300 Short Christmas Sayings, Messages & Wishes For Greeting Cards Collection

251. Preserve our essence and reinvent ourselves in the Christmas. The conquest of the New often depends on a New Self.

252. May the Light and Love brought by the Child God this Christmas multiply in Peace, Fraternity, Forgiveness, and Humility. So that the Joys are real and lasting each New Year’s Day that arrives.


253. May the symbolism of the Christmas give us all the inspiration necessary to renew our ideas, our souls and our attitudes.

Xmas Sayings For Greeting Cards

254. Let’s enjoy this Christmas more intensely than everyone we’ve ever lived. Thus we will not achieve peace in the world, but we will achieve peace in the mind.

255. That in my life, in this year, the will of God be done and that all that I conquer is first and foremost conquered by Jesus. Greetings for Christmas.

256. Enjoy this Christmas and New Year to expel the ghosts of your life and start a New Year with the real people, which are part of your daily life.

257. Joyful, playful, playful and cheerful. Fun, laughter and smiles full. We will again believe in a miracle, like little children. Indeed, in the Christmas it comes to everyone in the world.

258. This is the laughter of children and the happiness of tears. It pours champagne with light foam. This holiday is since childhood, unchanged.

Xmas Sayings For Greeting Cards

259. I wish you financial freedom. And move confidently forward. Love may settle in your house. Let it be prosperity and comfort. Let miracles happen to you more. Let happiness come to you with joy. Merry Christmas.

260. Best wishes for a Christmas to you that I love. Thank you for your generosity and your friendship every day renewed.

261. I wish you a thousand Christmas presents and not only materials. Beautiful feelings, faithful friends, a supportive and understanding family … And inner serenity.

262. Merry Christmas! May the beauty and magic of this feast accompany you throughout the New Year.

263. May the tenderness and sweetness of Christmas be the main actors of the 2019 New Year that presents itself in us.

264. It’s Christmas … Smiling, Dream, Give, Share, Wave! The time has come to believe in the magic, glory and happenings of party days. Merry Christmas to all.

Xmas Sayings For Greeting Cards

265. That Christmas magic turns your home into a haven of peace, where people and heart come together. I I wish you an excellent Christmas, filled with love and friendship.

266. When you decorate a Christmas tree, we always have the impression that we would need a wreath of more.

267. That the Christmas party is a moment of tenderness and sharing for each of you.

268. That the Eve of December 24, the opportunity for us to have a thought. And perhaps a generous gesture, for those who suffer around the world.

269. Ice flower will move to every window from a steaming cake to the table. Have a lot of gifts, my heart wishes, and rich, joyful Christmas!

270. Starburst sparks its light, wants warmth, peace. Santa comes over your house to give you a message. I wish you a Happy, Merry Christmas!

271. Elements of the flashlight, light mattress, wine, wheat, peace, vacuum cleaner, blender, coniferous clover. Happy Blessing!

272. A good holiday, beautiful green pine, ringing on the trees, be happy and happy holidays, my heart wishes.

Xmas Sayings For Greeting Cards

273. There was an angel here and told me: Think of those who are kind to you today. You got me and you and your family, and here I wish you a lot of CHRISTIAN CHRISTMAS.

274. Star is coming in the evening sky, it shows dark night. Love is alive today, all the voices speak softly now. Surrounded like a velvet, be happy for Christmas.

275. There are no long distances, old times are gone. Little angels go in SMS. They bring love, many beautiful messages, so I wish you a happy Christmas 2019.

276. Every December, I try to remember the power of remembering that the most beautiful time of life is taking place.

277. Christmas is a time of sharing, friendship, reflection and peace on Earth. May the joy of these holidays do not leave you for the rest of the year.

278. For Christmas, there are some who want expensive toys. My greatest wish is for you to be here at midnight. Because it is with you that I would like to pass these holidays at the end of the year.

279. Santa’s reindeer are on their way to make you happy on Christmas day. And they will bring a lot of toys to All the children. They should be here soon! We hope that Santa will spoil them this year!

