300 Short Christmas Sayings, Messages & Wishes For Greeting Cards Collection

201. The Christmas season is a time when you have time to think about what it takes to take your time.

202. At Christmas, the time of lights, everyone quickly becomes a poet, because, in this quiet time, a soft word reaches very far.


203. We all do that or should do it. We all come home or should come home. For a short rest, the longer the better, to take rest and give.

204. The message of Christmas: There is no greater, and ultimate power than love. She overcomes the hatred like the light the darkness.

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

205. Fairy lights shine in the dark, and many candles shine with charm, sparkling the children’s eyes sparkle. That’s how it gets light and warm in the heart.

206. Ho, ho, ho … We wish you cuddly warm, bright contemplative Heavenly quiet angelically beautiful calorie bombe and reindeer-strong Christmas.

207. It’s time for love and feeling inside the heart of and only outside it stays really cool. Candlelight and apple scent, yes – Christmas is in the air. We wish you some happy hour in your familiar family round.

208. Coming together is a beginning of a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is a success.

209. With a little of your own skill, you can build a stable staircase out of the stones that inevitably get in your way.

210. Do it like the Christmas bear – it does not take life so hard. Does not worry about his coat, he loves the world very warm and bright. And if it is dark, he enjoys it by candlelight.

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

211. Christmas is coming and so does a little light is burning. First one, then two, then three, then four, then the Christ child is knocking at the door. And when the fifth light burns, then Santa Claus has failed.

212. Santa Claus puts things on That sometimes you can use. If not, then think about it. Who can you pass it on?

213. A little word -Thank you! find you, because big words for everything. What I want to say are too small for that. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a magical celebration with your family.

214. A Christmas angel comes over sends you a thank you, and wishes for two: That nothing ever separates us, because nobody knows me so well.

215. I come to rest with you. I like to listen to you. The Christmas cookies just for you, because you’re special for me.

Cute Christmas Sayings For Cards

216. It was a hard time. The soul became hard. But now the worlds are lighting up. Thank you for the present, For luck and love. For the rainbow’s splendor, The full color games. You laugh out of my sight.

217. Take and give, so life is. Because you give me so much, I would like you to get something. A small present, so you know that I think of you.

218. These few words, however, aim to make us forget the distance that separates us by confirming to you the link that unites us by heart and thought. happy Christmas 2019.

219. Happy Christmas it is to wish that the Christmas party is full of gaiety. New surprises that will dazzle you to no end happy merry Christmas and happy new year!

220. It is necessary to take advantage of this beautiful occasion to make of this celebration a time filled with joy and friendship. But more, I want to say thank you for what is priceless, for what you gave me every day of my life . The best gift of everything: your life, your love, yourself. ….. Merry Christmas .

Cute Christmas Sayings For Cards

221. May this season of thousand wonders give way to great rejoicing. That it is conducive to the discovery of intense happiness.

222. At this time of the year, we take out our best gifts. And each decoration has its history or reminds the memory of past Christmas.

223. We do not forget you, no matter how far you are, whatever the season. But we think of you in a very special way on this great occasion carrying such beautiful traditions.

224. Merry Christmas! You showed me how to make snowmen, you carried me so that I put the star at the top of the tree. You taught me to adorn the tree and make it beautiful and many other things.

225. Some words of friendship to wish you a wonderful holiday season 2019. That Christmas is Merry and that 2019 is a year of happiness made of a thousand and one surprises.

226. For you this beautiful message SMS of happy new year 2019 and Merry Christmas. Small phrases to present you my wishes to the deadline of the twelve months of the year 2019 … Words of friendship to tell you that I think of you during the family celebrations where l winter strengthens the human warmth of our homes. Kisses.

Christmas Card Messages For Friends and family

227. To wish you a wonderful Christmas full of magic and poetry. I wanted to write you a beautiful text message greetings but the words came to me insufficient to express the strength of my feelings for you.

