35 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples at Home to Make Best & Special


35 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples at Home to Make Best & Special

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples at Home to Make Best & Special: – Every 14th February, across the world, chocolate, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between dear ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Just about 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged per annum, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending festival after Christmas.

The history of Valentine’s Day and the tales of its patron saint is masked in ambiguity. We do know that February has long been famous as a month of romance and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains residue of both Christian and ancient Roman custom. But what we do not know is who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become related with this ancient ceremony?

The Catholic Church recognizes at least three saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend disputes that Valentine was a priest who served through the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II strong-minded that single men made better defense force than those with spouses and families, he prohibited marriage for young men. Valentine understood the unfairness of the decree, and rebel against Claudius and continued to execute marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were uncovered, Claudius ordered that he be executed.

Romantic couple holding hands over candlelight on valentine's day
Romantic couple holding hands over candlelight on valentine’s day

Different stories propose that Valentine may have been murdered for endeavoring to help Christians flee ruthless Roman penitentiaries, where they were frequently crushed and tormented. According to one legend, a captive Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” welcoming himself after he fell in love with a young girl probably his jailor’s daughter who visited him throughout his imprisonment. Before his demise, it is suspected that he wrote her a letter indicating “From your Valentine,” an articulation that is still in use today. Even though the certainty following the Valentine legends is gloomy, the tales all highlight his appeal as a compassionate, daring and most prominently passionate figure. By the Middle Ages, conceivably thanks to this repute, Valentine would become one of the most admired saints in England and France.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Valentine’s Day is renowned in USA, Canada, Mexico, France and Australia. In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day had commenced to popularity just about the 17th century. By the end of the 18th, it was general for friends and lovers of all social classes to change the symbol of love or handwritten notes, and by 1900 printed cards began to substitute written letters due to development in printing technology. Handy cards were trouble-free means for the public to utter their emotions on an occasion when straight expression of one’s feelings was disheartened. Cheaper postage rates also added to boost in the fame of sending Valentine’s Day greetings.

There are people who prefer staying at home and doing things rather than going out in the sun and draining all the energies. Let’s face it, we all have plans and we all considered going someplace really peaceful, getting our photo clicked and enjoying. But, we could not figure out where to go and how to get to the places which meet our anticipation and is not far and is not expensive and give us that 5-star effect. Well, hold on!! You know that criteria do not match to the places nearby and you do not want to go too far places. The simple solution is staying at home.

Through my inspiration for sentimental Valentine’s Day thoughts, I invented many and thought I’d share them here just in the event that any of you are willing to stay home this year.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as love day by all the couples. They do their best to celebrate this day with full of love. Some couples go on a date; some couples stay at home while some couples go for a long drive and express their love towards each other in best possible way. And some couples stay at home and spend some quality time at home only with some soft music and dance. It is all very much romantic. Some of the ways to celebrate it at home are as below:

35 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples at Home to Make Best & Special

  1. Make a Dinner at home:

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time for the restaurants to increase their meal prices, as many couples tend to dine out in the restaurants. Restaurants are usually overbooked in this period and one has to stand in a line to get seated. Hence, instead of going out for dinner at a fancy, expensive restaurant filled with complete strangers, you can take your candlelight dinner to your home. Set two plates on the table nearby a window or in a balcony where you can enjoy the pleasing light of the shining moon and the stars, feel the fresh air and deem all other lights to enrich the light of a candle. Instead of buying your loved one the meal she loves, cook it yourself to show your undivided love for your spouse. You can start by serving wine or an appetizer and then proceed for the main course. Since you will be alone and undistracted by the surroundings, you will have sufficient time to gaze into each other eyes to share your love for one another. You can conclude your date by having sweet desserts such as ice cream or cake.

The first way is simple and sweet. Make some delicious food on your own and surprise her with the delicious food made by you. Decorate the dining hall with different colored rose and beautiful curtains. It would be more special if it is her favorite food and wishes her happy valentine’s day with the bunch of red roses. She would be really happy and feel very much romantic. And yes, you can have romantic talks all overnight.

If you want to spend your valentine’s day at home only then the next romantic way to celebrate Valentine ’s Day is to spend your day preparing the meal in the romantic way only. You and your wife can together cook the meal for lunch as well as dinner. Preparing the meal together creating the romance make the day special. You can have the breakfast together and now prepare the lunch together. It would be much romantic preparing the meal together in each other arms. It would be much fun if you select the different recipe than we prepare for normal daily life. For this, you can research about a different meal and a little difficult recipe. You can learn it to prepare together and for this, you can split up the duties or you can follow step by step together only. Thus working side by side you both can be together for the whole day and have the meal together. It would really work out so that you can have much romantic time than it seems. You can have a great time whole day to each other.

