500 Heart Touching Christmas Messages For Mother – Best Wishes, Quotes, Status For Your Mom in Christmas 2019

451. Success is not only measured by what we are, but also by the gift we give, and the gift of a mother is a personal creation.

452. No woman is as perfect, good and understanding as you are.


453. Like every human being, sometimes you are wrong, but for us, who love you and know you so much, you are like a star full of beautiful light.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

454. No one can compare with you when it comes to taking care of your family. You always protected us from everything bad. You always gave us the strength to never let anyone hurt us, you made us believe in ourselves.

455. Nobody believes in you like your mother does. Thank you for always leaving behind our little imperfections and mistakes.

456. Mother: You ask nothing, you give everything. Thanks for being the way you are, thank you for being a great mom.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

457. Nothing and nobody will treat you as well as your mother. So respect her and treat her better than anyone else in your life.

458. There is nothing in this life more sincere than the love of a mother. I love you is the best tribute on this day.

459. I look back and I remember our discussions Mama. Your reprimands, your lessons, your punishments. I look back and I only find good memories mom, what good moments I’ve spent by your side!

460. My life would lose brightness and meaning if I did not have a mother as good as you by my side.

461. My mom was my best teacher, taught me to have compassion, to love and not afraid of it.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Mother

462. My mother gave me life. My mother killed all dreams when my childhood wanted the dream of the soul as smelled with horizons.

463. No gift in the world can be more special and wonderful than a gift of a mother.

464. I am very happy because you still illuminate my life with your presence.

465. My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the beliefs in which my life is based. The belief and the ability to get what you want.

466. My mother finds happiness when I meet it. When I live something beautiful, she lives it through my experience.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mother in English Language

467. My mother pray for me, even when I just pray for myself. My mother would give me the whole world if I was able to thank her.

468. You brought me to the world, you showed me the world. You watched with me at all times, protecting me, encouraging me, consolidating me.

469. Now that I am already older and I have left the nest, I feel like I need your protection more than ever.

470. Mom, I want you to know that much more than a good mother, you are an excellent friend. A super entertaining partner and a person I can trust completely.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mother in English Language

471. Mom, because you are the love of my love. I bring you this humble singing and this flower twig.

472. Mother: If I could not walk, you would load me on your shoulders. If I could not breathe, you would give me until the last breath.

473. Mother, you can take the place of all others, but your place no one else can take.

474. Mother, your love is truly blind because you started to love me before seeing me.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mother in English Language

475. Mother, when your thoughts and dreams are in our hearts, we are never far from home.

476. The children reflect without a doubt, love and respect in which their mothers have educated them.

477. The Mother’s tips are the only ones who always come from the heart. That’s why they must always be welcomed.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mother in English Language

478. The words of a mother can be the foundation or base, in which greatness is built.

479. When I do not have anywhere to go, I know that my mother’s arms will always be open to get me.

480. When you want to feel love, think about your mother and your heart will fill out of love.

481. When a woman is a mother, she becomes twice as a woman. Because there is a mysterious nature that wraps her and makes her invincible.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mother in English Language

482. Of all the special joys of my life, the great and the small: Mother for your love and tenderness are the greatest of all of them.

483. I dedicate this to my mother, who has been the person who cared me when I could not do it. Thank you very much, mother.

484. The love of a man for his love is the greatest. For his wife, the best. But for his mother, it is the longest and permanent.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mom in English Language

485. The love of a mother is something we keep deeply trapped in our heart. Always knowing that she will be there to comfort us.

486. The love of a mother is patient and forgives when everyone else leaves, fails or even when the heart is broken.

487. In general, mothers and housewives are the only workers who never have free days. Mothers make up a classy part. A class without the right to vacations.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mom in English Language

488. It is impossible to compare the love of a mother with nothing or with anyone. A unique and unconditional love that supports the passage of time and the storms that shake our lives.

489. Generosity, goodness, joy and unconditional love is something that grows in women when they are mothers.

490. Morning of every sunrise is the best reason to thank the woman who gave you life.

491. Never in life will find better tenderness; deeper, more uninterested and true than that of your mother.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mom in English Language

492. The mother is special, for her love, for her delivery and for the way she tries to hold the family together.

493. The most beautiful word on a person’s lips is the word mother, and the sweetest call: Mother Mother.

494. The piety taught by mothers is like a odorous essence, which remains locked in the heart of the son.

495. Mothers take over their hands for a short time, but their hearts forever.

496. Moms so good and sweet as you, can only have happy and educated children like us. And it’s not that she is presuming, it’s simply the truth.

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mom in English Language

497. Children begin to love their parents. When they have already grown, they judge them. And sometimes, even forget them.

498. A true heart of a mother wishes for a good Christmas, with the hope that peace and serenity can come.

499. Weather Forecast for Christmas: There is a strong rain of kisses and hugs for the world’s precious mother. It is advisable to close the umbrella and open your heart. Many wishes!

Merry Christmas Shayari For Mom in English Language

500. On the wings of a blond angel, I send you the greatest wish of the world. If you do not know where it comes from, it comes from the heart of the world best mother for her children who want you good! Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

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