Christmas, mommy.

I feel so safe in this world because I know that whatever happens, you will always be there to take care of me and pick me up when I fall. Mom, you’re the best! I love you very much. Merry Christmas.

Mom, you always put a smile on my face. Thank you for being a sunbeam in my life. Merry Christmas! I love you a lot!

On this special day, I want you to feel all the love and gratitude in my heart for you every day. Merry Christmas! You’re the best!

I may not always explain it to you, but you are everything to me. I must have denied it often, but the truth is that I can never survive without you. Merry Christmas.

I could never have said thank you for everything you did for me. You brought me into this world, you taught me to walk, you protected me from harm, you motivated me to make decisions on my own, you supported me every time I tripped and, most importantly, you picked me up every time I fell. So I take this day as an opportunity to thank you. Thank you very much, mom! Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a special day free of worries and care that you always have for us. Today is the day to enjoy to the fullest. Merry Christmas Mom.

You are the shining star that has helped me to grow and I am always present to receive proper guidance at all times. Merry Christmas, Mother.

Guardians like you are like Christmas lights, even when they are far away they still make your Christmas look colorful. Wishing you Merry Christmas, my mom.

Christmas is the most gentle and charming festival of the rotating year, and yet, despite everything, when he speaks, his voice has strong authority. Have a great celebration of Christmas, mom.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Mother

Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, imparts to the world that magical power to seek good by dedicating our lives to working for the welfare of people.

Mother, you were my first friend and, after all these years, you have still been my true real friend. I love you now and forever and Merry Christmas.

Your love is an inexhaustible mother, nobody can give their hearts like you. Every second my heart beats, it reminds me that you gave me life and that I should appreciate you.

Life has never been perfect. Probably never will. But I will never lose hope because I know that I always have to be by my side, even if the whole world falls apart. I love your mother, much more than you know. Merry Christmas to you.

Merry Christmas to women to whom I love a lot. By the way, nobody is up to it. Nothing can be compared to the love a mother feels for her children.

Your love is incomparable, unconditional and inseparable. No matter where I go or what I do, at the end of the day I always find comfort in his advice. I love you too, Mom. Merry Christmas. Thanks for always being there, mom.

Merry Christmas. Mom, I love you for showing me the world and for everything you’ve done for me. I love you so much from my heart. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Xmas Messages To Your Mom

No other gift in the world will be more special than the gift of motherhood. You will be a great mother! I wish you a Merry Christmas.

I love you like my best guardian. I respect you as a woman. I trust you as my friend. You mean a lot to me and I’m very lucky to have you. Merry Christmas.

Mom, I love you so much! Thank you for everything you have given me or you will give me. You will never know how much you mean to us. Mom, you have given us the warmth of your touch and so much love from your heart.

I may be far away but I am praying for you and wishing you have a beautiful day. Merry Christmas. Much love in your way!

Since I was born until today, there has not been a single day when I have not thanked God for blessing me with a mother as wonderful and good as you. Merry Christmas, dear mom!

You were the one who taught me how to detect what is important in life and what is not. Today I feel that I did a pretty good job detecting the most important person in my life. It’s you! Merry Christmas! Much love, hugs, and kisses in your way.

You’ve seen me laugh, you’ve seen me cry, and you were always there with me. I love you. Merry Christmas, my mom!

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