228. Small funny message to wish a happy Christmas to a person who made me laugh so much during the 365 days of the year 2019. My wish good wishes you to remain the nice clown that you are and the faithful friend that all the world appreciates. I kiss you my favorite comic.

229. The most beautiful Christmas gifts for me is the happiness of your smile, the tenderness of your looks and the joy of having you as a friend (friend, love) in my life. In this evening of December 24, I want to remind you how much I love you and how much you count for me.

230. It’s good when Christmas returns to think of all those who make our life more beautiful and send them wishes for extraordinary holidays and a happy new year 2019.

Christmas Card Messages For Friends and family

231. I like to remember our long winter evenings and cool summer breeze. I like to remember our little light mornings. I like to remember those minutes of intensity made of laughter and cheerfulness or tender gravity. I like to remember our crazy nights out and fun we had. I like to remember our peaceful afternoons and long walks. And I want to express to you here in this moment how much I appreciate each of the moments we shared.

232. I have Christmas songs full of head, belly full of good chocolate and wonderful gifts. I miss only one thing for a perfect Christmas: You.

233. I hope Santa and Saint Nicholas will be generous with us. I asked him to make the most beautiful of my wishes: to keep you in my life, to protect our couple and our love.

234. It would be so nice to meet, as before, to celebrate Christmas as it should. There is a lot to tell us, live and with a smile. However, these words are meant to hide a little distance between us and confirm the bond that unites us in the heart and the mind.

Christmas Card Messages For Friends and family

235. Best wishes On the occasion of the holiday season. Nothing is more pleasant than feasting. With those we love. Much happiness, tenderness, Sweetness and serenity for the new year. As well as the realization of the most expensive projects.

236. What a pleasure, joy and serenity in this end of the year. To find ourselves in family to feast. I hope that in 2019 you will find happiness. That’s what I wish you from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas.

237. Just like the golden star that illuminates the tree. I hope this card will enlighten you and flood you. Your life of light. I send you everything. The happiness of the world, Merry Christmas.

238. Cocktail of joy and surprise bites. Cream soup of friendship and slices of health. Fillet of love with sweet madness sauce. Log of harmony and mignardises 100% tenderness ..Treat yourself.

239. At the occasion of the holiday season, Nothing is more pleasant than Feast with those we love. Much happiness, Softness, and serenity for The Christmas as well as The realization of the most expensive projects.

Christmas Card Messages For Friends and family

240. During this Christmas season, you enjoy the message of hope, love, nonviolence and peace on Earth. May all these holiday blessings be yours and your loved ones for you to keep.

241. All I want for Christmas is you and your company, my dear. May we celebrate together this holiday by shaking hands one after another year after year. Merry Christmas my love.

242. It is the heart filled with light, love, dreams, and warmth that I wish you the most wonderful Christmas. May this day be enriched in sweetness and bring you to love security, health, and peace.

243. Just like the gold star that illuminates the tree, I hope that this card illuminates you and floods your life with light. I send you all the happiness and merriness of the world, Merry Christmas.

244. I can not wait for Christmas every year. It’s time to reach those we missed throughout the year. May this message find you in good health, and joyful spirits.

245. That the closeness of friends, the comforts of home, and the unity of our nation, renew your spirit this holiday season. Merry Christmas to your family.

Christmas Card Messages For Friends and family

246. You shine the stars and warm up the winter days just by being in my life. Merry Christmas to my favorite person in the universe.

247. Will you feel all the love and joy that I have for you throughout this festive season and throughout the year. To have you as my friend brings me great joy.

248. All I want for Christmas is your company and your loyalty my dear. May we celebrate together this holiday by shaking hands one after another year after year. Merry Christmas my love.

249. It is not sad to have the courage to choose to spend the Christmas at home, quiet, without big parties and banners. It is sad to have lost that ability.

250. Between Christmas and New Year there is the dream gap. It’s too late to realize the dreams of this year and too early to make those next year.


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