How To Apply And Check Online Driving Licence Form In Dotm Gov Np in Nepal With Detail Information About Dotm Gov Np

All about applying and checking driving license form in DoTm gov np in Nepal: – Owning a vehicle is never again an extravagance or a fantasy that the normal man can’t satisfy. It has turned into a quintessential piece of the cutting edge city inhabitants’ life.

In any case, simply owning a vehicle isn’t sufficient. You should have a driving licence to take it around. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states – no person without a driving licence is approved to drive an engine vehicle in an open spot.


It is critical that each driver out and about is a genius with regards to driving. In addition to the fact that this ensures security, yet additionally enables individuals to maintain a strategic distance from street mishaps and keep from making chaotic traffic conditions. Or on the other hand, at any rate, we trust it does.

This article will reveal to all of you that you have to realize driving licence and how to apply and check for one in Nepal.

Dotm gov np

The is the official site of the department of transport management of Nepal. This department is one of the important division of the Ministry of physical infrastructure and transport managed by the Joint Secretaries, Under Secretaries, Engineers, Section Officers, and other supporting staffs.

Usually at least one traffic service office is established in each zone of Nepal for the convenience of the citizens of Nepal. Any eligible citizen of Nepal can take the license from the traffic management office.

Not only applying for a license and getting the permission for driving vehicles on the roads of Nepal but the department is concerned with various tasks like registration, selling, naming of vehicles that have been purchased by oneself.

Details of the driver’s license and the documentation of the driver and driver’s permission details branch have been arranged for the documentation of vehicle transactions.

This department of the government, which is the main part of the government to earn raises the tax according to the defined criteria. Not only raising the tax but also recording is the main objective of this department.

This office under the government of Nepal include all the functions related to the driver’s permission details and the license distribution and the vehicle’s registration. All the required information such as What do the drivers do for the driver’s permission and registration of the vehicle?

What is the process? What are the required documents and certificates? How much is the duty? Who is the responsible officer? Such things are mentioned in the civil order of related offices.

No one should run the vehicle without the driver’s permission. The driver or the owner of any vehicle should take the driver’s permission from the authorized officer. Driver Permission is issued for five years, but for the first time, this is released on a test period for one year. The renewal written in the application should be renewed within the three months of the expiry.

To work for traffic management, the Department of Traffic has been established in 2041. The main objective of the department is to provide safe, reliable and accessible traffic services for managing traffic and goods under the guidance of the Traffic Management Act, 2049 and Ride, and Traffic Regulations, 2054. – Official website of the department of transportation management, Nepal is the official formal website developed for the department of transportation management that is affiliated to the ministry of physical infrastructure development and transport. When every aspect has been made high tech with the use of technology, this governmental agency cannot be laid behind.

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This official website has been developed for the convenience of both the public and staff of the department. General people can get the necessary information regarding their license, permit, and registration of their vehicles.

The department management can simply publish the notices, announcement and any news that the public should know. Even the results of the written tests for the drivers’ license test are published on this website. Nepal dlreg homepage or is the
for online driving license form. There is service available for Driving license number check.

So, my friends, you can go for online driving license registration. This website is also giving service of driving licence check. You can get the service about check driving licence number on this site. But you can not check by name. This service driver license check by name is not available. But you can check by license number. This service driver license check by license number is not available.

The features of this website Dotm.Gov.Np are:

The website has been formed to give the complete information regarding the rules, policies, description of the department. Other than that the website includes:

1.    Director information: This feature includes complete information regarding the director of the department. The present director is Mr. Kumar Prasad Dahal.

2.    Highlights and news: This feature includes the breaking news regarding transportation, road construction or waterways.

3.    Contact Information: This feature has complete contact information about the department of transport management, its address, email, and phone number.

4.    Organization introduction: This feature of the website includes the complete information regarding the organization. It’s history, its objectives, aim, functions. It also provides information regarding services that it provides, the name of the service provider, the branch name providing the service, the name of the final decision maker, documents that are required for the particular service to be done.

