40 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room


40 Top Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room

Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room: – Christmas is the special occasion of spending time together with your family and loved ones. It is the auspicious occasion of celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This festival is mainly observed by the Christians but all religions are seen celebrating and feeling happy during this occasion. People decorate their houses.

From outside to interior, everything is kept lighted and with lots of bright decorations. The whole neighborhood and town are decorated beautifully. You decorate your house and interiors with great love with the spirit of Christmas. Your invite your near and dear ones to your house to celebrate this occasion together, exchanging gifts and eating delicacies and drinking wine. If you are having trouble regarding decorating ideas, then you should not worry anymore. Here we present to you some of the easy, simple decoration ideas that shall be very much useful for the decoration purpose of your living room. Enjoy and have a great time!

40 Top Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room


A wreath is a beautiful assortment of flowers, leaves, twigs, fruits, bells and other various things that are assembled and connected in order to form a ring. They can be wrapped with ribbons with cute bows and can be hung anywhere you like. You can hang it on your walls of your living room to create and spread the vibes of Christmas. You can easily get to buy plenty of wreaths in your near markets during Christmas. You can either choose to buy them or make them yourself. There are lots of tutorials for making wreaths with different materials with ease at home. Merry Christmas!

FLOWER WREATH - Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room

If you don’t want or have enough space for a huge Christmas tree in your living room, you don’t need to worry about that. You can easily find small trees on the market or use a tall shrub in your garden. Decorate the tree with lights, angels, ribbons, and gifts just like you would decorate a regular Christmas tree. You can have your relatives or friends help you if you want. Decorating these trees together would be very much fun and you will not have to stress too much. Be creative with the decorations and enjoy it. You will not have to spend much money either for this idea of decoration. Have a very merry Christmas!


This is a very fun and useful way of decorating your living room. You can recycle the old stockings if you want to for this idea. You can find plenty of vintage pieces of stockings in your local flea market. And you will not have to worry about spending too much of your hard-earned money. If you feel creative this Christmas, then you can open your closet, find your old stockings and after cleaning them, you can make it colorful by using other types of fabrics and then you can readily use them for decoration. You can hang them above your fireplace and make your living room warm and lovely.


This is a fun and creative of a Christmas decoration. It shall also be recycling your vintage hankies. To make this type of tree, the steps are pretty simple. You can just fold the hankies into clean square shapes and then assemble them on top of each other to create the look of a pyramid. The shape shall be created somewhat of a tree tapering upwards. Finish this look with a cute bow made with a ribbon and place on top. For the bottom part, get a brown hankie and fold it in the shape of the rectangle. Then place it at the bottom with the shorter side on the floor that shall resemble a stump of a tree. Make sure to secure all the hankies with pins so that they will not fall apart. Finish this look with small gifts wrapped in ribbons. Have fun!



Make this Christmas really beautiful by decorating your living rooms with green and golden garlands. You can wrap these garlands in the entryway to your living rooms or you can use them to wrap the handrails of your staircase that faces your living room. You can make your own green and golden garlands by use of green leaves and surround the green leaves with golden baubles. Baubles are small trinkets or showy pieces that are used for decoration purposes. So this Christmas, embellish your living room with green garland and glittery golden baubles and make your living room the most beautiful this festival.


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This is a pretty money saving the idea for you this Christmas. All you need for this decorative idea are circular tins that once contained cookies or candies. Gather your empty tins and arrange them according to the length of their diameters. Keep the biggest circular n at the bottom and work your way up to the smallest circular tin. Arrange them in decreasing order of their diameters. Finish this decoration placing the glittery star on top. Embellish your candy and cookie tins with golden baubles or make a garland of cookies and candies. Wrap the tins with golden baubles or a garland in a circular way, secure it with tapes or glue and place any decorative items that you want at the bottom.


This is another fun way of adding decorations to your living room for this Christmas. Do you have a sled at home lying rusted and unused? Now shall be a great time to put it into action. Not on snow but in your living room making memories. Even if you do not own one, try buying it at a local flea market or vintage stores. Now with this vintage sled, you can decorate your living room. All you need to do is to keep it in a standup position having a wall on behind to give it support. Then wrap the sled all around with threads of wool. Then hang your Christmas cards that you have made yourself or bought. Make winter memories warm and loving.


Use mason jars for your decorations this year for Christmas. Buy some mason jars that will be easily available in the local supermarkets near you. Fill the mason jars with whatever decorative materials you like for example ornaments, tinsels and some greens. Close the lid and you are quite done with it. If you fill at least six mason jars, you can stack them and form a small pyramid with them. Wrap these mason jars with a glittery garland and top this off with a glittery star for that extra spark. Place this on top of your fireplace or your table. Have a beautiful Christmas!


If you have a nonfunctioning fireplace in your living room, you shall have a great idea for decorating your living room for Christmas. A nonfunctioning fireplace will look great if you fill it with split logs. Chop some logs with the help of your family and friends and keep their ends clean. You can make the bottoms colorful by coloring the split logs with chalks of various colors. You can let the young kids of the house color the logs. This shall be a great activity to engage everyone to help you decorate your living room. After you can cleanly stack and filled the fireplace with the split logs, the end result will be that the fireplace will look very clean and colorful. This shall definitely add a punch of Christmas.


If you want your living room to be very colorful and lighted up, you can definitely hang lights on the walls of your living room. Fill your living room with colorful lights or warmer lights, it shall be up to you. Make the decorations, even more, eye appealing by wrapping the lights with leaves and baubles. This shall give off lots of beautiful Christmas vibes. Your guests and everyone shall definitely be filled with joy with all the decorations you have done for your living room. Lighting things up will definitely brighten every decoration in your living room even more delightful.


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