All one needs to do is to pick out a meal that your beloved enjoys but you don’t have the luxury to enjoy it often, like mutton kabaab, Chicken Roast, Bangur sadeko, chicken chooila, chicken sekwa etc. You can also decorate your house and have a candlelight dinner in your garden.

  1. Spending quality time with your love

Girls want the time rather than the materialistic matter. So give her the full day because the best way to spend quality time with your loved ones is to make him/her involved in your full day. Make her concern towards you only trying to avoid her distraction. It’s all about you and your wife for the day so try to avoid her distraction towards phone calls, internet or any other thing. Decorate the home with beautiful flowers, beautiful curtains, and magnificent perfumes. Gift her beautiful red colored dress and enjoy the beautiful evening with delicious food you made on your own. But the food should be her favorite one. Enjoy the Valentine’s Day. And you can have some soft music and dance on that romantic soft music being in each other arms. Surely, she will feel very much happy.

  1. Watch a Romantic movie:

I am a big movie person and every time I have free time, I go out for movies. It really gives me relaxation and enjoyment. But that’s not possible all the time, sometimes I have all the free time I need and no money and I cannot go out for movies. We all are students and even if you are not, there will be a point where you would not want to waste money on watching movies which are not great at all. But what you can do this valentine’s saves and yes watch movies at home with your girlfriend. Valentine’s Day is one of the favorable times to watch Romantic movies along with your loved one. Pop in a romantic picture or a series that you already possess at home or rent a movie from Netflix that you all and your partner always wanted to watch. Watching a picture can be just one aspect of your Valentine’s Day plan, or you can roll it into a movie marathon. During this time you can have and sip different refreshments that you have set for the night. Or else Make a big bowl of popcorn and finish it all by yourself, while watching your favorite picture or series.

First, light the candles all over the house and turn off all the lights and bulbs. It provides a romantic atmosphere. If you don’t like to turn off all the lights, you can arrange for some dim lights. It would be more romantic if you light up the candles in all over the room. Now, create a temporary bed on the floor with one pillow and one blanket only along with the mattress. Play some romantic movies and watch all over the night being in each other arms. You may watch over all night or you can fall asleep in each other arms. It would be really romantic to fall asleep in each other arms with sweet dreams. Beside this, you can also arrange some light foods like popcorn and some soft drinks or as you both like, it may be hard drinks too. This way you can spend your beautiful love day night in a romantic way.

You can watch movies such as Notebook, love actually, Annie Hall, Sleepless in Seattle, 500 days of summer, Notting Hill, Eternal sunshine of spotless mind, Titanic, A walk to remember, lil Manhattan, Before sunrise, I love you Philip Morris etc.

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You can also use this time to look at old videos and recall on good times that you have shared with one another. Depending on how many home videos you have, you can make it a dinnertime activity, or have them in performance throughout the night.

  1. Spend the night talking about your past:

After the delicious dinner that you have prepared for your partner, you can get cozier and recall your times together over an ice-cream. You can talk about the highs and lows that you faced in your relationship as a couple, and enjoy each other’s comfort and love. After that, craft and share promise for the years forward and what you expect to achieve and be. You can even attempt to craft a resolution to improve certain habits undesired by your partner, and can also be each other’s responsible buddies to achieve them in future. Sharing your feelings and opinions help you communicate and know each other better and trace out the problems if any out of your relationship. This session will give you a new way to w bond and have the close relationship with your loved ones.

  1. Try New Recipe:

Valentine’s Day can be made more special through romantic meals only. Since you are not taking your wife out for lunch or dinner order all the meals i.e. from breakfast, lunch to dinner. If you like to surprise your wife more, you can prepare on your own and if you are ordering then open the door for the delivery person only. But I suggest preparing on your own and surprising her the whole day. You can make you every meal special by feeding each other. You can decorate the dining table as well as the dining hall and make her feel special with your food.

My mother has always enlightened me that the true way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Hence, this valentine’s day get to your man’s heart through my mother’s recipe. Food is the best thing you can think about when it comes to occasions. You can search the internet and try out different foods. The foods can come from different cultures as well. We humans always have a propensity to perform our daily chores in chronic order. Most of us don’t prefer to deviate from our daily schedule. For e.g. we Nepali natives always have rice for our dinner. So, this valentine’s day, get yourself a chance to reach out for something new, by deviating from normal cousin to a new variant one. Try cooking something that you are unlikely to make it on your own; something that you prefer but never had guts to cook it on your own. To make things more interesting you can also invite your husband to accompany you on your new plan. You can also check out our page where we have given over 20 different recipes you can try without having any troubles because these items are easily available in your house. And do not forget to write about how the recipe was after you have tried it. You can comment in the comment section or write to us.