Likewise, it also specifies the time needed to accomplish a particular service, the price required for the service. The organizational chart of the department is also shown with its branch and unit, staff profiles their position, address and responsibility they need to follow.

5.    Branch and units of the department: The Department of Traffic has recently been deferred branches according to the existing organizational structure which are Administration, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, vehicle Monitoring, Criteria Planning, and Drivers Management, Inter-State Coordinate, Study / Research Branch.

Information Term Branch, vehicle test, Inter-traffic management, Waterway transport and Ride Criteria Determination. Public transport, road security, and traffic reinforcement branch.

6.    Department under the management of transportation management: This department is the traffic management office for the drivers’ license permit of Bagmati region which was established in the year 2073 B.S. located in thulo bharyang of Kathmandu.

7.    Useful Resources: The feature gives you all the required information regarding the act, rules, and directory concerning the transportation the procedure and code of conduct to follow, the tax you have to pay for riding your vehicles, circular and directive.

8.    Publications of the department: This feature of the website shows the facts old and new concerning the work and functions of the department and the report of the department annual, weekly, monthly.

9.    Freight of public transportation: This feature shows the specified and determined rates that any public transport should charge the public which is based on the route, distance to be covered, etc.

10.    Miscellaneous Information: This feature includes the forms, old notices and new notices, and other information.

11.    Photo Gallery: This feature shows the photo gallery of the department of various programme and development projects they have organized.

12.    Complain box, Advice, and inquiry: This feature allows people to register any complaint they have regarding the department, its staff or any other functions. Or, it also allows you to give advice to the department concerning its work and responsibility. Through this feature, you can also make an inquiry regarding certain responsibility.

Merits of the website Dotm Gov Np

The website has been established with the main aim of providing reliable services to the general public. And it has been doing its job. As mentioned earlier, the website has provided all the information regarding the responsibility and criteria of the department.

But it also provides the online application form for online drivers license registration, checking the application and license status, checking written exam result from mobile, checking whether the smart card has been printed or not via mobile.

It also helps in applying for the embossed number plate, methods to obtain, filling the form for online pre-enrollment. It also assists in inquiring about tax payment and it also displays the frequently asked questions.

So the task has not only been easy for the public but it also has helped in taking the workload off from the staffs. 

It also provides the headlines and breaking news that the department has taken concerning transportation management.

One of the other features of the website is that it can be viewed in both English and Nepali language so any foreign citizens can also view the site and its content. And understand the traffic rules and regulation of Nepal.

The Department of Transport Management has recently used online processes for the creation of driving licenses. There was a feature for registering for driving licenses online. Now, with the assistance of Aakash SMS, the Department of Transport Management is now providing results for Written tests as well as License Print Status via SMS.

In short, the website is the reflection of the department of transportation. Management of Nepal. It shows the employees working in the department, the functions that the department have to carry out and the job that it has done to date. And the projects that it’s going to do in the future for the development of transportation and ways.

Demerits of the website Dotm Gov Np

Yes, there have been many merits that the website has. But it also has demerits. While opening this website, you can see that there are many features on the website that are displayed but while clicked on to her the information. It shows the page under construction.

It’s a very important website which is concerned with that of the governmental agency. So, it contents still to be updated and some still are under construction which is not to be taken lightly.

Though the website represents the department itself and its functions it also reflects the efficiency of those who are concerned in the technical aspect. Those who need to keep the information on the website up to date are not doing their function properly. They need to update the contents, new information and build the page as soon as possible which are still under construction.

What Is a Driving License?

A driving licence is an official archive issued by the Government of Nepal allowing people to work or drive vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, transports, and so on., on open streets. The work of issuing is done by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) of each state.

You should initially hold a substantial driving licence in Nepal before you take your vehicle, bicycle, or bike on around. In the event that you are figuring out how to drive, at that point, you should initially apply for a students’ licence.

