300 Short Christmas Sayings, Messages & Wishes For Greeting Cards Collection


300 Short Christmas Sayings, Messages & Wishes For Greeting Cards Collection

1. I wish your problems last as much as your new year’s purposes. Merry Christmas.

2. Christmas is to be in the family, singing together and is to celebrate with all.

3. In October the time is changed to save energy and in December it is full of lights.

4. The opportunity tells you not to leave it again. A very happy Christmas 2019.

5. I’m the dream of every mother in law. May Santa fulfill the dream of every mother in law this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Messages For Cards

6. Christmas is like a day at the office. You do all the work and the fat man in a suit receives all the merit.

7. I like you inside and out. I like you top to bottom. I like you front and back. Merry Christmas and happy new year.


8. Look, forgetting starts by letting go of things that do not happen anymore.

9. The best gift I can receive this Christmas I already have it … it’s you.

10. A sincere smile and a hug speak better than a thousand times “thank you”. You will always have my smile and receive my hug now.

11. I reciprocate the smile. I correspond to the hug. I say yes. Yes, I want. I feel sins. Just because I’m alive. And all this, which seems magical, is the most natural thing in the world.

12. I hold you to embrace what I lack.

13. Rather take a slap of truth than a hug of falsehood.

14. Inside a hug is always warm, it is always safe. In a hug, one can not hear the ticking of the clocks. And if light is lacking, so much the better. Everything that you think and suffer from, within a hug all dissolves.

15. I am hugs, smiles, mood, good mood, sarcasm, laziness and sleep! I am Loud music and silence. I am everything for you this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Messages For Cards

16. Life is but an opportunity of encounter. Only after death is the junction. The bodies can only have the embrace but only the souls have the link. Merry Christmas 2019.

17. There are times in life when we miss someone so much that what we most want is to take that person out of our dreams and embrace him.

18. When they receive and give their thoughts, people communicate with each other as in kisses, embrace and hugs. Anyone who collects a thought in the process does not receive something, but someone.

19. Let us love each other quietly, thinking that we could if we wished, exchange kisses and hugs and caresses. But what better to be seated at each other’s feet than to hear the river running and seeing it.

20. The body is a path: bridge. And in this ephemeral embrace I seek to bridge the abyss.

21. It’s okay if you do not have a coat, I’ll take your hug. If you can not find a flower garden, I’ll take a rose stolen from the neighbor. If you do not send me SMS, I’ll take a note. If you do not wanna scream at the world, you can yell at me. No matter the form, it matters the feeling.

22. Negative standards come from wrong ideas that we embraced.

23. Do not trust any words, any smile, any kiss, any hug, any look. People pretend, and very well.


Merry Christmas Messages For Cards

24. Your Embrace is perfect move with me, with my chest and With my feelings. You did not play when you hold me. It only wakes me up the feeling of despair. Despair that only enlivens. Your love drives me away, to a place far away. Where only imagination reigns, Where love can endure the fantasy created. Thanks to the one who chains me.

25. Tonight I want to wrap myself in your arms and in a hug to stay warm. I want the prayer of life, the kiss of the night and the hug I wanted. Open the curtains, I want to watch the night awakening in the arms of the day.


26. Wake up and look at your side. A smile, a hug is to live without fear.

27. A beautiful and sincere smile brings joy and peace. A firm and a strong embrace heal the soul and everything.

28. In search of gold and silver, we missed a few more valuable moments. Such as a loving embrace or even a simple, true smile.

29. Nothing is colder than a hug without love.

30. I thank heaven for the joy of knowing you, the joy of having won your heart. I hope this Christmas brings us many emotions and joys, many moments to enjoy together.

31. When I told you that I loved you, I did not lie.

32. May the divine light illuminate your way in this and in all the Christmas and new year’s coming. Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas Messages For Cards

33. May the Christmas spirit bring to our hearts the unshakable and unbreakable faith of those who believe and trust in a new time of peace and love. Happy Holidays!

34. I do not need anything else in this Christmas from.. Santa. Having you is enough! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

35. Merry Christmas! May peace, love and unity reign in your home.

36. May this Christmas, love and the divine light become present in your life. A radiant Christmas of peace!

37. This Christmas, my desire is that everything good that you have planted during the year, be reverted in the form of peace, health and happiness. May you and your family be able to feel the true peace of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

38. May the joy of Christmas remain in your heart, soul, and life forever!

39. Just to let you know that I’m already officially available to receive Christmas presents.

40. May the main star of Christmas, Jesus Christ, be a light to shine forever in the lives of those who seek and search for him. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Messages For Cards

41. May the magic of Christmas night make your dreams and realization come true.

42. May the good moments be eternal. Merry Christmas!

43. The essence of Christmas is the birth of the Savior of the world.

44. A Christmas and New Year filled with the most joyful fragrant flowers. The most perfect thoughts, an immense light that illuminates our goals and paths. And especially, with all those dreams that only God can allow us to have and to dream.

45. This Christmas, recharge yourself with good energy!

46. Christmas is a time of dreams, renewed hopes and messages exchanged with affection and friendship.

47. To live is to accept every second as a miracle that can not be repeated again in life. Merry Christmas!

48. I brought lots of presents for you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Messages For Cards

49. May this Christmas, we can review our past to improve our future and may God bless us and shine with his light before us, opening the way to Him. Merry Christmas!

50. Merry Christmas and a New Year full of achievements, success, joy, tenderness, and happiness.


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