187 Chhath Puja Wishes in English, Nepali, Hindi Language


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Chhath Puja is one of the important religious festivals that is celebrated across India and in some parts of Nepal. This puja is entirely dedicated to the worship of Sun (God) and his wife and continues for 4 days in the month of Kartik in the Hindu Lunar Calender.

Chhath puja starts right after the dipawali celebration and lasts for 4 days. On these days, people worship God “Sun” and offer prayers to the god seeking lots of blessings for well-being, prosperity and happiness for the year long.

The Sun is better known as the healer of many health conditions and is known to give blessings to his devotees with prosperity and progress. So, on this day, Hindu devotees worship Sun god on for his prayers for a long healthy life.

On this auspicious occasion, people following Hinduism in India and some parts of Nepal take a fast day long and finally take a bath in the holy water hoping the holy water washes the evil. On this day, the offerings are made to the almighty sun. Lastly, the devotees take bath in the holy water hoping that all evil in the person gets washed away.

In 2018, Chhath puja will be observed on November 9 (Karthik 9 as per Hindu Lunar Calender). Do not miss out the opportunity to wish your loved ones a very happy and blessed Chhath puja. Here are few of the wishes that you can text or Facebook message to you dear ones on this religious and important festival of Chhath.

Here are 119 Chhath Puja Wishes in Bhojpuri + English + Nepali language. Read, copy and paste it into your Facebook status for your friends.

187 Chhath Puja Wishes in Bhojpuri+English+Nepali Language

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187 Chhath Puja Wishes in English, Nepali, Hindi Language

1. Life of human has no rewinds and advances. It unfurls itself at its own particular pace. So never miss an opportunity to live today to make delightful stories for tomorrow upwards of chhath…HAPPY CHHATH…

2. There’s no time like the present time to begin being a man U need to be recalled as.Have a decent chhath festival….

3. Being profoundly cherished by someone gives U strength, while adoring some individual profoundly gives U courage. Have an adoring chhath merry day!

4. Good outcomes are created toward the day’s end just if Good Thoughts are produced toward the start of the day. Have a gainful day from this chhath…

5. Success is a delectable dish. Patience, insight, learning, and experience are its ‘Ingredients’. But “Hard Labor” is that little Salt that makes it ‘Delicious’. Have a Delicious Dish of Success in chhath celebration…

Happy chhath puja wishes in English language

6. The great place to discover some assistance is toward the finish of our arms. Have decent chhath celebrations…

7. Exceptionally Day is a day of choice, and our choices decide our fate of life. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!

8. If U needs to sparkle like Sun, U need to first consume it. Have a day loaded with daylight chhath onwards!

9. Day: Today To Do: Be upbeat!

10 .The present battle gives U tomorrow’s quality. Have a Good chhath

Happy chhath puja wishes in English language

11. Grin: Let everybody know U were significantly more grounded in Dusshera than U were yesterday. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

12. Wherever U is, may U have motivation to bless chhath.

13. Love, thoughts, peace, and learning are nobody’s close to home property. They have a place with a man who communicates them in the best way in the inevitably. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

14. Dimness isn’t the inverse of light; it’s quite recently the nonappearance of light. Moreover, an issue isn’t the nonappearance of an Idea yet the nonattendance of a Solution. Great Morning and Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!

15. Consistently U live is a day to have a vital effect in ur life or in some person’s life. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

16. Giving admiration is a standout amongst the most essential components in a man’s life – it is a speculation. Whatever one provides for others might return to us with intrigue. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

Happy chhath puja wishes in English language

17. What a great idea it is that a portion of the greatest days of our lives hasn’t happened yet. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

18. Hope makes everything work; Confidence makes everything conceivable; Furthermore, cherish makes everything delightful. May all your days begins with a decent blend of all the above!

19. Try not to let past day’s disappointments destroy the magnificence of today… on the grounds that Every Day has it’s own particular guarantee of affection, happiness, and pardoning. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

20. Expectation U wake-up feeling like a clear canvas and paint you an excellent today. Have a Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

21. it’s great to be awful if U felt awful in the wake of being great. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

22. One day is justified regardless of a thousand tomorrows. Have a Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

23. Today is a brilliant day for U to make a decent yesterday for tomorrow. Have a Good chhath Festival 2018!!

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