It will go about as a temporary licence. When you figure out how to drive, you should step through an examination before you get your driving licence.

On account of the web, you would now be able to apply for a driving licence online from the solace of your homes. You, be that as it may, need to visit the RTO to step through the examination.

Diverse Types Of Driving License in Nepal

There are distinctive kinds of driving licenses accessible.

Students’ License

The initial step to acquiring a Driving License in Nepal is getting a student’s license. It goes about as a temporary license. You should have a decent feeling of street standards to get a students’ license. In Nepal, students’ licence is issued after a hopeful breeze through a composed or online test on street rules.

Minimum or Legal Age for Driving in Nepal

You will be licenced to work on driving on open streets after you get a students’ licence however you should be joined by an individual who holds a lasting driving licence.

You should get students’ licence for the correct class of vehicle before you can get a driving licence.

Perpetual License

You are qualified to get a perpetual driver’s licence following 30 days of getting the student’s licence.

Universal Driving License

In the event that you are voyaging abroad and I need to drive there, you need to apply for a global driver’s license in Nepal. The global driver’s license is an official travel archive that is approved by the United Nations. It is issued to voyagers going to outside nations.

Copy Driving License

Each driver in Nepal needs a driving licence. You are not licenced to drive in the nation without this record. On the off chance that you lose your driving licence, you should apply for a copy at the most punctual. Increasingly about how to apply for a copy driving licence later in the article.

Light Motor Vehicle License

This licence enables you to drive light engine vehicles, for example, automobiles, jeeps, taxis, conveyance vans.

Overwhelming Motor Vehicle License

This licence is given to individuals who drive vehicles like transports, trucks, cranes and so on.

Driving License Based On Vehicle Type by DoTm gov np

  • Bikes with a motor limit of 50 ccs or under 50 cc
  • Bikes with apparatus, bikes with a limit of 50 ccs or progressively, light engine vehicles (LMVs) including autos
  • All Motorcycles types incorporating cruiser with apparatus
  • Bikes of any cc however without any riggings – including bikes and mopeds
  • Light engine vehicle for non-transport purposes
  • Light engine vehicle planned for business purposes
  • Overwhelming traveller engine vehicle (likewise alluded to as All Nepal driving grant for trucks and autos or open licence)
  • Overwhelming products engine vehicle
  • Applicants holding a substantial vehicle driving licence can apply for overwhelming trailer licence.

Getting a driving licence by dotm gov np, Nepal:

Most young people begin to dream about the day they can drive when they turn thirteen. Sixteen appears to be so a lot nearer once you’re really an adolescent!

Getting the enchantment opportunity card is a feasible dream for most and an energizing and dreadful time in the lives of guardians all over the place. The pressure and budgetary commitment of the exercises, the additional vehicle, and the protection are amazingly high, also the feeling the whole family experiences as one by one, the kids become mature enough to figure out how to drive and pick up the capacity to take themselves puts that their folks once needed to taxi them to.

Getting a driver’s licence is a soul-changing the experience for a youthful grown-up and is an energizing time, however, this superbly alarming knowledge influences the entire family sincerely and monetarily.

The entire family is sincerely engaged with an adolescent getting his/her driver’s licence. Guardians dread for their very own lives when showing their youngsters how to drive. They are in dread that their youngster will wreck and damage themselves or another person.

Guardians see their lives streak before their eyes as approaching traffic flies by, not understanding there is an unpractised driver in the driver’s seat. Much all the more frightening is the occasions when adolescents get in the driver’s seat without the guardians.

With nobody there to reveal to them what to look for, what to do, when to stop, and so on, by what method will they ever oversee? Guardians pace the floor grasping the telephone, holding up from that call from the police. Kin is additionally influenced candidly by youngster driving.

Some are envious of the new opportunities that their kin presently have and can hardly wait to have their very own as well. Others are startled as their recently authorized sibling or sister transports them to the spots their once excessively mindful guardians used to take them.