  1. Memory board:

If you are planning to stay home with your beloved on approaching Valentine’s Day, then you can engage yourself in much more productive activities such as crafting memory board than living being unoccupied or unproductive. All you got to outdo the idle time is to make a list of stuff you have accomplished as a partner and hang it in your room. The idea is to make a memory board of your favorite past memories and relive them for yet another time. You can also prepare memory board consisting of do’s and don’ts to encourage yourself to achieve them in future. Or prevent such behavior from recurring in approaching years to come. You can also do a DIY stuff so that it would look good in your room.

The memory board shall always act as an archived trophy to encourage couples to achieve their future goals.

  1. Enjoy Romantic music and songs:

This is something that I personally prefer to do with my partner. I create a playlist of popular romantic songs that he loves and play them in the evening to recall old memories that we have shared. Playing music loudly provides much more imminence to old memories as partners can dance to their old loved songs. Lover’s can sit on a lawn or a balcony to enjoy the breeze and the chill of the wind. You can also enjoy the warmth of a hot coffee. Music, cold breezes, hot beverage and golden old memories all lead to passionate evening.

If you are a musician then you can play with your spouse, his or her favorite song on your musical instrument on the similar setting, to enjoy the Valentine’s Day. You can have a great time enjoying with your partner by singing your favorite songs and dancing to it.

  1. Reach out to the old love:

Can you believe it, your love, your girlfriend is finally your life partner. Life is so uncertain but it never really fails to surprise us. It is very important to live in the present and live for a future. However every now and then we become so busy with our lives that we often overlook the one we love. Our priority shifts from one thing to another. Though we do what we do for our loved ones, it is necessary to understand that it is not what they want. It’s your love for her that you work hard, but for her, you are so busy working that you couldn’t spare a moment to share a cup of coffee together.

We become so focus in our future that we often forget about the person that we love, we forget about the moments we shared together and happiness that was once so dear. So, this Valentine’s Day instead of working for your beloved’s happy future, give her your present, share a time together to create a new memory and create new happiness.

This Valentine’s Day doesn’t give your wife an expensive materialistic gift. Gift her your time that she always craves for. Together relive happiness that you once made together and spend this day to unite with your past, to make a promise not to forget, to reconnect, rejoice and relive old days. To cherish, respect and enjoy the old memories. To always love one another.

  1. Throw a valentine’s day party:

When we think about Valentine’s Day, the first thing that strikes our mind is having a ravishing party. All of us have once in our life been invited to Valentine’s Day party. So to those couples who are tired of attending others party can throw their own this year to remember.

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Parties that we attend often lack such moment that we all crave that could have made the year to remember. Thus, to rectify such missed opportunity one can through his own party, and include all those activities that will make the party and day worth remembering. When you through your own party, you can Dance the night away with your partner on full volume. You can also make a short video of good memories you would have with your spouse and watch it later together, which can serve as a sweet trip down the memory lane.

To make Valentine’s Day party more memorable, you can even theme it. You can even set certain dress code and color, such as red for women and black for men. You can decorate the hall by using red balloons. Balloons are reasonably priced and easy way to make your Valentine’s Day an extravagant affair.

  1. Turn the living room into ballroom:

Setting aside a few minutes for sentiment when you have kids is truly troublesome and when you have an infant it appears to be about impossible principally since it’s complicated to even leave the house to make a quick run to the market, much less to go on a dream date.

Since this present Valentine’s Day you and your better half will be caught up in dealing with a requesting infant there is a high probability that you will stay put in this year. You could be modestly saddened about this, until the point that you see this as a chance to get resourceful

Instead of going out you can organize your very own ballroom in your living room. All you need to do is decorate the room with red balloons, light candles instead of electric lights, play romantic music, serve refreshing wines, Set up the air mattress, Roast marshmallows in the hearth, Have a picnic dinner on the floor, Light disco lights and dance the night away with your husband.

You can also move the furnishings off the beaten track, turn on the tune and hop like prom night once more.  If you don’t know how to dance than you can rent a DVD or watch YouTube and spend the time teaching one another.

You can also cook together by pre-selecting the menu and arranging necessary ingredients in front of time then have fun cooking, testing, and dining.

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