300 Happy Chhath Puja Wishes in English, Nepali & Hindi Language

Chhathi Pooja is dedicated to the Sun and his wife Usha to thank them for granting the rewards of life on earth and requesting the granting of certain wishes.


Lord Surya is worshiped for four days of Chhathi Maiya Pooja. The fast of Chhathi Pooja is observed mainly by women for the well-being of children and the happiness of the family.

Double the joy of this Chhath puja to your friends, family and close people by sending them some wonderful wishes of Chhath.

Here are some incredible wishes for Chhath Puja for the most spectacular Hindu festival on earth. Check out these Happy Chhath Puja wish messages;

52. I trust binding scars you will mend you on this coming chhath

53. The goodness should set a case for all the Satan upon the arrival of chhath wishes this to be your best chhath ever.

54. I wish this chhath trust enables you to recover the joy and sprinkle you with diversion.

Happy chhath puja SMS in English language

55. Today is the day when great overcomes insidious. The battle is won by the warm heart-crushing the wrongdoings. Also, I wish you can interpret your empty considerations into the flashes of goodness upon the arrival of chhath.

56. I hope all your murkiness differentiates light and your house is the arms stockpile of harmonies upon the arrival of chhath.

57. Expectation your heart discover the safe house in the arms of diversion with the best respects I wish you upbeat chhath 2076.

Happy Chhath Puja Vrat Greetings Cards Images
Chhath Pooja Cards

58. With immense pleasure, I wish this Chhath will exorcize your whole evil presence and keep them under control. What’s more, the best you will sparkle out at your fullest and mirror your spirit 59. Any expectation of you achieving the delight trust too help me praises this Chhath to my heart’s substance.

60. I trust, my desires upon the arrival of Chhath won’t kick the bucket futile and will influence you to recover your lost delight indeed.

Happy Chhathi Pooja Greeting Cards Image in Hindi
Happy Chhathi Pooja Greeting Cards in Hindi

61. Wherever you are whatever issues you trust are confronting. Despite everything, I trust that you discover motivation to bless this day of Chhath.

Happy chhath puja SMS in English language

62. I trust the sound of your heart achieves your family and all your darling ones. My best respects that Chhath 2076 will home you with all the affection and satisfaction.

63. Each beat that your heart give out will make the time justified, despite all the trouble as it looks like satisfaction and wonderfulness upon the arrival of Chhath.

Happy Chhath Puja Wallpaper in Hindi
Happy Chhath Puja Wallpaper in Hindi

64. I trust you and I will sing together at the seasons of pleasure and make this Chhath extremely uncommon and dedication.

65. Chhath differences such a large number of things where distress knows its point of confinement yet the satisfaction has no bound. I trust this Chhath to take out all your trouble and fill your spirit with bliss.

66. The direction to the positive vibes is amazing in the seasons of festivity. I wish you with costiveness of being glad upon the arrival of Chhath.

Happy chhath puja SMS in English language

67. With the fervor and vitality in my air, I wish you upbeat Chhath 2076.
68. My costiveness requests you to feel energized and cheerful in the wake of perusing this message from me. Glad

Chhath 2076

69. Give the positive vibe a chance to course through your make a beeline for toe and urge you to remain glad through every one of the seasons of Chhath.

70 Moments are the circumstances that swing to recollections so I trust you won’t neglect to delight them in the coming Chhath 2076.

71. My heart believes my brain while thinking minutes bite the dust yet the recollections live on. SO I would like to gain more experiences with you upon the arrival of Chhath.

Happy chhath puja SMS in English language

72. I simply needed you to realize that the fall of Chhath had helped me to remember the minutes we gained and the experiences we miss. Upbeat Chhath 2076.

73. Those little recollections are the update that draws out the tear in my eyes. SO I plan to gain some more experiences to treasure on this Chhath 2076.

74. I wish you Chhath2076 and expectation that we’ll get the chance to gain a greater amount of those experiences previously our spirit leaves the world.

75. Moments bite the dust yet its piece continues as before and we call them memories. I am anticipating making some more in Chhath 2076 with you.

Happy chhath puja Messages in English language

76. Joy’ it isn’t quite recently the name of a man, it’s the specialty of life through which you understand what it truly intends to be living.2076 is about bliss and I trust you make its best.

77. Chhath holds the ability to influence us to overlook the torment but at the same time is touching

78. I hope you will forget all the struggles you got through and stand upon the ground of joy.

79. I hope your entire wishes dance at the door of your joy in Chhath 2076.

80. I’m hoping you’ll welcome amusement with your whole heart in Chhath 2076.

Happy chhath puja Messages in English language

81. This Chhath is yours to enjoy and celebrate. And I hope you’ll remember me as the part of that joy

82. I hope this Chhath gives you the strength to feast upon your success and happiness? Both of them are deduced to be a very tasty dish which needs a lot of hard work, struggle, believe and trust to cook.

83. I wish you to be its master of your happiness as this Chhath will make you explore your determination to be one.

84. I hope you will get along with the joy and excitement brought to your door by Chhath

85. Hoping for the best I wish that the coming festival will give you enough courage to prepare a feast I can devour.

Happy chhath puja Messages in English language

86. There’s no winner in the pursuit of happiness. So I hope you’ll find it in the coming days of Chhath.

87. Everybody grabs the hold enjoyment at some point in life. I hope this Chhath is the most special part of your life?

88. My concern is to secure your happiness on this day of Chhath.

89. I know you live up to your liberty though I want you to remember the goal is to enjoy freedom. I hope it will make your Chhath worthwhile.

90. With my heart on my sleeves wish you happy Chhath2076.

Happy chhath puja Messages in English language

91. If I realize our qualities, I become smart. If I know our weaknesses, I become intelligent. And if I am aware of our qualities as well as our weaknesses, I become successful. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

92. Good things come to those who go get them. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

93. You only live once? It’s false… U live every day, U only dies once. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

94. The greatest value of having good people around U is not what U gets from them, but the better man U becomes by being with them. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

95. Today I will do what others will not, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

Happy chhath puja Messages in English language

96. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

97. One of the best feelings in the world knows that our presence and absence both mean something to somebody. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

98. A compliment is a statement of an agreeable truth, and flattery is the statement of an agreeable untruth. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

99. Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than U were yesterday. Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

100. between tomorrow’s dream and yesterday’s regret is today’s opportunity.

Have a Good Chhath Festival 2076!!

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