Xmas Sayings For Greeting Cards

280. Christmas unites young and old in a beautiful atmosphere of pleasure and joy . That’s why we love Santa so much. May this season of thousand wonders give way to great rejoicing. That it is conducive to the discovery of intense happiness.

281. A beautiful fir tree and garlands. It was time for Christmas to finally arrive. So that we share beautiful moments. Precious moments with those we love. I wish you the best for these Christmas holidays.

282. Christmas, this sweet feast that unites us. Our hearts open to share love. All together to celebrate this day. The most beautiful day of the year. I wish you a very merry Christmas. And that all your dreams come true.

283. Just like the gold star that illuminates the tree, I hope that this card illuminates you and floods your life with light. I send you all the happiness, joy and merriment of the world, Merry Christmas!

284. We take advantage of Christmas and the approach of the end of the year, to wish you full of happiness, good health, and of course a Merry Christmas.

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285. If you see an old and paunchy man come back to your room to take you away, especially. Do not worry, it’s because I told Santa that I wanted you as a gift.

286. It seems that Christmas is the most magical moment of the year! So I think it’s the best time to remember that I love you with all my heart darling. I miss you !

287. For centuries men have made an appointment with Christmas on December 25th. This unique moment in the year means love, communion, sumptuous feasts, giving and receiving. I wish you a wonderful Christmas surrounded by all the people you love.

288. Under a Christmas tree, I put a gift for you. You will find inside, joy, love, and happiness! I wish you a good Christmas under these good omens.

free printable Christmas Sayings For Cards

289. Christmas is here! On this day, we love to give, share, receive, fulfill the desire and love. Let’s take advantage of these magical moments and make them possible every other day of the year. Merry Christmas !

290. Once again Christmas is ready to knock on the door. Beautiful clothes, welcome, kiss, admire the smiles of children, celebrate, offer. It is with this festive atmosphere that I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

291. As every year, the spirit of Christmas is here. The tree smells good. The lights in the streets give balm to the heart. The holidays are a real breath of fresh air. I wish you the most wonderful Christmas.

292. In December, it’s almost Christmas. There are stars in the sky. And on the earth everything is illuminated. Squares, streets and windows. It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!

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293. At this time of rejoicing, you whom I love so much. I wanted to express to you, with my affection, all my wishes for a Christmas full of happiness and joys. Merry Christmas!

294. May these feasts accomplish the most secret of your desires and bring you beautiful surprises, joy, happiness, and love. With all my tenderness, I wish you a wonderful Christmas.

295. The tree is so pretty and beautiful with its colorful lights. And it’s branches barely conceal the gifts at his feet. I like to spend the holidays with you. And I hope you like to be with me!

296. At this time of the year, we take out our best gifts. And each decoration has its history or remembers past Christmas. New memories that will leave this year!

297. Make sure Santa Claus does not get stuck in your chimney this year. After all, we want to be sure that it will also be in our homes. Merry Christmas, and let your slippers be filled with wonderful gifts.

298. A beautiful fir tree and garlands. It was time for Christmas to finally arrive. So that we share beautiful moments. Precious moments with those we love. I wish you the best for these Christmas holidays.

free printable Christmas Sayings For Cards

299. Christmas has brought with it many possibilities to become the human being that you have always wanted to be. Hope is blessed with the courage to fight against injustice and defend your values in the Christmas.

300. At the beginning of the Christmas, let the family join together to pray for one another and also promise to be beside each other in sickness and health.

301. At the beginning of the Christmas, may you forgive all those who have hurt you in the past, erase all the bruises of your heart and fill your heart with happiness and peace?

Religious Christmas Sayings For Cards

302. This Christmas will perhaps allow you to clear all your worries and get a recharge of happiness for someone as nice as you deserve nothing less.

303. No, it’s happiness, surprises, sweetness, delicacies. But it’s especially time to think about the people who are dear to us. Know that in this festive period, I send you all my best feelings. Merry Christmas!

304. What you wish for better than In your life: health, in your business: prosperity, and lots of love throughout this Christmas.

305. May the magic of Christmas transform your home into a haven of peace and restores happiness and get in your family. I wish you an excellent Christmas, filled with love, loyalty, honesty, and friendship.

