Showing Bananas While Taking Bath in the Festival of Chhath Puja (Nepal)

Showing Bananas While Taking Bath in the Festival of Chhath Puja (Nepal)

Some Devotees of Chhath Puja of the countryside of Nepal are showing bananas while taking the bath in the water pond. As we know that bananas are the one of most important fruits for worshiping the Goddess Sun and Chhathi Maiya. It is said that, without Bananas, Chhath Puja is incomplete. They are showing bananas for taking photo snap at the ending time of Chhath Puja.  As we all know that Chhath Pua is the national festival of Hindu religion. In the Chhath Puja, devotees worships rising sun the in the morning and seting sun in the evening. On the day of Chhath Puja, Devotees should take bath in the Ganga or means river. During the bathing Time, Devotees (Bratalu / Vratalu / Vrati) also wet  bananas that are valuable in Chhath Puja. Here is this picture you can see three devotees are bathing in the water of pond and showing bananas.

A Photo of Chhath Puja, Devotees displaying bananas fruits in the water

Chhath Puja. Some devotees are bathing in Ganga River....

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