Chicken Rice Soup Recipe for Bhai Tika for as Tihar Recipes

Chicken Rice Soup Recipe for Bhai Tika for as Tihar Recipes

This page provides you Chicken Rice Soup Recipe for the day of Bhai Tika as Tihar recipes.   Most of non veg family love this star Hotels chicken Rice Recipes. Chicken Rice Soup Recipe is one of the most popular rice recipes for non-vegetarian population. But it is not-veg recipes. It’s not for vegetarian. Chicken Rice Soup Recipe as Deepawali/ Tihar recipes is great things to make tasty and delicious Tihar festival, especially in Bhai Tika day. Chicken Rice Soup Recipe is easy and delicious. 

Rice is the main food of majority population of many countries including Nepal. Rice is called ‘Bhat’ (भात) in Nepali language. Rice is main source of nutritious food in Nepal. But for majority of Nepali population, chicken recipes are out of reach due to economy condition.

Chicken Rice Soup Recipe is easy to prepare and tastes great as a meal on its own. It is simple and easy to cook Chicken Rice Soup Recipe. There is nothing to worry about how to cook chicken rice soup. If you are non-vegetarian, then you can cook and eat chicken rice as main food in this Bhai Tika. Nepali eat meat either it is chicken or mutton or buff, in especial occasion. So, as Tihar is great occasion for Nepali people, it can be cooked and eaten, if you and your family is categorized in non-veg family. Chicken rice is more delicate than other sorts. Try one of our most popular Chickeni rice recipes and discover how it can elevate meal.

So, make happy Tihar and Delicious Tihar as well. Try a healthy chicken rice (recipe) for a filling dinner or lunch or side dish in This Tihar/Diwali.

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Chicken Rice Soup Recipe for Bhai Tika for as Tihar Recipes


Click here to know how to cook Chicken Rice Soup Recipe.

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