15 Christmas Day Celebration Ideas in School for Children | Kids

15 Christmas Day Celebration Ideas in School for Children | Kids

Christmas Day Celebration Ideas in School for Children or kids: – In December of every year, millions of people all around the world celebrate a holiday which is called Christmas. But, what exactly is Christmas? And why is Christmas so popular around the world?


Well, Christmas is celebrated commemorating the birth of a baby – an event that is recorded to have been taken place in the around 2000 years ago in the old town of Bethlehem in Judea (now called Isreal), the baby was none other than Lord Jesus Christ.

For millions of people who celebrate this festival, Christmas is the season of great joy. It is the time when people show god his great love for them and it also represents a time of renewed strength and healing. People celebrate this great festival of joy by lightening windows, exchanging gifts, preparing turkey and shouting Merry Christmas to those who ever passes in the streets!

Christmas is a day when everyone enjoys to the fullest with their near and dear ones. Children are no exception to that. Kids/children love celebrating Christmas as much as adults love the vacation on the Christmas. Celebrating Christmas not only help these kids learn about their culture, they can also learn the importance of sharing and caring each other which is the motto of Christmas.

No doubt, as soon as the Christmas holiday starts, kids start their Christmas celebration with decorating Christmas tree and picking up presents for their family and friends.

However, the school can also be a perfect place to celebrate Christmas. Christmas can be equally fun at the school where children can take a break from their studies and learn about their culture while having fun with their buddies.

Today, I have come up with awesome Christmas Celebration Ideas in schools. To make the Christmas day memorable, you can pick any of the below-mentioned ideas, execute it and have the best day of your life. To start with, there are few game ideas for the Christmas Day!

15 Christmas Day Celebration Ideas in School for Children | Kids

  1. Execute gift stacking Relay Game:

one of the classic games that are very famous among the children is gift stacking relay game. This game simply involves balance, speed plus a variety of gifts for all the children at school.

To play this game, first of all, divide the children into two teams A and B. Now split each team so that one half is at one end on the ground and the others are at the other end.

Now, stack 3 gifts on top of each other.  Teams should be told to take the stack of gifts from one stool to the other without dropping any of the gifts. Then the next kid has to pick up the gifts and take it back to the first chair.

First team to do it in fewer time wins and get to keep all the gifts. In this way, the gift stacking relay game can be executed in the school where children of any age can have fun while playing as well as watching others play.

  1. Christmas tree decorations competition:

One of the most important as well as fun part of Christmas is the Christmas tree decorations. Children love decorating Christmas tree and having them compete in decorating trees for some awesome gifts will make it even more interesting.

To play this game, divide the children into groups and make them decorate Christmas tree with the limited amount of decoration items. The team with a beautiful tree made at the end of the certain time wins the game.

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration

To decide which team wins, other students can vote for their favorite team so that there is no bias while choosing the best team. This way children at school can have fun and are one of the best Christmas day celebration game ideas.

  1. Christmas bingo:

Easy to play yet very fun games to play while you celebrate Christmas is Christmas Bingo game. Since this game is somewhat different than traditional bingo game, it requires some techniques and rules which is what I am a discussion now.

First of all, cut the pages of the calling cards into individual cards and get them all into a bag. Players look for that picture on their card and cover it up. Continue to pull cards from bag one at a time until one child gets five in a row.

Chirstmas Bingo

Chirstmas Bingo

This game can be very interesting for children of any age. I have even seen a 4-year-old playing this game as a pro. So, if you are up for making the Christmas day celebration grand and memorable at school, this game is just for you.

  1. Dress code and best dress award:

To celebrate the Christmas day at school, one thing that is very important is to have that “Christmas vive” around the school. There is no best idea to get the Christmas vive other than by having a perfect dress code that is fit for the occasion.

Dresses For Kids

Dresses For Kids

During the Christmas Celebration at school, let all the students follow a dress code and see how enjoyable the party gets.

To make it even more interesting, arrange for giving a perfect gift to the best-dressed student. This will make kids happy as well as make the celebration even more lively and fun.

  1. Christmas stocking guessing game:

Can the children guess what object is hidden in the Stocking? Well, this could be a perfect game idea to celebrate the Christmas at school. To play this, take a new big sized Christmas stocking and put a variety of objects in it. Consider putting things like an ornament, pine cone, scotch take etc.

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Give the children a piece of paper and pass the stocking around and tell them how many objects they can identify and ask them to note it down in the piece of paper.

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

The person to correctly guess the maximum amount of items in the stocking wins. Consider playing this game in the classroom to celebrate the Christmas.

  1. Preparing and exchanging gifts:

What is the most exciting thing about the Christmas? GIFTS of course. And, when it comes to children, they simply wait all year long just to exchange the gifts and have fun with their friends.

Woman hugging with gifts

Woman hugging with gifts

So, if you are celebrating Christmas at school, why not include a session where children exchange gifts. Ask all the children to prepare the gifts and make the exchange. This could be a very important and fun experience for all.

  1. Fancy dress competition:

Make this season’s Christmas more fancy and fun with Fancy Dress Competition at school. Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus and hence children can make this day more entertaining by choosing fancy dresses that represent various characters like Santa, Gingerbread, Christmas tree and much more.

New Dresses Baby Children

Baby With New Dress

This is not just game but also provides valuable insights into the importance of Christmas day celebrations. At the end of the show, the one with the best dress wins the competition.

  1. Guess and win Game:

For kids at school of any age, guessing the game is a new form of a game that is funny, memorable and awesome; all at the same time. This game is just like a board game but has some twists that go well with the Christmas.