The new driver likewise encounters dread, satisfaction, and fear in the driver’s seat as all the new encounters of being a mindful driver are found out. Not very many things are as costly as transportation, and when another high schooler driver gets his/her licence, the family needs to make some money related penances.

There are costs engaged with the preparation of the driver, as a matter of first importance. The grant, grant test, driving exercises, and tests and licence itself all cost cash.

At the point when the licence is really procured, the driver must be guaranteed in many states, in this manner compelling guardians to add their kids to their current protection approaches or to purchase separate protection for the new driver.

Some of the time guardians can’t manage the cost of this expense and make the new driver get a new line of work to help spread the expenses. Some fortunate drivers get autos from their folks, which is a colossal cost.

Nepal Driving License Exam Written Test Questions Answer in Nepali Related Accidents

Once more, if there are instalments on the vehicle, the family will either need to make some monetary penances to spending plan the vehicle in or request that the teenager contributes by finding a new line of work.

A typical transitional experience is getting a driver’s licence. In numerous greater urban areas, a few people don’t much try getting one because of the accessibility of open transportation and the mind-boggling expenses required with driving.

Notwithstanding, numerous families enable their young people to drive, and this spots enthusiastic and money related weights on them that keep going for a long time.

Nepal is a creating nation. The new development of new advancements on the planet made the nation to creep towards the online framework for the open administrations. The online administrations make the work quicker, productive and smarter.

As of late, the legislature has begun internet driving licence enrolment with the official name electronic driving licence and vehicle enlistment framework. In the fundamental urban areas, it has additionally dispersed the smart card in substitution of licence.


The division of transport the board has propelled the web-based driving licence enlistment from December 25, 2016. In the event that you need to fill the application structure for a driving licence, you can peruse to the connection of the respective website.

On the off chance that you need to get the driving licence you the present the application structure on the web and check the composed test dates as well. Download the structure fill it and submit on the web.

If you are looking for a driving license registration form in Nepal, you are in the right place. Here is the guide to applying for the online registration form for a driving license in Nepal.

Your days to queue up to receive the license form early in the morning are temporarily over. It was like winning war for registering your application for driving license. You had to wait for whole day in order to apply and even then you can’t be sure of submitting them.

But now those days are over. In order to facilitate travel to Nepal traveling abroad, as well as for foreigners visiting the country, the government plans to issue an international driver’s license. The Department of Transportation Management (DoTM) has begun issuing the International Driving License (IDP) by amending the Federal Transport Act.

The department has planned to issue the international driving license, as many Nepali are living outside the country have long been applying for such a document, and the issue has also been raised by a committee of the Parliament.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Employment, more than five million Nepali live outside the country, but probably only 10 percent of them have obtained a driver’s license from the country in which they reside.

“DoTM has planned to issue the international driver’s license so that the Nepalese do not have to spend a lot of money to obtain a driving license abroad.” Driver’s license. The Government is adopting internationally recognized procedures for issuing such a license.

According to the original plan, the international driver’s license is valid for up to three months and will be useful for both short breaks and foreigners visiting Nepal.

DoTM is currently applying international practices for issuing such licenses. To date, it has been established that currently 165 countries have issued international driving licenses. Following the passage of the law, many Nepali are traveling abroad for work or study purposes, as well as foreigners visiting Nepal, will benefit directly. The international driver’s license.

DoTM had already started selling the intelligent driver license in December 2015. Unlike traditional driver licenses, these digital driver licenses contain electronic chips that resemble SIM cards and contain information about the identity of the driver. Anyone who has passed the written test to obtain a driver’s license and successfully completed the “test” can receive the chip cards.

The department also recently initiated an online application process for a driver’s license in Nepal. From now on you can fill in the driver’s license form online and send it to the official website of the Nepalese Ministry of Transport.

Registering online forms for the driver’s license is very easy as the form itself is self-explanatory. All you need to do is state your demographics, date of birth, address and some other personal information.

