Love Marriage in Nepal

Saranga Marriage

Love Marriage in Nepal Love Marriage in Nepal: – Marriage in Nepal is a very complicated matter. Unlike in the western country where two people fall in love and decide to marry in order to together do not quite apply in the general case of Nepal. It is not an individual decision. Instead, it is […]

Mithila Culture of Nepal

Mithila ┬áCulture of Nepal: Mithila is the great state of Nepal coverage the area of almost half part in the eastern region having the myth and hunger with lots of stories and history, mostly comes the name in use and saying through the dynasty of King Janak, who rule and had their reign in Mithila […]

Culture of Nepal – Everythings You Need To Know About Nepalese Culture

Dashain Tika Photos - Nepali Greatest festival Vijayadashami Picture - A Husband is putting Tika on His Wife forehead

Culture of Nepal: – Nepal is a country rich in terms of cultural diversity, with more than one hundred ethnic and caste groups. It is a multilingual country, where more than 92 languages are spoken. The speakers of these languages have their own oral traditions and cultures, which have been handed down from generation to […]

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