To play this game, you need to prepare at least a day prior to the actual party. Get lots of sticky notes and write the names of popular items of the Christmas like Santa, gingerbread, and characters from Bible. Then, provide it to every kid attending the party and ask them to put these on the forehead without seeing.

guess and win

guess and win

The soul of this game is to guess who’s name is actually written the sticker put on the forehead. Get any of the kid from the mass and start off the game. To guess, he can ask several questions to the other kids like “Am I a female actor?” “Am I a male actor?” “When was the movie released?” and much more. If finally, he gets it correct, he wins. However, keep the game of till everyone guesses the name correctly.

This game is cheap to set up, fun to play and at the same time quite interesting. So, make sure you have this game on your game list for the party.

  1. Movie time.

Children these days are unaware of the history and mythology. One thing that can be done during the Christmas celebration is to make them aware of the importance of Christmas day celebration. You can have a quiet and fun movie time to engage all the kids while they are at a party. This is not a game but a fun activity to do at the party.

Get a nice Christmas movie. Play it on a big screen or tv and let the kids watch the movie and have fun. While they watch, make sure you keep different types of snacks in front of them.

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While the kids can have fun watching the movie, all the parents or adults can enjoy their time out away from handling kids. This is also one of the best ideas to get all the kids focused on the birthday party and not get bored.

  1. Christmas play:

Christmas play could be yet another beautiful way to celebrate the Christmas at the school where children can take active participation. To execute this at Christmas, the children have to preplan about the play to perform at the stage.

The play scripts, as well as characters, should be well prepared beforehand so that there are no any mishaps during the play.

  1. Other games:

Various other games can be played at the Christmas like Santa’s Surprise, Decorate Christmas cookies, Christmas memory game, Crafting Christmas cards from scratch

Snowball toss, Handprint snowmen, Christmas light scavenger hunt, Christmas paper bag crafts

Make gingerbread house, Share Christmas holiday story, Snowman wrapping game

Snowball poppers party game, Singing Christmas song together, Lightening the classroom competition, Prepare 3d Christmas cards, Make snow globe, Celebrate the Hanukkah festival of lights, The Nativity story, Christmas stories telling and poems recitation any many more games. Executing these games and playing can be very much fun thing to do at school during the Christmas day celebration

School Christmas party:

Throwing a Christmas party at school could be a little tougher as you must abide by the school rules and regulations while give your best to have an amazing party. In an effort to do so, you can beautify the classroom, sing songs, bring gifts and play games.

But, when things come to getting food, the party organizers have to be extra cautious as well. I would not endorse to get weighty foods in the classroom for Christmas celebration, rather snacks, soft drinks would be very good for Christmas celebration at school.

Food is definitely the highlight of the Christmas day celebration and is incomplete without this. So, to make the Christmas day celebration more fun and juicy, I have come up with great food ideas for children at school.

  1. Cheesy mini burgers with Santa’s print:

To enjoy the Christmas party at school, it’s not compulsion to get the 3-course meal. Rather, you can bring certain things from your nearby supermarket and have fun with it at school with friends and students. One thing that can be easily bought as well as easily made for Christmas celebration is cheesy burgers in mini sizes.

Who would not like to have cheesy burgers at the party? This is the best food ideas if you are rejoicing Christmas at the school. To make it even more humble, you can style a small place at the corner of the class or playground where all items required to make burger are kept.

Students can themselves make these cheeseburgers based on their want and desires.  To give that Christmas feel, you can make a small Santa with the ketchup on the outer side of the burger as well.

  1. Mini pizzas in the shape of Christmas tree:

Who doesn’t like pizzas? From small kids to adults, everyone just craves for pizzas every single day and a party is completely incomplete without the pizzas. Be it home, park or school, wherever you throw a party, you need to have the pizzas on the party menu.

To serve it to all the students, you can get pizzas from the market or also make it at home. You can easily get fresh meat and vegetables for the garnishes which make those pizzas healthy to eat as well.To make it even more interesting, you can give the Christmas feel by giving shapes like Christmas trees to the mini pizzas.

  1. Sandwich:

Sandwiches are tasty as well as healthy food that goes perfectly well with the Christmas party for school children. just like a pizza station, you could additionally get a sandwich station made in the college premises, wherein the school children can choose their favored sandwich fillings and sauce.

Teenage school kids just like to make their own meals on the faculty. It makes them sense even greater unique.  I am certain you may not pass over out the possibility to serve the sandwiches to the children at college for Christmas celebration.

  1. Cake:

Finally, no party is entirely complete without the cake. Ensure you have got the cake for the birthday celebration at school. You could make the cake at home or order it from the cake vendors as well. But, cakes are certainly the must-have the object of the celebration.

Eating Cake Animation

Eating Cake

Keeping in mind the Christmas birthday celebration, lots of cakes of numerous dimensions and shapes are found inside the market. Additionally, you may customize the cake to your desire as properly.

One opportunity, as well as great way, might be to bake the cake at faculty itself where all youngsters can take part and make this birthday party a memorable one as properly. both way, Christmas cake will absolutely make the Christmas day party a grand and fun.

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As stated in advance, Christmas is one of the most critical and preferred festivals for kids to grownups. The birthday party of Christmas can be equally amusing at the colleges as properly. plenty of video games associated with Christmas make it exciting.

And of direction foods. meals are the very important a part of any celebrations be it birthdays, anniversaries, wedding or picnics. while there are various dishes that can be made, you must additionally consider the location the party is being undertaken. aside from that, the age of the guests and their wishes and favorites additionally effect at the practice for the menu for the birthday party.

Above stated gaming as well as meals ideas can be perfect for your Christmas day celebrations at college.

Merry Christmas 2019 everyone!