Department of Transport Management (DOTM) had also commenced online service for registration of vehicle and transfer as well as service to check your vehicle tax too.

It is expected that these types of online services from the Department of Transport Management (DOTM) will help to provide easy and reliable services to Nepalese citizens. Here is the complete procedure for driving license online form registration process in Nepal.

Step by step method of filling application form in dotm gov np

Manual of Online Driving License Registration below:

PART 1 Open a web browser in your device and enter the URL . आफ्नो उपकरण मा एक वेब ब्राउजर खोल्नुहोस् र याे URL प्रविष्ट गर्नुहोस्

2. Click on Online Driving license form. After that new tab would get open and there click on Online Driving License Registration. अनलाइन ड्राइभिङ इजाजतपत्र फारममा क्लिक गर्नुहोस्। त्यस पछि, नयाँ ट्याब खुला पाउनु हुनेछ र त्यहाँ अनलाइन ड्राइभिङ इजाजत पत्र दर्ता क्लिक गर्नुहोस्।

3. After that, select your citizenship belonging. And for the click on the drop-down menu for “Select Apply For” which has its subcategory of NEW LICENSE, ADD CATEGORY, DUPLICATE LICENSE, and LICENSE RENEWAL.

4. Select NEWLICENSE if you haven’t got driving license of any category under provision of Nepal Government. If you have already got one and want to add the category on that then select, ADDCATEGORY or else if you want to have duplicate license in case you lost your original license then click on DUPLICATE LICENSE and else if you want to renew your license in case it has been expired then click on LICENSE RENUAL.

5. Here in this article we are publishing about filling form for applying New license. Select NEWLICENSE.

6. A form will appear where you have to enter your detail. Enter your first name in Applicant first name, middle name in Applicant middle name and your surname on Applicant Last name.

7. Enter your date of birth in next section. Two date input are available there one in, BS and another in AD. You can enter them as per your convenience and another blank will be filled up using date converter algorithm. Your age will automatically appear across the age section.

8. Select your gender in next section, there are three option available, Male, Female and Other.

9. Entering your occupation and education level is not compulsory, you can enter them if you have enough time to spend.

10. Enter your Blood group. Select your blood group clicking on drop down menu.

11. Next section  you need to fill up is Citizenship no. or Passport number if your are foreigner. Enter the unique number that represent your citizenship card.

12. Select the district from where you have issued your citizenship card.

13. Enter your near relatives name in the witness name section. Enter their first, middle and last name in their respective section. And mention your relationship with him/her in next WITNESS RELATIONSHIP section.

14. Next thing you have to enter in your detail address. There are two separate section for entering your address, one is for permanent address section and another is present address section. It is suggested to enter the address that is already present in your citizenship card in permanent address form list. You have to enter the zone of your region, where you can select from drop down menu. Similarly select your district, and next you have to enter your village name with your own.

15. Enter ward no of your permanent address and tole number as well in another section.

16. After that enter your mobile number which is mandatory to fill it.

17. If your present address is same as your permanent address then feel easy to click on ‘same as permanent’ option and the left most part of the form. Rest of the blanks would get automatically formed up.

18 Now in another section, select the category you want to register your driving license with. At one form you can fill up only one category.

19. Select the zone of the transport office from where you are applying with, and select the office you targeted in another section. For your easiness they are presented in drop down menu so that you can select without any worry of error.

20. You will be given a captcha menu for providing authentication that you are not a robot. You will be given a simple image of alphabet and numeric value and enter them on the blank below it.

21. After entering all these data, click on Submit button, and another page will get loaded where preview of your entered data is given and you can again recheck the accuracy of your entered data. And at the bottom there is a Confirm button. And clicking that you will be displayed with registered card with unique applicant id. Save that card in pdf version by clicking on print button. You have to print that card out in A4 paper size and bring that paper along with your original citizenship or password in biometric test.

