300 Short Christmas Sayings, Messages & Wishes For Greeting Cards Collection

101. A relationship does not need promises, desires, goals, conditions or terms. Only the desire to be burned and being together is.

102. Each person has its story and each one knows how much he weighs and hurt his wounds.


103. The hug was made to convey security with love, care, and peace! So I am sending you my hugs instead of any Christmas gifts.

104. Christmas always seemed to me nostalgic. The New Year, just a change of calendar and who knows, loaded with new hopes.

105. The street is a house where there is also Christmas: close to the human cold and away from humanity.

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

106. Good evening, my friends! I wish the joy of Christmas is already invading your homes.

107. It’s almost Christmas, and if you take a little longer, I’m going to be here alone watching life go by.

108. Christmas happens every time Christ is born again into the heart of yet another sinner. And the sinner? He is also reborn.

109. CHRISTMAS, 5 letters, 5 senses. Love, peace, fraternization, friendship, union … For me, Christmas should be every day.

110. May Christmas be a door and a work always open to ox, cattle, people, people. What does not pass or be left behind is a mystery. Two big ones.

111. So many people remembering to drink smoking dancing to sing at Christmas. Just do not remember the most important birth of Jesus Christ the Savior.

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

112. I wanted to include in your bag of hopes for the Christmas, these our wishes for a happy holiday and a Happy New Year!

113. Can you give me a picture of you? This year I want to show Santa what I most want.

114. This Christmas, I want to give and receive gifts. Hey! Who says it’s forbidden? It may be forbidden for you. Not for me.

115. Santa Claus came back and brought the most important gifts of all time: love, peace, and hope.

116. This is the time of celebration of life, reflection, and family celebration. Merry Christmas!

117. You know the best Christmas present? Have you by my side sharing for another year an excellent friendship! Happy Holidays!

118. Beware of the request to Santa, because I can not stand under several trees at the same time. Merry Christmas!

119. May the gifts never replace true feelings! Happy Holidays!

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

120. Better than everyone present under the Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family, friends and loved ones.

121. If you do not know what to gift to your loved ones at Christmas, present your love to them.

122. Even if other things are lost from your life over the years, let’s keep Christmas bright. Let us return to our infantile faith.

123. There is no ideal Christmas, only Christmas that you decide to create as a reflection of your values, desires, loved ones, and traditions.

124. I wish we could accumulate the Christmas spirit into jugs and open a jar every month of the year.

125. Peace is generosity and to have grace is to understand from the heart the true meaning of Christmas.

126. Christmas is not an event or annual feast, but a part of your home that one always carries in your heart.

127. May the Christmas bells announce the good news, merriment and bring you a blessed Christmas. Happy Holidays!

128. I was asked why an atheist celebrates Christmas. Now, for the same reasons as all the others do… To eat, drink, and chatter through out the night.

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

129. Christmas is not the lights burning there, but the Light that shines in your heart … Happy Birthday, Lord!

130. Make Christmas itself happen by employing the greatest tools of the disused human being.

131. On Christmas Eve, dreams come true and lived with good parties in the universal fraternization.

132. May the Christmas bells be the messengers and ringing of Happy Holidays and the New Year be filled with achievements. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

133. I wish you all a new year of many virtues and some soft and well-spent sins.

134. One thing that nobody notices at Christmas and the end of the year is that people make others forget the past, simply with a gift.

135. You know what I really wanted this Christmas, Santa? Just believe in its existence again …

136. May this Christmas, may we be sowers of hope, making faith and love for one another in every heart.

137. Santa Claus does not just show up at Christmas time. He’s all the time near you, every time you help an old man.

138. May our new year begins by being blessed by Lord Jesus and that our steps and decisions be guided and protected by Him.

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

139. This phrase is a letter of peace, full of joy, lovingly embraced, closed with a smile and sent with a kiss.

140. Truth is the way, good is action and reactions and beautiful is feeling. This is the practice to be happy. Use it and Merry Christmas.

141. In praying for the food of Christmas there are more honors for human hands, instead of the works of the Creator who provided His celebration.

142. Christmas is a way of celebrating not only the birth of Christ, renewing our faith and traditions. But above all, it is the possibility to bring the people we love and forget in our daily lives how important they are to us.

143. It’s time to remove the Christmas ornaments, but. That Christmas is still resounding in your heart and can flourish all year long.

144. MERRY CHRISTMAS! May we not only celebrate today the birth of Jesus but his rebirth in our hearts.

145. There are two days left until the new year: do not wish that Jesus is only in your family for Christmas, but every day of the year.

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

146. Christmas. It’s better for a close family than a jewel of the brightest possible.

147. One thing that nobody notices at Christmas and the end of the year is that people make others forget the past, simply with a gift.

148. May this Christmas, may we be sowers of hope, making faith and love for one another in every heart.

149. Some moments are perfect to appreciate, the fullness of life. Merry Christmas.

Short Christmas Sayings For Cards

150. Christmas is not a time, date in a calendar or a season, but an excuse to drink and celebrate a little more.


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