500 Christmas Wishes, Messages, SMS, Status, Quotes & Greetings For Your Best Friends

101. May achievement be with you and all that you do Merry Christmas and a cheerful New Year as well!

102. This the season! Wishing you an awesome Christmas loaded up with recollections you’ll generally treasure. Cheerful Christmas wishes to you!

103. May you give and get much love, delight, and harmony this season. Cheerful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Christmas Wishes Quotes For Best Friends

104. wishing all of you as well as can be expected to bring, Merry Christmas to you and a year brimming with favors.

105. May God favor you with a happy, cherishing and tranquil festival this Christmas and all consistently.

106. Christmas can be numerous things or it might be a couple, yet all I wish on this occasion is the best for you. Cheerful Christmas and a glad New Year!


107. I expectation you alert on Christmas morning feeling like a tyke once more. Cheerful

Christmas Wishes Quotes For Best Friends

108. May your Christmas shimmer and your vacation flood with presents and love. Happy Christmas!

109. All I need for Xmas is you, my dear. May we commend this occasion together holding each other’s hand a seemingly endless amount of time. Joyful Christmas my adoration.

110. Health, love, and bliss I wish to you, Merry Christmas and great news as well. Upbeat New Year!

111. The chimes are ringing all over the place, and Santa’s en route, there’s tranquility covering the snow-secured arrive, on this unique Christmas day!

112.Bless us, good Lord, this Christmas, with a giving soul, the quietness of psyche and tranquility in our souls, and may all creatures be honored with similar presents.

Funny Christmas Wishes For Best Friends

113. May the fortunes and joys of Christmas be with you with adoration and harmony all year through. Happy Christmas!

114. May the lights of Christmas be your guide and the Christmas hymns fill you with cheer. Have a cheerful occasion!

115. Xmas season is a brimming with enchantment, presents, hymns, and euphoric festival. Have the best Christmas ever.

116. May you be wrapped with adoration and warmth and be honored with a long and solid life. Cheerful Christmas and an upbeat New Year!!

Funny Christmas Wishes For Best Friends

117. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may you have great wellbeing, plenitude and everlasting bliss in your life.

118. Have a lively, holly, sprightly, and an extremely Merry Christmas and a Happy New year too! Cheerful Christmas and an upbeat New Year!

119. Have a brilliant Christmas and May it be loaded up with your most loved things and your loved ones you a wonderful occasion with bunches of cheers and presents coming to your direction. Cheerful Christmas welcome!

120. This Xmas season may your heart shine with cheer and may you have somebody to kiss under the mistletoe. Joyful Christmas and a solid New Year!

121. May the Christmas soul sparkle like the Christmas lights and warm your hearts this Xmas season. Have a favored occasion!

Funny Christmas Wishes For Best Friends

122. Xmas is tied in with giving, sharing and eating. Merry Christmas 2019!

123. May the stars sparkle on you this season and all the year all through. Have a magnificent Christmas!

124. Sending you loads of affection and genuine wishes to have an awesome Christmas and seasonal happiness. Upbeat New Year!

125. Family and companions we accumulate close to observe Christmas with tunes and cheers. Upbeat Holidays!

126. May your list of things to get worked out. Upbeat Holidays! Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Funny Christmas Wishes For Best Friends

127. May Santa present to you the presents you need and may you never underestimate your endowments. Be grateful and Merry Christmas 2019! Upbeat occasion wishes to you!

128. May your Christmas be loaded up with sharing, adoring, and expressing gratitude toward God for every one of his endowments. Merry Christmas 2019!

129. I dream for you a white Christmas and may your New Year be cheerful and splendid. Cheerful Xmas 2019!

130. May the delight of Christmas fill your home with presents, warm welcome, and a cherishing family. Have a favored Christmas!

131. Here’s to a time of favors and past. Have a Merry Christmas 2019! May you have a magnificent Christmas!

Christmas Greeting Message For Best Friend

132. May you get the blessings of harmony and love. Merry Christmas 2019!

133. May you quit taking “selfies” and rather make “gives” in the soul of Christmas. Cheerful Holidays! I wish you and your family an upbeat, quiet and white Christmas. Merry Christmas 2019!

134. From miles away, regardless of how far we are, the glow of Christmas will unite us. May you have an awesome holiday! Have a carefree and favored Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Greeting Message For Best Friend

135. This is the season to be appreciative to Jesus since he got you a couple of additional days off from work.

136. Thanks to autocorrecting, the kids who don’t check over their work will get a visit from Satan this year.

137. it’s the prospect that matters and I put a huge amount of thought into selecting this Christmas card for you!

138. One of the best things about Xmas is the workplace Christmas party.

139. I like my men like I like my Christmas decorations: splendid, bright and well hung!

Christmas Greeting Message For Best Friend

140. Do you know why this Christmas card is so superb?

141. Money is rare, times are hard, and however despite everything I figured out how to get you a Christmas card. Sorry to learn you however Xmas is dropped for this present year. Evidently, YOU revealed to Santa you were great this year and he kicked the bucket chuckling.

142. Can I please have your image so I can indicate Santa what I need for Christmas? Does any other person think it is abnormal that we permit an old, hefty man to sneak into our home amidst the night, eat treats and drink drain and afterward fill our socks with his garbage?

143. I am for all time on the underhanded rundown, and damn pleased with it too! I took my little girl to go see Santa at the shopping center, and think about what that yank did? He considered her a ‘ho’ multiple times!

Christmas Greeting Message For Best Friend

144. Twas the prior night Christmas and all through the house everybody was on their You light up my life like a Christmas tree. I am appreciative to be your companion.

145. Christmas time comes once per year and on account of companions like you, I am brimming with cheer! When I remember the good fortune of my life, I tally you twice! Merry Christmas closest companion, a debt of gratitude is in order for all the delight you send! Upbeat New Year to you as well, may you have delighted all year through.

146. Merry Christmas my companion, I’ll disclose to you what you are, you’re as wonderful as a holy messenger, as brilliant as a star.

147. There’s no blessing out there that I can offer you to demonstrate to you the amount I give it a second thought. You are my closest companion on the planet and I will convey you in my heart wherever I go.

148. What I love most this Xmas is your companionship. Joyful Christmas friend! I am so cheerful to observe Christmas with you, old buddy, my partner, and my saint.

Merry Christmas Quotes For Your Best Friend

149. Your fellowship and your affection are the best Christmas present that I’ve gotten. May the shine of the Christmas candles light up your day.

150. Merry Christmas to you my dear, may you have a solid, fruitful and blissful New Year. Merry Christmas wishes for companions.

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