Chhath Puja Preparation


Chhath Puja Preparation

Find here beautiful photos of Chhath Puja festival. Chhath Pooja festival is such festival which is celebrated by Hindus in all over the southern part of Nepal and northern region or states of India.

One of the real celebrations of Madhesh or Terai, Chhath Parva is devoted to the Sun-god and is seen on the fourth day of the lunar logbook amid the long stretch of Kartik – Mangsir (October – November). The rising and the setting sun is worshiped amid the celebration. The celebration goes on for four days.

On the primary day, known as Arba Arbain or Nahan Khan, the lovers keep quick by disposing of meat, garlic and onion and eat spotless and ‘unadulterated’ nourishment. The second day is Kharna, which is seen to diminish the transgression conferred by the enthusiasts and the third and real festival is known as Chhath when the puja is led. The aficionados go to the pre-finished streams and lakes singing people and reverential melodies. There are tent like structures made around the lake or on the waterway rely upon which the fans keep their blessed offering and furthermore remain the night, without resting. The fourth day, in any case, is known as Paran or Parwana that implies the finish of the puja subsequent to making offering and worshiping the rising sun.

The celebration celebrated after Tihar has extraordinary essentialness, particularly for the wedded ladies who watch two-day quick and offer petitions while keeping very nearly seventy five percent of their body drenched in water for two hours. The lovers tune in to the stories of the Chhath fasting, additionally the Surya Puran, after finish of the Argha or the offering of the curd to the setting sun. Additionally, the tale of an insatiable relative and her girl in-law is told.

The Hindu blessed content Mahabharat notices that the Pandavas and Draupadi watched the quick with sun venerate for the effective finishing of their outcast.

On this day, the lakes, lake and streams are flawlessly adorned for the festival, with lights, tents and blooms. The components for adore are kept inside these tent-like structures and the lovers spend the night there without dozing and staying Jagram (wakeful). Reverential tunes and bhajans are played on the amplifiers that are kept in the majority of the tents by the lovers. There is the convention of taking it is possible that one or three adjusts around the lake amid the festival and not just the individuals who keep quick and have a tent around the lake yet additionally every other person takes the round of heavenly site.

Likewise a little reasonable with inflatables and shoddy toys for kids are directed around the zone. The greater part of the lake and the streams in Nepal are the locales for festivity of Chhath Parva in Terai as well as in Kathmandu. In addition, the Rani Pokhari is likewise opened on that day for the Chhath festivity.


It is said that the god satisfies wishes of the fans, particularly the ones who are keeping quick. What’s more, it is likewise watched that the vast majority of the fans have had their desires satisfied in the wake of taking the quick, be that as it may, the quick of Chhath Puja is a standout amongst the most troublesome fasts in the Hindu religion as it has an excessive number of limitations and not a solitary mix-up is permitted. The vast majority of the general population gives Kuniyas (that has the sacred offerings) to the individuals who take fasts for the sake of their family to improve things and sound life or for some different wishes they have as opposed to taking the quick themselves. Be that as it may, the ones who give the kuniyas should be available amid the celebration for leading the puja on their kuniyas.

Chhath Parva is one of the significant individuals of Terai and the Madhesi people group as well as individuals from each group watch the celebration by keeping quick or in different ways.

This celebration is devoted to god Sun. Sun is called Surya in Sanscrit, Chhat parba is thanks providing for ruler Surya for maintaining life on earth and to revere him to give his consistent endowments to humanity.  The Sun, source energy of nature, considered the divine force of vitality and master of the life-drive, is worshiped in Chhath to advance prosperity, success and advance. Hindu individuals trust sun cures numerous sickness and maladies. Sun is considered as wellspring of mending as well. Sun is likewise considered as token of strength and thriving. Along these lines, individuals adore sun to guarantee the life span and thriving of relatives, companions and darling ones.  Chhath parba is additionally called Dala Chhath.

It is celebrated mainly in Nepal Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Considered as a ‘Mahaparv’ or awesome celebration, Chhath Puja is as much about thorough fasting as about nourishment extraordinarily cooked amid the festivals. Nourishment assumes an essential part in this hallowed celebration which includes the arrangement of ‘prasad’ made in devout ‘ganga jal’ on conventional ‘chulha’ made of mud which gives the prasad a smoky flavor. These dishes may be common in looks yet taste divine when cooked amid the 4-day celebration that closures subsequent to offering araghya to Lord Surya.


Chhath parva is celebrating by the antiquated capital of the Mithila area individuals. It’s seen from the fourth day of lunar timetable. It begins in the Vedic age, interface with celebrated Gayatri Mantra and Yajna is known as yield which is partner with it. In this celebration Puja is likewise perform which is quickly presented in Rig Ved.This is the traveler book of Hindu, dedicated to God Sabita known as God Sun. As indicated by individuals of Mithilaregion, this celebration is likewise called Surya Puja which is known as God of power, brilliant light and life. Individuals thank the Sun offers blessings by performing puja. Chhath is known as six.