Religious Christmas Sayings For Cards

306. The heart is full of desires and reveries that color life and make it all monotonous. May this fervor accomplish the most beautiful desires, and may it bring back all the colors of true happiness.

307. I wish you a thousand Christmas presents and not only materials. Beautiful feelings, faithful friends, a supportive and understanding family. And inner serenity.

308. A traditional Christmas, with all its fantasies, miracle and magic is a successful party. And that we appreciate, especially when we are among friends! Merry Christmas.

309. May happiness and peace be your invitation during this Christmas and forever. I hope that this Christmas brings you even more joy than during all this time.

310. May your journey on this Christmas be dotted with beautiful surprise, joy and happiness, be enlightened by the light of love and warm by the true friend.

Religious Christmas Sayings For Cards

311. For this Christmas, I’ll give you a magic recipe: a touch of humor with a lot of laughter, a zest of success all mixed with love.

312. At Christmas, I wish you a lot of smiles to drive away sadness, willingness to break all obstacles, confidence to remove doubts, and health to chew on life.

313. May all your most cherished wishes be granted and brought to you on a golden plateau. That this Christmas may offer you all its delicious pleasures punctuated by many bursts of laughter to illuminate forever your smile.

314. I wish you for this Christmas, that happiness is your ally, that the smile is always your guest and that joy embellish your evenings.

315. May this Christmas be full of health, serenity, peace, great joys, and many small pleasures. Best wishes for happiness, health, and success.

316. Health and prosperous finances, numerous projects, the love of your loved ones and your friends, and a complete success with glory and name in all that you will undertake. This is essential to start a good Christmas.

Religious Christmas Sayings For Cards

317. At the dawn of this Christmas, I wish you all the best, and I hope with all my heart that your wishes, even the most insane or the most impossible, will be fulfilled.

318. For this Christmas, I wish you all better, more beautiful and better than the days before. That what was difficult and painful yesterday is now nothing but a bad memory of the past among the thousands of happy memories of tomorrow. I wish you all the best that your wishes are fulfilled and accomplished.

319. Here are some tips for a successful Christmas: smile to life, chase stress, ward off a bad mood, enjoy every little bit of happiness, practice philosophy, keep a Zen spirit under all circumstances.

320. I am really sorry for you. I found Santa’s house, So, I recovered all these gifts. And I fled very far.

321. I tried to amaze you by choosing this beautiful card to wish you Merry Christmas. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a ton of beautiful surprises.

322. Do you know why I do not need a candle at Christmas? Because it’s you who enlighten me.

Religious Christmas Sayings For Cards

323. Santa Claus arrives on his sleigh, with his reindeer and his gifts. He comes from afar to wish you, A Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

324. Christmas is a time of sharing, friendship, reflection and peace on Earth. May the joy of these holidays do not leave you for the rest of the year.

325. I am happy to be able to celebrate the birth of the Lord with the two most cherished people in the world.

326. Last night, I dreamed that an angel was watching me and protecting me. But, I quickly understood that the angel was you. With all my love for Christmas!

327. May the spirit of Christmas remain in you, even after the Christmas lights went out.

328. Let the fire crackle cheerfully in your fireplace and your family be a source of joy. And that everything happens as you wish during this holiday season.

329. May Christmas be colorful; let yourself leave behind memories brimming with happiness.

Religious Christmas Sayings For Cards

330. On colorful butterflies, I send you scented roses. on which I tattooed in diamond SMS to tell you: Merry Christmas.

331. May this Christmas be the dawn of a year of happiness and love. Merry Christmas.

332. It’s Christmas, There are stars in the sky. The roofs are white and on the branches. Winter puts white stars: It’s Christmas.

333. Receive my simple gift of LOVE wrapped in SINCERITY bound with CARE and sealed with BLESSINGS 2 Keep you HAPPY and SAFE throughout life.

334. May your hard times do not last and the arrival of a Christmas at the end of December is a testimony of this fact. Even your difficult phase will not last forever if ever hope and lose your trust.

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