300 Short Christmas Sayings, Messages & Wishes For Greeting Cards Collection

151. Remember, when Christmas night comes, your table will be full, your family will be there. Look outside and see that Christmas is not just that.

152. Today we all hear the same song … The universal music of God’s love! TODAY IS CHRISTMAS!

153. This Christmas use a lot of decoration and lights and sparklers and fireworks. Help from the heart, Understand from the heart and live from the heart.

154. Christmas has not yet arrived, but Santa could already come by providing a gift of great use to many people: a brain.

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

155. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And Prosperous New Years for me and mine! I am fraternal and not selfish, do you realize?

156. This Christmas, I only want more Nobility of soul and Humility of spirit. Get closer to my Master.

157. At that time everyone worries about decorating the house for Christmas. Nothing against, but what if it were to adorn the heart too?

158. Christmas is time to celebrate life and sad and happy memories both, spread love and sow hope. Have a happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

159. This Christmas we will continue to plant love, seed honesty and in the New Year, we will reap our fruit of happiness. I love you! Merry Christmas!

160. Christmas is a time of joy, sharing, caring for each other and celebrating with each other and fraternity. May this climate be the basis for our finding happiness, truth, honesty, trust, and peace. Merry Christmas!

161. That the accomplishments achieved this year, are just planted seeds that will be harvested with greater success in the coming year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

162. When Christmas comes to your smile I will remember, and when the full moon comes I will never forget to love you.

163. Celebrate Christmas without remembering Jesus. In the midst of eating, drinking, pampering and revelry. It would be similar to going to an orchestra and getting there did not have the symphony.

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

164. Celebrating Christmas without remembering Jesus is similar to going out to a samba school and not having the drums.

165. A great prop in my hands, and also to my enemies, I wish you all a good Christmas, Full of harmony, on this special day.

166. So it’s Christmas? Time of the year to join the family and make that food, and at all times of life I always wonder. Where is Santa?

167. May the Christmas Spirit continue to be present on this last weekend of the year. That is over and lasting throughout the year that will begin, renewing our strength every sunrise.

168. We need a stop. A stop, to recharge the soul with great joy, celebrate Christmas with much love be happy.

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

169. Doing charity only at Christmas is like taking a single pill and wanting to heal for the pain in the conscience for the rest of the year.

170. And suddenly it’s already Friday. Suddenly it’s Christmas. Suddenly another year was gone, and you just stood there wanting to change your life.

171. Those who live in the past is a museum. Those who live in the future are seers. Who lives of the gift is Santa Claus?

172. It is not Santa’s gifts that deceive me, but the Christmas spirit that this magical time provides.

173. I wish you a Merry Christmas for the whole world, but especially for you who warm my heart every day.

Cute Christmas Sayings For Cards

174. The greatest wealth of this era is not material, but friendship, love, and power to join the family in celebration and harmony. Merry Christmas!

175. It would not be Christmas if we did not exaggerate food and drink to the point where we were almost diabetic, obese, and alcoholic.


176. If you do not find your present under the tree, do not fear, it’s because I got stuck in traffic. Merry Christmas!

177. Many are those who wish “Happy Holidays” to their friends during the Christmas period and New Year as a remembrance. Maybe because Christmas is no more than that.

178. If at Christmas I can not be next to everyone I love, so when everyone I love is by my side, it’s Christmas.

179. It is time for reflection. Let us see what we have built for humanity and throughout Christmas let us make this reflection so that we can build a better world.

180. The happiness of having the family presence united and happy, not only at Christmas but all round the year, outweighs any gift that may be under the tree.

Cute Christmas Sayings For Cards

181. May the joy of your Christmas is not just the party and your new clothes. May this Christmas be for everyone a reason for love, sharing, and unity.

182. Man’s loneliness is not part of the Christmas meal, but he will be able to correct and correct the tracks already covered, perfecting a new way of being.

183. Powerful women do not give Christmas presents. They are the Christmas gifts, powerful is the dream of consumption of any man.

184. The sky shines with the charms of men on Christmas night, prospering in good will the balance of those who celebrate in faith.

185. Christmas gave us a day of blue sky and sea in communion. We hide in the cliffs, in the sands and in the heat of the sun. The breeze opening our smiles, the peace cradling our dreams.

186. What makes you a virtuous and respectful human being is not what you do during Christmas and New Year, but it is what you do during the New Year and Christmas.

187. Christmas is neither magic nor mystical, it is the magnitude of God supplying the human need for love and life in abundance.

Cute Christmas Sayings For Cards

188. I waited anxiously, as a child on Christmas Eve, for you to present me with your affection, with your passion.

189. It does not matter if every Christmas you have to reflect and change a little more for the better. The important thing is to change. Change is good.

190. Christmas, synonymous with faith, hope, Christian feast, and nations participate without fear of loving yourself and loving others.

191. Christmas is every day when we serve a God, who gave his only son to die for us, so that we may have eternal life in Jesus Christ the Savior.

192. If Santa has not come yet, wait for me. I will share with you the festivities of Christmas, sharing with all the best canticles of love in the celebration of Our Savior.

193. Do not be sad with the problems of daily life, celebrate Christmas with peace and get new paths with pure horizons.

194. It’s Christmas in my heart and thousands of people all over the world. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and peace in our world. Let us all be aware that happiness depends on us all. Do your part. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas Phrases For Cards

195. May Christmas be marked by the desire for a new life and a renewal that leads us to one goal: sowing love with hope and peace.

196. As time goes by, It seems we just took the turkey out of the oven (by Christmas) and you can already see Easter eggs on the supermarket shelves.

197. As much as it lacks love and peace, with an open heart and pure soul. I wish a Merry Christmas to all the world, especially my family.

198. Understanding that Christmas is not a gift exchange, but accepting the gift that came from God to all of us is our great challenge.

199. Reflection and gifts need not contradict each other. Selected with mindfulness and love, a simple gift can be very enjoyable.

200. The secret of Christmas is to be pointed to the inconspicuous and the small in our search for the great and the extraordinary.

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