Chhath Pooja – Reasons Why Do We Celebrate Chhath Puja Festival


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Get here information and facts about chhath puja. Why do we celebrate chhath puja festival? Get here all the things you want to know about chhath pooja festival of all Hindu. We are here in this article about

1. Introduction about Chhath Puja
2. Name of Chhath Puja in different regions
3. facts about chhath pooja
4. uniting family in chhath puja
5. Greeting the wishes
6. Culture and tradition
7. Pray to sun
8. All the wishes come true
9. Lights on the earth
10. Story of chhath puja from Mahabharat
11. Story of chhath puja from Ramayan
12. Rules of doing Chhath puja and celebration
13. Things to not miss in the Chhath puja
14. Historical association of Chhath Puja
15. Significance and importance Of Chhath Parva
16. Stages of Chhath (Conscious Photoenergization Process)
17. Benefits Of Chhath Puja Process
18. Mental and physical Benefits from Chhath Puja
19. Importance and significances of Sunrise and Sunset
20. Chhath Puja Celebration places

Chhath Pooja – Reasons Why Do We Celebrate Chhath Puja Festival

1. Introduction about Chhath Puja

The great festival of Hindu, Chhath is celebrated almost all over in the India and half parts of Nepal and half parts of the world. Chhath has their own values and norms. Mainly Hindu celebrates this festival as parts of the tradition and culture. Every part of  India have decorated in this day. Chhath is worshiped two days to Sun God. In this festival, mostly the woman contribution is more. This is the festival of people who have done any wish contraction and their wish is fulfilled. They start worshipping from next year. As we know that Chhath has many observation and rules to celebrate. It is not celebrated as another festival like we celebrate Diwali and Dashain. Chhath is celebrated with fasting and outside the home that is on the bank of the river or in the ponds. But we can see some of the men also take fast and worship it. Man and woman both take fast for three days those who are worshipping. The first day is called ‘’

The first day is called ‘’ kharna’’ and, then after another day people with many things of worshipping like as coconut, sugarcane etc go to the ponds or river at evening. And again people start after sometimes of going ponds to take bath and keeps worshipping all the puja materials to the Sun God. And after some time people return to their home and again another day in the morning, they visit same ponds and rivers. People of the crowd is celebrating and cracking the crackers in the ponds. They celebrate and grant the wish that he was facing any problems gets relief from them. The man or woman who has fast again take bath and worship sun god after the sunrise in the morning. And after some time they do all the puja and return to their home with all those puja materials. In this festival , mostly there is Hindu and Muslim who also takes part and prays to sun god for granting the wish.

chhath puja festival in janakpur nepal places to see celebration

The most worshiped food materials are’’  thekuwa and bhuswa ‘’ ( made of the flour of rice).  After coming from the ponds in the morning, they start to distribute the Prasad that is Thekuwa banana and bhuswa to their own and others.  Chhath has also worshipped as the granting the wishes. Person mainly worshiped this festival for getting happy and prosperity in their family. A person who doesn’t do also have to celebrate from next year if their wish is granted. This is the festival of making the wish come true fast.

According to Hindu culture, all the things are treated as the parts of the god-like as water, land,sky, moon, sun, and stars etc. Hindu is the only religions which tell the people the love of sea and peace of stars. Hindu are never terrorist because Hindu is the peaceful and cultural religion. Person worship chhath also for many reasons that we talk below. As it falls in the month of winter, the month of October or in November, people make different kinds of dishes and offer to their guests. Festival has much grace that should be distributed among in the family. Everybody wants their best and dreams the big. But due to the unwanted obstacle, people fail to fight with obstacles and become poor. The world respect only the shining star, not the falling stars. The person who has nothing, he is like the animal and behaved like an animal that man do with an animal.

The world is categorized in different races, cultures and economic groups. Nobody is wishing the good for others. they are just thinking about himself. The person who is poor depends on upon the god and prays with a pure heart for the fulfillment of their demand. The people of a different country especially the Hindu of the different country celebrates this Chhath with their natural ways. The views of pond and rivers are more decorating and attractive in the photo. Wearing of the new dress and the sound of crackers are adding the praise and value of chhath. In India, it is celebrated all over but in Nepal, it is only celebrated in Terai regions by the Madhesi community. Chhath has much power, people worship this festival very carefully without doing any mistakes and wrong thinking. But this Chhath is also celebrated twice a year. Most valuable Chhath is Kartik Chhath which is celebrated firstly. Chhath has different name as it is called in different states and country, that is

Chhath Parv
Chhath Puja
Dala Chhath
Dala Puja
Surya Shashti

People worship this Chhath with great courage and great happiness.  Let’s talk about the reasons for celebration :

1. Unity in the family :

Chhath Puja in NepalAs I have mentioned above people worship this festival for love and granting the wishes. In the Chhath, there comes all the family members together and makes the part in the celebration. As the festival goes up, the relation also goes strongly. All the members of the family help the man who is going to take fast and helps in their working hands. If anyone of the family has something goes wrong, the mistakes are forgiven because this is the time of festive. Everybody forgets their past mistakes and the things, start their life and rule of the family again with happy and helping each other. So this is the also one factor to celebrate Chhath.

2. Greeting the wishes :

The festival is also known as bonding the relationship and taking the care of own. As this is also the festival of celebration in the crowd. The person in the bank of ponds or river share their wishes and greetings to their friends and their own relatives. But remind the great thing wishing should be always positive. There must be positive wishing even though you are wishing to your enemy.  positive wishes reflect and act positively. If you wish and thinks bad for other you will be also in the same falling situation. There will not be seen the helping hands for you if you had never helped anyone in your life. React and return is two parts of the same coin. If you help and wish someone good, surely you also achieve well. The obstacles come in our way because we have done some unknowing mistakes, that we forget and raise our foot front.chhath puja picture download Quotes, cards, messages, wallpapers

Hoping good for other is hoping good for own selves. The assumption in the life comes not most time it gives very less and short opportunity to do and achieve the goal. If you fail in that time, the goal and your wish sink in the water. Wishes every time don’t mean that giving the gift but also the wanting good for them. it will be meaningless if there is not transportation of feeling is not done for celebrating Chhath.  Chhath itself consists the lots of meaning and mystery. If the communication of wishes is done there will be a construction of good and longevity relationship. The relationship works as the construction of bridges of happiness and helping. A single man is like the tree in the garden but the people who are grouped is like the tree in the forest which is more precious.  So this is also the better and best way to express and communicate your feelings and wishes to your owners and relatives. And it’s also the one reasons to share the love and respect in the crowd of people that seems only in the Chhath to celebrate it.

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  1. Chhat parva is one of the ancient festival celebrated in India. The festival is dedicated to the worship of Sun God and his wife Usha. It is the most important festival of Bihar. Thank you for explaining the reasons why it is celebrated. Definitely, the festival plays an important role in unifying not only family members and but also the neighbors. Thank you for sharing the article with us.

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