Why Female (Girls) Are More Crazy Than Male For Chatpati? You’ll Be Socked After Reading These 10 Reasons


REASONS WHY LADIES ARE MORE CRAZY THAN MALE FOR CHATPATI: – Chatpati is a snack you can find in every street of Kathmandu. I grew up eating them from the vendors who would make them right on the spot. A snack I loved growing up and will still love for a long time I bet.

I do not eat as often I used to because I fear of getting sick. But that still doesn’t stop me from prying into the Chatpati. I often eat homemade Chatpati but that doesn’t cover the taste I get from the street vendor.

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You can prepare your Chatpati with this simple method.

  • Bring out puffed rice. And some of the ingredients like onion, tomatoes chili and coriander chop them up. Then bring chickpeas, chili powder, coriander, and some masala.
  • Mix all of them in a bowl. Now add lemon juice and oil and mix them very well.
  • Your Chatpati is ready.

It may lack the touch of the street vendor but ladies let me tell you it is hell a lot tasty…

It needs to consume immediately. As it will go soft and the taste won’t be good and crunchy. But no worries on that leaving Chatpat is no girls can dare to do.

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It brought back my childhood memory. I think I should go and make some.

I know this feeling is not only me. This is the feeling that e all girls out there share. The love for Chatpati is far beyond any guy can understand. It’s just a spicy snack for them that girls get crazy for what so reason. But we know how good it tastes and how much we crave for it no matter how much we have had it.

Chatpati snacks streetfoods in nepal recipes fastfood
Chatpati snacks

Reasons may vary but I think we have some in common for the love of the Chatpati


1. Well, it’s cheap and we can find it in every corner of the street. It’s a kinda go-to snack. It doesn’t take much time and you can have it made according to your taste. You like sour, you like spicy, anything, doe did and done. Here is your Chatpati just as you wanted. Where can you find such food out there? So tasty, so cheap and so yummy.

2. For girls, when you are in a girls hostel and you don’t have anything to eat. The first thing that comes to your mind as well as why we don’t have a Chatpati party. I hardly think anyone would reject such a kind offer. Bring some noodles, puffed rice, some lemons and some one or two ingredients that are not so hard for you to get. Have lots of fun talk and here is your snack. Perfecto.


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3. I am broke. Lend me some I am very hungry. What really I am broke too. Why don’t we go out and have some Chatpati? Oh my god, Genius. Why didn’t I think of that? No money no worries you are not going to bed empty stomach. Chatpat is here to rescue you. Why are we even having a discussion about why we love Chatpati.

4. Your hormones are not at a good level. Feeling nausea, mood swings and really craving something you don’t know. Chatpati is right there honey. Go grab some and rescue yourself from the hell knows no bound mood.

5. If you are craving for some lip-smacking snack Chatpati is the best one. Add lemon and spices according to your mood and voila here is your snack. Smack your lip all you want. It is so tasty.

6. Why we love Chatpat? Another reason must be because your friend loves Chatpati. She needs it and when she eats it you have to taste it. Your friend will eventually make you like her. The next thing you know it’s not her who is asking to go to vendor for Chatpati. It’s you. No wonder female can easily bond over the Chatpati.

7. It is a known fact that men can suppress their cravings more than female. We ladies don’t want to suppress anything. We are hungry; we need spices in our life. Sour is a must for us. No one should deny us that. We are simply thankful for whoever made this Chatpati in the very beginning.

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8. We have very fond memories of Chatpati. Most of our childhood was spent with spicy food like Chatpati and Pani Puri. Few rupees in your pocket and you would get stomach full Chatpati. Who wouldn’t love it? Very cheap and easy to make make it even more popular among girls. The taste it gave when you put it into your mouth is just so overwhelming for me and probably for most boys. Darn, they don’t get it.

9. If you are on your period and your hormones are not doing you any favor. Your taste buds just out of nowhere crave spicy food more than any other days. And it happens every month. Such a perfect reason for you to be in love with Chatpati. Your friend in your pain. The cheapest spicy and if you want very soury is the Chatpat.

10. You can easily make it in your home too. Need puffed rice, some ingredients and mix them up with lemon juice. You don’t need gas, no fire. Are you all alone and you are just tired to go to the kitchen to prepare yourself some food? Chatpati is a suitable snack you can think of during any time. Got couple of your ladies friends coming over? Make them Chatpati and have all the ladies talk you want to have with some chili drink. It’s your perfect savior.

11. Few of your friends thinking of going to a dry picnic. Hmm, why don’t you try taking food that you can prepare yourself and that is going to be yummy. Yes, I am talking about Chatpati. It can be your favorite picnic food. You won’t have much load. Just a couple of bags with the food and your memorable picnic time is right there.


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