Top 40 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids | Children in 2019


Top 40 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids | Children in 2019

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids | Children in 2019: – Christmas is a beautiful festival that is celebrated by many in order to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is mostly celebrated and followed by Christians, but it can be enjoyed by any religion. Christmas is the time for holidays, celebration and the time when family members gather to spend quality time with each other.

Let’s not forget that small children do expect gifts on this occasion. Christmas is a happy occasion where children believe that Santa Claus secretly puts Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree. This Christmas, gift your children something that they can enjoy and put a smile on their faces. Here are the top fifty gifts for children you can get for this Christmas.

Top 40 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids | Children in 2019


Coloring books are great fun and also brings out the creative personalities hidden in your children. They can have fun with colors and also utilize them time productively. They will never be bored when they have different options. Coloring books can be easily found in gift stores or bookshops near you. Your children will definitely love having the coloring books as gifts. These kinds of books can have several of varieties. They can be related to nature, buildings, planets, various cartoon characters, etc. It might be best if you buy them with your children’s favorite cartoon characters. Your options shall be limitless and you too can have plenty of fun selecting various options for the coloring books. Have a fun loaded Christmas everyone!


If the ones you are gifting are little girls who love playing with playhouses and little tea parties, then you surely will have to gift them with cute Barbie dolls. Your children will definitely love them and fill their hearts with joy. Barbie dolls are available everywhere; in the toy store near you, some supermarkets also keep Barbie dolls to sell. Just buy them with dresses of your children’s favorite colors, and voila, they will cry with joy. You do not have to worry about the price too. Barbie dolls do have a variety of price options. Just buy them within your budget easily. You can also have fun with your daughters, nieces, little sisters etc. naming the dolls too. Enjoy your Christmas happily!


This type of gift will definitely be enjoyed by young little boys. You can gift action figures to your sons, nephews and little brothers. Action figures are small little toys with figures based on characters from comics, films, video games or other cartoons. They are usually made up of plastic. They are easily available in many toy stores and supermarkets. You will be finding plenty of options for various action figures. They are various price ranges so you can select the perfect action figure within your budget of money. It shall be best if you buy the action figure of your kid’s favorite character that might be your kid’s source of inspiration. These will definitely give your kids a lot of joy and happiness. Have a great Christmas with your family and friends everyone!


Do your kids love getting out and having an adventure with their friends? If so then your kids will definitely be very much thrilled to get a bicycle as a Christmas gift. You can even get a tricycle as your wish. You can spend quality time with them by teaching them how to cycle if they have not learned yet. But if they already know how to ride a bicycle/ tricycle, then surely they will be crying with joy this Christmas when you will gift them with it. Just make sure that they are safe and sound when they ride a bicycle. This shall give them an opportunity to go in the sun and get some fresh wind. Bicycles are common and can be bought with your budget since they have various price ranges. Have a lot of fun this Christmas!


If your kids love playing video games a lot, then you can definitely find this option wonderful. You can gift your kids some video games that they love. You can join your kids and have a friendly competition playing video games with them. This shall improve the bond between you and your kids by spending time with each other. Your kids can also have their friends over to play video games together. Some of the most memorable memories are made in the period of childhood by doing various activities. Video games of your kid’s favorite comic or cartoon characters will definitely fill their hearts with a lot of joy. They will surely be very much happy. You can find several choices of video games on the market.



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Solving puzzles is a fun game and a great way to exercise your mind. The games of solving the puzzle pieces will definitely expand your kid’s minds and also help them open their creative gates of their knowledge. Puzzle pieces will never be a bore, instead, they will be so much fun that they will not know the time passing by. If you want, you can even join your kids to solve the puzzle pieces and have a great time. Puzzle games come in different forms. There are different pictures that can be formed with the puzzle pieces. These will force your kids to be creative and utilize their minds to see the bigger picture. So this Christmas, along with having fun and spreading big smiles on your kid’s faces, also help them become creative. Merry Christmas!


These are the types of toys that are sewn with a textile material and are stuffed with soft materials. They are also referred to as snuggies or stuffies or stuffed animals. Lots of kids get excited when they get gifted with stuffed toys. They are very soft to hold on to and also help a lot of kids go to sleep when they snuggle with stuffed toys. Lots of people have their childhood memories with their favorite stuffed toys. Stuffed toys are easily available everywhere; from your neighborhood supermarkets to big toy stores. You can find the cheapest stuffed toys to very expensive ones too. You can find lots of varieties too; you can find stuffed toys of cute rabbits, elephants, giraffes, monkeys and much more. So be enthusiastic about choosing the perfect stuffed toy for your kid this Christmas.



Today is such a modern, internet influenced the world that we hardly see any kids without access to the internet. All the kids are under the influence of online communication, online learning and online exchange of knowledge and creativity. One of the top, popular things among all the people; both young and adults are the emojis. Emoji are the emoticons and the smileys that are used in an exchange of electronic messages. There are so many varieties of emotions they represent. There are emojis that represent smiles, sadness, sickness, angry face, and much more. These types of emoji are sewn into pillows that one can snuggle with and also it is a great piece of decoration.  These are sure to bring smiles to the faces of ones that you gift them. At the same time, you can gift them with emoji pillows of emoji that you find funny or that best represents your feelings for them. These pillows can be easily made by oneself at home too if you are feeling very creative. Have a lot of fun!


Kids love stories of fairy tales, faraway lands, dragons and kings and victory of good over evil. They love reading themselves or being read to. Many love bedtime stories that put them to good night sleep. You can easily buy these types of storybooks in your nearby shops, stationeries, toy stores and much more. You too can have fun selecting the perfect ones for your kids as you can find storybooks on thousands of topics and characters. The most famous ones might be the ones about Disney characters. You can select the ones that have a good moral lesson at the end of the story so that shall inspire your kids to a lot of good things. These types of books also help shape your kid’s moral build up. Have a great Christmas everyone!


While most girls love books about fairy tale stories, most boy kids would love to read comics. You can easily find comic books everywhere. You can purchase them at your local supermarket, stationeries, toy stores or bookstores. They are relatively cheap also so that you will not have to spend much money either. It shall be best if you plan to gift the comic book to your kids that are based on their favorite fictional character of their favorite superhero. Comic books mostly have lots of colors and actions. Your kids will definitely be thrilled to have them as gifts this Christmas. So have a lot of fun reading comic books along with your kids and create a beautiful bond this Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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