Chhath is named so since it is praised essentially on the six and seventh day of the Hindu month of Kartik, but the entire of Chhath puja goes on for four days. It is the celebration of colour, liveliness and life. Chhath developed as a customary celebration after Draupati, spouse of Pandava, which is in traveler book Mahabharat, began to revering amid one year masked in the castle of King Birat.People trust that the Sun cure the infection like Leprosy and realize thriving and life span to their relatives. After at some point the celebration turned out to be critical after relocate from slopes likewise embraced it as social assets. Women of Mithila locale were occupied with acquiring assortments of articles to offer God Sun. This celebration offers custom washing that offer a time of fasting and custom confined of the admirer from the primary family four days. Amid this period, the admirer sees custom virtue and mulls over the floor on a solitary cover. The fundamental admirer is known as Parvaitin, are typically ladies. In this celebration a substantial number of men are additionally fundamental admirer. The parvaitin appeals to God for the prosperity of their relative, for the thriving and children.

They perform Chhath just on the off chance that it is passed on to them from their more established age. In any case, once they choose to do it, it is obligation to perform it consistently, the celebration being skipped just if there happen to be demise in the family that year. After that admirer cooks vegan nourishments and offers it to the God Sun. That is known as Naha Kha, it implies shower and eat. The admirer permits herself/himself just a single dinner on the third day from the arrangement. In the second day an uncommon custom is known as Kharrana is performed at night after Sun down. In this day admirer eats his/her exclusive feast from the Prasad, which is made to the God Sun, offer to family and companions.

From this day onwards for the following 36 hours the admirer goes on a quick without water. The night following day the entire family unit the admirer to custom showering and love the Sun, for the most part in the bank of waterway or a typical expansive water body. In this celebration custom version people melodies, helped through oral transmission from mother and relative to little girl and little girl in law sung in this occasion. The same showering custom is rehashed on the next day at the break first light. This is when admirer breaks his/her quick and completed the ritual.

Chhath being commended on bank of waterway is delightful, otherworldly articulation associating the advanced to antiquated social roots. This celebration is additionally agreeable and beautiful celebration. Every one of the general population spruce up in their best new garments. Reverential society melodies are sung shower at house and on the bank of waterway. A great many individuals accumulate at the banks of stream. The Prasad incorporates organic products, desserts are kept in a little bamboo wicker bin. The sustenance is entirely veggie lover and it is cooked without onions, salt and garlic. Accentuation on put on keeping up the virtue of the nourishment.

Significance of Chhath Puja

Chhath puja incorporates a special significance throughout the sunrise and sunset periods. The sunrise and sunset are the foremost necessary periods of the day throughout, once somebody’s body will safely get the alternative energy with none damage. That is why there’s a story of giving the Sanjhiya Arghya and Bihaniya Arghya to the Sun on Chhath competition. Throughout this era the alternative energy has a low level of ultraviolet radiations thus it’s safe for the chassis. Folks perform the Chhath puja so as to convey the Lord Sun for continued the life on the planet in addition to getting blessings.

The ritual of Chhath puja provides the mental calmness (by detoxifying the body and mind), enhances the energy state and immunity, and reduces the frequency of anger, jealous in addition as a ton of negative emotions. It’s additionally believed that following the Chhath methods helps in fastness down the aging process. Such beliefs and rituals of the Chhath create it the foremost vital competition within the Hinduism. In contrast to different Hindu Poojas that involve worship, this competition is devoted to worshiping a phenomenon that is after all the vital force of our planet.

Chhath Puja Preparation

Chhath Pooja Nepal India Festival Sunrise Sunset
A devotee is preparing for the rituals of worshiping the Goddess Chhathi Maiya

Rituals and Traditions of Chhath Puja

It is believed that worshiper of the Chhath take the holy tub and follows an amount of abstinence and become separate for four days from the most family. Throughout the amount, he’s believed because the pure spirit and sleep on the ground having a single blanket. There’s a traditional belief that after a family begins Chhatt Puja, it’s to perform it yearly, in addition, to pass it to his next generations and it will solely be skipped once there’s a death of someone within the family that year. Devotees provide Prasad to Sun and principally they’re sweets, Kheer, Thekua and fruits enclosed during a tiny bamboo tokari. The Prasad ought to be overdone while not salt, onions or garlic with maintained purity. It’s a four days competition that includes:

On a primary day, devotees take bathe early in the morning within the H2O of Ganga and convey some water to their home to organize the offerings. The house and its surroundings ought to be clean at in this day and age. They solely take food fabricated from clarified butter while not onion and ginger-garlic.

On the second day (the day before Chhath) Panchami, devotees quick for the whole day and break their quick within the evening when sunset when the worship of the earth. They provide Rasiao-kheer, puris, fruits within the puja. When taking meal within the evening, they are going on a quick while not water for successive thirty-six hours.

On the third day (day of Chhath) they provide the Sanjhiya Arghya at the steps of the riverside. They wear the dress of different color. Different relations wait to induce the blessings from worshipper.

On the first morning of the fourth day (Paarun), devotees at the side of their family and friends provide Bihaniya Aragh at the riverside. Devotees finish their competition through breaking the quick by having the Chhath Prashad.


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