On every working day, an average of 3,000 users apply for smart driving license.
After undergoing biometric registration, the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the government agency issuing driver’s licenses, has introduced a new system to inform citizens about the results of their driver’s license tests and information about smart card printing.

Lawanya Kumar Dhakal, Director General of DoTM, and Arvind Sah, Managing Director of Sparrow SMS, recently signed an agreement when a ceremony took place at the DoTM headquarters in Minbhawan, Kathmandu, and co-launched the system.

The use of ICT will provide license seekers with very effective information about the test results and printing status of the licenses. To support this, the department uses the SMS service to display the driver’s license results for written tests and driver’s license status.

Previously, applicant had to visit the DoTM office to see the results and obtain information about the licensed printing status. Now, employees no longer need to visit the transportation department to check the status of the print status of the driver’s license and written test results.

This terminates long queues in transport offices to get only the basic information. People can receive the information by sending an SMS for only Rs 5 to 33001.

To check the result for the written test, users must enter “WT <space> [application ID number]” and send it to 33001. To check the printing status of the smart driver’s license, users must also enter “LC <space> [application ID number]” and send it to 33001.

Now, feel free to follow the step as descripted above. With this information you can fill the form for yourself or for your relatives or friend.

Restrictions of Online Driving License Registration System

There are a few confinements for internet driving license enlistment framework. Right now, the framework just backings or accessible for the bikes (Scooter, Motorbike, and Moped). The framework will be in no time accessible for four wheelers, bulldozers, and overwhelming vehicles outside of the Kathmandu valley as well.

Another impediment of the framework is that the online licence application framework just acknowledges 500 applications in a multi-day. Despite the fact that the framework is for the present on the off chance that you are in a rush and you structure more than of 500 candidates it shows the message online enlistment constraint surpassed for now!! Benevolently visit tomorrow for online enlistment.

For the vehicle now it is the impulse to pass the SLC test, it is the base capability next to this the composed test and vehicle trail test are different tests that you should go to verify the licence.

When you present the application, you will get the one of a kind reference number with the composed test dates for the license.

How To Apply Online Driving Licence Form In Dotm Gov Np in Nepal
Online Driving Licence Form In Dotm Gov Np in Nepal

The online framework makes any issues proficient. The framework is likewise bothered free no compelling reason to remain in a long line to present the application.

The keen driving licence will likewise deal with the past records of the driving so it might be extremely valuable for the traffic directors to bring up the subtleties of the drivers.

The framework is additionally making a beeline to make the administration office paperless. In spite of the fact that the framework has confronted a few issues since December 18, 2015, as first, it was propelled; we should respect the framework for the improvement and deal with the licensing framework.

What To Do If Your Driving License Given by DoTm Gov Np is Lost?

You are not licenced to drive in the nation without a driving licence. On the off chance that you lose your driving licence, you should apply for a copy one.

Here’s the method:

  • Go to the police headquarters that has purview over the region where you lost your driving licence.
  • Hotel an objection and ensure that you get a duplicate of the First Information Report (FIR).
  • Visit the Notary Office to get a sworn statement on a stepped paper. The sworn statement will go about as proof that your licence is lost. You should pay a little expensive for the legal office administration and the stepped paper.
  • Go to the RTO. Ensure that you take 3 identification measured photographs, a duplicate of the FIR and the sworn statement with you.
  • Go to the enquiry counter at the RTO and gather the application structure for a copy licence.
  • Complete the application structure and submitit it at the driving licence branch alongside different archives.
  • After this, you should experience the biometrics area. Here, your photograph will be clicked and thumbprint will be taken.
  • Your copy driving licence will be conveyed inside the timeframe expressed by the Asst. RTO officer. You should pay a specific measure of expense for the new DL Book or the Smart Card.
  • When you get your new driving licence, make an overlaid duplicate of it. In the event that you have a copy duplicate of your licence, it will be simple for the RTO to follow your subtleties utilizing your DL number.



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